Letter(s) from Tatyana Sergeeva to Derek (UK)

Letter 1

This is Tatyana. Iam very pleased to be with you acquaintance.
Iam very glad that Iam met in this big world of Internet names you.
I'm energetic adult women who is find for a serious relationships.
Iam dont want to have a game of feelings. I am want to have a good happy family and love as well. Iam would like to find an honest, fair, trustworthy guy. To which I am would will hope to have at any moment.
I want to look you in the most loyal and loving person. With that, I would Mogul live the rest of my life. Iam want to look in you a loving person. Iam think that in this world everything is possible.
And I am have hope that you will imyano my dreams and my happiness.
But for this, we need to learn as much as possible we will blizhe.
Iam with many grateful if you Write me for my personal id: TatyanaPretty1982@gmail.com
I'm will be very glad to look you my new friend.
I'm waiting for an reply from you with impatience.
Take care Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Derek!!!! I am very glad to see your letter in my mailbox. I
I could not even think that I'll get your answer so soon. let me tell
A little bit about yourself. My full name is Tatyana. I am 34 years old. My birthday is March 15th. I live in the city of Volgograd. Volgograd is an old and ancient Russian city with rich story. There are many historical places in my city. My city
Located on the largest river Russia- Volga and the Don. The population of my a city of more than 1 million people. I am 178 cm, my weight will 60 kg, I have long light hair and brown eyes. I graduated
University and I have pedagogical education and I am a child psychologist. I always wanted to be a teacher, to give children only the best of the knowledge and also give them happiness, so I chose this profession. I want to tell you that I am a graduate from the university very well, I thought it was in front of me all the doors will be open, I was sure that I could find a good job. But, unfortunately, I
I could not find a job, because Russia is not so good as in another country. Where a man to seek state help, and where to find a decent job. I could not find a job anywhere I wanted to be located on the work he has not turned so that no know I did not have a chance to be in this job. Later I realized that so impossible. I started looking for any job. And now I work in grandfather's house. In my profession I work with a child psychologist. It is very hard to see how the children suffer without love and without family. I try to help them in every way. And I sometimes poorly on the code very sad children. But I do not lose heart, and I, still believe that happiness is all. I have a small family. I have only my mother. About Dad, I did not hear anything, he left us when I was very little, I was then only a few months. He never came to see me and I'm more about him that does not hear. Father and grandmother died of old age. We live with his mother in the city, a small apartment. I have no relations with any man. I stand on a lot of bad when people are very cruel, the purpose of life many people to get just as much money as possible and they do not think about the life of the soul, they also do not think about other people. That's why I could not find the right person for me Russia to get really serious relationship and a family. AT my own life, I had some serious relationships with men, but when
As time went on, I realized that it was not the same as what I'm looking. I tired of being lonely, and decided to find the man of their dreams through
The Internet. I hope I'll do it. I'm looking for a man serious for-
A relationship that will understand me and I understand that, too. I
I will be very glad if this person will Derek you. I do not have my own
The computer, which is why I write to you from Internet cafes. I'll try
I write to you as often as possible to make our relationship closer and closer. I understand that the Internet only matches the beginning of our relationship. Derek If you and I want to have a serious
The relationship between us, I think the best way to meet each other, but it will in the future. I also took some pictures, especially for Internet dating and send them to you in my letters. I
I hope you enjoy my photos. My main goal in life is to find a loving and caring person to make a family. And if you seriously intend to I very happy about it. I'll be glad to know about Derek you more. What can you say about yourself Derek?
What is your profession? What are you doing? Please send me pictures, I
I would like to know with whom to talk. I'll wait for you letter!!!!!

