Scam letter(s) from Olga Blokhina to John (USA)

Letter 1
Dear, I wrote you a letter yesterday - did you receive this my letter?
I send you, below the copy of my last letter.
Hope you are interesting in continue our relation and I feel that feelings between us becomes stronger - do you feel the same? :) Guess that you are busy now with work or something else and hope to find a letter from you tomorrow, just want you to know that your Olga waiting for your letters with great anticipation! Hope you are ok there, really happy to see a letter from you and glad that you want to become friends :) I would be happy if you send me some new fotos and promise to send you mind of course.
I think that you already know a little about me from my previous letter but now I want to tell you little more. I borned in 1986 in small russian city called Orlov, it's in Kirov region but not sure if you know where it is because it's very small town.
And of course I have some thoughts to move to big city because I love travel and want to realize myself :) what else...
I'm usual russian girl, love nature, good music, meeting with friends and prefer healthy life style.
My height 167cm and 51 kg weight, looks very compact and sportive as you can see on my fotos ;)
What about you? What's your interests and hobbies in life?
How do you like to spend your free time? Just curious ;)
About my daily life - of course I have a job because need to survive ;)
I have economic degree and at present time work as manager in a firm which deal with selling different furniture - sofas, bed, chairs etc.
My job is good, I'm feeling myself comfortable and have good collective, so there are no problems with job and that's really good ;) But I'm already 29 y.o., still unmarried and of course I'm thinking about creaing family but still haven't met comatible person.
I believe that any strong feelings born from friendship, so we need to be open and honest to each other, do you agree with me?
I have a serious intentions and please tell me what are you looking for?
Anyway we can start as friends and who knows what can happen in future!
I'm looking for new friends because I'm planning my future vacation soon, I worked hard past year and deserve to have a rest.
Just don't want to spend it alone in new country and it would be great if may be we will meet each other and you will be my guide, show me some cool places -what do you think?
A month ago I applied for my tourist visa, filled all necessary papers and soon my visa will be ready.
If you have a common desire to meet in real life then it will be possible soon!
Please tell me what's your thoughts about it, waiting for your answer soon!
with kind regards, Olga
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend John, it's Olga ;) how's your life there?
I'm fine here and in a good even that weather is not fine...
but it doesn't matter for me because I see a letter from you and it's made my day! ;)
What weather at your place now? I love summer, - enjoy sun, green grass, trees, a lot of flowers.
What is your favorite season? sure that summer too :)
I didn't ask you before but do you like russian food? Have you ever tried it? :)
I love to cook and believe that do it enough well because have a good teacher - my mother!
She is perfect in cooking really and yesterday evening she cooked borsch - it's a very tasty soup, have you heard and may be ever ate it?
If we will meet one day then I will cook a lot of great tasty russian dishes (if you don't mind of course!), sure that you will like it ;)
You know, yesterday evening time I discuss my future trip with my parents.
I'm the only one child in our family and of course they are worry of me because I go alone to big country which far from Russia.
But I explained them everything in details, told them that I met a good man there - you and that you will care of me a treat me like a queen.
By the way, they asked me to give their best regards from them ;)
Dear, with each new day I'm thinking more and more about trip to your country and our meeting...
what your thoughts about it? How do you imagine a moment of our meeting? Just curious ;)
If everything will be fine and I will come to you then I hope that you will meet me at the airport with flowers - in other case my parents won't let me go! :)
Oh John, I think that I need to know what's the narest airport for you where you can meet me withot problems?
I will get a valid visa for 90 days and as soon as you tell me about nearest airport I can find a good compatible flight to you.
Still can't believe that we will meet each other soon!
I want to know you better, want to know what's your life is, hope you will introduce me to your friends - will you? :)
ok, have to finish for now, wish you a great time and of course waiting for your reply with huge impatience soon!
with warm embraces,
Letter 3
Hello my dear John!
I want to tell you that today is a sad day for me because I did not receive your letter.
How are you? What's wrong with you? Are you all right?
I hope you're all right! Maybe you're busy.
It may still be for any reason you do not write to me.
But every time I do not get your letters I get very sad.
You know it perfectly well. I am very worried about you, when you did not write.
This feeling can be compared to the feeling of a mother who worries about your child.
At this point in my head fly the bad thoughts that if anything happened?
But I try to put it out of your head. I tell myself that you're just busy, but I still worry.
But sometimes I think that if you just decided to stop writing to me and then I get hurt, hurt somewhere inside, it hurts my heart. At this point, I want to cry.
I say to myself: "Do not cry, do not cry. MY DEAR NOT FORGET ME, MY DEAR LOVES ME".
This I say to myself. But I'm paying more and more.
This is all because of the distance that is between us.
Honey, sometimes it's really very difficult without you and your writing.
But when I receive your letter on my face a smile.
And a voice inside me said, "You see Olga, with my dear ALL IS WELL, HE LOVES YOU AND NEVER FORGET."
And I start to smile when I receive your letter.
I beg you, do not blame me for this letter.
