Scam Letter(s) from Olga Zagynaychenko to Mark (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Dear sir, we checked flights and chose the best cost. The total cost of the flight to you is 1128 dollars. We had a relationship with a lady, she is willing to pay for their half price Tuesday. If you are ready for such conditions, we expect the exact date of the flight and half the cost for the tickets ( 564 ) Please let us know what you think. Viola

Letter 2

Hi Mark. We again had contact with the lady, she agreed to bear half of the costs. We do not carry any warranty. Airline company doesn't return money for the ticket. We will help to get a visa for. to begin the process, we need from her and from you to get money. For a visa we can apply the real-life return ticket to show at the Embassy solvency girls. If you are ready, let's work. For the receipt of Western Union, you just need such data the name of our employees Ermeneu Andrei , Ukraine. this is a required field for translation Viola

Letter 3

We gave you the data for transfer to Western Union. The Recipient Andrew Ermeneu, Ukraine. tel +380937553803 Viola

Letter 4

Receiver Details: Full name and surname? - Andrei Ermeneu Gender? - man Street address (mandatory)? - Panteleymonavskaya 78 City? - Odessa Country? - Ukraine Zip code / Postcode? - 65007 Telephone -Area code, number? - +30936838620 Have a good day Viola

Letter 5

Hi dear sir. We have received your payment. Will nactem to cook the entire package of documents. Viola

Letter 6

Hi dear Sir , Mark. Our system can put the questionnaire online, it does not mean that the girl is in the network. Your girl still needs us to pass 200 dollars, we are waiting for payment from her. You decide who will be the payment for visa fee and service agent? Dear Mark, the girl has a job and can't be always connected , we do our best to keep you together. She is very worried, this is very serious, you should understand that. We assure you that all the documents and money will be collected, she will get a visa and you'll see. I'll pray for you. Be patient. If you have any questions please ask us Viola

Letter 7

Hi dear sir, today we have received payment for all of the tickets from your girl. Today we will transfer the documents to the Embassy. We expect you to pay the visa fee of $ 160 USD and paying agent which will maintain the relationship with the Embassy of $ 200. A total of 360 dollars. Waiting for your reply Viola

Letter 8

Hi Mark I've been having sex with you) I want you)) you like blow jobs)? I already gave all the money to the Agency news) Kissssseeeesss ) Olechka)

Letter 9

Dear Sir Mark. You pay half the tickets, then everyone carries their expenses themselves, For Olga, too, have expenses, we are now open her account at the Bank to provide it to the Embassy, the account must be a minimum of $ 2,000, for the Embassy, she does it. We had a meeting with her Director from work, so he gave her a vacation from work when she visits you. This is a serious process. Please be calm. I personally spoke with Olga, she wants to be with you and blah it is a big step in life, you have to understand it. Viola

Letter 10

Yes we have her passport, but we don't have any receipts, as yet nothing has been paid. Olya also just gave the agent money like you. Viola On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Viola Zioleko wrote: What documents do you want ? we have not received any documents. As all payments will be made , we'll give all the agent that will work with the Embassy. You understand? Viola

Letter 11

You can make credit card payment online through website money gramm or the Union westr Have a nice day Viola

Letter 12

Dear sir, I am the Deputy Director of this Agency you and I dialect that Olga will go to you. I personally deal with this issue. Viola

Letter 13

Dear sir, we received your payment. Our agent starts working. Viola

Letter 14

My dear , I'm very tired today(( I want to hear your voice , +380936625835 , call me tomorrow at lunch . You are my future husband!! your Olga

Letter 15

My Mark, I was very glad to hear you. I am pleased after talking with you, you became closer to me, I want to be yours. My favorite I work a lot just now, to raise money in a Bank account, so I could have $ 2000 in your account at the Bank, that the terms of the visa, the money should I have in my account when I will be in your country. For this reason, I have a lot of work, for me it is very big money, I can put into the account in the Bank of $ 400. I still have to leave some money to my daughter. Of course when we're together I won't be working so much. I now understand what you are asking me on the phone) my daughter to study medicine) Kissing you, I go to sleep) Your future wife Olga.

