Scam letter(s) from Jane Miller to Chris (France)

Letter 1
Hello thanks for the message your profile is one that I enjoyed reading. I would say that you're every woman's dream. Independent, responsible, goal oriented and very attractive. i will be glad if you can share some of your past with me. I'm presently working on my goal that's why am here searching for a soul mate but my true passion is somewhere else. I still don't know where my path is taking me, I'm open to all possibilities, knowing before hand that nothing is by chance gives me incredible willingness to accept whatever comes my way. In my profile I mention future as being important for me, actually my lifestyle is in everything connected to it, starting from my meditation and other practice up to the outlook in life. This means that I'm not driven by material things, status or power. I would like to take a shot and try to keep up with you. If you have the time maybe we could just get to know each other better, I'm up for that. I'm seeking longterm serious relationship that will turn marriage. I'm driven by simplicity, integrity, honesty, love, compassion and nature. This is all about me but there's a facet of my character which is adventurous and risky, which contrasts with what I previously mentioned. All this to say that I'm simply me, controversial, polemic, but loving and totally passionate and helplessly romantic. In a relationship age is not important but balance, honesty, communication and trust is. I'll like to know more about you, your past experiences. I mean your future,biography. You can write me It would be nice to receive your reply , until then I wish you have a most wonderful day ahead
Letter 2
Hi christophe, it nice to hear from you, and i will be waiting to hear eveything about you later on like you said, kisses for you.
Letter 3
Hi Chris, Thank you so much for getting back with me. It would be a pleasure to get to know you. many thanks for your e-mail. Its sometimes dangerous to hope and wish for something, because it might just actually happen and then again its always dangerous asking me questions because you will get a thorough and open response that sometimes might out a smile on your face and other times would not. If truth and uninhibited openness is something that scares you, I'm not the right person for you. I was so very impressed with the letter you wrote to me. I will surely try to tell you what I am all about before this letter is through, what a truly beautiful thing to say I have a very open and frank policy. Unless I am contractually bound or have given my word to someone to keep something secret/confidential, I do not otherwise hold any secrets that can't be obtained merely by asking me. Specifically I want to know about you, your present, past, biography, work, kids, future, your hopes, your desires, what makes you happy and what makes you the person that you are today. I would like to know about your childhood and your life and I would like to know about where you would like to be now, a few months down the track, a few years down the track and ultimately your life-time goals. I'd like to know you as a person first but I also want to know your ****** side and what your tastes and limits are because ultimately no-one can make anyone happy unless they are given the information that helps them know the person inside and out so that afterwards things happen without much fuss and with expectations known and met rather then guessed at and with limits inadvertently crossed thereby causing upset. It is my intention to get to know you and to know what makes you smile and what upsets you as to know what to increase and what to leave out both now and in the longer run should it work out that way. How open and frank you are with me is a choice I leave entirely up to you. If its G-rated or ***-rated its up to you and what you feel like and whilst it is up to me to keep to my part, it is up to you not to do things just for the sake that someone asks you but because you want to and are inclined to and are excited and enjoy doing what you do. I'm a curious combination of very cautious mixed in with enthusiasm that borders on recklessness. On the one hand I can be exceedingly patient and take things slow as I learn more and more, but once a decision has been made and I'm ready to act, I move so fast that it often surprises people at the speed and accuracy of my actions. My ultimate aim though is to take it all the way but I do not blindly push any agenda or place conditions. I just go with the flow with good thoughts and intentions and with open eyes and an open heart and am easy going. I don't look for blame and I'm a very hard person to get angry - you would really have to try hard to achieve that. Have been through a time in my life where I felt worthless unloved, continuously searching for happiness. I wasn't getting along with my family, and my friends were all hating each other, leaving me stuck in the middle, stressfully trying to pull things together but meeting my ex i thought i have found Happiness but it was all the same, so tell me what do i do if i don't have to continue searching for the future. I do really appreciate it and you sounds so nice to me. Well.... let me start telling you about my self and what i have passed through in trusting a man. I was born in CA by my dad who died in an auto accident on his way to the hospital to see mum. Am presently living with my sister in western nigeria just after the death of my parent. my sister has been here for years now because she got married