Scam letter(s) from Joyce Bolt to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend.
I'm glad you decided to write to me, and not against the chat. My name is Tina. In my e-mail address of spam received a letter from some obscure dating sites. This spam message, I saw your e-mail address, and decided to write you.
I live in the wonderful country of Georgia. (not beguiled with the name of the US state, since the names are the same). And my town called Tbilisi. I like my city is very beautiful ancient architecture, even a nature reserve nearby. Have you heard anything about our country Georgia? You know my city Tbilisi? My country is in the Caucasus!
I am 30 years old, though many say that I look younger. I do not know if this is true. Here you're looking at my photos, what you think about this? If interested, I can say that with the growth of 168 cm weigh 54 kg, with such indicators can be a model, but such a perspective, to be honest, I was not tempted. Just in Georgia this business enjoys a very good reputation not. Besides, I have a great job - I'm a fitness instructor. Aerobics engaged since childhood, like move, cheered catchy music.
In our apartment phone is not installed, so I do not have internet access. I use the internet at my friend, so I can not always check my mail. But, I will try to visit it more often to keep correspondence with you.
Never been married, no children. Perhaps then tell more why it happened. What I'm all about himself but about yourself! Please tell us everything that you think is right, how you live, where you work, what are keen???
I am pleased to send you my photo! I hope that you like it. I look forward to your letter, and your photos! I really want to look at you!
I look forward to your letter!
Your new friend Tina!
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