I look forward to your letter

Letter 3

Dear Derek !!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter. In Russia, it is winter often go snow, cold mood becomes worse, but my mood was
It improved when I read your letter. From your letter I felt the approach of spring as the warm rays of the sun begin to warm the face and the weather is pleasing to the eye. I really liked your letter. I work as a child psychologist at the orphanage for several years now. I work with children because I want to help them. To surround them with care and make it clear that they are not alone in this life. Give them a chance for a new future. I am very hard to watch the children are not just the right parents. And sometimes I cry because of this. I just know how much it's hard to move it all. Derek I do not want to bore you this.
. I have a perfect legal education, I can work a lawyer or a legal adviser. But, unfortunately, at the moment I can not do it. Since salary is now diminished and there is no work so much. And on this, I also continue to operate a child psychologist. But I do not answer, in the optimist, and I believe, that everything will be just fine. I glad I met you Derek. I am glad that we have the same feelings and idea. In the morning at breakfast, I thought of you Derek. I am at work thinking of you, my colleagues looked at me oddly. They can not I understand why I was so cheerful and I have a good mood. I said them that I met on the Internet a good friend. And I did not even think that with my first communication on the Internet can you find it among so many people around the world. But I think it was fate brought us together. And we need to continue to communicate and get to know us as close as possible. What do you think of it yourself? I live with my mother, we often with my mom to spend the weekend together. As a rule, we do the harvest, because I like to be clean apartment. Often, I and my mother to experimenting various kinds of food. I love to cook out a different kind of food. It can be said, one of my hobbies. I love really cook !!!! I like doing household products, I like where in winter the open jar of pickles or specially prepared forest berry jam, and enjoy the taste and smell of the summer !!!!! What kind
You think about it? In winter, when it is an acute shortage of vitamins
It felt, which is especially useful. I would like you to treat food !!! I
I think it would be nice to you !!!! I love nature. I like go for a walk through the woods, picking mushrooms and berries. To me both from berries to make jam. I like to cook a variety of soups, a dish of meat, poultry, I like to cook dishes of vegetables.
I love expirement with products sometimes turns very unusual combination of flavors, real masterpieces !!! In the evening I go a walk around the city with his girlfriend. We would like to go for a walk on a park. We have such a beautiful city especially in the evening when
It becomes dark and the windows in the apartment lights are on. City
It becomes like a luminous sphere, from shop windows different colors of lights are lit the evening, I like to pass on fountain. I love to look at the water. Please give me the city in which you live. Write to me, what are you working? I would like to know about it in detail. I want to tell you that the Russian I unfortunately, unable to find love. It is actually very difficult. I tired to look for love in Russia. The Russian people, it's a lot drinking alcohol, and from it they become very aggressive and often beat women ...... I do not want to imagine that kind of love. I also forgot that the man is the respect and warmth to your favorite. Nowadays forgotten family values. I do not want to have a relationship with a person who simply does not respect me and do not try me with warmth and love. I'm looking for a man that will love me, to protect me from danger, and take care me to be the honor and sincere with me in all matters. I I wish that I and my love has created a small world in which it would be
Only we. I want to give people happiness and warmth. I will do everything for this !!!!! I really want to find love, true love, which gives happiness. To do this, I turned to the Internet, I am very really I hope that I get to find love. I wish you Derek ask that I write to you about life, I am very easy to the character of the girl, and I really hope I'm not boring
Read how you spend time. I look forward to your letter Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Derek!
I am very pleased to receive your letter! I want to tell you that I really like to receive emails from you, your letters very interesting. Thanks you for your letter. How are you there? I think that after my letter to you, you have a good mood and feeling of warmth to your heart. Yesterday I was with my
Mom watched a movie. In her movies were good and bad characters. One
She met a man, they began to meet. She loves this man.
But this man has deceived her, he met another girl. girlfriends told her about it, but she did not believe him, because his love
It is very strong. But one evening she went for a walk with girlfriend and saw a man with another girl, he also embraced kiss her. It was very bad, she immediately went to her home to all tears. She has not been able to believe it. In the morning she called he said that their relationship has come to an end, what it does do not want to him to see that she was his love, but he does not love her, that he deceived her. Within one week the man called her to apologize, but she would not listen to him. A little later, this girl met the other person, and they began dating a few months later received
He married and lived happily ever after. We are with my mother looks in the movies very worried about the main character. What kind of movies do you like?
Tell me that it was the last film about you looked. It is very interesting to me. I want you Derek to say that I would very much like you to feed Stuffed. it
It would be very nice if you came home, tired and hungry, I will meet you, help you to undress and to set the table dinner. My love, I would very much like to feed you Stuffed.
It is a kind of food that I learned to do recently, but all very pleasant taste, I would very much like to tell Derek You, as I have prepared. I'm wit nice to prepare
Golubci, my friends are very fond of, when I invite them, they them tried .... Golubci is specially prepared cutlet, which it added a bit of Rices .... meat purchased at a very special taste.
Consistency just got in a cabbage leaf, which is taken from the fresh head cabbage cabbage. Golubcy the best to the boil for a couple, so they got a pagan and Golubcy all useful vitamins are stored ...
Ready Golubcy to the table with sour cream, mayonnaise or ketchup (Taste). I would very much like what you tried Derek foods that I would cook for you. My love, I only dream, I am very
I would love to loved it! Derek What you think? You
I would like that I have prepared food for you? It would be very
I like to know the answer to your question. I'll look forward to
Your letter. Kisses, Your Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello my only and most lovable man Derek! I am very happy to read your mail today !!! My love, thank you for Your letter is very great! It was very pleasant to me to read your letter. How do you spend your time now? I have so much to be happy, that really met a good and nice person. I did not think that at all met you. But God helped me along the way. And now I have so much to be happy with you. Your every word in the letter makes me happy. I know every letter Derek you more and more. And I am more and more want to see you Derek to look at you and see your smile on his face. But I understand that the distance between us is very high. Now we can only write letters. And send pictures to each other. But who knows, maybe we smile at the fate and we finally be able to say looking at each other. When I read your letter, I felt very good. In my soul It was very warm. Thank you give me a love for those feelings, to which. I would like to Derek to say that I'm looking for A man who loves me, will act that can win my heart, that It can make me happy. I do not want to rush our relationship with you.
But despite the age difference. And despite the distance between us.
Our relations are becoming stronger and stronger. I understand that time is not very good. Since in our time think about money. And for the sake of their success I can just step over people. May make the pain and suffering. I met a lot of people. Who are ready for sex at all. But I see in you what to you the most predominant attitude and respect. You're very appreciate me and I feel it you said to me. I want to tell you that you are in my heart, I I want to tell you that if all goes well with you and me, I'm sure, I and you could create a strong, happy marriage, you and I could be together and give each other happiness. This is my most important I love. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you, your every a letter for me is very important. Every letter, every line for me delicious. My love, I think you're the perfect person in the world !!! My love, I am happy that I found you, I would like to receive from the Derek You letters as often as possible, I would very much like, that you have written to me the kind words that you write to me now. thank You my love. I'm very happy with you. I'm really looking forward to Your letter! I send to you my favorite warm hug and a tender kiss.
Your Tatyana.