to a nigerian but they both met years back in the state but she got relocated with him since nigerian is his home land. Just after the death of my parent, i was left alone in the state with nobody cares and i was about dropping out of school when she called if i will be happy living with her right here in nigeria but since i got no options so i moved and that's was how i got stocked here till date. She has been everything i wanted and she has been there for me. I love her so much I used to have a boyfriend when i was still in college in IOWA Ames. He was everything i wanted a guy to be. We had been friends for a couple of months and he finally asked me out. I was happy yet sad because i knew that if we dated our relationship will never be the same. During our first weeks of dating he was so sweet and nice and i started to get more and more attracted to him. Few months passed and we were still together i thought i was the happiest girl in the world. He treated me like a princess and that made me feel special and he promised to marry me so i allowed him to disvirgin me not knowing he just wanted to have *** and leave me because he has found another girl who's parents are rich so he taught he could make his own wealth through them by marrying their daughter, I was so down that i thought i would **** myself but somehow i had the courage to live on. My dad owned a auto company in Florida in Lakeland where he sells motor parts and after his death, My uncle acted as he commanded before he died he said he should sell off the Auto company and use the money to invest on behalf of him and his younger and elder sister which is me and my sister named Tina Some month's past, My uncle died and we cant spend the money. So me and my own sister now decided to used the money in buying Sheers in the bank and my sister also used the money to invests. So after i graduated out of university of Lagos I studied Banking and finance in the university of lagos am planning to continue my 2 years master degree and become a banker as soon as i find the right man for me because i need a good and responsible man to cope plan the future who I am Looking for a honest Trusted and loving Caring and Trust worthy Down earth to every one in life and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lively that will not be having a double date on me like the way my ex boyfriend did to me because my ex took the advantage on me being so honest trusted and loving caring and kind hearted understanding considerate down earth to every. I use to work as a sales girl in a grocery store but i quite because i was sexually harassed by my boss but i hope to secure a better one soon. I don't like being doubted, without having an emotional bond, to me it leaves everything else pointless. I do have to say you are a very big person for sharing your feelings the way you have. I do frequent church but i serve a living God am sure you understand why, and I have a temper comparable to a five year old. I get mad, but in five minutes I am over it but am getting over that. I share your same convictions. I want to marry once in my life but thought that's the way its going to be, I don't believe in divorce, single, separating and stuffs like that . Although it happens, I do not want that for me. I am holding out for a man that can respect my dreams and help me with them as I help him with his. I want someone that can appreciate solitude when his wife is at work, or want to go to work with his wife. I love life, and appreciate everything that I am dealt everyday. I still want to want the something for my future - wherever and however that comes about doesn't really matter. The kind of man I'm looking for has to be honest and trustworthy - beyond that other things are less important, but obviously there has to be some attraction both physically and mentally, the important thing is that an equal partner in life with both of us having equal say in every decision in life. I hope that you will not break my heart if i give it to you. I look forward in meeting you one day, I wont like to go through what i went through again so please let me know if u re not ready for a long term serious relationship {marriage} after knowing each other well... and you know trust is the foundation of a good relationship. A journey of a thousand miles start from the first step taken maybe this is ours we don't know yet. Ultimately I would love to bask in the warmth of your smile and that can only happen if you're happy and content with life and honesty is the key I think to starting along the correct path to achieve that. If we get there or not I can make no guarantees, life always has a way of throwing spanners into the works but at the very least I have warned you off in case there are aspects of me that you find loathsome or creepy or just a case of I am not the right person for you. In any case, I do wish you happiness and love no matter where and with whom you find it. I am not perfect, but can see that, and want to better myself. I have had spoiled relationships where I was hurt, you can never forget those times, just learn from them. I was ready to marry once, but thinking I was too young, I backed out, although I regret loosing a great love of my life, I have grown to be more mature for a more serious relationship. I have a lot of love to give, but I am far from being the person you describe in some ways, but in other ways I fit the picture. I hope I haven't totally confused you in who I am and what I want. You are a very great person, but I am who I am, I hope that can be good enough for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With Love and tenderness
