Scam letter(s) from Brenda Downinh to Dan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dan!!! This is getting more fun you know. I'm glad hearing from you as well.. I do sound like an angel and look like an angel too.. I'm beautiful in the inside and in the outside as well.. I don't like being with. I'm glad you're also spiritual. Well when you're spiritual it does need the will of God and the church you attend I can say. There are many churches but not all are good ones.. I like reading a lot , in fact meta physics novels especially by Tuesday TOM Clancy I love cooking , playing squash and watching basket ball and talk shows like Oprah Winfrey talk show in the Harpy Studio. I would love to find my so
Letter 2
Good Morning to you Dan.. It's nice hearing from you once more..You must be busy at work. Always smile when I get a mail from you. Time difference is a problem too but we can do this if we are willing to because I will be available for you always.. I'd love if we could try that anytime you're ready it will be very nice.. Write me when you're free. I'm always free for you. I think we are ahead of you 11 hours.. Or so..I want you to know that, I am a young looking for my age to which i am very grateful for.I do not play mind games and i can't afford to be played as that will be really ******* me.What you see is what you get with me..I am not sure exactly what they mean by personal habits,but i will take a shot here.Some personal habits include a fairly strutted,organized lifestyle.I like order in my life,but not to the point of being obsessive about it....i have a dry wit,but i do have a serious side,and i try to balance the two. Write soon and have a wonderful day. Brenda
Letter 3
Hello Dan,
Yes it really did.. It is 9;30pm here.. haha my angel work has ended.I'm actually doing just some paperwork. Will get done soon and get to bed.. Good to hear you enjoy the chats we have been having.. Who knows ? No one knows what tomorrow will bring..I never thought of being single but am here single..I'm a honest person and I do tell the truth always. Thanks for the compliment I wanna take my profile off the site as am getting a lot of messages over. And I don't think chatting 2 people at the same time is the solution to a new relationship. I don't really mind about age because it is just a is a great thing, I contacted you because I liked your profile. And you sound more honest and appealing. You already know where I grew up. Everything goes happen for a reason. God is wonderful.. I love Him so much.!!
Sorry about what happened to you in the past. .I am a very sincere person who laughs easily,loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly...I believe in honor manners,ethics and treating people with respect and look for the same qualities in my friends.I also have a quiet side and am quite content staying home especially if i have someone to snuggle up with.I pride myself in being independent both emotionally and financially.I have reached the point where i am looking for someone who is open to a new friendship and maybe even a committed relationship. I can't wait to chat with you at hangout.. I do really love the beach. Although you're not physically active like me. The movies is a nice place to be.. Goodnight to you dear. Take care
Write soon
Letter 4

Good morning to you Dan. I really got a lot of rest.. At work again you know duty calls. Haha that was close.. A lot of men asked me to marry them and lot asked for nudes which I wasn't interested. To be honest I deleted my profile off the site. I didn't want to disturb a lot of men. I do understand that no one can tell each other what to do. We all have our own interest. I love our chatting too and hopefully I know if there's time we are gonna take it to another level. To another step.Let not the distance worry you to much because I'm ready to relocate to the man I find love in. Life is short for games and I seriously wanna meet my soul mate.
I already took mine because I'm chatting with a caring and handsome man with is beautiful in the outside and the inside as well. I don't need to chat with other men for what reasons. I didn't actually want to post a lot of my pictures on the site. Never thought I'd even meet someone to chat, well my friend mett her husband of the site. So I decided I'd try, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. And thanks for the compliment. You didn't sound corny I like that idea of yours.. I can say everything you say you're right but you should know women are always right than the men. Haha!!
I understand the past is the past.Let bygones be bygones and move on in life. If you relay on the past you will never move forward. For me my friends always do tell me I'm blessed because of my age. And my beautiful. I don't actually see how beautiful I'm but a lot complain about it tho.
It is a nice place. You know Rochester is really nice. I haven't been there for long but I love it there. I don't have any mom to visit when I come home but if we are still in contact and see how things really are..You can be family to me.I could visit your mom with you. Haha seriously I'd. Never say never.. I love eating out.I like country music..i would like a partner who likes to travel and enjoys going to the movies and concerts.I do think it is important for partners to have individual interests that their partner respects.That will share life with it is routines,adventures highs and lows.Will plan with me for our future and to grow old together.