Letter 6

My love Derek !!!

My love I am happy to get your romantic letter. I love reading your letters.
When I read your letters, I love you even more. Waking up in the morning the first thing I do is look at the picture you. And I think that soon all our hearts will be together. And despite the fact that I and you are far away from each other. We involves and pulls like a magnet. I understand that this love gave to me, and you spark of happiness. Perhaps you have experienced such a feeling of love. And again if you get them now means it is the power of love. The weather today is fine.
The sun shines, but very cold wind blowing. When I went to work
I'm very cold. When I went to the internet cafe I
I put on more warmly, so I'm not cold. When I read your Derek letters to me became good. For me to be warm at heart. My love I want to tell you, that is very good for me, because I love you. My love I want to inform you that today I met a classmate. We have long
I talked to her about life. I told her that I met you among so many millions of people and loved so much that is ready to fight for you until the end.
. I have this story to her that we are happy that we could find each other. I said that I can not live without you. Derek You for me was the air without which it can not live. She was very happy for you and me. She was happy that I found my love. She told me I changed a lot. She told me that I had pink cheeks, she told me that a lot of love that I look in my eyes happy. She was very happy for me. I was glad that I met classmate. We had a long conversation with her. I told her about the job.
She was glad that I found myself a job. And a classmate said that this work with children is very difficult and you need to work with the soul. Not every child will be ready to open the heart and tell about all the problems that excite him. I said that this work is very difficult. But until I can find another. She was a little the suffering that I could not find a job in my profession. I am very happy that I met a classmate. My classmate wished me luck, she wanted to me that I was happy with you. I am very pleased that we Derek you love each other. My love I think we will be happy in this and the next life. I am very much in love with YOU !!!! My love I'm waiting for your letter.

I love you all my heart. And my first desire is to bring you to my long-awaited kiss. You're always with me because you are my love!

Letter 7

Hello, my ray of happiness and love Derek !!!

