Scam letter(s) from Elena Drobysheva to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hey sweetheart! It's Elen. I want to incept this message with saying that I'm sick and tired of being single. I would like to find happiness, to meet someone who'll take care over me and love me truly. I've been disappointed by people so many times. In the past I failed in building love. But I do not despair, and don't lose hope. And so I made a decision to search for love over the Internet. I find it attractive that you are older than I. This means that you are ready for a serious relationship. I'm an honest and sincere lady who wants to find love. My name is Elen. I am from UK. If you're single and want to find love, write to me and send me your photographs. In my next email I will be happy to tell you more about me and send you my pics. I'm waiting for your response.
Letter 2
Hello Steve!!! How are you today? I made a first step and I am very glad that you accepted it.
Well, my name is Elena. I was born in Russian Federation, but now i live and work in Reading,England for a half of the year.
I was born on 1st of March in 1982.I have a mother and younger brother in Russia,in Syktyvkar.I came to United Kingdom to work.I work as a governess in a family,I got a high Pedagogical education in Russia and speak English very good.
I am a real person and I am ready to create something good with a real person too.
I am tired to be lonely.Are you familiar with this feeling? I want to create a good family with a right man.I am 34 years old,so I am full of energy and desire to make real all my future plans.
My friends say I am nice,kind and cheerful girl.I love animals, kids, music and dancing.
I am a healthy woman, I do not drink, I do not smoke, do not use drugs.
I am busy but not safisfied,that`s why i wrote to you.
I am full of forces and love, but only for one man!For love, i think I can turn everything in my life upside down :) So I think it is enough for the first time.If you are really interested in me - I will write you tomorrow!
By for now, and ask me everything you want to know.
Best regards,Elena.
Letter 3
Steve,I was very glad to get your letter! I know its' not quite the same as getting to know someone in person,but I think that in our case it is a very good start:) I know that some bad people in Internet can make a wrong impression of russian girls.I think they ashamed my country and I do not respect this type of people.
Yes,there are a lot of bad people in the net. I am also scared of them.
Some people are looking to scam people, while others are actually looking for someone to start a new life with.
And I want to hope that they make up the majority.The good people exist in real world like on Internet and I am on of them.
Do you understand me and I hope that you also here not for games?
Anyway,just listen what your heart tells you. So I think that we understood each other and we will never talk about it again. I respect you - you respect me: this is my only condition.
Yes,i am tired to be lonely as i work a lot.As I told you I work as a living nanny in a family.I am looking after a charming little lady.
Already now I have a lot of communication with her,and never get tired of this, the other way, I feel like I get more energy after my communication with this amazing child:) But I have very little time to date with anyone in a real life. Of course men in the street and markets ask me for a phone number,but I never give out my number to strangers. I want a serious man who has his own goals,the inner strength and determination. I like when a man stand strong and make smart decisions on behalf of his family. That shows wisdom, commitment and loyalty, which are qualities I admire!!
I am dreaming of a loving partner, a happy family that is what will make my happiness complete.So,I live here in Reading for a half of the year already,my working visa allows me to stay here for 6 months more.After it expires,my working terms will be renewed.
So,I am pretty confident in my future,I am sure,if I don't believe in myself then other people won't do it too :).I love my new life in England,moover my new family accepts me very well.
What I can tell you more now - I am very good at cooking. I like to cook most of all in my life.I can cook everything I think ;) I like flowers and gardening.I like camping very much too-warm evenings on the bank of the river,with fire,songs in a circle of your close people.Sounds so romantic!
I like read books, dance.I am not a big music fun but I have some particular preferences..I love classical music,Shopen,Tchaikovskiy, I love contemporary singers well-Robbie Willimas,Ariana Grande and so on.
This is about music :) I like to watch a movies. My favorite one is the "Autumn in New York", did you watch it?
I have some questions for you, if you don't mind. Can you describe me a woman you would love to meet? Please, tell me a little bit more about your education and work? I send you my new photos. I hope you will like them :). I hope to see your photos too. I am waiting for your answer! I am excited :)Elena. your letter you mentioned the age difference and i do not think that it will be a great problem for us.Just the opposite:I am sure that in a good union a man should be older and wiser than his woman.
i prefer strong independent,goal orientited men,and unfortunately they are so hard to find among youngsters.
Besides,older man can give tenderness, care and assuarance-all that is important for me in realtionships.And do not forget the words of famous Russian poet" Love has not age"!
I am absolutely agree with him and what about you?:)
Letter 4

Steve I am very glad that you are interested in me and want to continue our correspondence. What can be more pleasant than acquaintance with a person who is searching for his destiny as well as
me?:) I think we are strong people as we want to change our life for the better but not just to be satisfied with what we have. To my mind, intellectually wealth and purposeful people choose this way.
Now my heart is racing again and I could not resist writing you back and thanking you for sticking with me. I want to see your letters as often as possible,because they already became to me interesting and exciting! I am sure if try to get to know each other better, to learn our characters then we will be able to see how much we match.
