Letter(s) from Natalia Alekseevna to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1

I have a smile from that that I see your letter it pleasantly for me it means that we are similar in our searches. Rainer as I already spoke my name Nataliya. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Kotlas. I always considered myself cheerful and cheerful in the center of attention because I work with children. For me it is pleasant to communicate with people at me many friends and colleagues. But so it has turned out that this active life I have not found the love in all. On it I here. Rainer, I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? You are lonely?
Rainer at first sight people not always such with what seem, many know me cheerful and active all this from that that I often smile, respond on their requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But only when I come into an apartment it is empty and cold, lays down in a cold pastel and to fall asleep only with one idea that have come tomorrow and I had new day. Before me it did not worry but in due course I became more adult and have started to reflect more increasing every day about it. I wish to find the person which will understand me in everything, and I shall have understanding to it. Rainer, washing the soul is tired from melancholy, I hope to that that dialogue through Internet that that will change. I send you my picture of hope that you enjoy. I hope our communication with you. Because you really liked me and I would like to know more about you. Rainer, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Nataliya.

Letter 2

Thanks for your letter! How was your day? I had a difficult day, and very tired, but in spite of that I wrote for you. I want to warn you that I am not able to write with every day because I write from the library, it is not far from my house, and during the holidays but it's not working. Just sometimes I'm going to my parents, but I'll be sure to warn you in advance, right? My name is Nataliya Alekseevna. I am glad that you could look at my city. I think that we should get to know each other better and understand what might be between us. I do not smoke, do not drink and negative attitude to drugs. You have a good job to help the poor. I would like to tell about your life. I was born and raised in a small town Krasnoborsk I love it for its scenic spots. And to me it seems a homeland for every person is the most favorite place. Just where I went to school. engaged in active cultural and media activities, it was very nice for me to have such activity as I was in art school. After high school, I faced the first really important and a variety of adult learning where I go. Parents certainly helped me in all but the final decision was for me. Since I was so active I chose Institute Kotlas teachers College. In our city there is such an institution, and I had to leave his hometown and go to the city of Kotlas. Rainer I am sure it is since the beginning of my adult life, with its mistakes and decisions of sadness and joy. I remember my mother's experience of her tears. We do not like these changes, but we knew that it would be better for us, so that you need. So in 2005 I started to strive for his dream, his student years were different and heavy and the poor and hungry, but most of it I remember the fun and joy of life in the dorms, I lived in a room with four girls and we had no When boring, it pleased me that my fate gave such dating I appreciate them. After graduation we came and had a cooking Rainer I think that's where I learned to cook their own. I watched as the others do, and repeated them, the first time was hard. But after cooking a particular dish valued more, because I came to cooking with interest and tried to add to each dish what that flavor that makes it better. At night we fell asleep on the debt talks had dreams about our future life. We have tried to learn, but it was not so easy and the teachers knew it. they came to meet us and organized various concerts in which I participated. Every year you have more gain experience in our profession appeared acquaintance, gradually became easier to learn and to live in an unfamiliar city. And so in 2010 I graduated from college. It was a feeling of great joy that I could go and become completely independent person. After graduation, I went home and spent the whole summer, I had the need to think about what I will do next. Summer passed quickly and I decided to go back to Kotlas. I took a small apartment for himself. Direction from the Institute, I got a job and fell in love with her at first sight! It was a great pleasure for me. Now I am turning back I look at the beginning of his adult life with a smile. Although it was hard but I stood firm on his feet and tried to his goal. Without the support I think I could do with it. I am grateful to my parents for what they have supported me throughout all this time and helped the faithful advice. I send you my photo and hope that you will appreciate the fact that I want to tell you as much about yourself. The first photo was taken in the village with my parents. The second in my home. Rainer You can talk about their student years, you receive an education? How did you grow up and make their own decisions? I will be very interested to know. Rainer I hope for you so it is interesting to read my letter and see my picture !!!! Rainer I would also like you to send me photo so that I could treat you if it was a photo of the student time it would be great. I'll wait for your letter, and I hope your photo !!! Your friend Nataliya.

Letter 3

I am glad to see your letter Rainer I enjoy it. How there was your weather? We all the day long had a sun and it was greater pleasure for me. And you love solar weather? My today has passed well. All put I has lead on work. I very much love and I appreciate the work it so pleasantly for me. I work as the teacher within 5 years. I teach a choreography and as I give lessons of game on a piano. Rainer you are able to play on what or the tool? You would like to learn to play on a piano? I with could learn you to it, for me it would seem is very interesting. I have three groups of children in each group on no more than fifteen person. I so like to learn to their dances to discipline and music. To observe of them it so it is interesting, they I happen such changeable. And to see that when at them that that it turns out and to have pleasure together with them! It is very pleasant for me, I sometimes feel from a part I replace with it parents with some time. Once in a half-year at us pass accounting concerts on which we we show that with could reach for last a floor of year. And often there are concerts in honour of various holidays. Parents of children with the second I am engaged express for me gratitude. v and it I think transferred sensations of pleasure which I test during such moments. You feel that you do that that useful and necessary to a society. My day always is filled by vanity but when I come to myself home to me becomes so melancholy. You understand me in it? And I rescue myself only unique idea that there has more likely come tomorrow and I have again started to be engaged in the favourite business.
But I try to not despond in this occasion and I do for people only good. I trust in that that sometime I shall meet that the man and between us the love will flash!!! I think that this feeling means in a life of each person and if it is not present that a life much is felt as that not completely not on the present. Also I think of that that each person should love!!! Rainer, and you as think in this occasion? For you it is important? Rainer earlier I thought of that that in a life all will come by itself and I shall be happy. But for that be in a full measure happy it is necessary to open the heart, to open it for love to have the big pleasure by a life. But not so that simply to make it not each person to be solved on it. And been solved can burn about roughness and indifference, on it I do not wish to study on the mistakes and I study on another's and I wish to open only for the unique person. Which has understanding to me which I understand and I wish to be with it. Rainer and you sometime tested love? Or you as wait unique? And in general that you think of it? In my life many forces and are necessary for energy for that that I could charge to it the pupils. On it I live by a principle " all that all is not done to the best ". It gives for me forces. Whether tell to me about the work more you Love it have pleasure when come to it. Or you do it from that to live? I was born in 1986. My height is 5.6 inches. Thank you for telling me about your work! I am sending you a photo of me and I hope that you will appreciate. This photo was taken when I went to work. My girlfriend love to take photos and doing it almost professionally. I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to learn better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as ask to me all questions which you interest. Rainer, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? Rainer, I learned at school English language and in institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn what you did not take offence if suddenly I shall not answer your question. Probably I simply have not understood, that it you meant. Rainer, on such cases I wish you to ask what you have simply written this question anew!!! Ok? On it I shall finish the letter! Good-bye!!! Yours Nataliya.

