Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Okhulkova to Mark (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my beloved, Mark!
It was very pleasant to me to speak on the phone with you! During our telephone conversation my heart fought faster, than usually! If it is fair, I strongly worried before our conversation and when I have heard your voice, I all have begun to shine with happiness! I am am overflowed with positive emotions from our phone conversation! I am very glad, that I have heard your voice! It for ever remains in my heart!
This morning I visited the travel agency and found out about the prices. I even could not ever imagine that it will cost so much! My love, after our conversation with tourist manager I can say for sure that I could never afford such a trip. He said that now it’s prices jumped up due to the high value of the dollar. So he gave me an information paper and explained me that it would be better to organize a visa. It does not take a lot of time and they give the assurance that I am 100% get a visa if I order it through them. So they will help me to organize everything but I will have to sign a contract with them. The whole price is 705 pound sterling, there are tickets Novosibirsk-London-Novosibirsk 300 pound sterling and all required documents: visa 100 pound sterling, insurance 80 pound sterling and medical card 55 pound sterling and a service of tourist agency 170 pound sterling. It’s all necessary to came to you and at the same time it’s just crazy sum of money for me!
Even if I spend all my and my mother’s savings I will be able to cover only the part of cost for this trip. That’s all I can say... I was ready to pack my suitcase and now I’m crying.
I just wanted to be with you. Now I don’t know how to be in this situation... hoped that you could help me... It's unpleasant to ask you about this, but I think that this applies to both of us, so it's only fair that you, too, will contribute to my arrival. I'll be very grateful to you... Of course, part of the sum do I pay myself, but I can not cover all the costs. I hope we can find a way to be together... so hope!
I need a couple of days to prepare the necessary documents for the visa (photos, certificate from work, fill out all forms, copies of passports, information on real estate and other) and another 4-6 days for approval of visa. Here are some variants of scheduled flights. Let me know what time my arrival to you will be the most convenient. We can choose any date:
1 Boarding from Novosibirsk (OVB) - arrival London (LHR) 9:45 am
2 Boarding Novosibirsk (OVB) - Arrival London (LGW) 7:35 pm
Almost forgot, I also need your full address. It is necessary to fill out a form to obtain a visa, I should indicate in what places in UK, I'll stop. Can I stay with you, or will I need to get a hotel room? I would not want to confuse you with my presence and annoying =) LOL
I’m praying you please don’t leave me alone. I need you, Mark! It will be the end of my letter, I have to go back to home, getting dark. I'll wait for your answer tomorrow morning. Passionate kiss to my Prince before bedtime!
Always yours Natalya
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