Scam letter(s) from Debra Martinez to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Frank Sweetie,

I visualized the bond we would have and the courage he would give me to endure life's obstacles. All these years I was with others, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now. I have felt alone and sad. I realize that I am in Love with you Frank. Here in my world was the man that I had dreamed of and I'd hoped would not miss our meeting in life ... that man is you.My Love Frank. Am using this time to thanks for all your kind in my life and i do believe with time you we be reward in this and a lot of surprise that i have been praying for this back to you ..And please do not forget about getting all my inheritance document from the attorney by contacting him direct with his email because i will be leaving as soon i hear from you honey, Well my mother have explain better to the attorney more about you and he is looking up to hear from you soon.Mr

Thanks and as soon you get all what the attorney may forward to you before back please inform me and i will leave direct from Cairo as soon i get done over there to you.I need you in my life cos I'm so in love, I get this warm sensual feeling every time I think of you. When I sleep at night, all I can dream about is you.

My love Frank, am gonna miss you a lot but please just be patient with me OK as i know and have faith with enough believe that things will surely work out for us.Amen and please am looking forward to hear from you soon ,as am scared here right now about what i ask from you about the $525 needed for booking my hotel down in Cairo and hope you can be of helping me and support me with all i have told my mother here to write you soon and see what next step to take.

Do please honey,i will be very grateful to have this on me soon by Money gram as you promise to be there for me and do not care about my money so do please don't let me down or disappoint me honey.

Love always,Sophia.Your Wife.
Letter 2
So nice hearing from you and Sorry for the late response i have been at the hospital due to my illness,as Sophia support me here but am gonna miss her as she is getting prepare for her compensation trip in Egypt. Oh my in law, you are such a wonderful Handsome man with what Sophia as showed me due to what i saw along here and reading from your mail you happen to be a kind of man i am wishing for my daughter,that as a better future with plans ,care of the family..I want a man who will make her happy in her life time...A kind of man i will be proud of for her caring after i might leave this world. And also a man who knows the worth of a woman in life and am sure she will never let you down well, its been long have trying to read from you as what your wife lol ....(smiles) told me all about you and your caring word,well hope you guys do communicate as usual..She told me alot about you before we left to see the family lawyer about her inheritance from my late husband that belongs to her, even though now we are getting her preparing for her claiming and she told me that when she is coming back from Egypt she will be leaving direct to see you in state but we are not yet sure yet if she can able to go for this because of the economic with me here and my condition at this point so this why i could not get back to you earlier,As she said,Sophia would be visiting you first before she is planing for her business as soon her money clear to her in Egypt because all this belong to her , it's okay with me cause i want you guys to come together as husband and wife and i pray, both of you have a good everlasting relationship.I also want Sophia to know that she should get her business going and work hard to establish a great name as soon she claim all that belong to her in Cairo soon for her self and with whom ever to be her future partner as her father did Mentioned before we lost him and hope she do tell you all about this and her plans to Egypt is to claim her compensation money there of my late husband Martinez company and For her to start a new business and she will be able to go,go, go, also will be able to maintain the business because of the reputable name of my late husband built for business. Frank,What do you really want to build up with my daughter,Sophia.she told me but i will love to confirm that from you again.Where exactly are you anyway.......Sorry i need to rest now cause i just manage to email you and i will check on your email may be later tomorrow here before going to see my doctor..Thanks Take care of yourself
Mrs. Debbra Martinez
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