Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Walt (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Walt!

How about to become better acquainted with an interesting woman? :-)
My name is Elena. I am 29 and a half years :-) I'm incredibly badly want to know more about you :-)

And now I want to tell you a little about me. I live in the city Rubezhnoe. I work as a shop assistant in a store "Sportmaster". And thanks to my work, I found myself in this life! I started to play sports, and now I can not imagine my life without sport :-) I run in the mornings and do the gym three times a week.
You can evaluate my appearance. I'm sending you a photo :-)

What about you? Do you like sport? Tell me also about your work. Do you love your job? :-) I hope so, because it is important for any person.

I live in a picturesque location. Here is very beautiful nature :-) Where is your house located? Do you like the place where you live? :-)

My house- my fortress, I love the place where I live :-)

Do you have a hobby? Perhaps you collect something? Please, tell me about it too :-)

I really want to get a letter from you. I hope that you answer me as soon as possible, because I am really looking forward to this :-)

Hugs to you, Walt:-)




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