Letter 4

It was nice to read from you. How are you doing today ? I hope you are fine and how was your day going with you over there ? I hope all is well with you and how is your work. Hope everything is boomming well .. as a matter of fact, I'm really interested in getting to know you better before we go into a deep serious relationship cos for now i am really interested in you because i like the way you write your conversation. And I am sure that many of you have heard a guy say something along the lines of, "I would sleep with her, but would marry her (another man)." Well, what does that actually mean? It means that, when it comes to relationships, a guy has two main focuses: *** and companionship. The ideal man, therefore, would satisfy both! After any long-term relationship it may be tough to find the inner strength or desire to open your heart to love again. When a love interest comes knocking at your door, how do you know that old battle wounds and scars have been healed enough to let love in? Seeing as each person is completely individual, there really isn't a way to know exactly when the right time to begin a new relationship is. What may work for one person, may not work for another. Fortunately, there are a few key attributes that successful relationships have in common. If you find that you meet these, then it may be time to let love in. When you're ready to analyze your heart's state of affairs, take an honest look at the questions below to determine how ready you really are..
I do really appreciate your effort and most expecially for sending some of your words. You greatly amazing, i cant wait to be the woman you will call your woman someday if truely your the man you say you are. I sincerely agree with what you said, i wont go against your words. I know you have said alot, i do really appreciate that. Thanks once more. I'm sorry about what you have been through. I can understnd how you felt and i pray you never ever go through that again in your life. , i'm not sure about whatelse to say just to convince you for the kind of girl i am but i'm who i am and am trying to be better.
You have greatly pleased this old gentlelady by contacting me once again. Your kind words have deeply humbled me as well. Reading your e-mails provided me with some positive insight about who you are. You may find this next statement hard to believe or accept; however, I have the uncanny ability to "feel" your words in addition to "reading" them. That ability allows me a much closer contact with you to the point of us almost being sitting next to each other and conversing rather than being miles apart and having to rely on the Internet to communicate with each other. It is my sincere hope that ultimately during our relationship, you will be able to "feel" my words to you.
Thank you for your compliments -- I may not be every man's dream -- then again I only want to be one man's dream -- though I can tell you I have learned many things about how to treat a man right , that I perhaps did not always know in the past -- I am always learning -- most women don't even take the time to understand man -- they view them only as objects -- I am so wanting to share what I know with the woman of my dreams -- someone who will appreciate me -- not someone necessarily so independent that they don't recognize they need me as badly as I need them. some times it hurts not to be able to express my most inner desires and to be able to show that special person how much I can love them and please them and make the cry with joy and happiness. It is perhaps the reason that I feel my love is so special that I choose not to give it to just anyone -- not to give my love to someone who is undeserving who won't appreciate me as much as do them.

You seem very wisdomatic - an old soul maybe -- you read me well.

I too am a hopeless romantic. I believe in doing the right thing because it is simply the right thing to do -- I care not what others do -- I don't follow the pack -- I am a leader of sorts. I am an accomplished professional with little time for games and non-sense in my life. I was about to get married once -- I believe strongly in the institution of marriage albeit if only in our minds -- the license means little to the church and even less to the government though it is a symbol of our love for one another and our commitment to this love.
I enjoy sports, especially Professional Football. Indianapolis has a Team - The Indianapolis Colts.
Well .. Before i go too, I will ask you some questions and i will want you to answer me with a good reply ...
1- ) How stable is your life ???
Guidelines ................... How can you possibly hope to keep a relationship together if your life isn't put together properly? I think many of us use relationships ? I think many of us use relationship
2 -) Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship???
Guidelines ................... On our path through life we encounter many different obstacles, people and experiences. This is what makes us unique. Everyone has a different life experience. The people who create happy lives take each experience and make it work for them, especially if it is a negative one. If you haven't learned something about the way you interact with another person from your past relationships, you're living in cycle that won't get broken until you take the time to find out. You can't possibly expect to break negative habits if you're not aware of them.