I am very pleased to receive your letter today! I want to tell you, that's all very well for me, I'm glad to hear from you letter now! My love is to me the most perfect, my love, all that I want it is to be with you. Today in the morning after breakfast, I, I went to work. When I stepped outside the sun was shining. But in the morning it is still as cold. But I am glad that spring has come. And soon it will be warm. And on the trees in the snow leaves the place to be. Again, I'll hear the birds singing in the morning. Oh you would know how nice. When early in the morning open the window and hear the birds singing. And the soul becomes so much fun. Today started working day. And so many cases. Since the need to do so much. Since I was told that I should prepare children to ensure that they were ready for the summer camp. And for this, you need to spend so much work. But I have a number of children will be able to have a rest. Seeing the happiness and joy. But you need so much to do. But I was not scared. Today, one girl asked me about the fact that if I loved a man. He said yes. He lives very far away. And we very much love each other. I made a picture with this girl. And I think that you will like it. Oh, how I want to have children, to give them all the love and happiness. Derek My love is to me the most perfect, my love, all that I want it is to be with you. My love, your heart for me is a very big
Importance, I long to be with you, I dream that you took me and kissed Derek. My love, that's all I want, please understand, me correctly. My love, I want you to know, I dream that the sun light only for us that the wind was just for us, that the birds
They sang as I feel good with you Derek. My love, my dream, my dream to be with you. My love, I need more than anything, I want to be happy. I hope you understand how I strong I wanna be with you, as I would be with you, as I
I want to hug and kiss you Derek. My love, I hope you will I understand that a strong fire love you cheated in my heart.
The flame of love a fire in my heart and my soul every day stronger and more !!! My love, I hope you know how much I love you. For me now to describe how I was feeling very it is difficult, because the words that I think of you something. My love, I love you very much, this is not to say the words. My love, she did not say the words, I want you to know how much I love strong Derek you. If I met you, everything would be much easier, I'm sure, that once you see my eyes, you know, everything. How can the power of love burning in my eyes. My I love the eye is the mirror of the soul, in my heart nothing but love for you. Love to you, I'm sure you and I, we will be happy together !!!! I
I hope you understand me, and that you feel me great ideal feelings too. I love you and would be a huge wait for your
The following letter !!!

Love you,
Your Tatyana.

Letter 8

My love I'll never let myself Derek!
My love! I am very pleased to receive your letter today !!! That's all I wanted to say well, today I come to Internet cafes before because
Today I do not have enough work. My love, how are you doing? what
You going? I want to tell you that today I have the whole day thinking about you,
Today I have the whole day thinking about how I would be nice if you would
Now together. My love, all your words, all Derek
I wrote I keep in my heart, my love, your every word is for me very important! My love, you know how much I think about you? My love, I think of you all the time, I dream of you, I imagine, as you smile, I can imagine how you hug and kiss me. Even now, I imagine you, my head is spinning with happiness, I would like to, it worked out the way I want, I wish that I you were together. I would love to you talk about what love is. Love is the most important for me I am feeling that I expect from the family and from you Derek. Love is such a feeling which is necessary for all, all independent of any quality. Need a love of plants and animals. Dear
Communication between people to develop mutual sympathy, trust each
Other. In our relationship, we must trust each other, we must share our feelings, ideas and desires. I think our feelings and desires are the same. Tender my dear, and I often think about us. We can be together or we can just be friends, maybe it's happiness and maybe not. Loved and dear, I want us to be together, we could create strong union. Do you think this is likely? Between us a great distance, ocean between us, you Derek think our sense is the distance can be overcome? I
I think our sense is able to overcome this distance. Love for me it is all that is needed, tangible assets, I do not important. I have a maximum degree and love need only me! Gentle and my dear, I think you understand my feelings, to share with me my ideas. Write to me, please, what is love for you, that you
I think about my thoughts and feelings? What I mean to you? I would like it know. Write me the truth, I always write you letters heart and soul, I always write you the truth. Please email me you think. It seems that we are soul mates, and perhaps, our hearts can beat in the same rhythm. Please email me the truth. I look forward to your letter Tatyana.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Derek !!!

