Romance scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Marissa (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Dennis, thanks for the message. i am very open minded and do not have problem with age at all. Age for me us just a number. what about you ?Are you bothered by the age gap ? My father and Grand parents were Dutch. have you ever been to South Africa before ? I am also looking for the right man for me, the one to do things together and also have fun, i have missed the presence of having i love around, holding and kissing each other. I love the country so much. I am also living on the country side with my Mother and younger brother. How long have you been living in the country ? I like animals, dogs, rabbits, cats, monkeys, goats, sheep, horses. Do you have a farm at your back yard for the animals. i am glad that we both have love for animals. its 12:20pm here and i am having my lunc now. I am sure you are enjoying your beauty sleep :). Do you have any instant messenger where we can chat easily ? i have skype. let me know what you think. Hugs and kisses. talk soon. sarah xxx
Letter 2
Hi Darling. Thanks for the letter and the pictures. They look so nice dear. I like the painting on the wall and also the back woods. Honey you make me feel good. Ever since I met you I've Been so happy and excited with in. I'm so glad that we finally find each other. So many things that we will do together. We have the chemistry and understanding. Even though we are far from each other but it feels like you are right here with me when I think of us. I promise to love and care and be a good wife to you. How was your night, i hope you had a very good Sleep and hot dreams about us making passionate love together. Its my lunch time, I have my coffee. You are on my mind the whole time. Wish you were here to give me a kiss on my forehead and say to me how much you love me and then we kiss again. Many hugs and kisses from me to you honey. Regards.
Yours Woman
Sarah xxx
Letter 3
Honey you are the sweetest I've ever met my whole life. Your thoughts makes me feel so good. I keep thinking about you and I know that I'm falling in love with you. I believe in my Heart and it never lies to me. I feel so good about us and what we have. I promise to always be there for you as your woman and partner. I never hurt or break your Heart. I expect same from you to be stay honest and true to me from now until the end. Are you having a good day my dear. Thanks for the beautiful pictures you sent my love. Many hugs and kisses. What's your plans for the day honey. Your Woman
Sarah xxx
Letter 4

Good morning my Love
Thank you for the beautiful message. Waking up to such sweet words always puts a smile in my face and makes my day brighter. I love you so much and you are the only man ( Soul ) I want to spend my life with. You are my man and i am your woman. I go to the Agency later today to find out it they take American credit cards or anything like that. Baby I had a very erotic dream about us last night. woke up this morning again with my Pussy so wet. Wish that you were right next to me to slide inside me and make passionate love before we start our day. I hope you sleeping by now. Just know that you are my man and will always love you. Hugs and kisses
Your Woman
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