3 -) Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet???
Guidelines ................... Each relationship offers us an opportunity to review our master list of qualities of our ideal mate. Sometimes, what we thought we wanted didn't even come close to what we really needed. After a long-term relationship it is especially prudent to revise your list of desirable traits. Were there things about your past partner that hindered you from being really you? What traits would help you feel the most comfortable with being yourself?
4 -) Are you really over your past???
Guidelines ................... I know, you're probably thinking it's a misprint? You may be thinking "Don't you mean past love?" Sometimes, I find we identify our past with our past loves. Our life may have included something that was special that we may be feeling is missing now. Somehow that gets wrapped up in our emotions with our past love. So, instead of trying to find new ways to make our life more complete, we think we need to have our past love to feel complete. Make sure you identify your real sources of desire before beginning a new relationship. I shall now address a few questions about me, which you may have:
1-) What is my favourite color(s) ?
Well .. as for myself ... I like anything like pink color and also blue. )
2-) What is my favourite season(s) ?
Well as for me .. I like all seasons. )
3-) What food do i like and dislike ?
Well ... I like all foods and i cook and prepare food very well ( But i mostly like to cook fried rice with chicken for a dinner and sometimes maybe BBQ. and i also like easting italian food ..)
4-) What music do I like and dislike ?
As a musician, I love all kinds of musics too. I can warm up to hip hop as much as to bash when ever am with my friends. And i also like listening to souls when ever am at the beach because i always thinking about my future how is going to be when ever am listening to souls. And i also like listen to tupac Shakur music and also Michael Jackson, Ashanty, Robbie Williams, Benny man, P-diddy and etc ....)
5-) What do I do for fun ?
Well ... I do family too but that is when am parents as still alive ... But for now i like hanging out with my friends out for a dinner and also spending most of my time in reading story book mostly Romeo and Juliet. I'm sure you know much aboutthe story about Romeo and Juliet.
6) What characteristics am I looking for in a woman?
most important would be: even tempered and with excellent social conduct, as: no malice and no envy; but - good listener, loving, caring, sense of humour, easy going, and may be even funny at times; very sensual and very ****** and also a man that will always be there for me in anything i need him for !I hope that I will match your expectations!
At my age, I guess my only dream for the future "are simply to be happy - wherever and however that comes about doesn't really matter. The kind of man I'm looking for has to be honest and trustworthy - beyond that other things are less important, but obviously there has to be some attraction both physically and mentally. Age, within reason, doesn't bother me at all. You're as young or old as you allow yourself to be and age is no barrier to loving someone. the other important thing is that the ideal man for me will be an equal partner, with both of us having equal say in every decision in life". I sincerely believe that our relationship can and will make a part of that dream a reality. Where our relationship goes or what it becomes is really up to you and me. What do you want to come from it?? I look forward to hearing from you quite soon. Please share yourself and your life with me as I have done for you.
Good morning, I wish for you a peaceful and restful rise this morning, and forever. May your dreams always be filled with goodness and joy. May an aura of Love encircle and envelop you until the end of time. God bless you and keep you safe, always. May He continue to hold you in the palm of His ever loving hand, now and for eternity.Your very true, quite caring, and extremely loving Jane as well as a gentle woman and a gentlelady who can be and is willing to be much, much more......