Perhaps it upset you, believe me, I did not want it.
But I wanted to tell you that I have inside.
Because I can not keep it to myself. Because you're my most desired man that I have.
I do not doubt the sincerity of your feelings, but I was hurt by the fact that we are not together, from the fact that we are far away from each other, and we still share this distance. And I'm very worried about that.
My kitten, my dear, I miss you very much.
Every day I wait for news from you.
My dear, and I hope a lot of that tomorrow your letter will greet me. I sure hope so.
Now I'm done, and I will wait for your answer.
With love, your forever Olga!
Letter 4

Hi my dear John, how is your life there?
Have some free time and decided immediately write you few lines, hope I'm not bothering you by my letters :)
I think that in my previous letters I told you that I have a hard-working period now but I have some perfect news!
Today morning I had a evry important meeting with our main client and... yes, I've done it!
Profitable contract signed now and I'm a winer! ;)
So, tomorrow is a last work day for me - need to induct my colleague with my work affairs and so, I'm free like a bird during my vacation! WOW!
It's really great new and my dear, since this moment I even can't think about anything else except my future trip and meeting with you!
Are you excited too to meet me too? Hope that yes ;)
What's weather at your place now? Just asking you because need to know what kind of clothes need to bring with myself :)
I'm going to Moscow Tuesday of evening and arrive there on Wednesday of morning, anyway I will keep inform you about all details of my trip, ok?
Recently I visited my aunt Valya, we are very close relatives and she is like a close friend for me ;)
I talked with her about you, my trip to you and she asked to tell you "hi!" from her ;)
We talked a little, she gave me some advices concerning my trip because she is older then me and wiser in some life's moments.
Also she give me a little symbolic gift for you from her but it's a secret yet ;)
Of course I prepared my personal present for you my dear and you will receive it on our meeting in airport, ok?
But the main gift for you is me, - do you agree? :)
I'm feeling myself little nervous about our first meeting but I think it's normal because it's my first experience, sure you understand ;)
I think that it would be nice to talk to each other a little before meeting in real life, give me your phone number and I can call you, would be great to hear your voice!
Have some news concerning my visa, today I called then and they said that I must be on interview at 1 June, Wednesday it will be very important day and I need to prepare myself for this interview, feeliong myself nervous and sure that it won't be easy....
crossing fingers that everything will be fine and I will pass it well.
I would prefer to have a wings and fly to you without any documents :)
You know, my feelings for you becoming stronger and stronger with each new letter and I can't do anything with it :)
What about you? I will give you all my feelings, hugs and kisses immediately at the airport! :)
Close for now because my dog want to go for a walk, so, I need to go for a walk too even if I don't want :)
Take M&Ms candy and walk a little with thoughts about you and our future time together!
Write me as soon as possible, waiting for your letter soon sweety!
Letter 5
Hi honey, how are you? Hope you have a nice day there, I will be short for today because in 2 hours I'm leaving to Moscow by bus because as you already know, tomorrow I'll have an interview in embassy in Moscow, so tomorrow is a super important day for me and I think for us!
John, i will arrive to Moscow tomorrow early morning and at 11:40 a.m. I must be in embassy.
I trust that everything will be find and I will get my visa a last because all my thoughts now only about you and our time which we will spend together!
We are so close to eah other and just need to wait few days till you will give me all hugs and kisses in the airport! :)
and of course I hope you will be with flowers on our first meeting ;))
Ok, need to sit a talk with my parents now before go to biggest trip in life and write you as soon as possible.
Missing of you and thinking of you all the time my dear...
with warm hugs and kisses,
your Olga
p.s. yesterday I sent two angels to you for protecting your sleep but they returned and said that that angels can't look for an angel ;))
you are my most important angel for me and sure that w will be happy together!
Letter 6
Hi my dear John, it's me.
First of all I want ot tell you some news... - I passed interview well and received my visa!!!
As I thought it was not easy but I done it and now I have whole package of necessary documents for my trip to you.
But also officer in embassy told me one thing which makes me very sad...
I already filled all the form and received a valid visa for 90 days and customs rules sayd that I must have 30 USD per each day, so I must prove that I have 2700 USD.
He said that it's usual rule and it's made because of illegal immigrants and I must obey this rule anyway.
It's really terrible new because all documents and forms filled and I can't change anything...
Of course I have some money - I got a salry before go to vacation, also had some savings and my parents helped me too but all what I have now is about 1900 USD but unfortunately it's not enough and I just don't know what to do really...
I tried to make flight to you for smaller term. If I to come to you for 10 days, the sum has to be for 90 days.
Doesn't matter for what term I will arrive now. As my visa is issued for 90 days, it is impossible to change the visa already.
And I have to declare all 2700 dollars at customs. I asked officer and pray him to help me but he only said that I must only show this money that I have them and don't need to waste this money.
My dear John, you are the only one resort for me and eveb thoughts that we won't meet each other killing me...
