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Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Christian (France)

Letter 1
Dear Chris, I'm very glad to see your reply. Hope we will have something serious between us. Actually from the beginning I can tell you that I reply you with pleasure and I am interested in our communication and want to continue the correspondence. As for the e-mail address - you gave it to me on the dating site. Let me tell you again that I'm glad you liked my photos. I also think that you're a handsome man!))))) Send me many wonderful photos of yours. Chris, I also want to reintroduce myself. Well, I have never been married and do not have children. I am looking for making family with a nice loving man. You can understand that I am 27, so I had relations before, but it is not so easy to find a soul mate. I want a man who will be a strong support for me and be my partner in many aspects. I know that for the family I am ready for everything. I also believe that if one works on relations it is possible to save them all your life. Chris, do you agree with me? I had one long lasted relation. We studied together at the same university and were very good friends and only after some years we became a couple. We were together 6 years and all this time I was waiting that one day we will marry and will have a family.. but it was only a dream, that never came true...
He turned out to be a womanizer. So we separated 5 months ago and I was even thinking that there is no sense to have another relations because it would be the same story, but then my friend suggested to find the man from abroad because she heard that men from abroad are completely different and they appreciate the loving and caring women from Ukraine a lot, so I am here and seeking for the happiness and love. Chris, tell me more about your previous relations please! What about my family, there are 4 of us: my parents, grandmother and I. We are a strong and happy family. I send you photos with my parents! Tell me also more about your family please! Dear Chris, I don't want to be boring with long letters; I am also sorry for telling you all these things but I would like to share everything with you from the very beginning and tell true things about me. I hate lie so usually I am honest with people. Actually I think it is a very good quality of my character. If you want, next time I will tell you about my job and my education.
I end my letter but I don't end our communication and hope I will hear from you very soon, am I right?))))))
Have a nice day
Your friend Vita.
Letter 2
Wow I have your e-mail back.. Thanks a lot for it, Chris. I think that we are good friends and I am happy to know you. Unfortunately for now I can only write to you and can't see you in the reality, but I am looking forward real meeting as well, of course not now when we will be ready for this, so I give you my cell phone number +380953564740 and hope today you will call me and I will be able to hear your lovely voice. I would highly appreciate if you call me in the day time, because it is always busy in the evenings at work! It was also interested to know that you can speak little Russian. So I think that it would be nice to talk with each other over the phone. Once you are from France, I should tell you that I have always wanted to live in France. I know that your country is famous for Champagne vineyards, Louvre, Mona Lisa, Blue Cheese, Van Gogh, Napoleon, and many others .... France is just famous for France! France is the history of Europe. France is everything! Well, maybe one day you invite me in your beautiful country, who knows!))) Thank you for your nice photos, I really like your sun hat with glasses!))) Send me more photos please. So we spoke about relations and in order not to be bored with the long letter I want to tell you about my job. )))
As you have already noticed from my photos - I work as a waiter the cafe in my town. I was graduated from Mariupol State University and got Master degree on finances but it didn't help me a lot with my profession because of the crisis and war in Ukraine. But nevertheless, I love my job, but sometimes my head goes round with all people's wishes. I consider my job to be rather demanding, as working with customers is always demanding and you must not forget the main rule – the customer is always right!))) Dear Chris, tell me more about your job.
