Scam letter(s) from Sofia Petrova to Frankie (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Frankie! Thanks for picture
Thanks you for the letter, I was very happy, when read it!
I very much hurried up to write the answer for you because wanted to tell about results of competition of hairdresses more likely!
All has passed in the best way! Our hairdressers have well worked and have received excellent estimations!
Two girls-hairdressers participated in competition from our beauty salon: Marina and Dinara.
Marina has received the second place, Dinara - the fifth. It is very good result!!!
In total 27 hairdressers took part in competition from all city of Kazan! It was large action!
I was engaged in the organisation of representation of our salon.
I have distributed to different people a considerable quantity of cut-aways of our salon.
All have become interested in work of our girls - they clear heads!!!
I am confident, after that actions in our beauty salon there will be many new clients, and it means that the salon will bring more than profit!
The director of salon was so is happy with result, and has organised for us a small holiday!
I send you a photo! On this picture I together with our best hairdressers - Marina and Dinara!
Frankie, I want, that you were glad together with me to our joint success! After all actions I have gone at once home and have not had time to visit a shelter of homeless animals.
I was awfully tired that day and have not seen recently born kittens!
I will necessarily go to kittens today after work. Such miracle happens in our shelter seldom because usually we sterilise the homeless animals found in the street, so it is too much them...
We have the big debts before veterinary clinics for sterilisations, treatments and surveys of animals...
We do not presume to be engaged to ourselves in animal husbandry, on their maintenance very big money resources leave.
But the destiny was favourable to these poor kittens! Betty has arrived to us in a shelter already pregnant.
And these kittens could be born in our shelter. I very much want to see them! I send you together with this letter a part of my happiness! I have been overflowed by joyful emotions when wrote it...
I hope you will feel...)
Your friend Mariya...
Letter 2
My dear Frankie!
I write this letter in very upset feelings!!!
I hasten to tell to you story which have happened yesterday!
It is impossible to believe in it, but it is truth! Very awful truth! I did not come some days in a shelter for homeless animals because I had not free time.
And yesterday I have come to look there at small kittens and have brought a few groats, chicken paws (we prepare from them porridges for dogs), fish of Putassu for cats and cottage cheese for little kittens.
I was met by Nadja - one of organizers of our group. She has been very disturbed!
Nadja has told to me that there was something awful, we should go and she will tell to me all on the way...
And here that she to me has told: the volunteer of our welfare fund Alla has gone to bring a corpse of the lost cat on recycling.
This cat could not be buried, because it was in touch with the animals infected with a plague.
In Kazan there is a special container for recycling of animals. There also there has gone Alla.
But there Alla has found out such from what long stayed in shock!
I and Nadja have quickly arrived on a scene and have seen it! The cat and a kitten were hammered into corners.
If the kitten did not shout, Alla and would not pay to them attention.
It was difficult to see them - the container cover opens only on a quarter.
Through this aperture we got a cat and a kitten...
It was awful!!!
Animals have been strongly frightened. To get them it was uneasy...
The cat was well-fad, probably she once lived at home... And the kitten is in very bad condition...
It looked very thin, hungry, pads shivered... Horror!!! It has been strongly dehydrated.
It is not known as they there have got and have what is the time spent together with corpses of animals...
I have sent you a photo of this little poor kitten...
We have brought it to the veterinary surgeon, the kitten is strongly sick...
The Veterinary surgeon named its disease "Qatar the top anatomical airway".
This virus disease at which occurs an inflammation of anatomical airway.
The kitten has high temperature, sneezes, rubs eye paws, refuses food...
On its treatment many money is necessary. The veterinary clinic allows us to treat animals on credit...
All wishing to help transfer into our account of a few money.
Thanks to kind people our fund exists!
Now I dream of that we have raised the sum of money necessary on treatment and we will cure a kitten.
We named its Tim. Frankie, it there was very difficult evening for me!
I have gone to a bed late, have late woken up and was late for work!
I was not late for work earlier never! It was the first time!
And the first day of work of the new director... He very strongly abused me.
So has badly passed our acquaintance... I have hidden in a toilet and have burst into tears!
I am usually very cheerful, but today I could not constrain some tear... The gruesome story with the container for recycling of the animals, a sick kitten, quarrel with the new director is all about what I think now...
I cannot transfer words how to me it is now bad.
Forgive me my dear Frankie for this sad letter...
I have written you it and felt better...
Thanks you for understanding...
I very much wait for your letter... It is my unique pleasure in my life...
Letter 3
Hi my dear Frankie!
Your letter is fresh air for me!
I cannot give words my feelings when I receive your letter...
I never met people like to you.
I am very much confused to write you all it... But you are wonderful man...
I have understood something very important: sometimes the person who is for thousand kilometres from me, can force to feel me better, than people near to me...
And this person - you.
You help me to cope with difficult situations in my life.
Your support and understanding is invaluable!
Dear Frankie, I should admit to you... I dream to be near to you...
Forgive me for such revelation...
I know that we are familiar not long, but believe to me, even for such short time it is possible to feel a related soul in the person... Now I have the difficult period in life... As speak in Russia "a black *****"...
But I am confident soon all will be adjusted! The new director of our salon does not sympathise with me... After my first delay it carps at me...
I very much worry that all so happen, but I think that with the new director it is impossible to adjust relations... I have no good news from welfare fund because to a kitten Tim it be not become better...
Its health and life in danger... I hope that he will recover... Here one more sad letter from me... I promise to you that I will not sadness!
You give me hope and belief! Thanks you for support! Sincerely your Mariya...
Letter 4

Good afternoon Frankie! Forgive me, my dear, for my sad letters!