Through your letters, I feel that you are very smart and sincere man, I still cant believe that a man as interesting as you can be lonely but i suppose love is a funny thing and in my experience true love is worth the wait :) Am i right?
I want you to know, I do not write to other men on the web.I had a few writing to me in the past and both only wanted to have a cyber ***.And both ended, cause I didn't send any **** pictures of me. So, I don't write to anybody else.
I am not a mean person, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.I write to you only and I want you to write to me only too. Can you do that for me? I want to continue to correspond with you, Probably the destiny gave us a chance,and we should not miss it?
I will surprise you maybe if i say that i didn't date any men for half a year.My previous relations did leave a painful mark,and it hurts. But I am sure without these mistakes,it would be impossible for me to learn to be careful,opening my heart to different people.But time heals all wounds they say.:) Do you understand me?I am afraid to be mistaken again,that`s why I want our correspondence to be truthful and open from the start.I am tired of my current situation in every way.
Yes, I would like to make changes soon, and if you're part of that, then I am thrilled!! It's been so long since I had someone truly love me,support and accept me.And it's been just as long since I was able to give my love and support to someone. I would love to meet with you soon and see where it will go from there. I`m honest, caring, loving, giving woman, not controlling, easy going. I love to do things together walk, play outside, I do like snow but not the cold.And just so you know already I dreamt of you just reading your email before I went to bed. I do want to know more about you. ask me anything, and I will answer honestly. may I ask you any question also?? what is an ideal family for you? I am not boring person, I like to have fun and love to make people laugh. please write me back with your thoughts and questions, so far so good. good luck to us both, Elena. p.s.Please answer the questions of my last letter
Letter 5
I have been waiting for your reply Steve...
Waiting for the mail like in old times the postman delivers the mails and people look for the postman through the window :-)) Especially when you have a good expectation like a letter from beloved! In old times the beloved put her or his perfume on the paper so that the other half can smell her or him and feel near :-)) or sometimes a kiss on the paper and the beloved man or woman kisses the paper and feels the love! Sometimes a piece of hair cut and enclosed the envelope :-)) Like my teenage love did many years ago :-)) I don't live in the past but never throw it away or forget and keep even little remembrances!
Now I get a letter from you and it give me the same feeling and taste like those letters with that perfume or kiss and I can even see and smell and touch your hair! Nice and cute and beautiful :-)) I don't know why but am writing again and sharing my mood and emotions with you, the lovely man I know for a short time :-) I think there is something romantic in such kind of correspondence, as real feeling can't be born without romance.
Steve,what are your dreams? I think that two people should have the same views on life, goals and vision of the future.
My vision for the future - creating a good family happy with the right man.
The man, who is able to not only speak beautiful,but also to confirm the words on the acts.
I'm not looking for the most handsome man in the world. I'm looking for the most beautiful man to me,in my eyes.
What do I want in a man?
Honesty, an ability to love without barriers,someone with whom i can share my interests,someone who will open up to me and tell me his inner secrets,someone who will not try to change me,but accept me as I am.Someone who is contented with us being an item.
I suppose that love is eternal.People should not live in vain,leading a fast life,that is the reason why they always search for their second halves.
From my point of view, relations between man and woman depend mostly upon a woman. Harmonic atmosphere and cosiness are born in the house thanks to female tenderness, caress, understanding, intuition and kindness.I hope that could open a little for you my ideas :) I am not afraid of commitments for marriage and family.I need it rather!!
Today after the breakfast i took my little princess to Shinfield park.
We played outside and enjoyed the fresh air.
I saw many couples and kids there and suddenly felt so lonely!I promise to myself that I will definitely try my best to meet my right man soon and it would be the greatest delight to go to some nice place together.
Maybe I am too romantic, but it's who I am.
I feel that we alike - we share the same dreams, the dream of a strong future family.I am glad we share the same dream. Our hearts know pain and disappointments, and we are both tired to be lonely.Yes,I am tired to be lonely...I know, you understand this feeling like no one else,Steve.
But i appreciate that you saved your kind heart and best qualities for your right woman. It tells me a lot about you.
I feel that we are certainly growing closer but I also want to hear from you more often. I don't feel lonely when I read your letters :)ok,i will better stop here. Please tell me a little about your parents, ok?
I will impatiently wait for your next reply!
Elena. p.s.thank you for nice photos.
well, you ask me about my past experience, but Steve, don't you think that it is better forget them and start as if we never had anyone before? we should live in present, not in the past. and besides, why should we talk about people who hurt us once? it is too much for them! don't you agree with me in this point
Letter 6
Steve,I am very happy to receive another nice email from you! You showed the interest to me and it is very pleasant for me to feel it! I am so anxious, I read your emails very fast, and then, later, I have to go back and read them slowly, so I can digest exactly what you have written to me :)You are so handsome!I am stricken by you! The more you describe yourself, the more I realize we are very similar. I think, that we very much approach each other and I do a correct choice for the future. You know, I have a lot of thoughts to share with you, and every time I write you I don't know where to start:) But I think it is good, as it means that it is interesting for me to communicate with you. It would be worse if I didn't know what to say, isn't it?
