Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Vdovina to Rob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Rob !! Forgive that I write to you so not often, very difficultly to find the free computer in children's library. I very awfully am here in Moscow. I do not know as me to be and that to me to do. I really use the best efforts and I want on faster to you, I want in your gentle embraces and to receive your kisses. I hope that at you all well and you not to leave me in this difficult a situation. I very much want to you!! I not to have any money. I have told that my mum has helped me 200 dollars through money gram. This money now on hands and I need your help. 400 dollars are necessary for me, understand? And so as works money gram - I hope that to a departure I will have enough money to buy meal and to write you the letter through the computer. I have found money gram nearby with library, it approximately half of hour on foot. I very much hope that you to help me to pay the credit and I should pass customs and I will take off to you. my lovely I have come in money gram and the situation has explained. The girl which works there has told that here there is nothing especial and that their company is extended worldwide and the more so in USA. That you could help me you should know my full name, and the country of reception the Russian Federation. As you know my full name Aleksandra Vdovina (name Aleksandra, surname Vdovina). And so when you will fill out my full name and the country Russian Federation that to you should give what that refernce number. After you to send me the help I to come in money gram and should fill out your full name, your address and that reference number which to you distances. When I will know this information that I will come in money gram and safely to take away your help and to pay in bank. I ask do not leave me here one, I do not want to lose you. If I knew that all will be so that I would began to ask the help about you. Rob in my life not the main thing money, in my life the main thing to have fine and strong relations with you. In life everyone happens and here this everyone has happened here to me in Moscow. I ask trust me. All about what I tell it truth. So my mum has helped me with money and you can help me so. I learnt, if I do not take off to you in the given day that at me there will be some days to change the ticket the next day. And so, I can wait your help till July, 5th here in Moscow. I promise that if you to help me on July, 5th that I can take off to you for the nearest time after credit payment. I will hope very much that you to help me. I look forward to hearing. Whether I do not know I can to check up still mail. Do not leave me in a trouble, you my hope. Embraces and kisses. Yours Aleksandra
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