Letter 16

Hey, why are you writing me?? I have one day off for myself, I can't bring the phone into the pool, can't bring your phone to the beautician and hairdresser! Do you not understand these things?? Call me

Letter 17

1300 dollars I earn, 300 give my daughter, pay 300 for rent, 200 for utilities. 250 on food , I buy my pads when I have my period, continue to tell where my money goes???

Letter 18

You don't understand, we had a meeting with Olga with our Director to Uliginosa Directors we do not have any relationship Viola

Letter 19

Dear sir, we can't cancel and refund you, we are unable to refund you and Olga, there is no refund for this service. Our team understands your reasons for refusal?? We believe your conduct is not appropriate and without cause. Viola

Letter 20

We are not going to understand who is right who is guilty, we see that the output itself is not adequate. You have to call the girl and solve her problem, we do not deal with such issues. The tickets were booked on the girl's name, payment for them was held on Friday, Saturday Olga after the interview will receive at the airport Desk the tickets. If you refuse to meet with her, it's your problem. Viola

Letter 21

My dear, I have problems with the Internet, some sort of a breakdown on the line( I went to the Internet cafe to write to you! Let's not argue, we still have a whole life ahead of you, come on together we will enjoy our life. I'll tell you why I'm worried, should I change my life, it's scary in my years, if I had aged 20 years it s easier, I hope you understand me. We'll still talk about many things in a personal meeting) love you and good night, sweet dreams. Olechka

Letter 22

Hi dear Sir Mark, how are you doing with Olga? The interview was rescheduled for Friday, we will keep you informed of events. so we recommend you book the services of a detective to get all the information about Olga to help you beat all sure, it is in your best interest. You live with this person. We encourage you to do so, so that you feel safe and confident in this person, you agree with us? Viola

Letter 23

Dear, I have to pick up the tickets at the airport Desk. In my city only has one airport

Letter 24

I never lied, I told you that I wanted to take a Bank loan. I must bear its own costs itself in your country? Aren't you going to do it for me the first time?

Letter 25

How can I be a scammer??? I got what you asked?? Central airport Odessa, he is the only one here!

Letter 26

Mark, I was at the Bank, I was denied the loan!! Said if I don't have your property , don't give me credit, because credit given property((((( I don't know what to do now! I don't have $ 1,100 to put in the Bank for the Embassy!! I don't know what to do.

Letter 27

Give me a call I lie to you??? I don't use the phone at work , I use my computer at work!! Call me

Letter 28

I'm a girl and I just wanna be with you I DO EVERYTHING FOR IT!

Letter 29

I'm at work, I cry! I told the whole story of my friend, she said that if you wanted you could've put the money to my Bank account when I came to you I give them to you with his credit card. You start yelling at me, let's find a way out of this situation. What do you suggest?? I want to change my life, I want to do it with you!!!

Letter 30

If you want you can put it in my Bank 1100 dollars , I come to you and we will remove them from my credit card, will you take them back

Letter 31

I didn't know that it's necessarily that they need to show money in the Embassy account.

Letter 32

I do not take the work phone, it sits in my closet

Letter 33

Dear I do not create the problem, this week I'm working without input(( when I leave should I leave money to my daughter and mother! Now I don't know how to solve the problem and where to get 1100 dollars, I did everything, I did everything. he could and only got $ 900(

Letter 34

when I come to work I leave the phone in the locker room, I can't take it with you in the trading room

Letter 35

I need your help, that all was well. I want to see you as a husband!!

Letter 36

My dear. I swear on my daughter that I would come to you and give you immediately $ 1100. I swear I want to marry you and be with you always! My future husband mark. I can't write you a few hours, then I'll write you. I very much need you, I very much want to be your wife. yours for always Olechka

Letter 37

Hi dear Sir. Your transfer will be received. Your interview will be Tuesday, at no extra charge. Have a good weekend. Viola

Letter 38

Hi dear sir. We have received your translation, today should receive money from Olga and immediately the entire amount will be sent to an account in the Bank for the Embassy. We will keep you informed. Viola

Letter 39

My mark, today I put 900 dollars into your Bank account. Now came from the Bank. The Agency needs me to translate your money into the account. I'm really looking forward to meeting with you)

Letter 40

My dear , I was at the interview , everything is fine, I at Thursday must bring a certificate of family composition, and the visa will be for me) Soon I'll kiss you.