Letter 4

I'm glad to see your letter !!! I am very pleased that you write me such a letter. I want to know you better and more closer. You are interesting to me, you have something to talk about. So today I have removed all of the profiles from the site. And I will only communicate with you. I would like that you just wrote to me only! What do you think about this? I do not understand why this is happening. I think that you should not reply to the e-mail address, and write to me on this. Because the address is not mine and I do not know what it is. I hope that you just will block the address.
This morning, I was preparing to eat and cut her finger, after I bandaged it, I remembered the case from my childhood when I ran up the stairs and fell. I am very much afraid of this and cry. My mother heard and took me to the apartment. On my leg was a scratch, but to me it seemed very frightening and something that I'm not able to walk with more. But my mom reassured me and bandaged my scratch. Generally, in my childhood, I often received abrasions or bruises because I was very curious child. Often when I climbed trees, I could go down only with the help of my father. My parents did a lot for me and I appreciate their concern for their love for me! They gave me a good education gave all my love and affection. My mom and dad now retired and living in a small village Demianova It was my father's dream to live in a small village in a house built with his own hands.
And for 10 years until retirement dad began to build the house, it was a big project of his life, and in the end everything turned out as he wanted.
He finished building it two years ago. I love this house just because it has been invested, and my strength, but above all for what he's done with love. For me, my dad is kind of a real man. If he put a goal he achieves it, always take firm decisions in disputes. He dedicated his entire life for me and my mother. Now parents live in this village, there is very nice and near a pond on who goes to fish my father. I just go with it but for me the most pleasant swim, he has a rubber boat and swim in it when you feel like a ship. It's a pleasure for me. Rainer Do you have a boat? you love to ride on it? I thought you might be interested to know their names, the name of my father, Aleksey, and the name of my mother Svetlana. This lovely people who did so much for me that I will be grateful to them all their lives. I sometimes they do not have enough, and it becomes so sad at heart, from the fact that we're not together. But I often go to visit them that !!! Rainer Tell me about his family about his parents, with whom you live? I am very interested to know about you. I am sending you a photo of me with my mother. I hope that you enjoy and it was interesting to learn about my parents.
I'll wait for your letter !!!! So I would very much like to know whether I'll become a little closer !!!! Nataliya ps Rainer, I will be very happy if you can send me a picture where you and your family!

Letter 5

Hello Rainer!! Thank you for sharing with me this story. It was awful for you to have this treatment with you. I do not understand this. I'm sorry I asked. I am sure that with your mother all right and your sister too. You searched for them? Thank you for your photo, so very beautiful. I'm glad that you like to communicate with me and let's just get to know each other and see what might be between us. My full name is Nataliya Alekseevna.
Today when I went for work I have met one of my girlfriends its name Ludmila. With it we studied together. I was so is glad to our meeting. Because recently we cannot see so often as could do it earlier, at me the family, two children is a lot of work at it. As I hurried up for work we and could not talk on good and have agreed to find time for dialogue after work. Rainer within day and very much waited for this meeting. We have met in cafe in which often happened in student's years. It Ludmila was time of greater memoirs. It as has told for me about that that will be fast a meeting of graduates, it has not much surprised me because for all time that has passed we still never met. After I have asked it that at it has occured new, it has told for me about it, I was so is glad to that that it is happy. , has asked me as my private life. Rainer I have answered it that I correspond with you it have been very surprised doubly why I up to their time on married and why I have dialogue through the Internet. I have told that I wish to have pleasantly dialogue with the man that it was pleasant and understood me completely that it was more interesting, that the man was with good manners. That very much does not suffice in Russian men. Ludmila in second time married, for the first time it had a husband which it concerned to it as to a thing and without respect and feelings much and often walked explaining it is all work. But Ludmila understood all this but that could not on do and often came to me and cried from it, their life has together ended when it has afforded much and the beginnings it to beat it there was a bad person and at me with it only not pleasant impressions. But now it is happy to all that occurs in its home life, it has met the man which has greater care of it and understanding they love each other. And this main thing, at them children were born. And I enjoy that when I see them together they so is happy. We talked with Ludmila much. It to me would tell that I was cautious with you, that I would not repeat its mistakes. In the end of conversation we have promised each other that, will see and come is more often to each other on a visit. She is very good girl we with it have much passed together, in all troubles and pleasures it always was with me. As well as Elena. With it we are familiar since the childhood, we went to one school and lived in the next houses. When have left school, have together gone to study, only it studied on Software developer. We with it not when are not separated. Now we almost every day see, we come to each other. It married. I think that that, Elena, is very happy in marriage. I am very glad for it! Husband Elena call Anton, it often leaves to work on the north because in our city not so it is a lot of work. And they wish to give birth now to the child, it is very complex to contain children In our country. It tries earns for family, for that what they had all well. Elena, understands it and with impatience each time waits for its returning. When Anton leaves, we with Elena often gather at my place what to sit to talk about a life.
When there is time, we go to walk somewhere. It to me as the sister. I think if you knew it, you as have told that that it the good person!!! At me only two girlfriends, but they true and I can always rely on them!!! And at you it is a lot of friends? You could not tell to me about them? I am sending you a photo of me and my girlfriend. I hope that you enjoy. My friend is a girl that is always with me. Whatever happens good or bad, it is always there and ready to support me. I hope, that you do not take offence on Ludmila for that that it about fear has concerned to you!!! Also has asked me to be cautious. I think it it is possible to understand, to it much should be gone through. And it would not want that I repeated its mistakes. I hope that that you will not be offended on it for it!!! On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Yours Nataliya.

Letter 6

Your letters please me. And I am not important with what mood has come and as have passed my day after I esteem your messages to me it becomes easier and more pleasant. It on lifts my mood when I go home I so much recollect still long that you have written for me and it pleases me. How there was your day? Than you were engaged? For me it is interesting to listen to you about your friends. I am glad to that that they at you are. Rainer today I went to a hairdressing salon, usually I had hair cut at one woman but today it was not also me cut, another. After it has straightened me. I was confused to that not much as it has straightened me. But after I have come home and I have looked in a mirror has thought that I began to look more cheerfully. Rainer but I think of that that this business not in a hairdress, and in that that I have dialogue with you! And you give great value to the appearance? You have hair cut in a constant place? You in general in a life are constant? Rainer you know when I was small and went to school me my mum cut. And as it has made for me in everything that I looked well. And on it at school me have nicknamed the woman of fashion. And at you any nickname was Rainer at school? Children always think out something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me floret. Rainer and how you are named by your close people? I am sending you a photo of yourself and hope that you enjoy. They're made in my city. A fountain in the park, and the other walking around the city. In the photo my friend Elena. I've heard that there are bad people, and I can say that they are all over the world. For me, when no tangible assets had no importance. I'm sorry to learn that you have had such an operation, but I believe that children is a big responsibility and you have to be ready for it, so I believe that it is not important to love to have kids. I love children, but if my beloved had such problems, I would have supported him. You asked about the time when the sun goes down, but when I did not notice it, so I can not answer you. I have not told her parents about us. I with impatience shall wait for your letter! Yours Nataliya.

