Scam letter(s) from Jessica Brown to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again ) Glad to see your answer today!
Thanks for your pics! I must to say that you look very attractive!
And that you in very good shape for your age! Cool ))
Is your city good place for living? What you can tell me?? I live in small town Orlovka ( it is in not far from big city Tomsk)
Orlovka is very small and Tomsk is a large city, the main city in our district. my address here is: Orlovka, Kirova st. 14, app 5, post code(zip)-634503. my full name is: K S E N I J A T E M B A T C H I am 24 years old and I will be 25 on August, 10 . I will be big girl I like my town but there is no ways for good life... It is so pity ((( I tried to begin my trip to abroad beginning of this year but my mother was ill and I decided to do it later... In March I finished my work in the Shop and now I am ready for my trip again. I will get my pay check today or tomorrow and all will be OK. All my girlfriends says that I am crazy and that it is bad idea and that better will be to drink **** in the bar every evening.. But I do not listen ... If you interested I can tell you about my family.. My father is builder and he loves drink ***** every day. I do not remember when he was not *****... My mother is nurse in hospital. She is very kind woman.. I have many diplomas form different competitions ))) I love sport very much ! I finished sport university two years ago. Now I hope that I will find good job abroad. I know English well and I believe that I will not have any problems. I just need to choose city. I think that I can choose your city ? I wrote you that because of war in Ukraine all the world put forward economic sanctions to Russia. Now all food , electronics or other import things are very expensive...
And now it is impossible to live here... ****** SANCTIONS!! My own computer is broken and now if I need Inthernet I have to go to
nearest Inthernet cafe and write my mails from there... So ****** in 21 century... do you like my photos? what do you think about me in red???
Today I am sending you several new photos.
On one of them I am with my loved dog:) His name is Beam!
Do you like dogs?? Tomorrow I will send you more photos...( if you want it ;)) Write me please what do you think about all this and send me more photos please... I hope to see your answer soon.. xoxoxox
Letter 2
**Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello!!! I have done IT!! I am writing you from Moscow!!**
Can you imagine it??? I still can not...
Now I need several days for finishing all things. Soon I will know nearest possible flight to you.
I need you confirm me your airport. I am afraid to do some mistake...
They will give me all information (date and time of my arrival, etc.)
tomorrow or after tomorrow I think.
I will stay and work in your area for 3 months .
And then if I will like there I will be able to prolong my trip. Now what I can tell about Moscow..
It is very big city! Everywhere are big crowds of people.
I have very unusual feelings in my soul. May be all this not mine??
But I believe that all what I do now it is wright... Here is good weather in Moscow , about +23`C and I want to visit some museums. I dreamed about it all my life ))
Then I want to eat big burger in real Mc Donalds. But I do not know - may be they all are closed because of cold relations between Russia and USA )) But I hope that I will find one working )))
I have never eat burger in real Mc Donalds. I have seen it just on TV... P.S.
I believe that I choose wright place, wright time and wright man...
I see that you kind man and that I can trust you.
Soon I will show you how strong can be love from hot litlle Russian girl I hope that you understand what I mean ;)) I am sending you photos of my last evening at home..
My sister made these photos and laugh )) She followed me everywhere during all day :))
She is little crazy but I love her very much!!! Write me soon please... I am so alone here... your Ksen
Letter 3
HI barry... ,
I have to say that I love to looking on your pics.. I do not know why...
but... :))
What did you do this weekend? What do you like to do for fun usually??
I want to tell you that all my life I want to find man older than me.
Why? I have two answers..
Firstly, I think older men are much more serious and they can take care of me, they are more experienced in life and can teach me many things.
In Russia we say : "Adult man like an old horse - works bad, but he will never spoil nothing!"
Because he has experience...
It is mean that I need man with life experience...Like you...
Secondly... maybe I'm not right about it... but I want to be honest I've always had such worry... if I marry a man nearly my age...
and after some years I will become not that young and beautiful... I think it's more hard for a woman to be attractive then for a man...
and he will find a younger mistress and I will become very miserable.
I don't want my man to be unfaithful. I know I can be faithful to my man and I will never cheat on him.
But this is just my worries. This is not my goal. Please tell me if you think you will love your woman at any age and not find a younger one? Can you be faithful?
Please forgive me if my letters so long or if you do not like my questions.. Today I am thinking about my life and that soon I will be able to change it...
I think that in 25 years to have a family is too early?
I wrote you that my father ***** every day.
It is very difficult for me because we all ( my mother, sister and father )live in small two rooms apartment.
And I do not want to live with man like my father... I hope that you understand what I mean...
just do not think that I'm a bad girl ...
I have never been married before.I do not have children. I didn't meet my beloved man and I can't marry without love.
I am really sure, there is no point in life without love. People can live without money and a certain social status.
But people can not live without love, it is meaningless. Do you think such a way too?? =))
I am kind girl who loves museums, classic music, jazz, rock, lounge.
I like all kinds of music!
I love romantic dinners, and sunsets and I am a fun loving person who is ready to love and hook up with a man for fun . Now you know that I'm seeking for Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care!Someone who's willing to love me unconditionally,
whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal,sense of humor, someone that can make me laugh loving and wants lifetime of passion.. P.S. My trip documents are ready and I think that I will start it tomorrow))
Please tell me if you have an International Airport in your city?
please write me it's name an code!!! P.S.S. I am so ashamed but I want you to see my secret photos..I hope that you do not mind... Ok, now I need to go... I will write you tomorrow!
