Scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Ale (Mexico)

Letter 1
Looking at you, looking at your letters and our plans for the future - I completely intertwine with you. It is not alien. It not the others. It for me so related and. And I understood here that - water will always find a hole! spring. fighting from under the earth. In the beginning we have a fontanel. And here any more not a streamlet, but river. But the river will be in Mexico. The love as the river will be in Mexico. And after there will be a lake in which will settle on a bottom any dirt, stones, heavy particles. And after falls. Tons of the river collapse down and any more not to stop it.
Ale, I learned today as the falls are arranged and I was surprised. It is comparable with our relations, with love. There are falls, water in falls consists of clear water because before falls the lake on which bottom settles heavy particles is always formed.
All bad will settle on a bottom and we will publish tons of love, kind words and creating kind thoughts at each other.
You understand?
Here is how I see ours with you the relations. Here is how I see you. Here is how I see us with you. The noisy river flowing into the lake and creating falls of the honest relations. Honest and sincere feelings! Sincere love.
You will hear from me tons of words of gratitude. Tons of sincere kisses. Tons of complaisance and attention. Because the streamlet will always find the course. Water will always find a hole. And the love always to turn into the river, into a strong stream!
You understand?
You want?
I want. here such is sincere the letter to you. The honest letter for you my beloved laying the course. Lay the course and I will treat to you! Lay a way that your river would flow to you!!! Tell me when I am able to buy round to you and I will go to you?! To you Ale.
I send you this letter. So easily and powerfully there were me these thoughts. I think you will estimate. i'm looking forward to hearing from you. (in an hour I will continue to work, and now I will eat....) yours Olesia.
Letter 2
I love the imagination. The representation. Fiction. Thought up.
I love you such what I love and you are not guilty of it.
therefore you have all guarantees of my fidelity to you. but you hesitate with our meeting :(
Letter 3
Today I ate with the father, I looked at his friends, his environment. I looked as he communicates with other people. I long observe what words the father speaks and what he never tells.
My father always taught me and spoke to me "Olesia, we do not say such words as it "is impossible", it "will not turn out", these words not about us. And perhaps these thoughts helped me with life many times.
The poor person speaks: "I cannot afford it", and the rich person speaks: "how to me to afford it?!", he speaks: "what to me to make what to afford it"? Words and thoughts of the person brings him there about what he speaks and of what about thinks. Here this is not about material wealth, and it is about brains. The beggar in brains will be a beggar, and rich will soon grow rich.
In life it will be full of difficulties and if at the person poor thinking that its life is accident.
If the person always looks for an exit, the decision, he will find a way out and the solution!!! the destiny gives everything to those who tells the correct words and thinks correctly.
Therefore life and the State in the power of language! I never thought to look for the rich man, I even on the contrary wanted the simple guy, but with rich brains! rich man in thinking. To WHICH VERY STRONGLY ITSELF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS! And such person received money and wealth from my father, will receive my love till 100 years. Not in money an essence though life demands a payment. In love the happiness, but is not simple in money. And he will not be surprised with all this because it is in such successful condition of spirit for a long time, it has it in the thinking for a long time. He thinks and lives in it. I always trusted what exactly this man attracts me to himself for 1000 km. It will find a way, and he will receive the trophy. you who? you in what category? you in my family on the way to success or you remain there in the antecedents?
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