I want you to talk to me from your heart and tell me whenever you are upset or excited. Whatever you want, tell me!
Thanks for your compliments. Wow,how pleasant they are! It is hard to believe, but I didn't receive them for a long time...When I read your letters, my heart wants to jump out of my chest!it beats like Boom- Boom-Boom :)Can you hear?
I agree with your views on people and relations. Your desire to have a loving understanding and happy family is a great desire I share those views, but I also know that it take a lot of time and focus the keep the flames of passion and desire kindled, which calls for a lot of understanding, tolerance and selfless love. I want a man who can love me and whom I can genuinely love in return. I think that the love between a woman and a man is the most beautiful thing in the world! :)For my right man i want to become everything: close friend,lover,second part.I am very affectionate woman, I can laugh and cry,embrace and kiss.I like to spend a time together with my man go out or to stay at home and make a candle light dinner together.
By the way, are you good at cooking? Tell me, please,what are your favorite dishes,Steve? I will try to find the recipe!I suppose,it will be a nice piece in my collection :) I like to take foamy bath or watch TV together with my man.I enjoy shopping together,clothes, foodstuffs,or things for our home.I am the woman who likes to laugh and does not argue. The woman who loves to show her feelings,likes to be sensual and romantic. Are you romantic too? And also loves lingerie! Ohh,I already become aroused thinking of all the pleasant things we can do together :)It has been at least 1 year since I have felt the heat from some ones touch, the soft whispers, and the firm embrace of a gentle loving arms. These are the things that I had just put aside and was locked into a dull life of work.That` s why when i see happy couples and families,I feel that i am lonely..But these are important things i am missing in my life very much.
I know, that life consists not only from beautiful days,but it becomes unimportant when you have a loved one,which will be a close to you in a difficult minute.Probably I am very close to him, probably far...I don't know.Probably it is you?:)Well,i will close for now.
Hope this gets to you,when you have good mood,and you feel my warmth in my words for you...
Letter 7
Hello,my lovely Steve! It is always a thrill to receive a letter from you. I want to draw close to you because as we get to know and trust each other we will be able to arrange a real meeting before too much longer.I want to meet you and go on a few dates to see if there is chemistry between us.
I am ready to speak on different topics with you, as I want us to become more then just friends. I hope we won't keep secrets from each other.
Please tell me more about yourself,Steve,about your character.
Share everything you want with me!I want to draw your full image,and learn all about your world:)Because I am sure,that love by correspondence is possible if there is trust,truthfulness and openness.
I am much happier leading a simple, happy lifestyle.
I tend to be good to people,i am totally faithful and reliable in all things.
I am a good woman who is loyal and family oriented, love my mom, brother,aunties and my dog. When I was a teenager,I had a boyfriend coming to my place once and I showed him my dog. He said, "Well, you passed that test." I said "What test?" He said, "If the dog was afraid of you, I would be out of here." He said that to a woman who hugs and kisses her dog like some women do their husbands.I have always loved and apprecaited animals.I suppose, I have old fashioned ideals about family.I think partners should support one another,treat each other as equals in everything, not to be afraid to express any thoughts or opinions, forgive little lacks of each other.To always be loving,kind and caring, respectful to one another.I think these qualities make a perfect family life that will last forever!Do you agree? I have not met my right man when i lived in Russia.In my country men are very spoilt,that`t why it is a real problem to find a good one. I do not judge a person by the country he comes from,but I judge him by the character he presents to me.Life is too short to miss out on the best of it.
You sound like an amazing person, Steve,someone full of life, and a good heart!And i want to believe that our acquaintance isn't accident.I know,life sometimes deceives us and we make silly decisions. But I am sure i was not mistaken,when i addressed to the Internet.I believe that it is remarkable way of acquaintance - if not I would never meet you...Can i ask, What do you think of the idea about pillow talk between partners every night in bed?i will finish my letter.
Like yours,my heart throbs with anticipation of the next message from you.Till then I can only think of a lovely man that fate has brought to my attention...
Elena. p.s.I like to try cooking a new interesting dishes,so i will wait that you can teach me!i will be very good pupil!I am pisces too!!!
i agree with your conception of love.
Letter 8
I think you are amazing Steve!!
I was very happy to talk to you on the phone! If to be true,I was much so excited that i have lost all my words:)You know i wanted to tell you so much!
darling,i love your voice! your voice is so soft, so tender, so wonderful just as i imagined when i read your letters! this is like music for me! and I am looking forward to listening to this music all my life!
We have all made mistakes in life
and we learn from them and it shapes us and makes us into who we are.
I would be terrified to know someone that said they have never made a mistake or were never wrong. No one is perfect or without faults. It is the journey through life that counts. The way we treat and care of one another that is what matters.
I feel that with every letter we are becoming closer to each other.
Having someone to share in all things makes life so much easier.
Someone to always love and cherish and trust and share the beauty and even the sadness with is what makes life worthwhile.
I think have found that in you Steve.. I love very few people but i would do anything in my power for them. Love is a gift that is given to all. Some abuse it or take it for granted.How we love one another is up to each of us,i think.What actions are you ready to do for your beloved woman?
