Romance scam letter(s) from Anastsia Zaitseva to Dirk (Norway)
Letter 1
My love Dirk, please forgive me that I write to you less often. I write to you with my work, but now I'm on vacation and it makes everything more complicated. I can write when the computer is free (You ask me about my date of birth, I was born on August 10, 1981. I do not know if these data will be able to help you. But I'm not sure. Like I said, I already have an open visa entry into the Schengen agreement and I can not get another visa. I think the easiest option is to get a visa at the Spanish embassy, ??and then this visa to come to you. but for this I must fulfill the conditions for entry into Spain, as you know I must have the money back in my account. I think this is the easiest option. believe me, I want to come to you. As I have already said that my feelings for you have not changed, I can even say that it is even stronger and more. you really did a lot for me and it shows how much you love me. believe I live now just thinking about you and about our meeting. After all these problems, I was on the edge, I did not want to live anymore. But now I realize that this is only a temporary problem, and we'll meet. I'm sure about it! The most important thing to believe in each other, we can always find a way out of any problem! I love you very much, Dirk! Please forgive me that I write often. It also gives me a lot of grief! You are very deep in my heart. I do not want to lose you! Write me!!! yours forever Lyudmila
Letter 2
Hi my love Dirk! Please forgive me that I could not write to you at the weekend, the office was closed and I could not use a computer at work. I'm sorry if you spoil the weekend, but you know, I can not write to you on weekends and especially now it is very difficult to use a computer at work, when I'm on vacation. I come here and people can understand my situation, but they work for these computers and I am very distracting them. Please understand this and do not be angry, okay? Darling, I will try to answer all your questions. Unfortunately I do not understand why the bank has debited your money out of my bank account, I think that when they see that I fill up the balance on such a huge amount, they have decided that this is the money to repay the loan, banks need the money right now. I came across this a long time ago, when I just started to repay the loan, there were occasions when they wrote off the money that I put into my account, in the future, I did not use my account for saving money, I only received a salary on this account, leave it part of the money for the loan, and the rest of the money, I just took off from an ATM, and kept them in cash. But no double charge has not happened for a few years and I could not even think that it could happen now, at the most inopportune moment! Regarding the visit to Moscow, yes, I do not like big cities, but I stayed there to speed up the process if we really started to make some steps towards our meeting. At first when I found out about the money for the embassy, ??I immediately wrote to you and I only had to wait. We have decided that I am staying in Moscow, to save time, you must remember that your money would have come into my account and to visit the embassy only Friday remained to me, then the embassy was not working and I had to lose money for my tickets and buy it for other money. I was ready for it, but I really did not want this. So I decided to stay in Moscow and wait, when your money is coming, my family went to Ivanovo, they also had to find the money to put them into my account! You asked whether I knew about the problem with the bank account and the money, then I will answer you, no, I did not know it. I had a small luggage and clothes when I went to Moscow, but I was planning to go back to my hometown, when I get my documents. But when the problem occurred, I decided to stay in Moscow and not to lose time, I already wrote about this above. I was ready to fly to you with the things that I had, it did not scare me. Yes, in Moscow, I could write you more often, it is a large and modern city, they have Internet in the cafe, there are many Internet cafes have computers, and they are even at post offices, where you can use the internet very cheaply. I wrote to you with many different places, everything depended on the time! I also try to tell you more about the phone calls, I know what you really wanted to, I called you, but the biggest problem is my English. I can read and write, but it is very difficult to understand English speaking, I have no practice, which is why I did not call you first and avoided phone calls. I did not mean to scare you. I understand that perhaps there are many girls who want to go live in your country, and I was afraid that because of the differences in the language you want to be with me. I do not even talk to thine own language, I am an ordinary Russian girl, whose millions in my country, I am afraid that this will scare you. Regarding my call when the bank wrote off the money, I did not know what to do. I had nothing to lose and to be honest, I thought you'd leave me. To be honest I cried during my call and I it is even better that you did not answer me. Now I am very ashamed of my behavior, but I was very bad and I could not control my emotions. Within a few hours all my dreams and plans were destroyed, I was still very hurt and sad when I think about it. Dirk, I hope that I have answered all your questions, and your opinion of me has changed. I'm really ashamed of all these problems, and especially for my English. Also, I'm sorry, I did not call you, I was still very ashamed when I was faced with all these problems! Please understand me. It remains quite a bit since my vacation and I do not know what to do. I badly want to come to you, but then I'd have to quit my job. I'm ready for it. My feeling is also very serious to you. I am not kidding! All data are correct! I hope you write me soon! your Lyudmila
Letter 3
I forgot to say about your photos. I really like them very much. The place where you did the photo looks like a paradise, I'm sorry that I'm not there with you. Believe me, I really like this! Love you Dirk! REALLY!!