To tell you more, my work takes much part of y day and normally I work Monday till Friday for about 10 hours and on Saturday 6 hours. So I don't have too much free time, but I try to diversify my life and have fun. I like to spend time with friends, to go for a picnic.. I am fond of nature. I do sport a lot in order to keep fit and look nice. Next time I will tell you more about that. Will keep you intrigued!))) You know, my ex boyfriend was a photographer and he tried to teach me photography and even bought a camera but after the separation he took with him this camera and actually all the presents he gave me. He took the computer as well, so I need to tell you I am writing from my work and hope it doesn't bother you. I am on my position every day so it is not a problem. Nevertheless I can write to you often so we will have a contact. So I will finish my letter and will wait your e-mail back with impatience, hope it will come soon and very soon…
Wish you a nice day
Letter 3
Thank you for your nice reply!!I think this is a very nice beginning of our acquaintance that can lead us to something serious. Do you think so?? And I hope that I don't make you too bored with my long letters, as you might already noticed that I like to write a lot. But I need to tell you about so many things!)))) Chris, it is a pity that I missed your phone call yesterday, I can't wait when you call me again, as I'm looking forward to hear your lovely voice!)))) I can see that you are a rather talented person, who notices the beauty of nature, architecture, history around you and I should admit that details are very important in our life to understand everything. You know, i have always being interested in history and think that France is a nice example of history changes which is very interested to watch. maybe one day I will walk french roads and enjoy So, as I wrote you in my previous letter that I work as a waiter. I agree with you - I am rather flexible at work, but I think life teaches us to be alive in each situation. I still don't know what my life will be in some time, maybe I will stay working as I work now, or I will change my job. Or maybe even my foreign prince will take me and never get out of his arms!))) You know, my mother is retired now, but before she worked at school as a musician teacher, she loved her profession and always wanted me to step into her career shoes. That's why I used to help her organizing different events at school. I also liked it a lot, especially my dancing part of work. I have attached you the video of one of the performances held in our school. Watch it please. There I dance together with the pupils. Can you distinguish among other girls??))) You know, I like different performances and used to go dancing both at school and university. I need to tell you about my other hobby. I just adore cooking. When I have spare time I usually spend it in the kitchen. You know, my loving man will be the happiest one, as I will cook for him the most delicious dishes and would always make please him with a romantic dinner!)) We have a saying that a way to man`s heart goes through his stomach))) My favorite dishes are chicken in the oven, different salads, baked potato, pizza, different baked things, I'm a master of bakery!))) Now I believe that with all my talents I will conquer you!!!)))) Tell me more about your food preferences. Chris, also I need to tell you that today I have my mother birthday. I baked her tastiest cake, and also going to present her with nice flowers, I'm really excited about that, as I love my mother and want to make her happy!)) Oh, also I want to tell you about my friends. My close friends' names are Olga and Alina. I can just give you the example. This birthday they made me a nice surprise. They draw me wallpaper that I still have on my wall at home and organized a surprise party for me!))) I really love when people show their feelings. Chris, again I wrote you a huge letter!! Tell me if it's too much for you and I will shorten my letters next time!))) I don't want to make you bored with my letters!)) Well, dear, I hope you will not make me wait too much with your next lovely letter!)) Have a nice day,
Letter 4

How are you there today?? Do you think of me often?? You know, I feel like I'm starting to be addicted to your letters. All the time you write me I read your letter with enthusiasm and then wait for your next letter with big impatience!!! I think that I can trust you and we are more than friends to each other… I'm leaving dots here. Chris, I am very happy that you liked my energy! But do not worry about that - I think you are still in great shape and you do not need to go to any fitness clubs!)) I can't say that each day is routine for me, as my dancing classes help me to color my days and children at work don't make me bored, but what I have noticed, that with each day since we correspond I feel more joy! Sometimes I can say that my life is rather hectic and busy, but I manage. Chris, tell me more about your routine day. It's interesting for me to study your daily habits and just everything what