I am just an average woman and far from perfect. I thank God for my life each day. I have left many things and people in my life. I am very thankful that I am here and still carry sadness that they are gone. I wish so badly to have a husband, a lover, a partner to share my life with. To hold and laugh with. To embrace every day together.
True love will always win and can never be extinguished. You are so amazing, smart, kind, and handsome and I sometimes ask myself how it is possible that I`ve met you? I didnt think that there were still people like you on this earth. Sorry but it is so hard to hide my growing affection for you:) It is terrifying to me that I risk having it crushed. But that is life. If i dont allow myself to risk my heart and feelings then i will never have the love i want so badly! I know what it is to love and I want it more than all else. To give all of myself to another. I do have unconditional love from my parents,they care for me, but most of all i wish have the love of my husband.
I have passed on several men over the last few years because i knew in my heart that it was not what i wanted. Some have told me they loved me but i didnt feel the same way. Very nice man, with many great qualities but just not right for me.Deeply hurt in relations with the married man in Russia (about his marriage i found out from his wife one day) I started to doubt in all the men, I couldn't believe any of them any more.Everybody seemed to be looking for the love affairs and I was not ready for them. I didn't have any men in my life since.So,living in UK,I got assured that foreign men are more reliable, family oriented, sincere and honest.They respect women much more. Also, I believe that life abroad is much better and there is more confidence in the future for myself. Since i met you ( which was totally an accident)you have switched a light of hope in my heart and now i have something to look forward too. Something big and exciting
:) Ok,let` see.. yours,Elena
Letter 9
Hi again my dearest Steve,I'm the only person on earth who can write that to you, right?
I think we are truly blessed to find each other as we did!Every morning I open my eyes and I think about you. I do my work and I think of possibility to read your message and to write mine. Isn`t it happiness?All my life, I was search such a man like you, who can be the sensitive and devoted partner. I truly want to start a new life for both of us together. It is important to have passion in our ****** relations and I just know from our letters that we are passionate and romantic. Our outlook on the future, our goals and values are in tune.I love our intimate talks,being open about your desires for me creates a freedom in our relations that builds and adds hopes and desires for our future together. Perhaps,it seems strange for you, we have not met you in real life, we have only letters,which I cherish, but I have feeling that we know each other for the whole eternity!
Last night I saw you and I, in an embrace having a long wet kiss standing under a full moon, with a gentle breeze...Waking after that dream stirred my feelings of being alone and desire.What is happening to me?It seems you have captured my heart, filled my thoughts, arouse me physically and emotionally.
You and I will certainly come to love and appreciate living our lives together,whether staying at home watching movie, cuddling in blankets and pillows or dressing up and going out for dinner where I can show off my beauty and feelings for you. Every night in bed we will touch,kiss,caress, ****** and if desired make love. You will bring great joy and contentment into my life.I will make you feel thirty years younger with my smile and my loving touch. I will be very proud to go for walks with you,walking arm in arm as loving couples! I look forward to cooking with you and doing dishes with you afterwards.We can talk aimlessly about our day,our hopes for future travel,future events etc.
We will never have an automatic dishwasher honey....never! Our communication while doing dishes will support our happy relations like nothing else Steve!How do you like this idea?It will be today, tomorrow,always.the day we will meet and begin our new life.Are you ready for that,sweetheart? The only things i want to ask you- please do not betray me,do not disappear without any reason.Always tell me the truth no matter how hard it is.I made my own mistakes in life,have my own wounds and fears,need acceptance and love.
Darling,what actions will you never forgive your woman? oh,dear,how hard is to finish this letter... I will fall asleep today, thinking of you..Think of me too with warm and tenderness. yours,Elena p.s.Thank you for nice photo!I love it!You have a very kind eyes and shining smile
Letter 10
Oh, my dear Steve, you are my ray of the sun in a window!it is not what i should forgive you for!
I understand that I can't imagine my life without you.You filled that emptiness which accompanied me every day.Now I can understand what feels woman being with her right man.I need your strong hands that you could carry me through danger, I need your wisdom that not to be lost in this huge world, I need your love to feel desired, I need your care to feel like the little girl who loves the sun and walking barefoot on the ground!
When I read your letters,the whole world becomes far for me: we are together you and I.When i close my eyes, and I see your face, sometimes I can even hear your soft voice: you call me- "darling Elena...At this moment I would like to throw all,to leave this vain lonely life behind and enjoy my time with you. I see you and I in my dreams: you hold my hand and smile. I look into your eyes,they are so thoughtful. You stare in mine, they are full of emotions. I excited for the very thought of holding you next to me, and feeling the gentleness of your soft lips on mine.
I have never seriously searched for love on the Internet and I am so thankful that i opened that first mail from you!
Now it has led me to the most amazing,strong smart,courageous,loving man!! YOU!! I am even ready to believe that you given me by destiny, though from sometime I have stopped to trust it because it often sents me tests and makes me take wrong decisions.Looking at things now,I am sure to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life to have chosen you Steve. You have brought a whole new future of hope and joy into my life, and I will always be grateful for that.