I am very pleased to receive your letter today! Thanks to you for your
The letter is very big! I have all day to think about you all the time that I live, I think only of you, I dream that I and you would together. My love, thank you that you are in my life, thanks to you, you took my heart Derek my love, I'm glad you trust heart, because I know that you are very much like me, and I know that great feeling between us, whose name is love Derek. Today I day that I was at work, I thought of you, I thought, as I
It can be good together Derek. My love, understand that I and you are next this is for me the most important thing for me is the most necessary and important my life. My love, do you understand that? I want to be with you, I want to be warmed by your breath, I want to feel how you breathe, I want to nest in Derek you all over my love, I hope you understand me correctly. My love, I want to tell you that I need to be close to you. I need to be with you. I want to return to your heart. My love, you understand me? I dream of you in the second half of the day and night, I in a dream to you, when I open my eyes, I dream about our happiness Derek. There may be you and me is really two halves of one whole? My love, you know that I tell you? My love, love is a great feeling, is a valuable gift, a happiness that can not find a man or female. I'm sure you and I would be happy. What do you think about it?
My love, I want you to know, I want to be with you. I want us to we are together. I want you and I to hold each other's hands to hug and kiss each other. My love, I hope you understand me correctly. I wanna be with you. I think you're looking for that a man whom I have a very long time. I think that we will be happy. I love you with great impatience will wait for your letter.

I need you,
Your Tatyana!

Letter 10

My love is always Derek !!!!

My love I am pleased to receive your letter. When I read your letter I have the more I love you.I pray to God that you have not forgotten me, and that on the other side of the Earth lives a girl who has long suffered from loneliness. And I have found that for which it is ready to go a long way to bestow your love and affection. I'm so sorry that I could not write so long time with you. And I understand that you can get mad at me because of it. Or even stop communicating with me. But if you have not forgotten me, and still wish to continue dialogue despite the fact that I left you for a long time. I want to apologize for it. It was Easter week. And then there were the May holidays and great holiday for the whole world. This Victory Day which is celebrated all our country. And that does not work so I can at least something to do with you. My love cool morning today. But this is not how I am not afraid. I live in Russia, where the weather is just not predictable. In the morning it can be cold and have come closer to the dinner that the sun will warm so warm. As if I clung to you. Every time when the sun rays fall on my face, I feel like your love overcome such a distance still warms me happy every moment of my happiness. I love you!!! You are in my heart. I did not feel when such feelings in my life. Maybe it was a dream or simply you do not exist. I understand that somewhere on the other side of the Earth lives for which I am ready to leave my house to leave my job just to see and feel the real love. I think that we are two halves of one whole. My love is to me liked your suggestion to be together. I wanna be with you. My love for me a pleasure to hear that you want to prepare for me. Any Russian people will not say such. I am glad that I have you. I have a very strong love you !!!!!!! Derek By your words you find a way to my heart, and you could open your heart. I can not live without you. I very much want to be with you Derek. My love I think we could create a strong union. My love I am happy that I met you. My love, I always think about you. I find in you all that I was looking for, kindness, tenderness, ability to love, sensual, I'm sure you could make me happy. Today I had a dream that we are together, kiss me, it was very good. We were together with you, I was happy with you and you are me. It was very good to you. I was happy that we finally met. Please do not laugh at me, but when I woke up, I kiss the pillow. My love I think that we are made for each other. My love can not imagine my life without you. I want us to be together. My love I think we can be together, that our feelings can overcome the ocean. My love I want to be with you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I think we should be together. My love I want to know what's in your heart. E-mail me the truth. I'm always open to you heart and soul. I want to know your feelings. I'm waiting for your letter.


Letter 11

Hello my dear LOVE IN THE WORLD Derek !!! My love!!! Thank you for your letter !!!! I want you to say that in my heart there is always a place for you Derek. My love, yesterday evening I was sitting in a chair and reading a book about love, I read the book as true love is hard to find. My love, I'm happy that you and I have no such problems. That's all very, very well and you mnya that between us the most perfect feeling, which only exists on earth - love. My love, thankful that it brought us together, you and I found each other, the two halves in such a huge world! My love, I yesterday all night dreaming about you, I thought yesterday that we Derek as it would have been nice. If you and I are together, my love, I dream of the arrival to you, I know how I am going on an airplane, and you meet me with open arms as you see me real flowers, and say that you are very happy to meet me In your country. My love, forgive me, please, for the dream, forgive me for this, but I write you the truth, even if it seems a bit silly, but I understand, now I am happy, because I have found you happy because you and I together, I'm happy because in our hearts the love. My love, I want to tell you that yesterday I really could not sleep last night on the street was rain, I looked outside and has leaned against the cold glass face Derek My love, I whispered your name, I really want you to hear I have heard how much I want to be with you, as it is important for me that we are together, as our strong happy marriage is necessary for me. Derek My love, a huge potential love met in me. I have never a man who could have won my heart, and I could love you the unique person who could have won my heart, only with you I feel particularly good, only with you I feel especially happy. My love, I know, I am very pleased that you and I together, and I dream of happiness with you. I can see how much you love me, I see the sincere feelings that you want to give me a Derek. For me the most important thing is to find love, I want to be with you. I want to be alone with you, I want to be around. What do you think about it? My love, I'm really looking'll wait for your letter.