Letter 7

Rainer I cannot find ideas in my head to write for you and I can not distract from that that there was today to me it was awful. Rainer already by the end of the working day to me in a cabinet has come, other teacher it is engaged in statements of man's more modern dances in which force is necessary.
Usually when it came to me our dialogue was not long and we talked to it only about work on that as it will be better to us to put this or that dance.
But today when it has come I has not understood that it spoke me, I at all did not listen to it, after it has started to stick to me, I have told that it unpleasantly for me, and to me that it was not necessary to do as to give it a slap in the face and I have escaped more quickly home. I cried, and now on my eyes of tear. I wished where to go, but have thought, that you will experience. I have come what to write to you. Rainer, I feel such defenceless. Why with me beside there would be no man which could protect me!. Rainer why men think that that if the girl is lonely, means to it it is possible to stick? I had attitudes, but not long because I wish to feel the present love. And I not when did not test such feelings. I all life wait for the unique which man I shall love also which will love me!!! I cannot the word “ I is simple so to say love you ”. Only when I can tell it, I shall be happy. I hope, that when or I shall meet such person. Rainer, I am assured that that it not when will not cause me a pain, and will protect me. I at all do not understand men who can cause the girl a pain. That seems to me that for the man it should be low. I am assured of that that you not when could not hurt the girl. Because, when I look at your photos, in your eyes I see that that you have a soul. You the kind person. Rainer, you very much like me, you not such as all. Forgive me but I cannot write to you more now. I need to calm down and consider all. Rainer, I hope that that you understand me!!!! Yours Nataliya

Letter 8

Rainer, Thanks for your letter. I am glad that that you have written to me!!! You can not imagine how I am pleased and it is important that you understand me and support that I have happened, because it is better for me to make my day !! I am glad that I have you, and I was able to trust you with this. I now know that you can rely on and you will always support you. You are the real man. Thank you for what you are.
Today I have come into school, have written the letter of resignation and have taken away the documents. I long thought, how I shall not tell to my pupils about that that I more at them to teach. Then I was solved have come on employment and have told it that I shall not teach more at them. Children very much were upset. v to me so painfully that to me I was necessary to hurt those of whom love. But I very much hope for that that when they will grow they will understand me. When I have left a class on my eyes there were tears. Rainer I adore these children, they to me all as native. But I cannot work there more after last incident! I long yesterday thought of it when I recollect that as this animal tried to touch me with the paws me tears from it. I thought what to speak it to someone or not. I do not wish to get involved more in it and to recollect it it on so much unpleasantly for me. So I have decided to leave simply easy. How you consider, I have correctly made? In my head confusion. I have left work. It is not a pity to me that I can teach the groups of employment more. But I think that that, I shall visit them. I think this best that I can make!!!! Rainer, tomorrow I cannot write to you as I shall go to mum and the daddy. I need on to be with them and much above what to think. I need to solve what further to do!!! I hope that that you on me will not be pressed out! I send you my photo and hope that you enjoy. One photo with my favorite bear. I gave it to Dad. I love stuffed animals. The second was made in the village of his parents. I have already got used to you. You such person to which would be desirable to open. I am happy that that the destiny has given chance to us to learn one another. I shall miss very much your letters, but I shall remember you every minute. I shall write at once as soon as I shall return!!!! I hope you you will not take offence at me. Yours Nataliya.

Letter 9

Rainer today I have arrived from parents. I have well spent time!!! I have considered all and have decided to search for new work. I have told about it to parents, they completely support me. Rainer when has arrived to parents, they were very glad me to see. We talked much.
They at once have understood that not everything is all right. I have told it about that that happens. The daddy has flown into a rage from it. Rainer, but gradually it has calmed down. I have asked them to not lift again speech about it. Then it has left to flood a bath. And we with mum have begun to cook food. In the evening at supper I have told to the parents about you. I have told it what you interesting the man and about that as I like to communicate with you. Mum asked me about you much, I told all. Then I have gone to a bath and have laid down to sleep. In the morning I have woken up from singing birds. I have come on kitchen mum did not sleep any more and made a breakfast. I have woken up and have gone to walk on street. There very beautiful weather. I went and thought of that as it would be fine to go now with you for a hand! My head was visited at once many with fine ideas! Rainer you can present yourself it? Thinking of you I have left very far. Then I was developed and have gone back when I have come, the meal already was on a table. We had a bite I and I have decided to go home. And already when I went in the bus me such idea has visited that that I and I have not noticed that that and have not noticed as have forgotten about all bad that happens. I went and thought of words of parents, thought of that that it so well when there are those who you support.
The trip home very much has inspired me. And I have gained strength for search of new work. Rainer I have noticed that that when to me happens badly me pulls as a magnet in the parental house, and I come back from there full energy and and optimism!!! Rainer, tell to me than you were engaged? You missed about me? I very much missed!!! Rainer the daddy and mum asked to send the regards to you!!! As that they are very glad to our dialogue. And how your relatives concern to our dialogue? I'm sending you to your photo, and I want you to be able to evaluate. I hope you like it. The first photos of my beautiful dress, I really like it. Just the other a walk with a friend on a night city.
On road to library I have bought the newspaper with announcements, of that who it is required for work. Now I shall go home it is necessary to see many announcements, probably, that I shall find that that suitable!!! But it is now not so good with work As all over the world crisis. And with work at us it is very bad. Close many enterprises, and many people remain without work. On it I think that that search of work will not be a lung. I very much hope for that that at me all will turn out and soon I shall be arranged somewhere. Rainer, you trust in me? How you think at me it will turn out? Tomorrow I shall come and I hope to see your letter!!! Nataliya.

Letter 10

As your day today was Rainer? My day was fine I enjoyed it not looking on what this all from that that have left my impressions of a dream which has dreamed me. Rainer today you have dreamed me it on were pleasant so much that I cannot pick up in it words at all, as if we were together kept for a hand about as this pleasantly Rainer we enjoyed it had many smiles and fun in dialogue, we walked with you on the nature in what that not the friend for me a place, it was so pleasantly for me I enjoyed this Rainer by that confidence that you glad with me and for me it became so pleasantly and easy. I was pleased to it. Feeling your heat and the most important ease of our dialogue. I did not wish to wake up from this dream, Rainer you would like that it was a reality? I feel that in me that that varies, I start to long. Before when was not such, I long. My life varies also it fine. Today I weigh day went in many places to get a job but while that has not found. I would like to be arranged by formation what to be engaged with that that is pleasant to me. But it is now very complex as in our city this trade is not especially demanded. And you have schools of dances? Dances are widespread in your country? At us it not so is developed. On it there are not enough schools, as in the further not where to develop. So in most cases in dances in our country are engaged only as a hobby. And I always wished to be engaged in it professionally and to raise the level. Thank you for your concern and support me is that I found a job.
But I have not found yet or anything. Now all work will be useful. I would be happy to meet you one day. I asked you if you trust me, I trust you? I send you my photos and as always, I hope that for you it will be nice! Do you love the sun, or when there is rain? I hope that that you liked my dream. I shall look forward to your letters and a photo!!! I would want that you sent, more than the photos where you smile to me. Yours and only yours Nataliya.