you do. I am really glad that you are already familiar with Ukrainian cuisine and hopefully you like it. What about the safety - yes, I am also really overwhelmed with the events happen to my country in 2013 and still there is no piece here especially since there are war actions. What about the coming of a foreigner to Mariupol - I can not tell you anything, as nobody knows what will be tomorrow. Mariupol is close to the war territory. Today my morning started with a big smile, I just thought about you, that you are also waking up in another part of the world and maybe even have some thoughts about me?))) Or maybe you promptly go to the kitchen and have a nice breakfast, by the way, what do you prefer for breakfast?))) I usually have some toasts with jam, maybe some eggs with a sausage – kind of English breakfast they say..))) But I am always strict to my figure!))) Also I feed my lovely cat Vasya, remember, I sent you his photo. He is a rather captious guy, and all the food should be prepared by special technologies!))) Otherwise he would be displeased and you could only imagine his expression of face.. Well, I like him a lot and sometimes I spoil him, so he loves me in reply.)) After feeding Vasya I go to my work. Oh, about my mother's birthday, you know, my mother was very satisfied with a cake that I baked for her and we already had lots of guests, mostly relatives and we had a nice time together!))) It's not convenient for me to have skype - I'm writing you from work, maybe one day later we see each other by cam. It will be also nice to speak with each other over the phone, what do you think??? Ok, I need to go now, my job is waiting for me. Can't wait to speak with you by phone!))) Thinking of you,
Letter 5
I'm so glad to write you another letter. I believe that we get closer and closer with each letter. Dear Chris, I agree with you that mutual dialogue is very important and what is more it is important to know each other - to read carefully and listen carefully. I can say that sometimes I even check my mail box couple of times waiting for your letter. Do you think it's normal? Cause I got used to you, your letters and I feel that soon I will want more, not just simple lettering. Dear Chris, it is interesting to know that you like astrology. So, as far as I understood - you like to draw the natal chart. Well, I was born on 7th of April, 1987 in Mariupol Ukraine. I will be glad if you share your results with me!)) But I am sure that we are quite compatible!))) I was also amused to know that you like to make tantric massage - I hope you will teach me once!)) Let me tell you that I'm a very romantic person and in relations I will give myself to the fullest, as for me it's a real happiness to love and to be loved. My loving man will be always surrounded with love and passion, so that he would be like a king, of course if he will do the same for his queen!)))) Chris, I have found some photos that were taken on St. Valentine's day, I celebrated it together with my friends. Actually we had a nice time, but I was missing my loving person. I really hope that I will be having such a romantic dinner with my man next year. )))
Chris, how do you imagine happy life with your loving woman?? What is happiness for you?? You know, I'm a down to earth person and I don't rush for luxurious things. Frankly speaking I feel such an ease while talking with you, that means that we have found a common language and I feel like I can be open to you. I'm really glad that I have met such a nice person as you in the Internet, even if we live so far from each other. Chris can you imagine, that if we have lived for example in one town, or in neighborhood, there would not be a place left for lettering and we couldn't write such inner thoughts trying to tell everything about our lives by means of lettering. And maybe our acquaintance would have been by accident. Maybe I would sit in the cafe with friends, having coffee with some desserts and you would be sitting in same cafe but at another table busy with some thoughts and own business. You would drink some espresso and be absorbed in own thoughts, and I would vividly discuss some interesting girlish gossips and only when I together with my friends decide to go in a hurry, I would leave my hand mirror on the table and you would take it and return it back to me, and only then we look at each other's eyes and understand that we are created for one another. To my mind, everyone has his own destiny and if two people were fated to be together, they would definitely meet no matter how – in the cafe or in the Internet, living next door, or in other countries. But what is important – not to let your destiny pass. So, Chris, now we have our e-mails and I'm very glad that I met you, maybe it's our fate?)))) Well, Chris, on such philosophical issue I will end my letter now. Today we are having a small feast, as my colleague is going to celebrate his son birth! Or, it's such a thrilling moment for him!))) I'm rather happy for him and I also wish you a very good mood and together with my letter I'm sending you my kiss!!