We think alike,we desire the same things.I believe we were meant for each other...real Soul-mates!!!! Do you belive in destiny? I feel you are the one whom I searched for all life. Without you I would breath the air and my heart would beat,but I would not feel the joy of life,I would gaze at the stars without appreciating the way they light up the sky. I would pass flowers in bloom without noticing their beauty.I would no longer look forward to each sunset and each dawn.Without you I wouldn't know laugher and happiness. Probably I am very much sentimental. If something happen with the Internet I would be broken, if i do not hear from you again.You are my shelter from hopelessness and dispair, my sunshine, my light.Please do not make me pain,do not be cold to me..There is so much I want to experience with you!
Laughter...discovering new world's. ..enjoying each other's companionship...needing and relying on each other. The simple beauty of coming home from work and seeing you waiting for me ...a cooked meal... a silky surprise much love and excitement in every new day! I love you my darling...I need you..more than anything in the world!Tomorrow my director will give me the answer about my next days off and i hope that very soon we can meet.
Very soon, I know that you will be right next me, and that I will not have to dream of it again!!
Letter 11
Dear Steve,You came into my life ,really asking for nothing,firstly establishing real thoughts and feelings for each other. We became close,your modesty,your truthfulness,honesty and believability then your absolute beauty stole my heart away. I live only for you,I want only you in my life.I want to share my life with you,make a family with you and adore only you all my life long!!!!!! I want to join your beauty and live and love in it. I want you to be mine and mine alone forever. You have turned my world upside down.There is not a minute I can't hear your voice in my head.Your thoughts are mine,mine yours.God created our lives for this timing. I have been seriously looking for years Thank God for you Steve,thank God for your love,thank God for your character,thank God for your mind!!!!!
Each day and night I think more and more of you; I think more and more of you and me! How amazing this is because we've not yet even met in person, and yet I know that's going to happen very soon now - at last!!
I have good news for you today! My boss told me that I can have the next weekends off! And to tell you the truth, I would love to meet with you.
We can spend 3 days together. What do you think of my idea, my dear?
I think it is a good chance to learn each other better because letters is not enough for me anymore. I am really glad that we can speak about such things as I sure that we could have good relations. If we don't meet, our acquaintance will be vain. I can arrange my trip to you.Unfortunately,I can`t invite you to me because I don`t have my own place here.But if you chose to come to Reading you can stay in a hotel.It is important to me to know, your decision.Are you ready for a meeting?Can I entrust you my heart Steve?
The absolute main reason for this question and reason for me feeling a little scared is that i heard some bad stories too. When foreign man kindly invite girls to their places and then treat them badly,can leave without documents or force to work in an ****** services. I think it is awful.. But at the same time I do not want the heartbreak of never meeting you!
I want to think that i have chosen a mature and decent man.
And you will not play these silly games and will treat me in a good way.
There is also a little chance that we will be disappointed in our acquaintance.If this happen please make a promise,that you will be polite to me and accompany me back.
But i am sure,it will not happen! i think our meeting will be our wonderful chance for both of us!!
My mind daily,every moment of my life now is filled with thoughts of you. We simply must be together and I hope that we can be together by next weekends!
I will finish my letter now..
I miss you a lot every time we’re apart.Kiss you tender.
yours,Elena. p.s.Thank you for nice photos.
Letter 12
I want you to know Steve that your letter was very reassuring and comforting. Your words touch me deeply, and draw me ever closer to you!
Through our correspondence we have already began to care, like, think and expect certain things from each other, we clearly like each and we talk easily with one another. I tell you now that i will never fool you around with any other man in the world because from the beginning I've felt in my heart that our acuaintance will become more big and close.And i was not mistaken.Steve, you came out of nowhere at this moment, like the destiny knocking at my door.You came,and my life is no longer empty and sad. we have promised to be honest with each other. If, out of honesty, I do lose you there is nothing I can do about that. But just remember that I am a good woman, loyal, passionate and compassionate. I am a deep thinker and feeler. I hurt too easily perhaps out of my own fears and insecurities, but that to me is better than having a heart of stone without feelings.Yes, I am in love with you. I love you!
Today when I spoke with my mum,she said that i need get back to Russia for a few days to help them to solve the questions with our appartment.
This is actually very important for my family. But do not worry my darling, my trip to Russia will last not more than 2 weeks, so I come back to UK soon.
I understand that we have already agreed to meet in the coming days, but we must postpone the meeting.
And now I want to know: I can come to your city directly from Russia.
I will book tickets from Syktyvkar to your place. Please, write me the name of your closest airport???
I talked with kid`s mother about my vacation today.She gave me 2 weeks off due to I was working very hard all 6 months and almost without days off and weekends. That's why I am sure that I will find 2 or 3 days for my arrival to you.What do you think about it my sweet?
We can meet and spend 2-3 days together in your place. I think that probably I can arrive to you on July,1. Please, think about it well as I want to book a round trip(I will buy ticket to Syktyvkar and back to your place) - this way is cheaper for me. I hope that you will agree with me. I hope that our acquaintance will not remain a dream and become reality as soon as possible ... I never believed that I can fall in love with the person whom I never saw in real life.
