Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Sedaknik to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi I do not really know what to write in this message. In fact I am writing to a guy online for the very first time. I'm rather worried and lost. Are you single? Are you wishing to find a female for getting rid of dark thoughts and making a family? Ic?? aching for a person whom I could trust and love.! I need a male to build relationships with! You arrested my attention in a wink. I am Svetlana. I uploaded my photographs to let you see who writes to you. If you wish to communicate with me, please answer using my e-mail. Iam looking forward to your answer to my letter. Write me back, please! I could make you interested. I will be hoping to receive your letter. Have a good day! Meet you online!
Letter 2
Good afternoon,
I am glad to receive your response letter. My name Svetlana. You remember me? Possibly you receive many letters from various girls?
Never earlier I used the Internet for acquaintance to other men. The Internet does not cause trust in me, but I was tired to be lonely..
Now I am 30 years old. Looking at my photos you can present as I look. However, still I am lonely. Men with whom I am familiar do not attract me, all of them are boring. I look for the man! I want to meet the beloved! I want to meet the second half! I have a confidence.
I am sure that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. Now I to you have a feeling - it is curiosity.
It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope that my letter will not become finishing in our communication.
Friend, I want to clear up, and I want that you knew about my purposes. I am an ordinary woman. I dream of usual female happiness.
I want to create family. I want to wait for the husband from work and to make a dinner for all family. I want to plan the future together with the husband. It is what is not enough for me. I do not want that my offer seemed to you ******. I got used to communicate in reality, never I wrote the letter. Be not strict when reading my letter. My English is not ideal. I hope that you are not sorry about time which you spent for reading my letter. I wait that you will not ignore my letter, and will answer me. Sincerely, Svetlana!!!
Letter 3
Hello Michael,
How your mood? I hope that you waited for my message. I will be sincere with you and I hope that you to me will not lie.
Trust - a basis of any relations! Communication with the help of e-mail is more convenient for me.
You can ask me any information which is interesting to you about me. I will answer your questions...
So we will be able to recognize each other closer. I live in Russia! Never earlier I wrote the letter to other country.
I decided to change the life. I think that the distance between us will not be a problem for you?
We live in the countries which have various mentality. In everyday life we speak different languages.
Even climate in our countries different. All this does not frighten me! you are a man, and I think, that our communication will also not frighten you. I already spoke to you about Trust?
Now we with you do not know each other at all. I want to meet you. It is interesting to me to know everything about you.
I was never married. I have no children. I devote a lot of time to work. I have the higher education.
I passed a difficult way, but I am proud of it.. Well, I do not want to tire you with the letter.
I hope Michael for your early reply. Also I will wait for yours the photo so I will be able to learn you more. Svetlana
Letter 4

Good afternoon Michael,
It again I! You have a good mood? I waited for today to see your letter. I had a confidence that you will write me the letter.
Last night, I wanted to look at the letter from you, but I had no house Internet. Now I at work. It is convenient to me to write letters from work.
Michael, I think that I have to continue to tell you about the life. I was never married. I have no children, but I love children and children love me!
I do not smoke. I drink wine only during a celebration. Addictions, reduce our life. I not against smoking, each person make independently the choice.
I have no lot of free time because I work hard. When I have free time, I spend it variously. In my city there are a lot of entertainments.
Already you saw the city of Tambow on the Internet? You know the city of Moscow? Distance from the city of Vologda to Moscow 459 kilometers.
You were in Russia? Russia - the huge country. Russia has very rich history. I will not tell you about it now. I work as the accountant in civil engineering firm.
I manage finance department. My work demands from me gravity, attentiveness, diligence. At me there are these qualities. I like work with documents.
every day I begin to work in 09:00 morning. I stop working in 17:00 evening. On Sunday I have a rest. I have the higher education. Michael, what education at you?
My work brings in me the stable good income. I have moral satisfaction from the work. I do not live to work. As for English... I learn English 2 years.
I learn English independently. I try to write you the letter independently, but sometimes I use the translator. Excuse me for mistakes in my letters.
I hope that our communication will allow me to improve knowledge of English. Please, tell Michael to me about your country.
It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you will see off every day? in your country you met people from Russia? You have a hobby?
I send you the pictures which were taken recently. Thanks for compliments which you pay me! I have to continue to work now. Thanks for your attention.
I hope that my letter was not boring for you. Svetlana
Letter 5
Hello Michael,
I like ours with you communication. I wait for your letters every day!
Thanks that you find time for me. I feel your attention, and of course it is pleasant for me. Please, do not leave my questions without answer.
I try to answer all your questions also. How there passes your day? Today I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. Every morning I begin with jog.
I have no time to visit a gym therefore I carry out physical exercises of the house. Sometimes I visit the pool.