Old days.. Hard rock.. It is nice when traveling and listening to such kind music.. I don't have a lot of friends. I hope to hear from you back. Stay safe and thanks for our chats.It does mean a lot to me. take care
hugs back
Letter 5
Hello Dan dear,
So nice hearing from you once more. You mails keeps me smiling.. You're welcome. How are you doing.? I won't write a long mail today haha maybe when I do you'll get freaked out. I always do don't I? I hope you like it when i do. Sorry about your ex.. I'm ready to move in with my partner and ready to make a new home with him. You make me feel special you know.. Write soon. Brenda
Letter 6
Hello handsome!! I love it so much when you call me Angel. My day is been great so far. You do put a smile on my face too. It is good to know that you might be able to get that house, and I'd love to visit you someday and if we are meant to be I'd love to stay over forever..I am a positive thinking person, very upbeat and always looking for and observing the good in life, people and my surroundings. I love to laugh even if it is simply cracking myself up. I firmly believe in Karma in the sense that I give, share and spread as much kindness as possible knowing it comes back my way. I am passionate about the arts and creating in all its many shapes and forms. I believe in recycling, human rights and helping the children that will be running this world in the future be the best they can. I am a down to earth, easy going, level headed, optimistic, spirited type person One who really enjoys being outside walking/hiking, playing/exploring, beach biking, or just relaxing (absorbing) nature's beauty - anytime – anywhere (I am a naturalist in health and healing) I do like to travel as much as possible, near or far…exploring the world or close by adventures – (I especially love all parks, walking on beaches, viewing/ photographing sunrises and sunsets, all body of waters and mountains anywhere) also unique city-exploring is enjoyable too -I do enjoy doing things around the home as well - from landscaping, gardening, remodeling, creative writing, reading, organizing/ cleaning, beautifying, Cooking and watching movies or TV (shows I like: travel, food, nature, educational, Idol, Dance) - or simply just relaxing with someone special. am a woman of full integrity, who is totally trusting (rare but true) also being a sincere sensitive soul, I naturally remember and automatically show my consideration to others, this is not just a line of words on my part, where on the other hand its often used by many or by the deceiver. I want someone who will treat me like a Queen . I wan to make me man very happy and loved. I have unconditional love to offer. I'd also love nothing than to getting to know you more and share our feelings and take everything further. I just want someone who will offer his love and commitment and care for me and love me with all his heart.
Love is a wonderful day. Hoping to chat with you Saturday.
Write soon.
Take care
And have a nice day.'
Letter 7
Dan dear,
I'm always overwhelmed when I get your mails.. You make me smile always. We do have the same outlook on people and life in general that is right.My ideal relationship:Each knows and accepts the limits and circle that the other lives within.To accept this totally means you accept the person as a whole not just by face that is mutual...with total sharing. where two people lean on each other and can't wait to end their day goes on and on.I am not a possessive or jealous person. I don’t worry if my partner has opposite *** friends or if we are separated at a party or social occasion.I see good in people too. I'm someone who don't judge others. No!! I'm a honest lady and I think so are others, but I'm wrong. I have been hurt so much but still haven't given up yet no. I wanna still keep trying and I know I will find someone who will be faithful, caring and honest with me always. I can't wait for my tour to be over too and to come back to the states..Write soon. And take care of yourself. Write son.
Letter 8
Hello Dan. I hope you're working now. How are you? I miss your mail. Hope to be able to chat with you soon. Take later
Letter 9
Thinking about you. Hope your day is great.?
Letter 10
I hope you're good.? Haven't heard from you
Letter 11
Hello Dan dear, I was a little worried since I didn't get to hear from you. Im keeping myself safe dear. I wish you could do that. My birthday is actually coming on as you know, could you possibly get me a care package.? With chocolate and cookies. And I'd really be happy if you could get me a cell phone as my birthday gift. Too.? Can you do that for sweety?
Write soon dear
Take care.
Letter 12
Hi handsome!
Yes that's right. I thought you would forget. I don't have any special ones but I think you're doing the buying so you'd get special ones for me. And about the phone??
Kisses ??
Letter 13
Hello handsome Dan!
Sorry I couldn't message you earlier. Was busy working and I'm good now. Thanks to God. Hearing from you brings me much joy ad happiest. Work is good and busy here too. You could get used unlocked iphone for me as you're saying. I would love that sweetheart. I hope you're good k would find a plan over here. Have a nice day. Missing you! Brenda
Letter 14
Hello sweetheart. It's good hearing from you again. You make me smile, your e mails keeps me alive and kicking.. Can't stop thinking about you. My days are going and I can't wait to fly outta this place. That's good To hear. You could get an unlocked used iphone without having to sign a contract that is way better my sweetheart.. Hope you having s good day. You better get some water before you burn out haha. Missing you can't stop thinking about you as you're always in my thoughts. Kisses to you
Write soon. Brenda
Letter 15
Good morning to you Dan.. How are you doing this morning? Guess you're still in bed. Can't stop thinking about you. I was hoping if you're getting a used phone. You could possibly get a 6.. Which is GSM unlocked. iPhone 6 unlocked. Kisses to you dear
Always in my thoughts
Letter 16
Haven't heard from you yet sweetie.. I hope everything is good with you. Let me know when you're free. Brenda
Letter 17
Okay dear. It is very good hearing back from you. I know you're always busy at work. I understand. I'd really be happy if you could get me a 6. I know you can do it tho. I do trust in you so much and I know you're never letting me down. I will give you the addy tomorrow because agent who works for the U.S Army as a civilian left the states just today, and will get to 37 military hospital in Africa tomorrow. I will get an address from him because he helps with the bringing of packages and its faster and really easy. I hope you do get this and will send you the address tomorrow. Kisses to you. Things are good here just with the talibans worrying us. They make our work more difficult. Just let me know when the phone is being bought and I will send address tomorrow. sweetheart. Kisses to you. Take care. Hugs Brenda
Letter 18
Hello Dan. Glad you understand me. That's a very good plan. Good you're done with all your work. Let me know when you get the phone kisses to you
Be safe too
Letter 19

Good Morning to you sweetheart. I got the address and thought of leaving it to you. You can either send through UPS / Fedex/ That is best for me dear. Hope you're good. Kisses to you. Maxwell Kedis Yeboah 316 Clay Street Accra Ghana 00233. +233247931269 Let me know when it is sent. With the tracking number. Kisses to you.
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