May God Be With and See You Through X0x0x0x0x0x
Letter 5
lovely pic you have, you are handsome
Letter 6
i have yahoo messenger do you have that? and i will be waiting for your message
Letter 7
What a man you are, Chris I guess you are doing well today and as beautiful as ever. Have gone through your message over and over again and let me confess that you really sound hot. Yes you turned me on instantly. But before I get into a relationship with you, I need to let you know few more things about me. you should also know that I dont sleep with a man just for ***, dont take cigarrette or smoke and also dont have kids. I like emotional connection between me and the person I sleep with. *** without love is like a food without salt. It is tasteless. Well I have reached maturity and I know I have to take care of things. All I need now is a good husband. My next relationship will benefit me by giving me emotional stability so that I can continue to achieve more. Its like maslows hierachy of needs. I hope to get to self actualization at the top of the pyramind. I have learnt a lot from past relationships. Chris, valuing a relationship is not merely done by seeing each other everyday but what counts is how much in our busy lives we remember each other. One thing I learnt was that I should always give my man attention when I am at home. Just talking to him, asking how his day was and doing things together is very important. I have to let my man know that I am always thinking about him, I love and care for him by giving him surprise gifts, going out for dinner etc. I have also learnt the importance of honesty, faithfulness, trust and kindness. I hate short tempers, outbusts, cursing and vulgular language. Chris, respecting each other and communication are equally important. Being a good listener and letting the other person let out his or her feelings without the fear of being misunderstood or arguing are important aspects of any relationship. I narrowed specific desires that I want in my man. This include honesty, faithfulness, understanding, kind, reliable, responsible, affectionate, educated, hardworking and so on. These I cant compromise or revise. However I have a list of those characteristics that I can compromise. I like a man with future, hope and a serious one, but I can compromise height and external beauty for internal beauty. Traits like being **** are appealing but I cant marry a man on basis of his looks or the size of her wallet. Money and Look come last. Beauty fades away as we age and money can be lost in a flash. But true love endures for ever Chris, maybe i can come up with a little point of advice as we getting into this more and more because i believe in marriage we marry a mystery, an other, a counterpart. In a sense the person we marry is a stranger about whom we have a magnificent hunch. The person we choose to marry is someone we love, but his depths, her intimate intricacies.Swept up by attraction, attention, fantasy, hope, and a certain happy measure of recognition, we agree to come together for the mysterious future, to see where the journey will take us. This companionship on life’s journey is the hallmark of marriage, its natural province, its sweetest and most primal gift. Chris, i want you to believe a man can inherit a house and money from his parents, but only the Lord can give him a sensible wife, when one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize. I know that you are not perfect and nor can I claim to be either, but please believe me, when I say that I want to be by a man side, to hold him hand, to treasure him in the morning and in the noon-tide, to be next to him, to be held close to his heart now and for the rest of my living years, to comfort him, dry his tears and calm his most frightening fears, to fight his battles and show no shame to scream my interest/love for him out loud all over the land. Chris, I'll need more of a man to stay close as we step forward into the future. We can't change the past, only remember the good times, but we can make the past our good times. Chris, I am already over my past. I am ready to meet a new man, new life and new love. I detached myself emotionally with my previous relationship before I called it off that falling in love is easy, staying in love requires work. I am finding ways of trying to make my life complete. One is to get myself a serious loving man, fiancee and husband. The past is history. I am ready to move on. I'll patiently wait your response Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox With Love and Tenderness
Letter 8
Thank you for the very thoughtful e-mail that you sent. First of all, I can assure you that my intentions are to consider only a long term lasting relationship ---- in other words, marriage. I have weighed the pros and cons of remaining single for the rest of my life. But, if the right choices are made about my future husband, then I strongly believe that having a life long lasting relationship with a man that I can truly say that I love with all my heart is a much better choice than going it alone for the rest of my life. The key, of course, is to make the right choice when choosing a man that will be with me until I die! I have given this much consideration. The answer is, naturally, a very complex one. And, in the end, there is no guarantee that the choice of man that I make will be the correct one! All one can do is honestly face the man that I would like to consider as being my future husband and objectively assess a wide range of factors relating to Him. Making this final choice is also influenced by ones own personality traits, likes and dislikes, social behavior, economics, health, and general temperament, among many other considerations. I think that if two people really love one another, then having the ability to communicate with each other through happy or difficult times is fundamental to the ultimate success of any relationship between a man and a woman. I have an old saying that goes something like this: " The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it is occurring!!" Many couples open their mouths and say things tin each others presence but unless they listent carefully to what the other person is saying and one is sensitive to the context of the situation being discussed, and most importantly, each party shows the other respect during the conversation, then if any of these factors fail, usually the marriage will fail too. What is Marriage? It is the mixture of communication, patience, love, sharing, praying and smiles to create happiness and prosperity

In marriage we marry a mystery, an other, a counterpart. In a sense the person we marry is a stranger about whom we have a magnificent hunch. The person we choose to marry is someone we love, but his depths, her intimate intricacies - we will come to know only in the long unraveling of time. We know enough about our beloved to know that we love him, to imagine that, as time goes on, we will come to enjoy her even more, become even more of ourselves in her presence. To our knowledge we add our willingness to embark on the journey of getting to know him, of coming to see her, even so wonderfully more. Swept up by attraction, attention, fantasy, hope, and a certain happy measure of recognition, we agree to come together for the mysterious future, to see where the journey will take us. This companionship on life’s journey is the hallmark of marriage, its natural province, its sweetest and most primal gift.