Letter 4

Dirk, my loved. I am very pleased to receive your letter. I am very sad to hear about your spoiled vacation. I'm really sorry that you had to be alone on your boat. Believe me, I really wanted to be there next to you. But you know very well our history and understand why I can not be there with you today. Darling, you must not cry! I know that now we have different problems, but once we have it all together, and we will decide. We lost only a few weeks, that we could be together and I hope that we are still in front of us the whole life. I've never really joking with you about my sympathy, my feelings, my emotions to you. When I say that you are very important to me, it came from my heart. I'm not a woman who likes to say something and then not do it. If I told you about my feelings for you, then it really is true and you can be confident in me. Also during these problems, I realized that you are also very serious man and I can be sure of you. Together we were able to solve the hard problem, and I am sorry that some of the little things prevented us from being together. The relatively flat, it is given to me by inheritance, but had an unpaid loan, first my family wanted to sell it, but then we decided to repay the loan and leave the apartment that I lived there. Here in my country it is very difficult to buy an apartment, and people tend to live in the apartments of their parents or grandparents, and then get these apartments after their death. It may sound cruel, but that's life. I am sorry that my bank did so badly in this situation. If I had money, I would have to fly to you. But it remains to suck a bit of time on my vacation. But I think that if we decide everything very quickly, I can fly to you. I really want our meeting, even if it is only a few days, we will be able to spend together, but then we will be able to understand a lot about each other. Unfortunately my bank still did not give me an answer, when they will return me my money, and if they get it back. I really think the sale of the apartment and use this money for our meeting. Tell me, what do you think about this? I am ready to change my life for you. I want to take a chance and to be honest, I do not have doubts about my future with you. I know now about your past relationship and I think we will never have to re-issue. I am a very active person, and next to me you will not be bored! I can energize and make your life very happy, I am a very lively person, I'm sure that you will never be bored with me !!! Darling, I have to finish my letter today. Tomorrow I will try to get more information on the Bank. You have my correct name on the bank form. Now I will finish my letter. Please write to me as soon as you get back home, I'm very excited! I am kissing and hugging you! I love you, Dirk !! Your forever Mila
Letter 5
My love Dirk! I am very glad to see your letter. Please forgive me that I write is rare, but my boss really did not like that I get to work and stop people from working. I need to be more careful now visits on my work. I hope you can understand it. My favorite, in your letter you suggest me to use the Spanish embassy to get my visa. I think this is really the fastest way to get my visa, I need only to show them my financial security and I can get my visa, because my visa has been approved. I am very grateful to your friend for help. If you really is serious regarding your proposal, I can arrive in Moscow on Monday and immediately move to the embassy. And I come to thee in the day as soon as I get my visa. I think I will be able to come to you on Monday or Tuesday, I need to clarify information regarding tickets. You're asking me to come to the end of the week, but what will happen if I will come to you before? do you know about my vacation, I can save time if I do not want to lose my job. I have about 17 more days of my work, I think that if I can find a replacement, then I can spend with you a little longer. I understand that it will be a little smaller than we would like, but this time will be priceless for us both. We had so many obstacles, and even a short meeting will help us in the further development of relations, the meeting is needed now! I have nothing against Western Union, if we use it, we can save alot of time. I learned today still relatively secure money transfer through Western Union, bank told me that it is better to divide the large amount of money into 2 parts and different recipients. It is necessary that the bank does not freeze the money and has not requested additional evidence of their origin. I think it would be better if you send the money to the names of my friends as soon as we know that the money will be sent, I will ask them to accompany me to go to the bank. Here are the data of my girlfriends Sulina Natalya, Bobrova Marina, these are my close friends, and they can be trusted. Darling, I do not know what else to add. Now everything is in your hands. I hope that the problem will be solved and we will meet very soon! I am kissing and hugging you. Now I finish my letter. I hope that tomorrow I can check my mail, I will try to do it in the afternoon. Write me! your Lyudmila
Letter 6
