Letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to John (USA)

Letter 1

Dear John ...
I consider you a friend and I'm a free minded person ..sharing my financial problem with you makes my mind easy ....its like having someone to confide into ....I'm not asking you for money ...If you feel like offering me some money its from your kind heart , I'm not promising anything in return ....we are friends now and I really wish we could keep our friendship long ....I don't need you to jump on the plane now bcos you wanna help me ....that's totally out of it ....if you feel like helping me there are different means of doing that like moneygram or western union transfer its all in minutes ......I want you to know I like your person , and I really wish I could meet you someday if you wish ...but not rushing into any relationship.... Do have a sound night ...sweet dreams...

Its Darlene

Letter 2

Hello John ,
Its nice reading from you.....I really enjoy our first chat ....its nice knowing you and i must tell you I have learned from you today ....The lesson is I must make sure I achieve all my goals like you did achieve ....experience they say is the best teacher .....Even at your age if you were near I wouldn't mind having a relationship with you ....You look good in the pic you sent me ....maybe someday we could meet ....Take care of yourself and have a great day ........bye for now .

I care

Letter 3

Hello John ,
Good morning ...how are you doing today and hope your night was good. it nice knowing and having a friend across shore ...its really interesting been like this ....regarding you question ....im single never married .... have been in a relationship in the past ,,but due to my business busy schedule i use to travel ...but i was shocked to find out my fiance is going out with my best friend behind me ...so we call it quit ....
I felt very heart broken ....so i decided to be alone ...i have been single since the time ..its 2yrs plus now ....Now im willing to start a new relationship with someone who care and is faithful ....let me stop here for now ....
take care of yoursel

i care

Letter 4

My Dear John ,
How are you doing today , i'm sorry it took me long before i replied you it was due to a busy day and im having money problems .... your mail is really touching , i really appreciate those kind advise you are giving me ....i wish you are young and near me i would have considered been your lover ,...and to me age is just a number , its doesn't matter as long as i find joy and happiness with you ....Those young men of now are like the present world technology that changes with time and cant be rely upon ......with time they fade away ....i know the kid of heart break i have suffered ....so now i have to take my time before i give my love to any man again ....i wish we can meet someday ,i would have giving you my love bcos you sound right and perfect for me .....well let me stop here for now ....i seriously have some financial problems now and i wish i could get help from any where ...anyways ...take care of yourself and have a great weekend ahead ....

yours Darlene.

Letter 5

Hi John,
Got your response ....it was absolutely splendid.....can you help me with 1000$ .....i really need it badly ...i promise this could bring us together as soon ....get back as soon.