Love you,
Your angel Tatyana on the edge of the Earth!

Letter 12

My love Derek !!! My love I am pleased to receive your letter. I love to receive your letter. My love I'm good. My love as I have already told you that my heart truly love you and trusts you completely. My love seems to me that we are made for each other, and it is no coincidence that we began to correspond. My love I dream about it, to bring you every morning coffee in bed. My love Derek today when I woke up, I realized we were sitting in the restaurant by candlelight. Are you sure you help me take off my coat, you gently take my hand and telling me to our table. We look each other in front of your eyes reflected the light from the candles. In the form you have booked in advance, our dinner is already on the table. As the table there is natural juice. After we had dinner, we send you to dance to live music. Derek You gently put his arm around my waist, I gently put his arm around her shoulders. Not forgotten the feeling of dancing with you. We move slowly in a dance, it seems to me that the whole world belongs only to us. They were, it seemed that we you like two birds that are easily and smoothly soar into the heavens. Our movements were light and beautiful, like a bird flying. After a romantic evening we are sending to go for a walk in the evening city street. When we went for a walk, we exchanged pleasantries and easy kisses and hugs, which warmed me this cool evening. My love after our walk we send to your home. As I very much have frozen, you take care of the health, and mine poured me a cup of hot strong coffee, which you have prepared for me a recipe, coffee, he was very strong as our love. My love Derek I am overwhelmed with feelings for you. What do you think about it? Write me please the senses. I want to know your opinion about my letter and my dream. I have a very strong love you. I look forward to your letter.

With hot kisses and strong arms.
With Tatyana respect for centuries.

Letter 13

My love Derek !!!! My love I am pleased to receive your letter. I love reading your letters. Derek you asked me about my work. But it's summer. And all of my students are children's camps. And I was given leave of absence for the whole summer. And I am now with my mother in the garden. I do not what to do and I just do not know what to do. I'm thinking and not to come to you? Derek what do you think about this? In the letters that I write to you. This feeling that I have inside. And I am very romantic woman. I am ready to bring you coffee in bed. I'm ready to have a romantic slow dance with you. I do not like to dance. But I like to slow dance. And of course if we you and me my love in this dance. You said that tomorrow you will have to go to your friends. Do not worry about me I'll be waiting for your prompt return. And I ask you to think about what I told you. If you really want to self I can pass away for you. But I do not want my presence as that put your work. If I do not get in the way and you'll be glad to be with me. So just tell me, I will learn all about the trip for you.I am happy that I have you. My love I think we're made for each other. Every morning I think of you. I constantly think only about you and how I present to you a tender kiss. I want us to be together. At work, I have a very good, my colleagues looked at me oddly. They do not understand what is happening to me, I'm always in a good mood. I explain to them that I have you Derek and I love you very much. They are very happy for me. My dream is to be with you together. I often imagine that we are together. it becomes a very good idea from this. I love you. I can not imagine life without you. It will be very good, when I look at photos. I'm ready to kiss your photograph. My love I want to tell you that I love you very much. My love I want to tell you that my heart belongs to you. My love I want to tell you Derek that I did not like because I love you. My love I think you understand me. My love, I lezhus sleep, I think of you. I imagine that we're together, we're going to sleep, you gently hold my hand. You kiss me. It is very pleasant to me to feel his gentle embrace. I am glad that we are Derek together. My love, I can not live without you. I think you understand me. My love of my life, much has changed since then, when I met you. I became happy, I always have a very good mood. I became kinder and I became very good at heart. Many of my friends tell me that I have become even more beautiful. They tell me that I always have a smile on a person. I always smile. I love you very much. Write me please, what do you think about it. I look forward to your letter.
I love you with all my heart and soul.