Letter 11

Hello Rainer !!! I do not know how to describe the feelings that are in me. The world for me was how the others, as if I did not know him.
My friends tell me that I'm all candles. For me it's the first time. Rainer When I did not see this myself, and the excitement of what you can not feel the same, too strong for me. It is so strange and unexpected for me to have such feelings. I am happy of what you are in my life. Your letters give me pleasant emotions. I sometimes think that it is really a dream, and that it does not happen to me. I hope that you feel that we have moved closer to you. How was your day? I want to know everything you're doing Rainer can talk all you want. I always support you and understand. Rainer My day was filled with different thoughts. So much has happened in all that time. I lost my job. I want to regret it, and at the same time glad that now I do not have to work with a man who hurt me. Rainer Thank you once again for your support in this difficult time for me. As we say in the country 'what not to do, for the better, "I have not lost hope in the fact that everything will work out, you're helping me cope with all this. I was at home today, and no job as not myself. I wanted all the time to do something, but I did not know what it was. I was struck by a single thought. It is to forget about all the problems and to devote himself to walk. I like to walk around the city. Rainer you like to get out of the house and have a fresh air? I'm crazy I like to walk. I have decided that there is nothing I feel sad. I got ready and went for a walk in the park, hoping that thoughts about the problems leave me and will only be joy in the soul. We have a beautiful park. There's always crowded and safe. You can walk and not be afraid of no one . When you walk down the path, you meet a lot of different people. They are all so cheerful, loving, thoughtful, like I am right now. Everyone has the pleasure of this life and takes away from it all. Rainer there was one couple who never for a moment let go of each another from the embrace. They sat on the bench, as if no one, and that does not noticing. I looked at them for a long time. They talked about something, and kissed each other. He tells her that something in his ear, and she smiles with happiness. It is so beautiful !! At first glance it seems that people are cruel, but if you look closely, it is not. In every man there is good and light. I think that the light of the soul is love. When a man loves, he can do everything. When I got home, I realized that walking so long that you do not have time to write. Probably all of these thoughts, I forgot to look at the clock. Rainer I quickly hurried to the library to write to you. After all, for me it is very important to see your letter. Thank you for your support. I would be happy to see you when be. I'll be happy to look at your photos. Rainer I think about how wonderful that we have brought to you the destiny and we can talk about anything you want. About how the day went, what happened at a time when we do not write to each other. This all brings us. I am learning more about you and understand that you are important to me.
Rainer I hope that you will be pleased to my letter. I want you to know that I look forward to every day a letter from you with impatience and joy when it was opened. I think I will finish this letter. I hope that when you open my letter then you will smile and the thought that somewhere far away there is a girl who thinks of you. Your Nataliya.

Letter 12

Rainer I am glad to your letter I enjoy it, it is very pleasant for me recently I a thought only about you, each your letter as pleasure for me I like to receive them I read them with ecstasy. You might be surprised, but I was not when I did not have a sex life, because I was waiting for special man with whom I will be all my life! Thank you for your words and feelings for me! Rainer you fine the man! In you understanding and kindness. You know not all people are capable to possess such qualities. I always dreamed meet such as you!!!! Rainer you so are similar to that which man I searched for all life. But I still completely am not assured of it. But I very much would want that it was so. Rainer, in my life that that has turned over. It became interesting and was filled with sense after we have got acquainted! Tell to me our acquaintance as that has changed your life? Rainer now I try to fall asleep more quickly to dream about you and when you come to my dream I more quickly is happy. Rainer, I at all do not understand last time that occurs to me. Rainer, I test to you that that especial. I feel that that to me not when did not come to test. When I read your letters my heart fades, and in me as if all overturns. I can represent myself hours and I have all new and new dreams. You represent even when I go to bed I embrace a pillow and I represent that it you!!! Rainer as you think it love? I not when did not love, and I do not know that occurs to me. But so it would be desirable to trust me that really love and that you that person for which I are created. You when did not hear speak that each person has a second part and when the person meets it, it becomes as though the whole. Its life Completely varies though greater changes do not occur it simply becomes are happy it connects it with what that high. You trust in it?? How you think we there could be two half one another? I do not know as it have occured but I think to May that I love you!!! To me now overflow emotions I feel as if I fly. Rainer, you the first the man to which I have told that I love. Also that that inside speaks me that that you the first and last the man to which can admit to me love!!! I understand that it as that unexpectedly, but I could not be silent more about the feelings to you. Now I very much wished to learn about that that you feel? I with excitement shall wait for your letter! I Hope that that you will come today to me in a dream! Your sweet Nataliya.

Letter 13

I'm not saying that I love you! I told you about my feelings for you. I know you every day and we become closer to each other. I write to you myself, since I taught at school and in the English university. I'm sorry if you do not understand something. My address Arkhangelsk region, Kotlas, street Lenina 149. I wrote down your address, what do I do with it? I am sending you a photo and I hope you will also appreciate them. I want to tell you about the origin of the first picture because it was fun that day. My friend and I went shopping. And I saw just such a hat. She liked me and I was obliged to make a souvenir photo. The second photo just for the mood. I have recollected history that when the person is born there is a new star and when the person dies one star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky and searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, what occurs, when two persons, enamoured one in another become together? Rainer how you think? I think, that they are united. Also become more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and understand my feelings. You will probably smile to it but because I am happy that all occurs so it is more pleasure for me Rainer today for me again you have dreamed so it was pleasant I enjoyed it it there was not so clear dream for me because you have dreamed me as what that the main person to which I have come to get a job. You with a pleasant smile have accepted me and have gone to show for me that that I should do. And we had pleasant conversation it there was greater a pleasure for me And have not noticed, how became close one to another and we have kissed. AS our FIRST KISS was fine!!!!!! IT was fine!!!!!! On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your embraces, and you have kept me, and we continued to kiss. Rainer, you see dreams? You can describe them? I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want this Rainer? I send you the kisses, and I hope, what tomorrow I shall receive yours as, you will send them to me?? I have fallen into a reverie with something and nearly have not forgotten to tell to you. Today, I have gone to housing and communal services, you know that this such? At us there pay for municipal services. I needed to pay for light, and there I have met with Ludmila But it hurried up home because it needed to make a supper to the husband. I am very glad for it, I too would like to make a supper for the favourite person. You would would like that I made a supper to you? Ludmila, has told that is very glad that has met me, it has told to me that that was going to go today to me. Rainer, you Remember, I spoke you, that when we sat in cafe with Ludmila, it has told to me about a meeting of graduates. This meeting will be tomorrow. You not against if I there shall go? To me it is important that you will tell on it. I shall look forward to your letter! Your most gentle Nataliya.

Letter 14

For me the big pleasure to receive your letters I is grateful simply for that that you are, for that that acquaintance to you the destiny has presented for me! My zip code 165300, sorry I forgot it. I'll try to send you a letter and hope that it will reach, because our mail is not working very well. Today I would go on many dreams that will treble for work. I have passed many places, but or that that did not arrange me, or places have been borrowed. When my forces already were on an outcome and I have gone home I have passed through a kindergarten, there I have seen announcements that it nurses are required. I have come there and to me have told that that for that that it was possible will be arranged to them it will be necessary to pass interview this main thing and to collect all documents. I with pleasure have left all documents they have told that that in a week when they will consider all documents I with I can approach to them that they could lead with me interview. Rainer how you think a trade of the nurse in children's to a garden it well? Tell please that you suspect the account of it. I am sending you a photo and I hope it will do for you smile and cheer up. Because when you look at me, you can see these days, I had a wonderful mood. I want you to have the same. Rainer, forgive me but on it I should finish the letter as for that what to be in time on a meeting of graduates to me it would be necessary to go more quickly home and to change clothes. I do not wish to be late. I hope that that you understand me. I shall write to you tomorrow, and I shall tell about that as all has passed. Rainer, you charm!!!! Yours and only yours Nataliya.

