Scam letter(s) from Maria Gimelyuk to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend, how is your day? What's news?
I ask you to write on this email! I will wait for your answer here! Mariya
Today is very sunny here. Our company concluded a couple of lucrative contracts and I have a very good mood.
I didn’t take my vacation for last two years and already think about the days off somewhere.
Frankly speaking I didn’t decide where exactly I will have the rest but I am sure it would be wonderful.
I should get my vacation on this week and I feel that I have no wish to work and count the days when it will be.
My boss is my ex classmate. She has helped me to find this job.
We have very good relations. I would love to find out how is life there where you live?
I have never been abroad and I am very interested to know life and culture of your country.
As you know our country had the communist regime and my childhood was not very happy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
As I wrote you before my mom brought me up alone. When the perestroika began we had the inflation at 10 000.
My mom had a lot of savings but after inflation we were poorer by 100 times and life became difficult.
All her life she worked at a military factory and there was no money in our new country to pay in time and to have a good salary.
So all people in our country lived so, except some swindlers who are oligarchs now and have the top places in Forbs.
Well I do not want to bore you about it ... What kind of dishes do you like? And of what countries?
As for food I love Japanese cuisine: sushi, rolls.
I love to cook myself. There are plenty of Russian national dishes such as borsh, pancakes with cavier, okroshka, solyanka and others. But mostly it is soup. I would love also to find out what kind of women do you like?
I want to find someone who would always protect me, who does not drink every day and appreciate the woman as an individual.
Many Russian men beat often their women and always believe that they are above them. They consider that Russian women are like a ***** and must obey any order.
I will never agree with that and hope to find a sincere, reliable man who can share my feelings.
Ok my dear friend, I am closing my letter for now and looking forward to your letter.
Bye for now!
Your friend Mariya
Letter 2
Hello, how are you there?
I ask you to write on this email! I will wait for your answer here! Mariya
Everything is well here. I am so happy that you replied me.
Honey i have some questions for you.
Do you have any hobbies? Do you go in for sport?
I love swimming and fitness. When I was a little girl, my mom and I swam in the lake. It happened so that I could be drowned. Or maybe I'm very scared because I was a child. But that moment I decided that I would learn to swim well and never be drown))
So now I really love swimming. It's good for your health and helps to have a good figure.
Ok, also I wanted to tell you about my city.
It is a small Russian city. The population is here about 50 000 people. People here are very kind and good. Everybody knows each other. There are not a lot of entertainment places here. There are several plants and factories where people work.
Any way my address here is K.Marksa street 28a-22, Livny, Oryol Oblast.
I would be very happy to read about your city. My city is not very interesting and we do not have a lot of sights here. Ok, now I should finish my letter because I have to work.
I am looking for your soonest reply,
Have a good day!
Your friend from Russia,Mariya
Letter 3
Hi, my beautiful prince))
Honey do you not mind if I call you a prince?
Because it reminds me a little story when two people from different worlds have become acquainted through the mail and now try to meet.
I am so happy that you agreed to meet me. I will prepare all documents and tomorrow I will go to Moscow. I have a good friend there. Several times I had a business trip to Moscow and stayed with her. The hotel is very expensive in Moscow to live. My friend has a good family. She lived in my town. But then she came to study to Moscow and met her future husband. Sometimes she visits her parents and always invites me to visit. So I contacted her and she would be glad to help me.
My prince, I think I will also need some information. I need to know the closest International Airport to you. Maybe I need also other information but I'll find out about this in Moscow. I will make a tourist visa because this is the quickest and easiest way to get a visa.
Okay, I will tell you all details and news later. Now I would like to talk about something else. What are your feelings? How do you feel? I am so excited because this is my first trip abroad. But my heart says me what I'm doing everything right. I have also told my mom about my trip to you. She is very glad for us. My mom always told me to do as my heart feels. She prays that everything would be fine with us.
So what is new there? How are you? How is your mood?