Yes,this must be fate..Do you trust this feeling? It is not my desire to mislead you, lie to you,hurt you, use you or abuse you Steve.
I have only serious intentions for you.
I was single for too long i think...Now i even do not know if it is possible for me to go on without you.Can i be happy,merry,carefree when you are not with me?Every moment in our separation proves me the this is impossible.I am happy only with you,with you the world opens me its brightest sides and erase barriers on the way to my happiness.I do not need any other man-I am yours,i am taken by you! I will never meet someone better then you and I am sure that as well that you will never meet the woman who will love you more then i do! Now I have said too much, much more than I intended when I started this letter. So I end this for now with a thankful heart!! I will carry you with me all day. I do hope we see each other very soon.
It's becoming almost painful that we don't! So, my love to you,Elena.
Letter 13
My darling Steve, before my tomorrow`s departure I write you a letter. This is my important business, and my family needs me now. You would do the same if it was necessary, I am sure. I'm just glad that you're loyal to me. That's very important. And you know that I am loyal to you as well. Never think that I am mad at you about something like this if something will happen with you or your relatives. when it comes to my going to Syktyvkar, I hope you know that I must do what is important for my mother and brother and settle the matters over there. At least I told you what's going on suddenly, and I will go of course. And I will plan on doing whatever in needed for us to meet at long last.God,I have been longing for that moment!! And I know you have as well. So, I do what I must do. I understand that we waited and planned our meeting much.So, I look forward to our meeting at London Heathrow airport on July,1.
Now here are details of my flight to you:
OUTBOUND - Friday, 1 Jul 2016
Operated by Rossiya Airlines
05:10 SCW Syktyvkar 2h 10
07:20 LED St Petersburg Pulkovo
Connect in airport 1h 50

09:10 LED St Petersburg Pulkovo 1h 30
10:40 VKO Moscow Vnukovo
Connect in airport 2h 50

13:30 VKO Moscow Vnukovo 3h 15
15:45 CGN Cologne
Connect in airport 2h 55

18:40 CGN Cologne 1h 25
7:05pm LHR London Heathrow
Arrives: Friday, 1 Jul 2016 I hope that you will wait for me there on July,1. I will go to airport in the morning.I want to confess that I'm afraid of flying.I wear a mask for the eyes and insert earplugs into my ears so that I could feel better.The longer I know you the more I know that you are a man with heart, just what I need and what I expect in my lover and partner. I have no fears about our meeting.
Take care of yourself!! I will think of you constantly and will be glad to get a letter from you when I come back home. I will write you my Russian phone number, so you can call me any time you wish, just please,remember about 2 hours time difference!!! And check if you have International calling on your phone. I will e-mail you as soon as I land in Russia. My mom has a computer at home. So I will write you every single day. I'll be back soon because we need to meet and check out our feelings. I finish my letter.Please remember your promises and me. I promise that I will tell you anything and everything I need to about this situation. In closing let me say that I long for that first deep kiss, holding you tight in my arms. I long for the moment we are ready to do whatever it takes, whatever leads up to us making our love. I will keep you in my thoughts as I travel. Take care of those feelings that you have for me. I love you! Lots of kisses and hugs. Wish me luck on my flight.
Your Elena
Letter 14
My sweet, sweet, sweet Steve. I came home to Russia finally and first of all I write you a letter as I promised and I always keep my promises.I hope that you are waiting for me and me only and no other woman will squeeze you in the corner or sweep you off your feet. You are only mine and I am only yours! I do not want to share you with any other woman, cause I love you too much! Please be patient before we meet. It will happen very soon as we planned.
Do you remember how you wanted and waited for something desired like a gift for your birthday when you was a kid? Do you remember this feeling? I have the same feeling now because so much I wait for our meeting in reality. I look forward to this meeting as a child who is waiting for the most desired gift for a birthday. Do you understand me? I need you in my life so badly and I look forward to this meeting very much. So enough about that.
I think you wish to know how was my flight and how my family members met me at the airport. My flight was good and I didn't feel myself bad during it as ususal, I thought about you a lot - about the words you told me, about our meeting, and the time of my flight passed very quickly for me.I arrived at Syktyvkar Airport.My mother and brother were already there. Our meeting was happy and warm. Mom cried and it was tears of hapinness, of course as we didn't see each other for long 5 months. Finally we went home. We came home, we had a nice dinner: my mum cooked a very tasty Russian soup with meat "Borsch", I am sure you have heard about this soup, cause it is very popular dish in Russia. I will it cook for you when I come back, as I am good at cooking and I remember I told you I always cook by my own.We couldn't stop talking with each other - about everything what happened since I left Russia.