Letter 15

Rainer, how your business my sweet? Whether all at you by way of? I very much grieve on you the sun!!! Yesterday I have very well spent time. We very much for a long time did not see all. Rainer, you know and I one have remained not married from all with whom we together studied. Almost all have children. At everyone the cares. Many send on a meeting with the husbands. Rainer, you know so interestingly to look at those whom for a long time did not see. All have very much changed. We sat in cafe, we laughed recollected at the student's years.
You know together we have recollected so much, I even from this did not remember half. Rainer, me it was very cheerful. You are glad for me?
Then all gathered home and Ludmila, with husband Victor, have decided me to spend. We went and talked Ludmila, has asked me about, whether I communicate with you. I to it have told about you about that what you good. It asked me to transfer apologies to you for that that it in the beginning has not so well concerned to you. You accept its apologies? I hope what yes. Rainer, know I all road went and thought only of you and about that what somewhat quicker to lay down to sleep and see you in a dream. Rainer, my desire was executed to me you have dreamed!
Thanks for your words. I embrace you as well, and so, it seems to me that you have correctly written word. You know Rainer I think of that that my dreams about you from that that I constantly think of you I cannot fall asleep on good from them at all as I think of you and it is pleasant for me delivers great pleasure I am pleased to this Rainer!!! Today we were together at lake on the wooden bridge I precisely it has remembered because we were shaken not much also with it there was such close memoirs for me you has approached and has embraced me us blew not in the big wind and my hair developed on it. We had dialogue together and it was pleasant for me I you enjoyed it told about that as you have lead the day and that that why that you worries your lawn. It was strange for me probably because I saw such advertising. It was the smile for me. After you have suggested to go to dance for me it the invitation was very pleasant and we have gone to dance and had such big pleasure in it. When I have turned back music such quiet and melodious it played allowed us to move with you in a step, Rainer we had to nestle to each other. It was very pleasant for me I wished to divide it with you and had pleasure in it!!!! I so would like that this dream a reality! And you want it? Rainer I have understood, now I am precisely assured of that that I love you!!! And I would like to shout so loudly that it would be heard by you my prince!!!! I love, I love you! And I am assured of that that you that which man I waited all life!!!
I very much would like to admit to you love looking you in the face!!! Me emotions at last overflow that it happens. I have found you my unique and long-awaited. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I send you to one million kisses I hope they to concern you and to return to me, on my lips! Good-bye mine and only mine Rainer!!! Yours and only your asterisk Nataliya.

Letter 16

I am glad to see your letter. Your letters for me are very important. It is important to me to know that with you. As you! Whether I love you and I very much experience by way of you. I very much would want that we were a number, that we could see every day each other and could care about each other. I do not hurry up, I'm just saying what I said in my heart. Is not that right? Why do I have to keep their feelings?
Rainer, I think much are familiar much if I shall arrive that as well as what we shall do? We shall be happy together? To Me it is a lot of for happiness it is not necessary. If you will smile and at you all will be good that it will be happiness for me. It will be so? Rainer I do not know as close your people will react. They will accept me? At you probably other customs. I do not know, you in fact in other country and as as will be and as all will occur. Rainer I do not know. How you think, all will be good? If you will tell what yes that I shall come also we shall be together. What to you speak friends? You to tell it about me? They will be glad for us if we shall be together? They will not stir to our happiness? How you think? Rainer I would need to know all this what to be assured that I shall not bring to you frustration by the arrival, and we can enjoy our love. I shall wait for your letter, and answers to my questions. Yours and only yours Nataliya.

Letter 17

Rainer, you know, today I weigh day I think of us. About that as though we were together. I very much wish to trust in that that all will be fine, but I hope that that you understand all gravity of an event. I hope that that you understand that that for us for both is very big and important step. Rainer, at the person in a life always there comes the moment in which it chooses also that that it will choose, will be with it in the further. I very much worry. I weigh all. Rainer, I heard about that that there are bad men in America which offend Russian girls who come to them. But I am assured of that that you good the man and that that with me there will be all in the full order. I should tell to you about it because it in my head and I would want that you knew that that I completely trust you. Rainer, you fine the man. But I need to consider all, I need to solve all for itself. In a life I always do the considered steps and I cannot give you the concrete answer now. But I shall think. I hope that that you will understand me! Rainer, you only present as it for me if I shall go to your country. I there not when was not, and I as not when did not see you. At me now in a head of thousand ideas, a shower to ask to you. It is the big step and I think that that to you as it is necessary to reflect well about it. Rainer, remember I spoke you about that that when to me happens badly or I do not know the answer to a question I go home. Rainer, I think that that now just such situation. Tomorrow I cannot write to you I shall go to parents to me it is necessary to consult to them. Rainer, I very much, very much hope for that that you will understand me and will not take offence! Yours Nataliya.

Letter 18

Rainer I have returned from my parents, I had enough time all to consider and consult about all that me disturbed and that for me was not clear. Rainer my parents are very happy to that that there is also that that we love each other, and they have told that that they would like to see us together that that they would like to have acquaintance to you personally and that wait for you on a visit. Rainer, you can arrive to me? I think it it would be healthy. I very much would want that you knew my parents. I think that that it important. Rainer, I am assured that that you will like them. I think that that you with my daddy will find much in common. It is a pity that my parents do not know English language, but it not a problem I shall translate that that you speak them. Rainer but if you can visit me, I can arrive to you. I have solved all, I talk to parents they to me have told that that will release me. But will experience. As they have released me with one condition that that when or we shall arrive together to them. We can make it? You want it? Tell to me how we shall meet? You agree, if I shall arrive to you? Or you will arrive to me? You understand, that for me it is very big step and I think that that you once again will well consider all and will give me the answer. I think that that attitudes initially should is under construction on trust and that that we should trust each other. I am assured that that if I shall arrive to you with me all it will be good. Whether I am afraid a little a little that can be. But my love more than any fear and I has solved that if you will want, I shall go to you. But without your answer weighed and certain I that I shall not do! Now my life has changed, and it was made by you. I wish to be only with you. But while we far apart and me it is necessary to wait for your letters only. Rainer, whether I hope soon to see your letter and the final answer to that that you want that I have arrived. Yours and only yours Nataliya.