Well my prince, I'll finish my letter and wait for your reply.
I kiss and miss you!!!
Your reliable friend Mariya
Letter 4

Hello my dearest prince!
How are you? How is your mood? Everything is well here and soon I am going to Moscow.
Are you waiting for me? =) I have searched for information how soon I can get a visa to you.
If I do everything is right and I have a good fortune, so in 1 or 1.5 weeks I will be able to fly to you.
By the way, can you write me the full address where you will be at that time and what is your full name?
Tomorrow I will come to Moscow and write you from there. I will come by train.
My carriage will have tv, so my trip will be not so boring.
And i will have more time to think of our meeting and what to present you.
Maybe you have some wishes what you would love to have from Russia?
Ok my dear prince, I have to pack my clothes in luggage and then go to the train station.
I hope to see your email when I come to Moscow.
I miss you and kiss,
Your Mariya
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Prince!
How are you? I am ok. I have come to Moscow.
The train had some delay, but it's ok.
My friend has met me at the station and now I will write you from her place. By the way she asked me to tell you hello.
Tomorrow morning I'll give all necessary documents for visa registration.
I'll write everything in detail about the process of my visa. But my friend said that it is very easy to get a tourist visa.
Honey please write me the actual phone number and time when I can call you.
I will call you closer to time of getting a visa and my flight to you.
Well, my prince, I did not rest after my trip to Moscow and now I want to go into the bath and then sleep.
I'll think of you and our meeting and pray that we will meet very soon.
Miss and kiss you!
Your Princess Mariya.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest prince!
How are you? How is your mood?
Today I had a difficult day, but I had time to walk around Moscow and buy a gift for you.
I have prepared the documents and all necessary medical certificates and papers and gave them to the travel agency.
I had a long consultation with them and I was told me that I should have no any problems with getting a visa. My visa is valid for 90 days.
And it's faster than I thought. Registration of my visa will be fast.Soon I will buy a ticket to you.
Also tell me how long can I stay with you there?
Tomorrow I'll go back to the agency and find out when I should buy a ticket. I was told that I should buy my ticket tomorrow or after tomorrow.
Moscow is very big and expensive city. There are thousands of Bentley, Bugati and other expensive brands. There is a lot of skyscrapers and old buildings from the time of the Russian Empire. It looks very nice.
Our meeting will be very soon and I am so excited. But I am sure that everything will be perfect. I've never been abroad before and this is my first trip. I had never even flown on an airplane.
And I'm a little scared because of many airline crash. How many times did you fly on an airplane?
Okay, my friend is calling me now. She wants to show me some sights of Moscow.
So I should go now and say goodbye to you my prince.
I'll write you tomorrow when I go to the agency and get more detailed information about my visa.
I am looking for your letter.
I miss you a lot!
Kisses and hugs,
Your princess Mariya
Letter 7
Hello my dear !!!
How are you??? I want you to read this letter attentively.
I hope you understand that I my English is not very good but you will understand what I whant to say you. I have not got any good news.
I went to the airport and bought the air ticket for 23 of july
After that I went to the agency to say that everything is ready of or my trip and I can arrive to you.
In travel agency I was told that I should go to the embassy.
I had to go to the embassy and had a conversation with the consul.
But I was shocked when he said that I shall not receive the visa!!!
He explained me that the main requirement in reception of the visa it to convince your authorities that I have no any intention immigration in your country. ( that i do not want to stay in your country forever while my visa is a tour visa).
The consul said that I could receive the visa I should buy the air tickets in both ends.
I tried to explain that I do not want to stay in your country forever.
Because that my mum here and I shall come back necessarily.
But he said that it's obligatory requirement and I shall receive the visa only when I shall show the air tickets in both ends.
Dear I haven't enough money for the return ticket!!!
I mean I need to buy the round way tiket. I asked my friend But she can't give it to me, unfortunately.
She can help me only with 50 dollars. But it is not enough.
