Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Ochkaluchik to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear Hugh! Thanks for your new letter. To be honest I waited for it very much. I hurried today to my work to see your new letter. Well, I agree not to talk about other women. Let's see what we get in the future. Thanks for the detailed story about your family. It helps me to know you better. How are you? How's your mood today?? I have wonderful mood and therefore I hope you’re all right. Every day our acquaintance continues, and we now know more about each other! I am very glad that we live in the 21st century, but not in time when there was no Internet. Now there are a lot of opportunities to get new friends, but now I look for only the serious relations. To find a man who will take care of me and always love. Sometimes most cherished dreams can be executed, a person shouldn’t sake of it and it is always necessaryto fight for and to keep strong! Never to be desponded and to be upset! Are you agree with me? Today I have a difficult working day.
There was many visitors. Though, I want to tell that was interesting.
I want much our communication to beinteresting and exciting. Darling, may be it is interesting for you where I’m writing from? I’mwriting from my work, but if my chief learns about it, I think, he will swear a little! I wantto ask you not to worry! Well? I will answer each your letter! I don't have another choice! At my place, unfortunately, there is no Internet. All because of the Internet service provider. He doesn't want to putthe equipment to our house, says that it isn't favorable to them. I tried to connect the house with Internet, but they have told me that there were not enough statements of inhabitants of our house. Therefore still I’m at home withoutthe Internet.
Ilivealoneintheone-room apartment. Sometimes my friends visit me. We like to communicate and be secretive on different subjects as speakwe have "Women secrets"! It would be very interesting for me, darling, to know your shortcomings and high qualities. I hope to hear from you in the following letter. Now, I want to write about my qualities. I am kind, honest,careful girl! I don’t like tell about my qualities, but I will tell. It is better to know about qualities of the person not from his words, and from his act. Are you agree with me? It is necessary to understand each person,independently what he is, bad or good. I think only this way it’s possible to find a common language with other person. Are you agree with me? Nowabout bad qualities! I am a little impatient, constantly, somewhere I hurry,but I think that over time it will be possible to overcome this difficulty and to be more patient! I want very much our communication to continue, andevery day we learn more and more about each other! In my free time I do notonly I go for a walk, to relax! Sometimes I like to visit theaters,to look at musicals! There are many theaters in my city, but most of all I like to go to "The Kazan state theater of the young viewer"! it’s so great there! There are many professional actors in this theater! Recently I watched "Cinderella", "Notre Dame de Paris"! Dear Hugh, and do you like theaters, musicals? Except theaters I like to go to the cinema.But recently I wasn't there because there was nobody to go with.Today after work I am going to descend in fitness club just to practice a little bit! I like my physical exercises,it gives to a bodysymmetry! I think, on it I will finish the letter. I will look forward from you! I wish you to spend day well! Yours faithfully, Sveta



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