Now I again at work. I have a little work today. Michael, near your house is the beach? In the summer I very much like to visit the beach.
In my city the river Tsna flows. In the last letter I asked you about a hobby... I have a hobby dances. In the childhood I took ballet dancing classes.
Went to school of the ballet. And now I visit section on ballroom dances in free time. We have a small collective. Please, do not laugh over me.
Very much it are pleasant to me the Ballet. Already I rather big, but my hobby remained from the childhood. Also I have a big collection of culinary recipes.
Since the childhood, I spent much time in kitchen together with my mother. Mother taught me to prepare many various dishes. You are familiar with Russian cuisine?
In your city there are restaurants of Russian cuisine? Michael, is pleasant to me various kitchen. I will be glad to acquaint you with Russian cuisine in the future.
Often we together with girlfriends gather at my place. I like to surprise girlfriends with new dishes. I live alone. My parents live in the village which near the city of Tambov. The village of my parents is called Znamenka. In the village, Infraestructura therefore I preferred to live in the city is less developed.
I rent the apartment. I like the apartment which I rent. I have friendly relations with the hostess of the apartment. I often come to my parents.
Mine mother and father already elderly people. My mother is 54 years old. My father is 56 years old. I have an elder brother. My brother is 33 years old.
My brother has own family, and he lives in the city of Tyumen. My brother works in prosecutor's office, he has the investigator's position.
My brother has a daughter, she is 4 years old. This is my niece. I very much love the family!!!
Michael when I write you the letter, I want to tell you about everything. It is a pity that between us distance. If we lived nearby, then could meet in cafe and talk infinitely. I sincerely hope that you support my dreams. I hope that sometime ours with you dream will be achieved.
I wait for your letter. Write to me quicker. Svetlana
Letter 6
Hi Michael,
You wait for my letters? I hurry every day for work to see your letter. I read your letter in the morning, and I have a good mood the whole day.
Now I have free time, and I write you the letter. Communication does not stir ours with you my work at all. I manage to do everything that is required from me at work.
Michael how you spent yesterday evening? what plans at you for this evening? Yesterday I wanted to go to cinema. I am not pleasant to go to the cinema one.
I called my friend of the childhood of Diana at cinema, but she refused. My friend had many cases yesterday. We agreed that we will go to cinema today.
Now I do not know what movie we will watch... I will write to you about it tomorrow. You like to visit a cinema hall or to watch film of the house?
I have a big DVD collection of the house. However, I like to watch film on the big screen. I like melodramas, comedies, adventures.
What genres of movies are pleasant to you? in music I have no special preferences. My choice of music depends on my mood. I can listen to rock, pop, transe.
Also I like classical music. Lovely Michael, you think of our relations, how of friendship? I want to know it. I am very trustful girl.
My heart was broken in the past! I do not want that experiment of the unsuccessful relations was repeated for me. You are pleasant to me.
In your letters I read many compliments. You tell me such fine words which I never heard from men in Russia. I open for you the feelings now.
It seems to me that my life begins to be filled with sense. Sometimes I think of you during the day... I represent, than you are engaged in this or that timepoint.
Please, be sincere with me. I have no time any more to continue to write the letter to you. Together with the letter today I send you the picture which was taken in we wash the city of Tobolsk. Near a monument. I wait for your letter! Your girlfriend from Russia, Svetlana
Letter 7
Hi my friend of Michael,
I got tired at work today. Early in the morning I was called by the director, and asked to prepare the financial statement in 3 last weeks.
Just I finished all necessary calculations. Later, I will go to the director and to hand over the report.
Your letter brought me a smile. Michael, I want to look in your face now and to guess your mood. you know that the look can tell more, than one million words? My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter. thanks for happiness which you bring me.
You told somebody about ours with you communication? I said to nobody that now I have a friend in other country.
I promise that I will speak to nobody about ours with you communication. Some people are very envious, and I very much do not like it.
Our communication, is ours with you pleasure. Last night I together with the girlfriend went to the cinema. We watched film of "The Legend of Tarzan".
I liked the movie "The Legend of Tarzan". The beautiful movie, is pleasant to me the nature, I watched the movie in 3D. I recommend to watch to you this movie.
Please, tell me what rest you prefer? you like the noisy companies in discos or you prefer quiet rest? As for me, earlier I very much loved the noisy companies.
I liked to have fun, and was soul of the company. now there were some changes in my life, probably it is caused by the fact that I became adult.
It is much more pleasant to me to have rest in the small company of my friends in cozy cafe now. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
Michael, you are a romantic? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to watch stars, I like to have supper by candlelight.
Also I like to dance dance to slow music... However, already long ago I had no all this...
Now I will go to the director to hand over the report which prepared today. my kisses for you... Svetlana
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