Letter(s) from Anastasia Sousa to Eloha (USA)

Letter 1

hello friend; how are u? and how is weather over there? meanwhile; i am Ann and u?

Letter 2

thanks for the weather info; i asked coz i wish to visit your country; hope we can be good friends

Letter 3

i am american; but i live here in mexico; so whats ur nationality and profession

Letter 4

oh, ic. could u give me ur email id; let me details reasons why I wish to visit ……. Soon

Letter 5

ok; i sent u a mail; check and get back to me

Letter 6

hope you are in good health? this is your friend Ann on tagged.
Like I said on tagged; I'm American; but I sell cars here in mexico; i am a widow and my son works with the U.S Army; and currently on peace keep assignment in Syria; he sent me a parcel containing some cash inside; through a traveling agent; and the agent already arrived in Denmark; saying that he cannot proceed journey to mexico to deliver the parcel to me; coz of distance inconveniences; so he is asking me to come (my country) for its collection; but I am not ready for journey now; because i am not feeling fine at the moment and also I am still renewing my U.S passport.
so my problem now is that; I don't have any relative or friend over there in (my country) and I don't know anywhere there; do you get that now? so; let me know if you can receive the parcel over there in (my country) from the agent; so I can give you the agent's phone nos; to enable you communicate him. Do you understand now? And when you receive the parcel from him; you will take only %10 of the total funds inside for your assistance; then I will give you an account where you will remit the remaining %90 to me; do u get that now?
but the most important now is that; I hope you will not betray me or run away with the parcel (cash) when you receive it from the agent over there? please assure me of your honesty first and provide me your complete personal & contact data in your next mail.
when i receive your reply; then I will tell you the exact amount in the parcel ok.
i wait your reply.