Kiss .... . Your Ksen
Letter 4

barry hey there!!
Thank you!!I am glad to see your quick answer today!!
My real name is Ksenija but all around call me Ksen ))
I'm sending you my photos and I hope that you will interested!
That's is my loved photos and I really hope that you will like it!!
Please do not think that I am photo model and that I have 1000 men near me!
NO! I am working usual seller here in Russia.
Everyone here want just drink **** and ***** and nobody wants care about woman ((.
I am 24 years old. I know English well and I am learned how to leave my country and find good work in one of civilized country...
Here is VERY VERY bad situation because of war in Ukraine.
All the world hates Russia and millions usual people like me suffer because of it.
I hope that you know about it.
I know that many people wants to leave this f.. place.
It is big crisis here. You will never see this by TV but this is truth.
Oh sorry that I am writing you about my problems ))
Please send me more of your photos. I want to see your different pics..
What do you like to do after work? Do you have some hobby?

Today is Sunday, 17 of July and my friends wants go to the night club but I do not want because they will drink wine there but I do not like it...
I prepare to my trip .
And if you do not mind I will write you all details in the next mails...
Bye for now :*...
P.s. Please add me to your list.
I will do the same today. Ok?
Letter 5
Barry hello! I'm writing to you as soon as I can! I am busy with many arrangements! Today I was in the travel agency and I received an information about my trip!
I will be very thankful to you if you can meet me at the Airport!
I will arrive to you on Wednesday , 27 of July.
You can see my full flight info in the end of this mail and copy of my passport in the attach.
I hope so much it's a good day for you to meet me! I am so glad to see that we are almost near our goal,and our meeting wait for us.
I think I will call you from airport before my flight.
You know I booked tickets on Wednesday , 27 of July flight and I will buy them before my interview. People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally, so I need to buy round trip tickets (with returning date). For truth I did not expect I will need to buy round trip tickets, but now I see that its a very strict rule..:-(
I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets but they (agency) tell that I can't use because it is their business to arrange all travel details and they have some extra money from all the things, you see it is just business...
I believe that you will be able to help me because I don't know anybody here and only you are my hope now, I think everything in your hands and I believe that you will not leave me here alone. please borrow me some money. I am sure I will be able to return all your money back after a few weeks, I will get salary and I will collect the sum I own from you.
To be fair I am not sure I know what to say because I hate to ask but now I have no different way, you see.
Please help me it is only money and much more important if we will meet in person I will do my best, you wont be disappointed.
I see that it sounds a little crazy but I can't believe that in the worst case I have to return home,they all will laugh at me.
I think it rests with you to decide and I feel that you will help me because you are kind.
I have about 400 US dollars yet and I think I need about 800$ US dollars from your side for all my travel needs and living here till my flight! (I had 1190 dollars, but flight from Tomsk, opening visa, medical insurance and all travel needs costed about 800 dollars).
I was sure that my mom will help me because she promised but now she sent letter that it is possible only in a few months or so because of family problems.
and she can't send transfer now.
I was in the bank to try to ask them about loan but they tell I have to have something to stay them and I have nothing to stay because I have only a few dress and things, some perfume and it is all I have, and small gift for you from Russia with love.
please send it today by Western Union or Money Gram. I will write you details, send it to Russia, on my full name: First name: KSENIJA
Last name: TREMBATCH Also I've got an advice to send you a scan copy of my passport in case you need to confirm my details.
this is my full name used in all official documents.
They said this is all info you need. But please for any case write down more info.
The address where I'm staying:
Leningradsky Prospekt st. 32 , app. 151, post code (zip) 121087.
I rent a small room In an apartment of an old policeman here, it's cheaper then hotel.
in the room of the subjects of civilization only a TV and refrigerator.... :-(
and there is no telephone......I must finding public telephone....
The address of the closest Western Union (or MoneyGram) here is:
Bank of recipient in system Western Union and Money Gram can be ANY. It is not necessarily this one.
I have some money but it's not enough to complete my trip. Please send me 800$ US dollars and I will complete my trip!
To send money through Western Union or Money Gram you need to:
1. Find a local Western Union or MoneyGram office (they are usually located in the banks and post offices)
2. Fill in their send form with my name: Ksenija and my surname:
along with my country: Russia (my city - Moscow) location and the amount you're sending - 800$ USD
3. Take a copy of the receipt that they give to you that contains your full name and the money transfer control number (or reference#).
please write me all details about the transfer - your FULL NAME and Money Transfer Control Number or if it Money Gram - reference#.!!
I can not receive money without "money transfer control number or reference#"
I will call you as soon as I receive it.
When I receive the money I will pay for my trip and only then the embassy will put all final stamps on my documents.
I've bought you few souvenirs with Russian attributes!!!
I'm sure you will like them! If you need something more please let me know, they are not expensive. Also I bought two boxes of Russian chocolate!
I hope so much when I come to you we will like each other!
You are already very special to me! Please when I come to you tell me more about you and your country!
I will listen to everything you tell me and I will do everything you tell me!
I trust you really much! I hope you will not do something to hurt my feelings....
I think you are really good man. I will never do anything to hurt yours!!!
By statistics Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo... everything is so expensive here...
and I have to pay for my rent and food and buy tickets.. please help me..
Sorry if I missed something or didn't comment please let me know I was so busy with with all preparations! so, MY FLIGHT INFO : Ksenija Trembatch Delta Air Lines
DL 47 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 12:20
William B Hartsfield (ATL), Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Terminal S 15:45 Kiss you
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