Letter 14

My love Derek !!! How are you without me? You as well as I miss loving care! My love I am pleased to receive your letter. My love with every letter I receive from you every bit of love from you. My love I'm glad I have you. I always think of you. I am happy that I can communicate with you. My love I want to tell you that I have a very good, because I love you.Yes, it's summer. And I have plenty of time. And not to waste time in vain. I help my mom. Yes, she was glad that I can spend as much time with her. Now everything is blooming in the garden. And at the heart so happy from this. I thought that such a serious journey can be very dangerous. But if you invited me to visit herself so that I could have a meeting with you. That I could not looking at your own pass away for you. And this meeting would give us to understand how much we love each other strongly. It is very bad that you can not take me. And now you have a lot of work. But when you can take me at home. I'll probably already have a job. But what we now have with you? Even if I come to you this summer. I could take care of you as well as you and I might have to check our feelings for each other. I am pleased that you had a good time with your faithful friend Ivan. It is very unfortunate that your friend had to go so far. But despite the distance you still going out with him and you a good time. I want to tell you Derek, I'm not when I was not abroad. But if you took me to yourself. So I do not look at all could pass away to you. I understand that you're willing to make me happy. And I'm also ready to respond to you in return. Derek, I want to tell you that in spite of the age difference. You will always be interesting for me. As the years come the most understanding of love and family. And on this, I turn ready to be with you. And every moment spent with you gives me joy and a lot of experience in this difficult life. My love to my work, I do not so well. Because of the problems in our country. The beginning is not a big problem with the payment of salaries. And although I do not get so much money. But it also happens sometimes hard for me. I'm not complaining to you. But I do not want you to hide or anything. And I want to let you know how my mother and I live. I want to tell you that I recently spoke to my mother about our relationship. I told my mom about our relationship. I told her that I love you very much. My mother was very happy, I love you Derek . She was glad that we'll love each other. She wished us happiness. My love my mom would like me that we were together, if we love each other is very strong. My mom told me that she was happy that I found my love. My mother always wanted me only happiness. My love I think we're made for each other, that we are two halves of one whole.
My mother agreed with me. My love I'm glad I have you. I always think about you Derek . I believe that God will help us to meet. I believe that God is helping us. I can not imagine my life without you. My love I think we will be happy together. My love I want to be with you. I want to prepare for Russian food. I think you'll like Russian food. Derek Love when I fall asleep, I imagine that you're near me. I present you hug me and kiss me gently to sleep. My love when I get up, I want to wake you up and prepare you breakfast. But then I realize that it is only a dream. And it makes me a little sad. My love, I can not live without you. I have a very strong love you !!!!! my love I'm waiting for your letter. My love write me what you think about it. I wait for your answer. I LOVE YOU!!! Tatyana!

Letter 15

Hello my true and faithful man Derek! I am glad to receive a letter from you but not very good news for me. How are you there? What's your mood and how your health? I read your letter. And the first thing I want to tell you that I'm really happy for you and for the beautiful happy woman who is around you. Derek You do not have themselves to blame in something. Since the heart can not command. And thank you very much, you did not hide it from me. And tell the truth. Although it is quite bitter but still it is the truth. I wish you happiness and a long love with the person that you truly loves and is ready to take care of you. What can I tell you. What I would like to continue to communicate with you. And I would like to see you my real true friend. Unless of course you yourself do not mind and your significant other. I am sending you a photo of me and my mom. She just wanted to show you. Since I am open to you. And I have nothing more to hide. I just want to write to you to share your experiences. And also I would like to, and you responded to me. But I want you did not have because of me problems. Since I do not want to bring discord in your relationship and the more love. If you want I will be for you a friend who will always support you and to help. Derek, I do not think I will have now is the time to find someone else. I think my time has not come. And I will go on helping children and do their job. All I would ask is to be my friend and mentor. Since in this life there are ups and downs. I and the truth is very happy for you and your companion with which you are happy. Derek, I'll wait for your answer with impatience. You're a very good and loyal man. And I'm glad that God has given the opportunity to get to know you. Have a nice day. Your friend from Russia Tatyana!