Letter 41

Hello my dear, my sweet, how are you ? I don't get half your letters, they fall into the spam(( I'm going to visit my mom, how are you)

Letter 42

Open until 5 PM, Olga recorded at 4 PM. Viola

Letter 43

Olga probably confuses the days of the week in the English language. Today's entry Viola

Letter 44

Dear sir, we have no returns for this service. We check the girls passport, if you want to have more validation that it is a paid service. Viola

Letter 45

Dear Sir, we have said and say now, we will not be otvetstvennosti for Olga, your meeting with her personally is your business with her, our task was to help find her, we suggest you to check it completely, you refused. We do not accept any responsibility for them. Viola

Letter 46

any girl who registers on the site is tested to be reality, providing passport, more we not check the girl. I don't understand you, you cheated Olga? Viola

Letter 47

My mark, I understand you, but you got to understand me, I prepared for my trip, I have many questions to solve with my daughter with my mom, since I won't be in the country, I can't sit at the computer and write you letters all day, you know??? For me this is a big improvement, my trip to you. Today I was last at the Embassy, they took my passport and said that in the mail a week later, I'll get it back. Please stop complaining, I now is so difficult, I have a lot to do before my trip. Good night to you, whole. Olechka

Letter 48

Hi mark, where did you get that letter?? This letter more than a year!!! I've spent nearly a year do not communicate with this person!! This is clearly a problem with the website, this is a very old letter

Letter 49

I'm going home, how are you? why are you silent?

Letter 50

Hello my dear, I want to write you. but I don't always have the time, I now before the trip, have to do a lot of things, you know? I now have no time at all!!((

Letter 51

My mark, I'm at work((

Letter 52

Hi dear sir, we have checked that Olga got the visa and now we can't leave with it on communication. We will be trying to contact her. Viola

Letter 53

Dear Sir Mark, we found out that she went to her mother, with her there is no connection. Wait for it. Viola

Letter 54

Dear Sir Mark, we went to her work, we were told that she should be coming soon, where her mother lives, there is no Internet, this small village. Viola

Letter 55

Hello my dear Mark, I'm sorry I didn't write for you. I now have my mom, I need her to do a lot before my trip to you, I'm going away for a long time and have to cook for my mom and my daughter. I'll be back to Odessa, I hope you're still waiting for me on November 25. Your Olga

Letter 56

Hi dear sir, Sorry for the long answer. Your emails were in spam. We can see that Olga has received all the documents, expect a meeting with her. Viola

Letter 57

Dear sir, your mail comes in a spam, for this reason we can not give you a fast reply. We have fulfilled our obligations to you. No need to threaten us, otherwise we will contact local police of your city, with a complaint about your threat. Keep contact with your lady. Viola

Letter 58

Hi dear sir, we have fulfilled our obligation. Olga received the documents. We very much hope that she will come to you. If we find out that she was doing the cheating, we will report the matter to the police. Have a nice day.

Letter 59

Dear sir, you had contact with the girl you had his agreement, we can help you. Our responsibility is made. We warned you that we have no returns. You took such a risk. Viola

Letter 60

Dear sir, all dokumenti were transferred to Olga. Visa helped to open Olga the mediator, who prepared all the documents for Olga. We personally have not dealt with this issue. Did you try Olga? Viola

Letter 61

Hi dear sir, we can see that your emails have gone into spam! For this reason, we can't give you a fast reply! We follow the process. You had contact with Olga? You agreed upon on the meeting, we helped you. We warned you that the return on this service no. If you were not confident in Olga, why did you send her money? You had a contract with it? We are now trying to understand everything. Viola

Letter 62

Hi dear sir, we are also investigating from their side, the cheater should be punished. Viola



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