In promising always, we promise each other time. We promise to exercise our love, to stretch it large enough to embrace the unforeseen realities of the future. We promise to learn to love beyond the level of our instincts and inclinations, to love in foul weather as well as good, In hard times as well as when we are exhilarated by the pleasures of romance. We change because of these promises. We shape ourselves according to them; we live in their midst and live differently because of them. We feel protected because of them. We try some things and resist trying others because, having promised, we feel secure. Marriage, the bond, makes us free to see, to be, to love. Our souls are protected; our hearts have come home

I think that for a marriage to be successful, the man and woman must show respect for each other through good and bad times. For example, if we were married and you did something that annoyed me, I would put my arms around you and set you on my knee while sitting on a nice soft couch then tell you that I loved you and give you a nice romantic kiss. Then I would explain what it was that bothered me in very polite terms so I didn't offend you. We would discuss how you saw this situation and then we would discuss how I saw this situation then we would work on a compromise or at least an understanding of how to deal with similar situations in the future. We would end our conversation with a long lingering kiss and , who knows, we might retire to the rug in front of the fireplace and make love foro the rest of the afternoon. That's one way to deal with problems. You probably have other ways to deal with a problem. The key is to talk a problem through in a polite even romantic atmosphere. My father and mother always said that you should never go to sleep with an unresolved issue between a husband and a wife. Things should get resolved before you go to bed. Never let a problem linger. A successful marriage is founded on true love but it is also dependent on good communication between the marriage partners and respect for each other at all times.I looked at your photos again and I still find you to be one of the most handsome men that I have ever seen on this planet. Everything about you captivates me. I know without a doubt that I could fall deeply in love with you --- you would be my dream come true, it's as simple as that . To have you in my arms would be as close to heaven as we can get on earth.

Please remember that I think you are the closest thing to heaven that I can ever remember seeing on this planet! Your Handsome just jumped out of the computer at me --- it was truly love at first sight! The confusing thing to me is how on earth you would chose a person such as myself when you have so many beautiful and much younger women to pick from. Perhaps someday you can explain that to me.Now don't misunderstand me --- I am the happiest woman on earth because you have shown some interest in me.. Believe me, I am hoping that there will be a day when I can take you out to a fancy restaurant for a nice romantic dinner -- and that will be the proudest moment of my life!!! I really want to get to know what you like and what you don't like; what style of cloths you like; what are your sizes; I want to spoil you with things that you like in the near future if things workout to be good for you and i.

You have made me feel alive again because you have such that energy coming off of you that just lights the world up around you --- it truly lights me up a lot. You make me feel like living again. xoxoxoxoxo ( here are a bunch of Kisses and Hugs for YOU ) With Lots of Love, Jane
Letter 9
whats the next step for us?
Letter 10
Hi honey just a short note for you, the poem are so lovely, i want to be there with you? what do you think let me know?
Letter 11
do you have hangout ?
Letter 12
Okay honey you are the best
Letter 13
the message i always sent you, i always type it and send it to you honey, okay, yes would send you some new pictures now, i dont have any secret.
Letter 14
of course you can ask me anything honey, do you have google hangout messenger,
Letter 15
i just added you to my google hangout, i cant wait to meet you because meeting is the next step for us now.
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