Letter 19

Rainer, my love I am very happy to hear your answer. I am glad that that you as well as would want that we were together. I love you all heart and soul. Rainer when I in the first have received your letter, fairly to tell I did not think that that it to turn to such feelings.
Rainer, now I cannot live without you and day. Earlier I heard much about love, about that as it is fine, but not when itself did not test it. Now I understand that this such. To me all without a difference, for me the main thing that at me is you, other all without variously. I shall be assured that with you I the happiest girl of the world. I am very happy that that our feelings are mutual., at each person second half should be Rainer, I have found it. It you Rainer!!!! I do not think it's so expensive to travel and I will get to know everything!
Today I have been very strained, I all thought of that that you will answer me. When I went to library my heart fought as if one million times a minute. I have opened your letter, and my heart has stood. Thanks you Rainer!!!! Thanks for that that you is. Thanks for that that I have found you. You trust in destiny? Rainer after we have got acquainted I I trust in destiny, not that in the world it is not done in vain. All life I was one, I waited for that minute when there will be you!!!! My ideas now all are mixed, I think of much. I also dream, I experience, I weigh all. Rainer if both of us agree to that that I come to you. I shall learn all about a trip. Rainer as soon as I learn all I I shall inform you. Rainer, I think that that it not all so simply, but I shall make all and I shall arrive to you. I am assured of that that it in my forces. Moreover on the account of forces that that absolutely now they do not suffice me, when I went to parents I have caught a cold a little, but I think that that it not that serious and it will pass. I think when we shall be together we shall care the friend at that time when to us badly. We shall share all life experience. I think that that together our life will be fine!!! You too so think? Well. On it I shall finish to an owl the letter, tomorrow affairs much, still I wish to descend in hospital what to pass inspection, and that the doctor would write out to me any tablets, that cold would not turn in what that more serious. As, I shall go and I shall learn about that as to me to arrive to you. I shall write to you tomorrow my long-awaited Rainer. Dreaming of you Nataliya.

Letter 20

Rainer, is glad to read your letter. Thanks for that that you bring to me in them a smile, pleasure. Rainer, I am happy when I read your letter. And I so would like that you spoke it to me looking in my eyes. You want it? As I spoke you, I visited the doctor. But before visiting the doctor I stood huge turn, in our hospital now there are physical examinations, on conscription. I at all do not understand why it passes in simple hospital. From for it there huge turns, even old grandmothers sit and wait for that when there will pass physical examination young men. Rainer, and at you before conscription young men as pass physical examination in usual civil hospitals? I think, that the state should allocate special places for this purpose. I am very tired to expect, the doctor to me has told that that at me not that terrible has written out to me coldrex. You know that this medicine. It to me has told that that it will soon relieve me of cold. I shall be on it hopes. Rainer, in hospital I have met my former schoolgirl Christina , it was with mum they as have melted on reception in the doctor to the pediatrist. Christina , was ill with a chicken pox. I have wished it the prompt recover. It has asked me when I to them shall return.
I would not like to speak it, but I have told that that I any more when at them I shall not teach. It was very much afflicted but I have told to it that that it very presented girl and when it will grow it can all this understand. Then I have looked in my bag and I have found sweets has treated it. It has smiled, and to me was so pleasantly to see this smile. Rainer, I very much like to see at close people a smile on the person, it does me pleasure. Rainer when I shall arrive to you I always I shall smile!! You will be happy from it? Rainer, today I wished to go to travel agency what to learn about a trip to you. But I have not had time to make it today as, very long time have stayed in hospital. Tomorrow I shall go there and I shall begin our meeting. How do you know that I have no money? I do not think it is so expensive and I just know everything! I very much wish to speak you about the love looking in your eyes, and I am am pleased very much with those that I can do it soon!!!! Yours and only your loving Nataliya.

Letter 21

Rainer, to me painfully to write to you this letter, into my heart as if have stuck thousand knifes. I cannot breathe, I choke with a pain, to me not when was not so badly as now. Now I understand as strongly I love you. Rainer, you know, speak love can make the person very happy but when the person cannot be near to favourite, the love brings a strong pain. This pain is intolerable. I cannot to calm down for a minute, I all in tears. The world as if has fallen for me, from that that I today have learned. Rainer, forgive me but, I cannot arrive to you! Today I went to travel agency, I learned, that it is necessary for me for a trip to you. To me have told, that it is necessary to make documents and to buy tickets. When I have learned, how many it will cost, I very much was upset. It very much a greater sum. I not when did not think that travel such dear, and that so much all is necessary. Rainer, I am very upset by that that have learned today. It pulls down our dreams and our plans. To me it is very sick from it. During all time as we have got acquainted, I felt the happy girl. But now the pain overflows my heart. Rainer, this pain from that that I cannot be with you. Rainer, you that the man for which I am created, you my ideal.
But between us the big distance which I do not know as to overcome. In my head it is so much ideas that to me to do and how to be now. I weigh day thought, but I not that have not thought up. Rainer, forgive but it very much a greater sum for me. Not that it is not a pity to me to give to be with you, but now I am powerless. To me painfully even to present, as you will read this letter and as you will be upset.
Forgive Rainer, that I have not constrained the promise. I did not wish to do to you painfully!!!! Rainer, I very strongly love you and I would want that you always smiled, what you not when did not long and that in your soul always there would be a rest and harmony. Rainer, I dream to be with you beside and to give you happiness. Rainer I do not know that to me to do and how to be with it I feel broken entirely and completely my inwardness to not transfer words as I so dreamed of it to be with you and to us remain at all much the most important we we have already made have found each other and have grown fond each other as we wish to do it and we can! About as for me there is no you mine Rainer I wish to divide with you all life about as for me it pleasantly I wish to enjoy our dialogue and our life but we not with can similar make it because I such not provident. I entirely and completely blame only myself!!! I understand that only the miracle will help me to arrive to you and that few chances that we shall meet. On it I think to not disturb any more you, to not do even worse to you. You probably will not want to write to me more! I understand that I am very guilty to you. Rainer, I hope that you will forgive and will understand me. I love you and not when I shall not cease to love! Forgive, I cannot write more, to me is very sick, from my eyes tears flow... Forgive Nataliya.

Letter 22

Rainer For me it is a time of great experience for you, the fact that we can not be together. I really miss you and I miss you. And I promise to you that I will do all that is in my power to ensure that we were together. I decided. Rainer, Very, very hard for me to experience this time when I have not had such experiences. Once my mother found out what had happened she immediately came to me. Her concern is very pleasant for me, it helps me in difficult times. And what are you doing? How do you perceive what is happening here? Do you believe that I can come to you? I would really like it to be so, it would be largely gave me strength so that I could to achieve our goal. I really want us to be happy that we found each other I am very happy about that and when last night, I thought about how you are dear and close to me, I decided what I'm going to try to do everything so that we were We were happy together could enjoy each other, to see and to have a care for each other. I adore you!!! Rainer, I send you millions of kisses, and I hope that very soon I will be able to kiss you awake! Goodbye my Rainer !!!! Your loving Nataliya.

Letter 23

Rainer how's your day? How is your mood? My mother says hello to you and says that, just very worried about us and wants us to be together.
From my head does not come out the idea way to solve our problem, I think about it all the time. You know me now for your important support.
Rainer I ask you to talk about his thoughts on the matter, that you believe that we would get it. It will be a pleasure for me! Rainer Today was walking on my friends for me, I never thought about that no one can help us with such a large sum of money. After my friend advised me to take a loan from the bank, I said something that I do not work now, and it will not let me. But she said that it is possible to try, I agreed with her. As I learned about what is needed to collect the documents and go for this to work. I do not want to do that and I think you know me, the reason for this, but it is necessary and I refracted yourself and go for me so that we can achieve our goal, I'm ready to do it all. Besides, my mom told me that he would go with me to ensure that all was in order. Rainer I hope you understand me and support me as this. I love you very much and I do not miss you I do not know how to put into words, I enjoy socializing with my Rainer you !!! I think the main thing now is for us to believe that everything will be fine and we will achieve what we want! It is so? I embrace you tenderly, I hope that very soon I will be able to do it every day !!! Your and only your Nataliya.