I can buy my tickets immediately as soon as I will have all this amount of money but I'm in a terrible condition now becauase I don't have whole amount and don't have anybody here in Moscow for asking help... except you.
My love, I believe in you and in our strong feelings and I trusrt that you won't leave me in this hard situation.
Of course I can't force you to do anything and it's only your choice but I beleive that you have feeligs for me too, really want to believe in it.
Please help me if you can with this rest 800 SD - I promise that I won't waste even a cent of this money, I just show at custom that I have enough money and return you them immediately on our meeting in airport or can send you back if it's necessary.
My love we need to solve this situation as soon as possible because I can't stay in Moscow for a long time, hotels is expensive here. I asked at custom what to do in case if you want to help me with this money - they said that there are money transfer services here at the airport called Western Union or Money Gram and it's the best solution in our situation becuase it's very fast.
I already talked with manager of Western union an she said that if you want to help me with money then you must know my ID, full name and address, here is this information: Full name: Olga Blokhina.
Address: Russia, Moscow, 125009, Petrovka Street house 26, building 8.
Honey, please don't be mad on because I really didn't know about this ****** rules and thought that all my problems will finish after receiving visa...
And once again I tell you that I need this money only just for one day to prove that I have enough money for staying there and return you whole amount as soon as possible - promise it!
I'm crossing fingers that you will receive this letter and answer me as soon as possible, waiting for your here in cyber cafe, crying and thinking of you...
our meeting so close and even don't want to think that we won't meet!
I believe in you and our felings to each other, sure that you won't leave me alone with this problems...
with warm husg and kisses, your Olga.
Letter 7
Hello my dear and my the only one love John!
Glad to see your letter and you know, I feel that my feelings grows stronger and stronger with each new day of our relation and at present time I even can't think about anything else excet you! :)
I realize that you became a very important part of my life and I can't imagine it without you...
I'm feeling myself happy when I see your letters, read tender words for me...
I need you my love and want to believe that you have same feelings for me too...
Sure that we will spend great unforgettable time with each other, I have a lot of ideas what we can do together on our future meeting! ;)
But as you already know I met this problems now with this ****** immigration rules for tourists and this problems killing me and I really don't know what to do now...
Please try to understand that I can't go to you without this money, unfortunately it's obligatory rule and I must obey it.
I already asked all my friends and relatives but nobody can't help me right now and you are my the only one resort...
I hate myself because of asking you for this help but I'm sure that you are serious man and you won't leave me alone with all this problems!
My dear, I need only 800$ - I will add this money to money which I have, show in custom inspection that I have all necessary 2700$ for trip to you and after it I can immediately buy a nearest flight to you honey!
My love, I told you many times and repeating you once again that I won't waste even a cent of your money and return you them immediately on our meeting at the airoprt with thousand hugs and kisses!
Please try to understand my situation, I'm alone with all this problems now and they drives me crazy and sad...
all what I want now - to be with you in your arms, want to kiss and hug you and forget about all this problems...
I need you and want to be with you, it's my main desire and even thoughts that we won't meet each other killing me...
Honey I need your support in this hard moment and I believe that you help me to solve this problem and we will be together as planned - it's all what I'm dreaming about.
It was a hard day, tired very much and in a little depression because of all problems, need to have a rest really. Hope you will receive this my letter soon and we will solve this problem together!
Please don't forget that you are always with me in my dreams and hope that soon my dream will come true and we will see each other in real life!
with all my love,
Letter 8
Hi my dear John, it’s me again…
Dear think that you don’t realize in what terrible situation I’m in now...
I arrived to Moscow, passed my interview in consulate well and received visa - it’s not easy to receive visa at present time but I’ve done it! But I before I go to you I must prove to immigration service that I have enough money for staying in your country!
It’s obligatory immigration rules because a lot of people go abroad and stay there as illegal immigrants!
And it’s a reason why I must have this money – it's the law of your country and I can’t change it!
Dear, please try to understand me – I must have this money and need only to show them to custom officer that I have enough money in according with immigration rules and come to you!
I promise that I return you all money which you help me, I give you my word that I won’t waste even a cent of your money!
I am alone here in Moscow and all problems really killing me…
I can’t imagine that this amount of money can prevent our meeting...
even don’t want to think about it because it’s my dream to met you and I want to believe that you have the same strong feelings for me too and help me to solve this situation…
Today I talked with my mom, ask her to try to find necessary money but there are already not people from whom I can borrow this money… Really I do not know what to do and I almost destroyed…
I can only rely on you my dear… You know, I have $ 1900, and I need another 800$... you are my the only one resort…
if you want me stand on my knees then I will do it because I love you with all my heart and ready for everything for our happiness!
I want to meet you, want to hold your hand and kiss your lips… want to be in your arms and sure that I will make you happy too!
But we need to break all barriers and become a happy couple – it’s my main desire and hope that your too!
You're the man, whom chosen my heart… Can’t write more because cry all the time now…
write me as soon as possible, crossing fingers that you will read it and write me a letter with good news.
with all my love for you,
Your Olga
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