You know, this is a great happiness when all close people are together. But I wasn't completely happy - you are far from me :( By the way I told my mum about you. She didn't know that I met you on the Internet and she was very surprised and happy. I will explain you why. Honey, when i lived in Russia, she always wanted to find a nice man for me: she got me acquainted with son's of her co-workers, neighbours and classmates, but I didn't approve it as I wanted to make my own choice. It is my life and only I responsible for that. And now, when I told her about our love she started to ask lots of questions about you. She watched news and heared lots of bad stories about relationships with foreign men and Russian women. I said to her that you are a very serious man and you are honest with me, so I hope that it is true and I am not an Internet-toy for you honey. I love my family very much. And I know that you will also like my family when you come to Russia one day with me or they will come to visit us. They take their best regards to you. My mom promised to knit a warm sweater for you in a few days. This sweater you will need when you arrive in Russia. Therefore, I will bring a gift for you from my mom, which size of your shirts? I finish my letter. And please write down my cell phone number here in Russia +79278780589.Sweetheart, you can call and send a text to this number anytime you wish. I'm waiting for your call very much.
Remember that there is a woman in this world who loves you and care about you always! I love you and kiss you. Your lady,Elena. p.s.I send you photo with my mum and brother
Letter 15
Hello,my dear Steve,how are you?I spend a lot of time lately thinking about you,homesick for you.I just want you to know how i miss you every hour,every minute and every second of each passing day.And i always wonder if you ever think of me like how i think of you.When i write to you i try to stay positive,but things here are not going well, and the only way to be pretty -okay,with it is to have a possibility to write to you my dear Steve.
I understand that you wish to know the reason of my sudden arrival to Russia. Well,the problem of my family is in the appartment they live. I also lived there before coming to United Kingom.We rented and have been living in this apartment for about 7 years.Its owner is a good friend of my father.We know him very well.3 years ago we decided to buy this appartment.We agreed with the owner that we would gradually buy this appartment.Details of this agreement are following:monthly we pay certain amount (except the price for the rent)till we purchase it completely. We made repair of apartment and fulfilled all the payment conditions during 3 years.Now you know why I had decided to work in UK-average salaries in Russia leaves much to be desired, so I sent my salary to Russia and helped my mum to make payments.So,we have already paid the half. But the owner of this apartment died 7 months ago.Therefore,two weeks ago his daughter inherited this apartment after his death. She received heirship after 6 months from the time of death of her father (by Russian law)So,she has interfered with our financial affairs and demanded the rest of the payment immidiately.She is not interested to wait,as my mum said,she has another buyer who is ready to buy our appartment now.And since we did not signed any contract with her father,she has a right to do whatever she wants. The owner gave us 10 days. If we do not make the rest of payment in this time she will sell in to another person and return us the money which we paid already.We cannot let it happen.
So we started to take actions immediately when we found out about this news.We had another one room flat that my granny left to me after her death.My family used to gave it to rent.So my mom found a buyer for this studio before my arrival.As i owned it,i had to sign documents.So now you understand why i left UK so quick.
All together -my mother,my auntie and uncle and me has collected some money- but it is not enough. Therefore, we are very busy here trying to find the rest. It takes a lot of my forces and nerves.But I do not lose hope. My family need me at this hard time for us.i hope that these difficulties, i had to face here will not put you away from me.I think that you should know everything about me. Do you think so too, my dear?ok,i will finish my letter.
Miss you,Hey,think i`ve said that enough lately?i miss you. yours, Elena.
Letter 16
You have no idea what a relief it was when I read this from you. I am so glad that you did not stop writing me after you heard about my problems.I see now that you are serious about me and accept everything that happens in my life.I miss you lots here Steve.darling,I am counting the days already! I have big plans for the day we meet.Do you know a quiet place in your area maybe a little park? We can visit it for a picnic or just walk in hands and enjoy each other.I'll tell you more about my childhood ,if you do not mind? I was born and raised in Syktyvkar.
Syktyvkar is a city in Russia, the capital and the largest city of Komi Republic, standing on the left bank of the Sysola River, 1,302 km north-east of Moscow.It is an industrial center of the region.There are about 40 large plants in the city, one third of them are of national importance. Also it is one of the largest research centers of the European North of Russia.
I have a good and loving family.My mother is a teacher at primary school and my father works in the factory.
My childhood was happy thanks to the love of my parents.I was pride of my relatives,cheerful and obedient child.I went to the ballet studio,because i was always dreaming to become a ballerina :)I loved to make performances for different holidays.I also studied well at school,and guess what was my favorite subject at school?English,of course :)I had a lot of fun during my school years: school parties,fights with boys,first love and so on. But after my parents divorced many things has changed.My mum and dad stayed together for a decade,it was a decade of arguments and war, and I don’t understand, even now why they stayed together after my dad was fond of another woman. There was little love,only fear of being alone, they wasted so much time in a bad situation, and only when my mum stepped away, only when she gave up, was there room for forgiveness, and healing.My mum raised me and my brother alone. My mum is a good person, the best,and sometimes i think that she deserves better daughter than me :) My father has new family right now, lives in Vylgort now, it's an village locality 7 kilometers from Syktyvkar. I am on friendly terms with my dad, we see each other once in a while.It took for me a long time to understand why day had preferred another woman and left our family.But now I do not blame him Every one desrves to be happy. My father is a kind and intelligent person and i am sure you will meet him too when the time will come.So,i shared with you a little bit more about my life and i did my best to make you proud of me:)I am sure i will tell you much more about me when we meet. My love, I always hope that what I write to you isn't sometimes too much. It's the problem I guess of never having met to talk in person.It is so much that I need to talk to you about-as my partner for life, the person with whom I want to share everything.Ok, I will close for now I love you so much and count the days!! I have almost grown impatient with the waiting!
yours,Elena. p.s.I send you photo of Syktyvkar.
