Scam letter(s) from Anna Rol to Mathias (USA)

Letter 1
I must confess to you , you have been one understanding and calm and caring man since we have started communicating , i do like that so much about you and i really appreciate it . Yes i do have more picture of myself .

All you can do for while i am still out here , is more communication, more care and more understanding with good trust .!

Oh the lost of my Family was painful but Glory to God for the grace of my late grand mother to be alive to take care of me , she actually made me what i am today with the help of GOD.

I am sure you are very romantic ... oops!! Do you have a phone for text messages ,if yes , give me your number, I think it will be easier to communicate better via text messages .! Here is another picture of me , hope you like it .! Beside do you like it POEMS....?

Letter 2
Good Morning .. Sorry i have been very busy due to work ... Thanks for the compliment again .. Oh i love your picture , if you wanna send me another one sure i will like to see it but not **** please . LOL ..

Oh NOPE , i am not dating out here , i am only here due to work . I am the boss out here , no one can even date and beside they are black . AND Also i have no one i am dating , if i have anyone i am dating i will be online searching .

I love respect .. I am just a simple woman that live a simple life . I do believe Life is simple and Life will only treat one the same way one get to treat life itself .
Letter 3
So sorry , its 12 : 47 am here now .. I just finished my paper work for the day ... Guess what happened today , my phone just went off right after i tried to text you and its still not coming back ON.. '

Oh the dating site was just an advert i saw online and i thoughts of giving it a shot , never knew it was full of *** CHAT Issues ... But something said to my mind, that i might find a good man on there AND right now , i think i found ONE already ( YOU )
Letter 4

Oh yeah i just replied to all your emails ... Oh you like poem , i actually have a poem for you , i was hoping to text it to you on phone but since you did not give me your number, here is the poem and i hope you like it .

I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay..
Letter 5
You make me smile and i am glad i am checking my mail again now before going to bed .. yeah hopefully it works in the morning .. Oh yeah i am so new in the state and believe me i need a man in my life to show me around you USA

What is the time there now ...? What is your plan for the rest of the day ..? Do you live alone,.? Do you smoke ?
Letter 6
I am not worried about you been married and YES , i am not gonna disturb your home .. I just want a man in my life, I mean a companion that will be there for me always with no stress OR drama . I do not want to be having *** with different men , i just WANT ONE MAN and i hope and believe you are the MAN cause you have come in my life , like a MIRACLE . Oops!!! I just sent you a text from my second number, i had to get another phone,... My phone got spoiled, i found the SIM CARD MELTED inside ,..
Letter 7
Yeah we can always communicate on here .. Oh yeah i want kid but that will be a decision between myself and my MAN ... Its not that so much complusory ...

I do not know what wrong than i caught him sleeping my best friend when it was a week more to our wedding day .. My work is all about drlling , getting samples from Drilling ground , take samples to LAB , Run test on Samples, get the result on test and then i do paper work too .. Oh i have no specific time i travel , its just all about my choice , to be honest i am really getting tired of traveling around the world ... Also, this is my traveling for this year ..
Letter 8
Oh when it come to appearance , that is not really important to me , what matter most is the HEART, the feelings, the emotions, the understanding , the trust and the care ..

Yeah i wondered also just the same way you are wondering , i have never experience such in my life .
Letter 9
Oh yeah a lot men have tried but i have been locked up with myself ..But since i lost my grand mother last year , i couldnt stand being alone anymore ..!
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