Scam letter(s) from Mariam Hosney Hasan to John (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my dear and God bless you. I am sorry for my late reply to your mail with due to my situation here wish I informed you about my late father uncle that is looking around to killed me because of the deposited fund in the bank and I need to hide myself for my life security reason so please my love you have to do something fast because my life is in danger right now I have attached my picture as you request of it and try to get back to me fast because I have explained everything clear to the bank manager concerning you and he request to come at contact with them so that the fund can be reminted to your account without any delay. Please my love I wish to stop here and look forward to hear from you urgently.
Thanks and remain blessed
Love and trust
You’re lovely Mariam.
Letter 2
Good afternoon dear and God bless you. Before i go direct to the point it's a pleasure to ask about your lovely family wish i hope they're all fine with you? if so you are blessed. Dear i am very happy to read your mail with many thanks and appreciate your williness to assist me and make me happy in life again. Money and power only last the hour, but friendship and love withstand the sky above, A special wife is a blessing from God that you should treasure with all your heart. A wife is someone who will always be there when everyone else fails you. Well I really need someone i can start a new life together with. someone who can cherish me with love and true care honest and caring person.

The reason why I send you this letter is that I cannot trust anyone here as my late father uncle claims all my father investment and also looking around to **** me because of the fund that was deposited in the bank in my name as my future care. Dear, I have this question for you as follow: (A) Can you be able to approach the bank where the Fund is secured so that we can retrieve and move to your country for settlement. I am suggesting this to avoid any doubts because there is a saying that seeing believes and furthermore it will give you ample opportunity of knowing each other better.

(B) Dear, I have to be sincere to you that the world is really polluted of negative people and it will be unreasonable of you to open up to a stranger .

1) Can you honestly help me?
2) Can I completely trust you since we have not known each other?
3) Can you help me in investing in a proper and profitable way?
4) Can you marry me ?
5) I need your full name?
6) Your full house address?
7) Your phone number?
8) Your passport scan copy or driving lance? Once again,this is my details: 1-FULL NAME: Ms Mariam Hassan Adan
2-AGE: 24yrs (28th June 1990)
3-ADDRESS: N° 7 Cocodys Street BP 743. Hassan ll, Abidjan 03, Cote d'Ivoire
4-NATIONALITY: Cote D’Ivoire
6-PHONE NUMBER: +22509416212 please dear do get back to me and also call me on my direct phone number in other to know that you have sent me an reply.
Thanks and remain blessed.
Love and trust
Your lovely Mariam.
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