With warm wishes,
Letter 6
I missed you a lot!! How are you there?? You know, I'm so happy that I have registered my profile here and that I found you! Really, I like you – your manners, your letters, the way you speak and think. Maybe the fate has made us meet together?)) I'm eager to know more and more about you! Dear Chris, thank you for your synastry. I am also very surprised that we are rather compatible! that means a lot to me and I am sure we will have a nice future together!))) Chris, yesterday I was meeting with my friends and we were sitting in the cafe, drinking milk cocktail and just talking. Just an ordinary evening where we were reminiscing all funny moments that we had. We usually do that. And you know, I told them that I'm corresponding with you – such a nice man and they became really interested in this and even had some funny jokes about our wedding – of course it's too early to speak about that, it's just girls, you know, having fun. But you know, I even saw their interest and they were even envy me a little that I have found you. ))) Well, never mind! You know, Chris, these hot days of summer provide the perfect setting for snuggling, cuddling, and spoiling your sweetie! I want to tell you that I am the one who will adore to spoil you. It is so wonderful to take a break from the stress-overload, and concentrate instead, at least for one day or evening, on pleasing and pampering your beloved. I think such romantic and close moments are very important in the relations and they make the fire burn all the time! I would like to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed and to join you under those covers, arrange a surprise weekend getaway just for the two of us, share a story or movie snuggled up in front of the cozy fireplace, light a candle or so, put on some soft tunes (listen to the song I have attached to the letter and try to imagine us together), and slow dance right in the living room, give a foot, back, or full-body massage to you after a long day of shopping or work, prepare a special "care package"— fill it with items such as bubble bath, candles, massage oil, wine, gourmet finger foods, etc. What do you think about these ideas?:) I really believe in that and think that everything will work once we strive! So, tell me, my darling Chris, what do you think about me and us??? You know, I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote you the last time – but that means I missed you a lot!!! ))) You know, I have already the feeling, as if I knew you for centuries!! I've already studied your manners, your thoughts and can just imagine what you right to me next and what you think – that's really funny and nice thing indeed! Don't you think so??? Dear, I have one interesting question for you – how would you ****** your loving woman? I know, it's provocative. But it is so interesting to know!!! Well, I'm waiting for your positive reply)
Just remember that I'm thinking a lot about you!!
Truly yours,
Letter 7
Oh, finally I have reached my e-mail box and read your wonderful letter! Remember, some time ago I wrote you that each time I read your letters – it's like a date with you. So, this is true! Each time I dress up to the nines and feel such a joy communicating with you, as if it took place face to face!))) What about the dating site we met each other - I think it is not so important which dating site we met, the most important is that we found each other, right? Dear Chris, I frankly do not know why can't you reach me. I will be very happy if you call me and we could talk, please try again. Chris, I should tell you that you have captured my mind!! You know, it's hard for me to concentrate on my work, since my thoughts are only about you and I can't get you out of my head!))) You're always there, 24 hours a day!))) Well, today I need to prepare a report on school achievements for the last couple of months and I really can't do that!))) What are you doing with me???))) Chris, I don't know why, but I am sure you will never break my heart))) and you will be always the most caring, romantic and seductive man...I am getting so hot when I am reading your letters, do you add some pepper to them I wonder?))) So, concerning the way I will ****** my loving man – I will put on my favorite fragrance and wear some **** little dress. I will put candles everywhere and turn on the music – the song that I sent you yesterday, I will start to dance slowly and take your arm and ran my fingers over your arm, your neck, the whole body. I will ask you to dance slowly with me and let you hold me strong into your arms. Then there will be a gentle kiss on the lips and get to the most interesting part of the evening..)))) Another way is to have some weekend getaway for two of us. I have lots of ideas!! What do you think of all these things? Sweetheart, you know, I will give everything to my loving man and my future husband! I really hope you can be him one day! )) It's really important to take care of each other and my man will be always dressed up well, clean, tidy and not hungry, and what is more – he will never been bored of me! Be sure of that! You know, I'm sure I will be a good wife, the best wife ever, and what is more – the best mother in the world! Well, my sweet man, I need to get to my work, and try to concentrate and not thinking of you! If I don't finish my report – I will have problems with my boss!)))) Well, darling, I'm waiting for our next dating with impatience!
Send you my kisses
Your Vita.