I need for 600 US$ to arrive to you. I don't know where i can find money!!! I do not know what to do.
I am awfully upset that I have not enough money to arrive to you.
Have you got any idea? Dear are you able to help me.
I hope that we will do something.
Cash you are necessary to me can to send me funds?
Your and only your Mariya .
Letter 8
Hello dear !!!!
Lovely as soon as I shall have funds!
I shall go all to pay!
I shall receive the information on the tickets and I shall be
To inform you!
OK darling I glad see your letter.
Honey if you can help me that I can reserve tickets at 23 of july and then to send you details of my flight.
My love for pay me need 600$ !
You can send funds on my name and i can go and receive it.
And then I at once shall go to airport and shall pay air tickets and send you details of my flight on 23 of july
I searched the company which are engaged international transfers money.
Darling all my documents in agency! therefore I ask you to send It: Money gram
You can send funds through any company which have in your city.
I also have found out that you need to know some my information to send funds.
I to go all to pay and after that I shall inform you the information!
It is the information which is necessary for you for sending money. INFO
first name - Mariya last NAME - Gimelyuk
The country - Russian Federation,
The city - Moscow
Payout Amount I ask you to specify in dollars. So it will be more convenient to me. My love I much happy that soon we shall be together.
Lovely understand I to make all for our meeting!
As I here more find I can not! I to spend all what be at me!
Lovely to receive funds to me it will be necessary to know!
Your complete name as you to specify it in papers money gram, control number and
The address of office whence you to send funds!
I hope you the decent man and to help me today
Yours and only yours
Letter 9
Hello dear! I want to explain you well all situation. For the sake of you I to put enormous number of forces, to spend time a great lot. to spend $1300 personal money. I to organize my travel to you. I to go on the victims, risks, for the sake of you. The relations between the man and the woman, this that when both the man and the woman make efforts to be together
Also believe me, not to express in words as it is offensive in that the moments when you make efforts, and in reply you aren't refused, not desires to put any efforts, or refusal. It will very strongly wound. Hurts and breaks heart. It is possible to stay at home, on the sofa. And as the master to destroy someone's destinies
Playing with feelings of people. And to be the egoist.
And it is possible to behave as the real, decent man. which won't dare to humiliate the woman, will help her at the difficult moment. Also will arrive as the gentleman. Remained the real gentlemen very little presently. Real, sincere men. I still hope that you are the real sincere man. Even if suddenly you have no funds, perhaps you can where that them to find. and if you have them, hope you to help me as soon as possible. I am the sincere, honest girl. I sincerely trust in that that around there are decent people
I ask you don't break my feelings. be the man. to help me as soon as possible. I want to be with you. I sincerely want to be with you. I will accept you such what you is, all have pluses and minuses, the merits and demerits.
Letter 10
dear Tim! even after your letter with accusation. even after your act concerning me. I want to tell that you have arrived not as the man. you had no moral right to behave so with me. for the sake of you I to throw everything here. I to spend $1300 my money, have spent the sea of forces and time. and what to make you? in case of the first opportunity to turn away from me, in additives having called me by scamer? Logically arguing scamer there were you! I in this case was a victim. I have spent large an amount of money, and as a result the man to whom I wanted to arrive has turned away from me and does not want to see me. in your country all men so behave with women? it is regulation in your society? in case of the first difficulty to accuse the woman? in what it not to do? you never to think that the woman can be decent? what will it be really needs the help at the difficult moment? probably not! time you to act with me this way. You with me have arrived as with a rag, having thrown out me on a garbage can! and this behavior of the wise, experienced man! the lack of education can do it? if there is no that overpersuade me the actions and acts of the help!
Letter 11
For the sake of our meeting, for the sake of you I have already spent $1300! I have spent many forces and time. I want to be with you. I beg to be a man. Not to ignore the help to me. I need your help. I beg
Letter 12
To prove my honesty, decency. respect for you once again. I to send you the copy of the passport. I hope to help also you to me and to arrive the real man
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