Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Sedaknik to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
I got tired at work today. Early in the morning I was called by the director, and asked to prepare the financial statement in 3 last weeks.
Just I finished all necessary calculations. Later, I will go to the director and to hand over the report.
Your letter brought me a smile. kevin, I want to look in your face now and to guess your mood. you know that the look can tell more, than one million words? My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter. thanks for happiness which you bring me.
You told somebody about ours with you communication? I said to nobody that now I have a friend in other country.
I promise that I will speak to nobody about ours with you communication. Some people are very envious, and I very much do not like it.
Our communication, is ours with you pleasure. Last night I together with the girlfriend went to the cinema. We watched film of "The Legend of Tarzan".
I liked the movie "The Legend of Tarzan". The beautiful movie, is pleasant to me the nature, I watched the movie in 3D. I recommend to watch to you this movie.
Please, tell me what rest you prefer? you like the noisy companies in discos or you prefer quiet rest? As for me, earlier I very much loved the noisy companies.
I liked to have fun, and was soul of the company. now there were some changes in my life, probably it is caused by the fact that I became adult.
It is much more pleasant to me to have rest in the small company of my friends in cozy cafe now. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
kevin, you are a romantic? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to watch stars, I like to have supper by candlelight.
Also I like to dance dance to slow music... However, already long ago I had no all this...
Now I will go to the director to hand over the report which prepared today. my kisses for you... Svetlana
Letter 2
Thoughts of you bring me in a good mood. When I can not see your letter, I think about you and me, and I get a good mood. I have just read your letter ...
kevin, our friendship with you is very pleasant to me. Before. I've had a sense of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of sympathy for you.
I'm waiting for your letters, like a child who is waiting for a Christmas present. Your letters have become the most important part of my life.
A very long time I have not experienced the feeling that there is in my heart right now. I have feelings for you ... I'm afraid to tell you about it, but my feelings for you, larger than sympathy. I'm really looking forward to your letters. I go to bed and think about you and me.
Previously, I had no idea that feelings can arise when communicating in the e-mail. Now we see this. kevin, how do you feel?
I'm sincere with you, and I tell you only that I feel. From the very beginning of our conversation, we agreed on the sincerity and I trust you now.
I have a feeling that we're known for a lifetime. I have no secrets from you. I always try to answer your questions. Please repeat your question for me when I forget to answer your questions. Good? Dear kevin, today I want to ask some questions of you. if you refuse to answer me, I will understand you.
You write letters to other girls? You're the only man to whom I write my letters. I'm not interested in socializing with other men.
Tell me please how you view your future? What do you want in the future and if you want me to be a part of your future?
Would you like to your future wife was the rest of your life? I want to marry only once and be happy.
You can travel to Russia? I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world. In the letters difficult to talk about feelings.
I want to look in your eyes, and listen to you. The look can convey much more than words. Do you agree with me? Our meeting will help us to know each other.
Yes, I'm seriously thinking about our meeting. Please do not forget to answer my questions. I really appreciate our communication with you.
kevin, I'm afraid at some day to check email, and do not see your letter. Please do not leave me without your letters. ...
Today, I'll leave work early. My mom promised that the day will come to the city to visit the shops. Perhaps the evening my mother comes to visit me.
I look forward to your new message. Kissing ... Svetlana
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