Scam Letter(s) from Irina Irotchka to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend John!
I am very pleased to receive your letter again and write to you. I hope that you and I will always be a lot of talk and get to know each other better.
My friend John, from me to you, there are still some questions. What do you wish to receive from our correspondence? You want to just chat? Or something more like a marriage? I would be interested to know about this. I would like to receive from our correspondence with you mutual understanding, and who knows what will happen in the future? Perhaps marriage. I hope that you'd like this as well.
I hope that we will have no problems with each other. I think that you and I must learn to understand each other, that there was no misunderstanding. I hope that this will happen.
At this point I must finish my letter today. I was glad that you wrote to me today.I'll be waiting for your answer, your friend Irina.

Letter 2

Hello my friend John!
Once again, I'm glad to receive your letter and write to you. I'm sorry for what I can not write you my emails so often. I now have a lot of work, since I do a report.I even take work home in order to have time to do everything. But soon I will make my report and I will have a vacation for 30 days and I'll write you a letter on a lot more often. I hope that this will not affect our relationship.
My friend John, I'm so pleased every day to communicate with you and with each letter more you learn. I hope that our correspondence will last forever, and in the future we're going to meet and get acquainted personally. Also I will be glad if we're going to build a relationship, and we found a family, this is my dream.
You really likes me and I hope that our feelings and relationships to each other are mutual. It would be nice to know all that you think of me and what do you have feelings for me. I wish that we always told each other everything, so our relationship will develop much faster.
Dear John, I am very pleased that you treat me with respect and I hope that it will last forever. I hope that we will never be quarrels, and we will never swear. I do not want to spoil our relations, I hope that we always will be all right.
Today I'm going to go to visit his girlfriend Roza. I like going to visit her, since she has two small children and they are twins. I like to play with her children and care for them. I am already 32 years old, and I'm still alone. All my friends are already married, and I still do not. Unfortunately I have not found a soul mate, but I'm starting to feel that you are my other half. I am sure that you have brought the fate and that we are meant for each other. I hope that you and I will be together and will create a happy family. I will be faithful and loving wife to her husband, and I will always be with him.
My dear John, I've never had to write a letter to the man and, therefore, our acquaintance with you is for me a new step in my life. I hope that my letter you like, and you're always glad to receive them.
I will finish my letter. I hope that soon again, I received your letter will bring me a lot of joy.
Your Irina.

Letter 3

Hello my friend John!
I'm so glad to get your letter in such a beautiful sunny day and enjoy reading it. I am very pleased that we are always rejoicing each other letters. Thank you for the kind words that you're talking about me. I'm glad that I'm very much like me. I understand that there is a difference between us in age, but it does not have any meaning for me. For me the most important thing in life is love, and I never pay attention to the age. I hope that the age and the age difference between us is not for you and me a barrier for us to meet and communicate with you.
My friend John, it would be very nice if you and I could be together today to go to dinner and a walk. I hope that in the future we'll be able to do it. Now I am at work and I had a free moment and I immediately decided to write you a letter. I know that between us there is a great distance, but I hope it will not be for you and me a problem to you and I talked a lot and got to know closer. I am very pleased that we have met with you and I hope that we have brought to you the destiny and we are meant for each other.
I hope that we will always tell each other the truth. I do not like lies and deception.I think that we must always speak the truth, whatever it may be. I hope that we will never deceive each other and we trust each other in the future. The most important thing in a relationship between two people is the love, respect and trust each other.
I am very happy that I have such a friend like you. I have never talked with men on the Internet. You're the only man to whom I dedicate my letters and communicate. I hope that you also write their letters to me only and that you have no other girls, I really hope that this is so.
John, I want you to know that I'm a lonely girl who never knew of this and sincere love. I'm tired of the loneliness, I want to love and be loved. I hope that you're the man with whom I will be happy in the present. I am very gentle, loving and faithful woman, and so my husband will always be with me feel loved and welcome.
Now I need to finish my letter, because I need to work. I'll be happy to re your beautiful letter. Do not forget me, and bring me the joy of your letters.
I wish you a nice day.
Your Irina.

Letter 4

Hello my friend John!
I'm so glad your letter, it brought me a lot of joy. I am pleased that you respond to my emails. I'm glad that you liked my photos. I'll be glad to look at your photos, which you will send me your letters in the following.
Perhaps you're not you know that I am writing this so? I do not know very well English. I taught him to only 1.5 years when I was in college. I am currently working in the office for the sale of women's cosmetics. I like my job. At work, I can communicate with many different and sociable people.
By nature I am a friendly, honest and open-minded person. I do not like cheating.I believe that deceive people is not good. If people deceive each other, then they never will be mutual trust. John, I wish that we never will deceive each other and always told the truth.
Unfortunately I was lonely girl and I want to make love and strong relationship. I would be happy if we're going to get acquainted closer and build relationships in the future. I understand that the Internet is not the best way to find love, and I hope that I have found it, and it's you. I'll be glad if you and I get to build relationships and love.
At this point I will finish my letter and I will wait for your answer.

Letter 5

Hello my friend John!
I saw your profile on a dating site and I liked you and I have decided to write to you.I hope you do not mind our acquaintance. Thank you for your e-mail, which you have given me so that I could write you my letter.
I want to tell you that my name is Irina. I am 32 years old. I've never been married. I have no children. I'm looking for a friendly acquaintance. I want to find a friend. This is not just a friend but my man.
I want to find the person that he loves me. I wish that the man was the head of our life together. I hope that this will happen. I hope that you are the man of whom I had dreamed all his life.
Tell me about yourself. Where do you live? What are you doing? In addition, I will be glad if you send me your photos.
I look forward to your prompt response.
Yours faithfully, Irina!

Letter 6

Hello my dear John!
I am very glad that you wrote to me. I'm waiting for your letters every day. I hope that you continue to write to me your good letter. I would like to receive your photos in your every letter. Waiting for your letters are really nice to me, my dear.I'm waiting for them impatiently.
My dear John, I had a great affection for you. I am glad to receive your letters and it is really joyful to me. I began to feel that between us there was really kakaya-to sympathy and I am very happy about that, because I really like you, I like to read your letters, stories about how you spend your days and do everything that you have the opportunity to write to me. And how do you feel about my letters and to me personally? Do you like me? Do you like my photos? Would you like to receive more of my photos?
I want to say that you really like me, and I want to create a relationship with you. I understand that to talk about it a little early, but it's true, so I want to talk with you today about the most important thing in a relationship - is trust. I think it's really important, and I want to ask you, to you I never lied.
For me it is really important to me, and I want you and I trust each other. I hope you really understand me. I wish we did not have any secrets, and secrets. I ask you that you told me about it. Personally, I have no secrets from you, and I tell you everything. If you do not enough, you can easily ask me to talk about something else, and I am very happy to do it. I really want a serious relationship, which is trust between people. If we will be all right and we will build relationships and love, then of course I will be very happy to meet with you, even on the Black Sea if you want to.
My dear John, I hope that you and I always will be all right, and soon we will meet and build relationships. You really like me and I am happy that I have you.
I hug you and wish you a pleasant day.
Your dear Irina.



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