Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Ochkaluchik to Willem (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Willem! I have returned!)) I am very glad that again I can readyour letter also answer you. Thank you that has written me.
Yourletters are an indicator of the spirit on our communication! It is very pleasant to me thatour communication continues. You write me, you lightens mood, I answer you with pleasure. It is so great! I feel new emotions,new feelings from everything that happens … Dear, I understand that you were in prison, to enter into contracts, and you'll be absent until Friday, so there is a possibility that you won't text me until Friday. Nothing to worry about. I will tolerate.
As for your question, I've never been in prison. I'm afraid of these places. You already know that I went to parents.I had a rest on the fresh air. We have cheerfully spent timetogether, did housework. We have made a big house cleaning.To work together is more cheerfully and yesterday we have done everything we’d wanted. We made a dinner in the evening and talked about everything! My parents love me and always support me! I love them too I tell them not to worry for me. Darling I couldn’tkeptfrom telling about my communication with you!) I hope, you are not against. My mother has been very surprised at first, my father was surprised too! But I have told everything how we got acquainted, I have told about you that you always give me pleasure, you lightens mood and, despite distance,we communicate well and you are interesting to me as a man! Because it’s interesting, cheerfullywith you, you are serious and you have same intentions as me to meet me a person with whom it is possible to establish a family. To live in pleasure, andhappiness!!!) When I have told everything, they have calmed down.
The main for them thing is my happiness. They told so. I told them not to worry you are very good man! And everything is ok now.Darling, I am an independent girl and I decide to communicate with whom I want, but the approval of my parents is very important for me and I have told everything. Theyhave said hello to you!!!)) Also have still told that you only pleased mealso I made me happy. I join their wishes!)) Also I will do everything to make you happy!Dear Willem, I want to tell you that our acquaintance has changed minelife,I like you and feel good with you! You is far, but all the sameyou give me much emotions. And I am ready for our further communication andacquaintance. I want that you knew, I very seriously treat to our communication, it is not a gamefor me. I hope, you also treat everything,what happens to us!? I hope that everything will proceedso and we will become closer to each other in every letter. Willem, are youI agree with me? We are two lonely persons who want to constructserious relations. And we have to treat with understanding to each other.Relations between a man and a womanis arather difficultthing. Sometimesthere are many questions, answers to which are not simple to get. Willemand I would like to ask for you the some private matters now,which are very important for me.
Have you already had relations with girls on the Internet??? And the most important, do you write someone alse fromgirls still, except me??? I think that you have to be defined in your choice of sympathy because I want to be the only and the first. And forme your main thing of the attitude towards me! Personally I have no communications except you, I write only you. Because you are interesting to me as my futurepotential man! Also I have noticed, what there is sincerity and desire to be togetherbetween. And we have to develop itin real place!
I hope you will answer my questions becauseit is rather important for me. I will look forward to youranswer!!! Darling unfortunately, I have to go to work. I'll wait for your answer, when you can write to me. !
Yours faithfully, Sveta

Letter 2

The director has just left. I can continue to write you! Darling, I want you to know. I very seriously treat to our communication,if it is possibleto call, to our relations! For me it is not a game. Please, understandit. I hope, you too! For me our communication is not a simply correspondence, I see a very good manin you, you are careful, kind,courageous, interesting, cheerful!!! It qualities which I wantto see in a man! Willem, please, treat me also withfull gravity and care!
It isn't necessary to me much, I just want only to be loved, and I will reciprocate!!! I want to fill up and wake up withsuch man, as You! I want to give care and caress, to respect a man,to be happy and to make my man happy! It’s the most important thing in life. Are you agree with me? Let's do so for each other and then perhaps we will find happiness!!!) It would be so fine,if now we could talk about all this sitting in cafe…. I have a strong wish to communicate with you in reality, to seeyour eyes, your smile to feel your energy!!!) In minedreams it has come true! People say thoughts are material, I will think about it constantlyand then it happen!))) Dear Willem, may be my letter is very frank, but my words and feelings real, I am absolutehonestly I write you and I don't want to hide anything. I think it’scorrectly,it’s so hard for us that we are far, and we have to write allthe truth, and everything that we feel. Please, write everything what you feel and think? Please, be open with me!!! Today after work, I plan to visit my fitness center. It is necessaryto support a figure and body! Then about fitness of club I will go on foothome, by the way home I will go in a supermarket, it is necessary to buy a few products!I am very glad that I have met such good man as you! You are the best! Tomorrow with a great interest I will wait for your answer! I miss you very much. On it I will finish my letter! I wish you good day,excellent mood! Don't miss! Well?! I kiss, Sveta

Letter 3

Thank you for your honest answer . I understand your situation, that's why I want to come to your country and make sure that your country is habitable. If we can't live in your country, where will we live??? In Russia or where?? Write me about it, I'm curious to hear your opinion.
Write me also about when you plan to come to Russia or meet on neutral territory. Meeting on neutral territory would cost too much. The arrival in Russia will do nothing, because I'm not going to build a relationship with you in reality, if I'm not sure of his future. It is possible that sn will come, work out sex with me and leave forever. It does not suit me. So either I come to you or we have no other choice.
Sorry Sveta



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