Letter 24

Rainer Today I'm very morning I miss you, I did not know how to have peace of mind in this, I want to be with you and I do not have you Rainer !!! The only thing that can not only give a lot of peace of mind for me it's your letter. Oh how I enjoy them is a great pleasure for me. I love to read your beautiful letter. I can not wait so long, and I'll do anything to be with you! I just need your support, and then everything will turn out! Tell me about how you spend your days? What dreams about us what you think about this? If you only knew how I want you next to me really, really not enough for me to you. I hope with all my heart only then that we can overcome this obstacle and can be together with able to enjoy our conversations. Rainer We went today with my mother for my work to get the necessary documents for the loan.
Fortunately the chief was not there so I was delighted this and hurried to the HR department, to take documents, as for me there written response. After we immediately went to the bank, when we came back and began to fill out an application, we were told that it is likely the statement will be positive because I do not have work, I was very upset by this. We were told that the loan for our trip could take my mom.
as they have in the bank is not a bad offer loans for pensioners to treatment. As my father can take such a loan. But my mother did not have documents to formalize the loan, we wrote just a statement. Today my mother left tomorrow, it will come together with my dad, and they will try to help us. Rainer I enjoy you that there was at least some hope for what we can be together. For much time on my face broke into a smile, my mom told me that she was glad that my face appeared at least some sort of a smile in all that time. Rainer But still not nice to me what all happened so that my parents will take a lot of debt. It would bother me very much, I would like to give them the money. Rainer You can find me there at work so I could give the money to their parents. Because they help us in this, I would also like to help them. I would like to work and give the money that will be needed for this. I look forward to you. I love you my sweet prince. I really want us to be together. Rainer, Believe me, I'll go on all for you. Because I love you not because who does not love when you do not. When I'm with you I'll do anything you would not with your face when you do not smile disappeared. I love you my darling !!!!! I kiss you on the lips. Your and only your Nataliya.

Letter 25

I could not find peace of mind for yourself today, I did not sleep all night, I'm worried about whether we will give a loan. My parents came early in the morning and we went to the bank. We were probably the very first visitors in it. They told me a negative response to my statement explaining that I do not have work. As we said yesterday, it is a woman. Later, the parents filed all necessary documents for the loan they were told that it is necessary to wait for two days. I do not know how to go through it yourself the time you need to be patient.
One can only hope that our application is approved. It seems to me that this is the last chance. We must believe only in good, in fact that parents can take out a loan. Rainer, I can not hold back his thoughts about us, I can not restrain my longing for you. It increases every day for me to miss you Rainer !!!! We are so close to each other soul I feel it and really understand you. I only want to be with you, but as we so far apart physically and it is unpleasant for me. But I try to believe only the best that we can be together with able to enjoy each other. For me, today had a pleasant dream. I woke up with a smile on his face. It felt so good. In this dream, we were sitting in a cozy house, in the easy chair by the fireplace. We looked at the fire, clinging to each other, I felt every beat of your heart. You gently and sweetly kissed me in the neck, we were excited we were surrounded by an atmosphere of romance and passion of love. Rainer, You love to look at the fire? I love very much, because the fire represents life and the family hearth. When we're together I'll do whatever you and our family was happy. Rainer I would go with you to the end of the world, it would be nice to be with you on the ship. Rainer, My charm you all that I have in my life and I'm all ready for you !!!!!!!!!! I hope that that mom and dad will succeed and soon we will be together! I gently and passionately embrace you. lovingly yours and yours alone Nataliya.

Letter 26

My sweet prince for me is not enough of your heat I want your dream to feel it personally feel the warmth of your body and arms. Seeing you smile're housework, telling about yourself in a personal conversation. About how important it is for me. I just can not imagine how I would be happy about the fact that we'll be together. Waking up with can see each other. This will be the greatest happiness for me. When I write the same dreams my heart overwhelmed with feelings. It's important for me Rainer !!! Rainer, I'm bad without you! I very much want to be with you I want to share with you all my life to devote it to only one you because I am convinced that I have found is that of a man whom I do not have enough, and with whom I would like to share your life. I would like to have a pleasant care of you. Strewn with millions of your body your kisses. May you often and passionately breathing caressed the tongue and lips my ears! Oh, how pleasant to me your dreams and desires, I enjoy them, I want them to become a reality, I want us to do it together. My heart and soul asks for you! I love you very much, I'd give anything for that to be with you today. My love I really like your dreams, I would very much like what they would have been fulfilled as soon as possible! Your dreams are beautiful! We are the happiest couple on earth when we're together, I'm sure of it! Our love grows every day and becomes stronger. Our love is strong and we can overcome everything in its path. Love is a feeling that allows two people who love to do wonders. In Russia we have a saying "Separation for love as wind to fire, it extinguishes the small and large balloons" I think that this is a very correct phrase. It reflects a very valid point. Rainer, Our love is strong and separation for us just to fall in love more than we have in each other. I can not live like this anymore with you apart! My heart cries out in pain. This pain will go out only when we are together !!!! Rainer, I hope that soon we will be together forever !!!! I adore you, my sun! You are to me like a ray of light in the dark sky. You shine only for me and You light my way to happiness, happiness to you !!!! I can not live without your love and affection !!!! I very much want to see you my angel. Rainer, You're my other half! I want you, I want to see you hug kiss! Rainer Tomorrow will say that the answer to be given a loan or not. Rainer, I hope that everything will be fine and take the loan out. I'm worried, perhaps today I could not sleep because tomorrow is decided our fate. I'm trying to drive the thought out of my head, about the future because when I think about it, my mind get the idea suddenly not be able to, not what to do. So I'm trying to score all my thoughts than do not be another. I'm so mad I want to be with you and give you every day all my love !!!! I believe, I believe in what we'll be together !!!
Tomorrow I'll tell you everything, I hope that tomorrow I'll write good news. I LOVE YOU RAINER!!!!! I send you millions of kisses, that they will warm you until I can not warm you with my kisses and my body. Your and only your Nataliya.

Letter 27

Rainer I can not find the right words in order to convey all their joy for you. We have approved the loan, it is a great pleasure for me, I am glad that in my head confused thoughts, I do not know how to convey it to you but I hope you understand me? Are you glad? I can not find a place I'm so happy my heart is overwhelmed with my feelings and emotions. I enjoy it! Tomorrow, as soon as my parents get a loan, I hurried to the travel agency, in order to arrange a treaty with them on my trip to you. Previously, when I learned of my trip I was told then that since as soon as I make a contract with them for the execution of all documents will take two weeks. And all the documents will be ready I can not imagine it for yourself. Rainer You just imagine two weeks and I can come to you! I am so grateful to my parents is very, very nice for me is that I have such a close and caring people. I immediately kissed their parents. I have another surprise for you. I'm not the only one close to my parents, they certainly neither able to communicate in English, but they will dictate to me what they want to say, and I translate it. I hope it will be nice to you smiled at that for you. I'm glad if it's true! I love you my sweet!!!! I'll look forward to your next letter. Your and only your Nataliya.