Letter 8
As usually I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your wonderful letter in my e-mail box!!! How are you, my dear??? I am very happy to know that you love my figure and curves and that you would like to draw a picture of me after love making when I peacefully sleep. This is so touchy that I always have a smile on my face when I read your letters!))) Chris, frankly speaking, I think about you a lot. I have lots of questions in my mind – how I got in love with you just through the Internet, why I'm thinking about you nonstop. What I'm sure in is that I don't want to change anything. An unexplained feeling… I love that. Chris, tell me, have you ever fallen in love without the actual personal contact?? I have never before… I often think about you, Chris, trying to imagine what you are doing this or that moment, the way you sleep, the way you smile and walk:)... I would like to see your serious and focused face at work, your happy and relaxed face while we walking along the beach or camping, to hear your jokes when we are sitting together in the evening)))). When I read your letters I see your image very vividly there!! Chris, tell me, do you feel the same??? I hope so, I feel like you're a very close person for me and I'm very thankful that I have found you in the Internet!! Sending you many kisses,
My dreams are only about you,
Your Vita. P.S.: Thank you for your funny pictures, i really love your leather hat, you look really funny!))))
Letter 9
Hello my dearest!!! How are you?? Are you well??? You know, for the last time it's hard for me to concentrate on my work as I'm addicted to your letters already!! I check my e-mail box all the time to see if I have letters from you or not. And it's such a joy for me to find some news from you!))) Well, I'm drinking coffee now and relaxing and writing to you this letter.)) You know, I'm really thankful to the Internet for having such an opportunity to know you and to develop something serious between us!))) This really inspires me and I hope that all will be nice between us, right?)) I think that the way we got acquainted with each other is the best. Without physical contact people meet each other, know each other's deepest wishes and thoughts and then comes meetings – and then – the physical contact. So, at first people become friends and then love people. The opposite is when people meet just on the street – at first we experience eye contact, physical contact and only in some cases people become friends and have good relations to the Internet. So, I'm for meeting in the Internet first!)))) My dear, I should tell you that I'm thinking about you all the time and I can't get you out of my head. I think of how we meet each other in the Internet and how virtual knowing of each other transferred to a real one. I would really like to meet you in real life and to experience this eye contact and then to hug each other tight.. You are always in my thoughts with me, but at same time I know that this is not for real until we meet! So, Chris, I will be also happy to meet with each other!))) I am having vacations this summer, but need to fix the dates first.
What about skype - I agree with you, Mariupol is not a small town, but I actually do not have time to search for such opportunity, as I am at work from morning till evening and my day off is only on Sunday when I go to the village to see my granny. So, i can not promise you this, but I have already prepared a nice surprise for you, I will send it with my next letter. Sending you my kisses and love,
Your Vita.
Letter 10
How are you my sunshine? Hope you are fine. Darling, I miss you so much and want to be there by your side!! I am so tired of being alone and my man far from me. Oh, my darling, I wish everything could be less simple!!! I am so heartbroken!! Honey, I hope you do not mind that I share my problem with you. Darling, yesterday was a usual day at work and I was working without any admonitions. Never before I had admonitions. Well, I was serving the table of one noisy company that was celebrating something. There were couple of men and women and they ordered several bottles of elite cognac for the men and expensive champagne for women and something to eat. While I was carrying their beverages to their table one woman and man were arguing and by the time I reached their table - woman began to wave her hands rather emotionally and pushed me hard with beverages unintentional. Of corse everything fell on the floor and crashed. I was in shock. Then there was an argument. This company said to the administrator they were not going to pay for the broken bottles. The man made the argument that the bottles didn't reach their table. Of corse that was the fault of that mad old cow!! But the man made the arguments in favor of the woman and of corse against me. I made some excuses and had to substitute them their beverages. But the administrator told me that I need to pay for that bottles 300$ till the end of the week before the change of the shift and counting the week's proceeds, otherwise she will fire me and contact the police. Darling, you can imagine my shock and my desperation. This sum of 300$ is worth of 3 salaries of mine and I will not be able to collect this sum in a week time. Honey, I am sharing this problem to you, because I have no one else. Darling, can you please help me with it? Maybe you could lend me at least 100$? It could be also a nice help for me. I do not want to lose my job - it is not so easy to find another one in the time of crisis. And moreover, I do not want any administrative violations to be on me. I am so desperate and really count on your help, because you are my darling and loving man. Please let me know as soon as possible.
lots of kisses,
yours Vita.
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