Letter 17
I hate it Steve that we are having to wait.I have always been an impatient one,for the desires of my heart.I could stand waiting forever for some of the more ordinary things in life,ahhh,but you are different,i have needed you as i have never needed another in my life.
You are truly the desire of my heart,the most important one.Most of all i dream about how good it would feel to have your arms around me,your kiss upon my lips.Soon Steve we won't need computer screen to talk to each I am truly needing you for so many enjoyable things we will share. How are you today? I hope you are doing fine..You see, darling, I am doing also fine...but the only reason for that is the fact that I HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE...The other things does not make me happy here at all...Every day we wake up and search for finances. We go to the banks,make phone calls to our relatives and friends-do all to complete the payment.The owner this greedy woman,isn`t going to play fair,or take things easy on us.If she win,she is going to ruin everything we`ve accomplished together over the past 7 years. am sorry if i sound desparate for you sometimes...
Today i plan to make a trip to my father.I want to see him as we did not see each other for a while.I will share our troubles with him,because we are running out of time and possiblities.I truly hope that he will help us,because he is very sympathetic person.Darling please do not worry about me too much. I will have a phone with me so you can call me anytime you wish.
I love you with all my heart,I cherish every moment we spend in writing, and I love you even more in the moments when we are apart.Today as I write this letter, it's like you are right here with me.I feel your hand on my shoulder,your fingers in my hair, and the soft breath of your kiss on my cheek. Each time I write to you I struggle with what words I can use.I want you to feel my deepest emotions behind all what i write.I don't want them to become boring or meaningless to you!When we finally meet on July,1 you will know from my physical presence the completeness of my love for you. You will experience what I try to put into words. I love you.These are the words that i heard so much but still i am waiting for it from your lips. yours,Elena
Letter 18
My sweet,Steve can you believe that less and less time separate us from each other! darling, we are almost together! TOGETHER!
Finally my family got good news-we completed the payment. Yes,we made it!!We signed all the papers yesterday and signed with relief. You can imagine in what humbled circumstances my family was all these days.Yesterday in the afternoon i returned from my father.He was trying to help us as much as he could.
He made an application for a loan.But he got bad news from the bank- his application was refused.The reason for that-another big loan which my dad took not long ago.By Russian law he can not apply for another loan at this time.So,these news put all of us in a despair. At that moment I understand what I must do.I went to the airport and refunded my tickets.Yes,i did it.But i hope you will not judge me for what i`ve done. I think if,the God forbid,something of that kind happened with your family members, i am sure,you would do the same without hesitation.I still wonder how we were capable to solve our problem. And guess what?I think it is you who gave me strength and determination to overocome all the misfortunes.My love,if you want to support me with the airfare,the best way i think it will be to make a transfer by Money Gram or Western union,are you familiar with these systems?As soon as i receive it,i will care about all the travel arrangements myself and book a new flight for these weekends.if you agree,i will let you know my details.
I believe in kindness and justice, I always try to be kind and sympathetic to people,and come for a help even for strangers,so i hope at this time maybe somebody will help me as well at this difficult minute..I will see. I hope that at this time everything will go in a right way.
Believe in me, my beloved Steve, and we will be together.And then nothing will be able to separate us. I will wait your reply as soon as it will be possible for you. please, my love, answer me soon, Your cheerful and at same time sad woman Elena. ;
Letter 19

My dear Steve!Your last letters were so beautiful!And i was very happy to speak to you!
The happiness overflows me,
so strong happiness that I can't constrain tears. I appreciate very much that you are going to help me.
Frankly speaking, I didn't wait from anybody for anything any more.
I thought how so it turns out, all
my life I helped close people, friends but when I got into a situation, difficult for me, nobody offered the help to me! How is interestingly our life. Thanks, my darling Steve! I am very glad! I very much appreciate that you showed me your care! The most important in life - to be necessary to someone.
Thank you for that you allowed me to feel myself important for you. I give you my details for Western union/Money Gram: My first name:ELENA
My last name: DROBYSHEVA
Country: RUSSIA
Sovetskaya street,house number 35.
Postal code: 167000
Ammount: 500 GBP If they ask you the reason you are sending the money say that you are sending it due to a family support.I will wait for your news!
I can not wait to come to you and make you happy!
Letter 20
Dear Steve,i think this situation turned out only for the better for me.
Now,i know that you are the man not worth visiting and creating serious relations with.
Thank you for the money.I will buy a cake for my family like a present from my "loving" man!All the best,Elena.
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