Hi my love Dirk! I am very glad to receive your letters. I'm sorry for the delay. I understand that now the time is very expensive for us. I think it is really possible to find access to the Internet cafes in my town, but to be honest, I am very afraid to use computers in public places for our correspondence. Now we are talking about very important things and a lot of money, I want to be careful. I do not want someone could access my email. I understand that the more we lose time in addressing our problems, the less time we can spend together, but I just do not want anything to happen any more. Believe me, this meeting is necessary for me as well as for you! I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation. I very much want to see you. I want to kiss and hug you. I really want to start to build our relationship in real life, not only in our email correspondence !!! I know that it is very important for both of us! Darling, you're asking me how long I can stay in your country. I can come to you for 14-18 days, I understand that this is not enough, but this is the maximum term that I use for my work vocation and additional help of my friends from work. Dirk, but I think that if we will not be enough this time and we will realize that we will need more, then I can stay for a longer time and lose my job. You must remember that in my first letters I told you that earlier work was very important to me, but now for me more important is our life, our relationships, our family. I do not want to make mistakes any more. I think that we should not worry about the time. The most important thing is our relationship, our feelings for each other! My visa allows me to stay longer than 2-3 weeks! Please do not worry about it from time to time! For me the most important thing now is to come to you as soon as possible. I'm ready to be with you in the garage if you need it, but most importantly to be with you !!! In your letter you're talking about a copy of the passport, I understand that your friend needs further confirmation. I'll send it to my letter. I really hope that he can help us! I can not live without you!! And I really miss you !!! Now I will finish my letter. I will try to check the mail in the evening, please write to me as soon as you have the opportunity and my first opportunity, I immediately answer! You have all the necessary data, now everything is in your hands! I love you Dirk! yours forever Lyudmila
Letter 7
Hi my love Dirk! I am very pleased to receive your letter. I could not write to you yesterday, it was too late at my call, and I could not go back to work. I was very glad to hear your voice, I am sorry that our conversation was not very long, I really like to hear your voice, to talk to you. I look forward to when we can do it in real life. In your letter you ask me what to do now, but I really do not understand what is happening. You breathe I hope our emergency meeting that within a few days we will be able to be together. You offered me the fastest way to our meeting, and I agreed with that. But then there was something strange, something I can not understand. You asked me to send a copy of my passport as soon as possible and I did it, but then changed your behavior, started having problems, you give up the proposed options. Dirk, please tell me what happened? You do not trust me? Why did you change your mind about our meeting this week? I want an honest answer. It seems to me that the problem is not in your friend, who refused to help you, and in you. You do not trust me? You suggested I use Western Union to transfer money quickly, realizing that this is a very expensive way, you're in a hurry. But what happened? All due to the fact that I did not send you a copy of my passport last weekend? Or in your heart no longer trust me? If you want to know my opinion, then your version of the Spanish Embassy liked the most! I understand it is very painful! Lyudmila
Letter 8
I want to tell you seriously "I love you" I never joke with these words.
Letter 9
Dirk, now I understand everything. The thing is that you do not believe me. You write me these stupid stories about scams, because you do not believe me. Ah yes, the passport you are asked for the same reason, saying that your friend has to make sure in me, but now I do not believe you, I believe that you made it all up. I do not believe in your feelings. I do not understand why you started all this? Why are you telling me 2 months about love, about the joint plans for the future if you have confidence in me? Do you think this game? Do you think it's just a letter? Now, in my tears, I was disgusted to think about all this, about what is a fraud. If you did not trust me, why did you send me money? Why do you need it? I can not believe it. I look forward to you the details of your bank account. I will solve the situation with the bank and give you back all your money to the last penny.
Letter 10
Dirk, this is my old photos with your social network profile. This is the old photos. I think someone is using them. I do not know who Barry. I do not know who it is Nastia Zaitseva. I am shocked. I do not know what else to say ... the photo is not my daughter, it is my sister. I'm at a loss
Letter 11
Dirk, I've always been honest with you, and I never wanted to fool you. Those photos that were on the site, they were stolen from me. God knows that I have always been honest with you. My intentions are serious and honest! You're really important to me. But what can we do now ??
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