Hello dear mr. Rainer !!! We have heard a lot about you from Nataliya. In her stories, you are very good person. We look at our daughter and see how she wants to be with you. We hope that you also feel sincere feelings for her. and awake to take care of her. So we want to get to know you, because you have chosen for our daughter. We hope that we introduce such a possibility. Regards, Aleksey and Svetlana.

Letter 28

I'm glad to see your letter, I enjoy it and smile it is very nice for me. Yesterday, after we wrote to you a letter in the internet cafe, we were late, I explained to them as it may be to use the internet in order to be able to communicate with me. Oh, how happy I am to our business to be adjusted Rainer Having read our meeting comes close to us! My parents are retired and they have been given credit. Why do not you believe in all this? I did something that will make us together! Why are not you happy? Why do you say that I should tell you the truth?
IM telling you the truth. You doubt me? Why do you need all this data? I do not understand. I'll tell the parents what you have written.
Rainer Today my parents were given a loan in the amount of $ 1270, I calculated all of this should be enough for that that I came to you. As I told you when I took the money I immediately went to the travel agency to conclude a treaty with them. I immediately paid the amount that had. I checked my documents and said that everything is in order. After so many setbacks and despair is so nice that we begin to approach each other. Let it slowly and not so quickly will be held for 14 days. I was told that all the documents that they will do themselves and there is no need to worry. And with the visa I have a good chance because language skills will be very helpful for me in this, and neither will be no problems. But I do not worry much about it. It concerns me on this Rainer and to obtain reasonable assurance around I took a list of questions that are asked in the interview. I'm going to prepare for it. After all this, I can be with you. It is important in the travel agency told me what you need to know the airport where you can meet with me. Rainer I hope that you reported in the following letter to me I'll be waiting !!! Rainer, You are my only and long-awaited, I love you very much !!! I need you like the air, without you I suffocate from heartache. I really wanna be with you. I think you see it in my actions. I will do everything for our happiness. I think you're just willing to do anything for us I'm yours forever, only yours and nobody else. Your and only your loving and gentle Nataliya. p.s. Rainer, Please do not forget to tell me the name of the airport in which I need to fly.

Letter 29

Rainer I miss you. And I am pleased that soon we can be together every day this time is reduced. And it is a pleasure for me that there is a certainty! I went and learned about how I can help my parents when I'm with you. For me, it will be necessary to return these funds to their Rainer do you think I can get the money back for half a year? My parents refused to order so I offered them my help in money and talking about themselves right. But I know that for them it is a lot of money, and they simply can not pay them because even if put them together, they retire with can do so only after a year. Rainer For me it will be the first problem when I arrive to you. Thank you my love that told me the name of its airport. Tomorrow I'll go and report to the travel agency. I enjoy the fact that I know with each passing day I am confident that our meeting is approaching us. I love you, and for me is so hard to experience a time when we are not together, I believe that we can overcome all the obstacles standing in our way once we can overcome it if we will live one single goal for us! I'm yours forever, only yours and nobody else. Your and only your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 30

Rainer Again another day. Very soon I will be we can with you have personal contact, I want you all to be located just go for a walk for food, for me will be a great pleasure. I'm sure none of the letter is not to betray my feelings and sensations. Because my heart is full of feelings is a great pleasure for me, I'm glad everything going on! Such a state when you want to cry and laugh and it is a great pleasure for me. Today I was in a travel agency and told them the name of the airport. I told them that it is very worried on account of the interview. I was assured that everything will be fine and I'm channeling, even made a trial is not a big interview on these issues. I also was not a lot of excitement in this but said everything correctly without any errors, the woman who did this to me is not a big test of my knowledge even much surprised by my knowledge and appreciated their excellent. And I had not a lot of peace of mind that everything will be okay. I was told that the day after tomorrow they will report to me about my ticket. Now you just need to wait and I wait. I do not want to wait, I'm tired as can be expected, if I want to see you! Why is all difficult? First you need to pay, then wait. I'm so hard to wait. I every Only the night and think, just imagine what I can to be with you. In your arms. How can we enjoy our love wherever we want and how we want. I am extremely happy about that. Rainer In the travel agency told me as well that I can not visa problems if to prove the Ambassador that I have no plans to stay in the your country. And then I have more chances to get a visa. and I should not just say you're waiting for me. Then all out. Rainer Then we will need to do a lot of pictures together and we can never be separated. Do you have a camera? We can make a lot of photos together? I'm sure we will have a lot of photos together. And in my dreams what we can do soon with lots of photos together and have a great pleasure in this. I LOVE YOU Rainer !!!! Your and only your Nataliya.

Letter 31

Rainer I'm so happy today. Imagine. I'll soon know the date when I arrive to you. I look forward to, when tomorrow comes, what would know exactly when the interview is scheduled and the date of our meeting. Rainer I will tell you as a paste everything I learn about it. Rainer You have everything ready to meet me? I'll be with you. And all that I need to be with you, and a place where we can just be together. I'm sure we can arrange it. Rainer I'm so excited, I'm happy that I will be with you more and more I think about how it will happen. I know that everything will be fine. Because we'll be together and have no one and never will separate us from the can. Rainer, I did not even know that you can be so happy. Now I like to fly in the sky. The only thing I think about is you my prince. But I do not need now vigilant, I need serious about every step, because now the fate of both of us. I believe that everything will be fine !!! I look forward to your letter tomorrow. I love you, I want to see you and I dream about us together. And it will become a reality !!! It's fine!!! your and only your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 32

About Rainer I do not know how to take yourself into the hands of what is happening is important to me, I do not know how to start with something. It's so much shame for me and why the world is so cruel to me. But I will try everything and take himself in hand and say to you.
I have good news and bad news. I'll start with the good because of the poor do not want to even think. For me, gave my ticket information to you it was for me the greatest happiness I enjoyed the thoughts as I sit in a plane and the wings of love take us to meet each other. My flight departs July 12 from Moscow (Domodedovo) at 13:05 and arrives 16:56 July 14 in Boston. But when I was told that the ticket must be taken in both directions I could only ask again if I correctly understood it! They then explain to me why there is such a need that would be my Government was convinced that I will go back. Otherwise, I will not give visa and I can not fly to you. Rainer I expected that for me the tickets will need to be on one side, and I do not expect that will have to pay more for the second ticket. Rainer Now I do not have 632 dollars. What would come to you, my love. I thought over what to do with it and what to do all the time, my mind was occupied only by this, but I called and went around all the relatives and friends back in the first time and I just do not know that to me to do with this. Rainer You can help with this I would be very grateful to you in this. Rainer You're our only chance which can help to resolve this problem for us, it's so hard for me Rainer !!! I just can not imagine what I do and how to be. I'll wait for your letter and the response can you help pay the travel agency. I madly want to be with you. I am sure that you, too. I embrace you tenderly and passionately kiss wholeheartedly hope that soon I can do it every day many many times !!! Your and only your Nataliya.