Letter(s) from Maria Cherchagina to Frankie (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Frankie Is pleasant for me to get a letter from you. I hope You are well and you have a good mood. I hope you like my photos. Today, I will send some more pictures. How are you today? How was your day? What did you do today? I hope that your mood changed when you received a letter from me? Do you like me? I hope it `s not a lot of questions. Frankie I would now like to tell you more about yourself. My height 168 cm, weight about 47 kg. Frankie You like cooking? I love to do it. My Mom taught me to cook. When I was a little girl, I looked at my mother kitchen, for me it was a pleasure to help her mother when she cooks. Now I can do it myself, and it is very tasty. What to do dishes You like it? What you usually do for lunch? Very much Chinese cuisine, such as beaters. I like very much comfort. I like it when it is clean and comfortable. When I come home I `M are always welcome, because my house is always clean and well groomed. In people I appreciate kindness, honesty, sincerity and good attitude towards other people. Dear Frankie, I asked you about women in the last letter. Now I want to tell you that I prefer men. I love men who are quiet, sincere and do not cheat. What alcohol does not so much. What kind of person I love and who loves me. What do you think you can be him? Or not? I think that Soon we find out about this when we know each other better. I do not know when you read my letter early in the morning or after work. But I hope when you read, it warms you and make your mood better. Now I gotta go, I meet with my girlfriend for a walk. I impatience will wait your letter. I hope that I get answers to questions, and many photos. Mariya!

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Frankie!!!
I hope your day is good. How are you? How your mood? After I read your letter, my mood was better. I was very glad to read it, and if you only know how to cheer up. I am glad that our acquaintance continues, and you do not forget about me.
Dear Frankie, I want to tell you about my family anymore. I want to tell you about how I grew up, and who raised me. I was raised by his grandmother and mother. Mother's name, Tamara, my grandmother name Maria, as mine. I live with my mother in an apartment in our city.
My grandmother lives in the village, it is called the ignition lines must. What's on Father, I do not know anything about it. My mother and grandmother never told me about it. Mom is crying, or goes away when I ask her about him. So it's because I never ask about it. I do not want my mother cry.
Frankie, My grandmother is very good. I lived there every summer and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is very good. We often strolled together in the woods with her, went swimming and went to gather berries.
I want to explain to you why I can not find the right man of my dreams in my country. We have people, but drink a lot and do not beat their wives. AND others were married. So I decided to get acquainted with you. I do not drink or smoke. Only on holidays, I can drink a little wine. I do not against a person to drink, but not much and not often.
Frankie I want to tell the truth, I do not like to scream and quarrel. I love laugh, and I want my favorite was always happy and never sad. And I'll do anything for it. I am always ready to kiss him if he makes him happy. I want us to enjoy our love, passion and tenderness.
I hope you like the picture, which I now send you. I'M waiting Your letter. I'll wait for it tomorrow,
We look .......
Your Mariya .

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Frankie!! I'm happy to receive your letter again . I hope you have a good day. Are you right? I hope that your day goes as you planned. Frankie do you know what I saw today? When I walked down the street I saw a small cat. He was purring and staring at me. I raised him and took him home. Now I do not know what name to give him. Can you help me? Dear Frankie, I want to know how you spend your holidays? As usual how you are planning your weekend? Do you love spending time with friends or maybe relax at home? What movies do you prefer? If I was now close to you, do you think what the film most of us would like now? Do you like to dance? I would like to dance with you. Tell me what you love? Do you travel often? Frankie and you were at sea? I was only once in Russia, Sochi! You know this city? This city Was Olympiad in 2014. I really liked be there. I love the water and sun. I like a cool breeze envelops the body like cold water gives freshness and delight. Only missing the one, men with that all these can be enjoyed. You would go with me Frankie?? I THINK THAT YOU AND I NEVER FORGOT THIS TRIP! HOW DO YOU THINK? I am sending you a photo, it was made in Sochi. I'm sending you greetings from my mother and girlfriends. I'll wait for your photo and letters. They are my joy each day. I am happy that I met you. With you I can discuss whatever I want. I am waiting for your letter. I AM WAITING!! YOUR Mariya !

Letter 4

Hello my dear Frankie!! Dear I hope you have a good day. Today I want to send pictures. On this photo I am and my mom. It is not very a pity to me that I can send you these pictures, you could have about me more representations. Dear Frankie, I want to learn more about your friends! Do you have many friends? Do you have any true friends to whom you could trust in all. I think you have a lot of friends. But I want you to know exactly about these friends who will always help you, always give correct advice, always support you. I have many friends. But I have only one true friend. Her name is Anna. We are familiar with her very long. Our home since childhood, were nearby and we were in one class. She is a very good woman and now she works as a travel agent in our city. She knows English, and sometimes I have her practicing in English. Frankie I hope you're well now tell me about your friends! It would be nice to see them in the photo. You send me this? I like you very much and each letter of yours is becoming more interesting for me. Frankie I hope that you are not offended at me that I always ask so many questions. I already miss your writing and look forward to your reply ... Your Mariya.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Frankie!!!!!!! Frankie when you woke up today, you got my greetings? I asked the birds to give you greetings from me, and that they sang a good song for you. They gave it to you? I hope that they well sang for you and from it your day began well! I'm so happy receive your letter. I happy that I'm interested to you. I am very tired today. But the weariness has passed after I received your letter. Frankie tell me more about your work? You work every day? I am every day, but Saturday and Sunday I work less hours. But sometimes I rest on those days. It's so nice to be free from work in the weekend. Sometimes I and my friends get together to walk down the street. It's so nice to go my hometown, enjoying the good weather, and give a smile to other people. I love to smile, and I like when people reciprocate. I also love to spend my free time in nature, and usually in the weekend I go to my grandmother. Frankie I have a very good grandmother. She taught me everything. I know how to wash, iron, care of clothing, repair it, cook delicious food. Grandmother say that taught me the best. And I am very grateful for it. Frankie would you like to try the pie, which we do with grandmother? I am sure you would like it. They are very tasty. Frankie and what kind of dishes you would like, what would I prepare? Or learned prepare? I hope that you answer me as soon as you receive it. Your sincere Mariya!