I don't like to complain and cry. I the very morally strong lady!
I feel that I can entrust you the experiences, therefore write everything, without hiding something!
If I had no you and your support, I long would long. But after my last letter I felt better and have decided to change my bad mood! I have woken up in the morning and have solved that my mood depends only on me!
And anybody except me will not change it!
I have begun my day with a contrast shower! I have solved that every day I will have a shower bath cold water in the mornings!
It is a fantastic thing! Very much invigorates, cheers up and it is useful for health! Also what to splash out bad energy I has decided to make something good.
I have come to our welfare fund and have suggested to make an exhibition of homeless animals.
This idea has visited me at night. I had many thoughts in a head.
Girls from fund have supported me. They have agreed that it is good idea.
We should think over fine details. Originally, we should have rooms for carrying out of our exhibition.
We will show at this exhibition of stray dogs and cats that people have looked at them.
And it is possible, we can distribute more than animals.
I am confident, many people want to have houses of the devoted friend.
It is just necessary to help for them to find each other!
By means of this exhibition we can show ours to animal many people!
Now all my thoughts belong to this idea and its realisation!
I hope all it will turn out! Frankie, thanks you for support! Thanks to you I have found hope!
My life on work became intolerable...
Favourite work has turned to a ****!
But I think of the good. I dream of you.
I ask you only about one: write to me! Write me so often how much it probably!!!
I feel your energy and support through letters! Kiss you, your Mariya...
Letter 5
My Dear Dear Dear Frankie!
I again write you HELLO!
And I am again happy to see your letter! You can congratulate me: I have written the letter of resignation! And now I feel ease!
When I have come to the chief with the written application, he at all was not surprised.
Silently has signed also all!
And after a while I have learnt last hearings from workers of salon.
All said to me that the new director simply wants to give my place to his wife!
His wife long cannot find work and he has decided suit it in salon instead of me.
It will be very convenient for him, the wife will have work and will always be near to him!
I think that it is similar to truth.
But me it is indifferent.
Now I have some more working days to finish my work.
Under the law the worker should write the letter of resignation to Russia for two weeks before going away from work.
It that the employer had possibility for two weeks to find the new worker, and the leaving worker could find new work.
So, I even will remain two weeks on work in salon. Frankie, I very much am afraid that I can not find new work quickly or I will not have access to the Internet on new work. In that case, I will not have possibility to write to you and to receive your letters often.
It is my biggest fear, it does not give me rest!
I think of you every minute and I can not present my life without you.
I am opened for you completely, I have bared before you my thoughts and dreams, I have trusted you...
In me the storm of emotions boils, my feelings to you have changed my life and it never becomes former and quiet as was before acquaintance to you!
And I do not want that this storm has ceased.
This is in me it is wonderful! And it has the name - LOVE!
I am enamoured as the little girl! I feel awfully silly, but it has no value. I will write you letters while I have such possibility.
I love you, Frankie......
Mariya..... P.S. I send you a photo! It was made by my friend Natalia specially for you!!!
Letter 6
My Dear Frankie! I am happy to see support in your letter! Thanks you for it...
You are able to support me and to calm!
Yours the letter is my happiness, my inspiration!
I any more do not remember, how a vein before acquaintance to you, but now I the happiest woman!!! Frankie, I leave work and I will soon not have access to the Internet.
I have understood that I can not live without constant dialogue with you...
For me it will be the big ****. My Love!!!
I have mad idea which I want to tell to you!
I long thought and have decided to arrive to you on a visit!
I dream to see you for a long time in a reality, to hear your voice absolutely close, to feel touches...
We have enough learnt each other. Our virtual dialogue has outgrown in something more than simply correspondence.
I am confident, we are ready to a meeting.
This meeting will give to us much: we can feel each other not on distance, and is absolutely close!
Oh, it is my most treasured and hot dream!!!
And I think, now suitable time for realisation of my dream! After dismissal I will search for new work. Under the law, on a new place of work I will have holiday only through a floor of year.
I do not want so long to wait. It is intolerable. For me eyes of the person are very important. I think, on eyes it is possible to understand all!
Eyes have very big power, they give feelings and emotions.
I want to see your eyes, I want to feel you nearby! I wait your answer. Write to me as soon as possible!!!
I very much worry that you think of it! With love, your mariya......
Letter 7
Hello my Dear Frankie ! I very much worried about your answer! I did not sleep almost all night long!
I could not fall asleep, I thought of you... I am very very happy! For me the most important news - you want our meeting!
You wait for me is a happiness! I have noticed for a long time that our thoughts are similar, we understand each other absolutely.
You very clever, interesting, charming man!
I am happy that I will have possibility to see you!
I dream to speak with you about all!!! All my dreams only about you!!! My Love Frankie, I not so young girl, I did not wait from life of such gift of destiny and I did not hope that my heart will fight so strongly...
I lived the hobbies: my work, fund of homeless animals...
I wanted to find my happiness, on I did not think that feelings will be so strong...
If to be frank, I was afraid to fall in love strongly...
I was afraid of this feeling when the head is turned...
But it happens... Heart has won reason...
And now I feel the happiest woman all over the world!!! In my stomach butterflies fly...
I feel wings behind the back! And I am not afraid!
I know - the trip to other country is a risk for me.
But it seems to me, I know you all life! Frankie, you became the loved one for me.
I am ready to fly to you on the world's end!!!)
Maybe I'm a fool, but it has no value because I have found my happiness! Frankie, I never was abroad and I do not know a detail of my travel while.
The most important thing - I have received your consent and now I learn all details of travel! I will write to you about all details!
And we will wait together for the magic moment of our meeting! Kiss you, your Mariya...
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