Scam letter(s) from Emilly Harold to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
hello and good morning Dearest ,
I am very grateful to hear from you and also very excited to read and know very much about you. i am doing fine and in very good health, i hope you are also doing fine and in good health also. my weekend was blessed and everything did went on well. My day at work was also good and the weather was favorable. Sure i did miss you and also been thinking of you.....I am glad to find you in my life now and i pray that we do achieve our dreams in each other.
life is not going to be the same for you now we are in contact as many woman are now cheating on men because of creative materials but i am not going to promise you heavens but i can assure you that we are going to enjoy each other and much more when we finally make it in person which i am hoping to see it happening sometime soonest. Well I consider my appearance to be very good looking. I am 5'ft7 120lbs average build. I have brown hair,brown eyes.

I am patient,generous, tender ,understanding,kind, and loving. I am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun.
I enjoy music, movies,sport and art. I love to travel,calming and to go sightseeing. I love museums, romantic dinners, seaside resorts and sunsets....... I am a fun loving person who loves to laugh and make others laugh. I always try to enjoy the simple things in life,and not take anything for granted. I also enjoy spending time with the friends on weekends. lol. I love to go out and have fun,but I can also stay in and just relax.. I am from Western Perth Australia. my beginning wasn't bad until my dad paid someone to kill my mom when my mom started making inquire about the kind of work my dad does.
my mom wasn't convince with the kind of money my dad was making since the actual work he was doing doesn't prove what he earns. After investigation my dad was arrest of dealing in drugs and also behind the killing of my mom due to that incidence i joined the NGO. at college i find myself a guy whom we loved each other, we were together for almost year when i told him why i joined the NGO, the guy wasn't happy after hearing my story so he left me. I passed through hard time then, broken heart and loneliness so i opted not to go into any relationship again till i die but considering my age and i advice from a very good friend of mine who has already met her soul mate through aff now living with her husband in the states introduced it to me to keep a try in i just put that behind me began new search on the Internet. honestly i was in contact with some guys then but they were only interested in cyber sex and games so i almost lost interest again until you came through...

I am looking for a caring, honest, trustworthy man that'll love, respect and be faithful to me with all sincerity,so have you got all that?That really matters to me a lot coz I've been through a lot and have had both bad and good sides of relationship,so i know and i wanna be sure,coz i don't wanna get hurt anymore
am a loving woman who really care's for the one i love and very submissive and respectful to the man i tend to live my life for,am a shy time but really emotional when it comes to affection on someone... Can you tell me your past do you have any kids what kind of a job do you do for a living.... Any luck since you drop your profile on line. for how long have you been single for and also which part of us do you live in and how's the living out there is like? i'll take my leave for now and will be waiting to read from you soon. do take care and have a great day.
yours Claudia xx
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