Scam letter(s) from Alla Guryanova to Stevie (UK)

Letter 1
Hi :)
To begin, I want to say that I was very glad to see your letter. Thank you. I saw your letter today, and here I am writing to you immediately reply. If you want to stay in touch with me, I certainly do not mind, and even pleased. Always I love to meet new people.
Thus, this means your name Steve? Very beautiful name. I like :)
I do not really love through letters, and honestly, I just do not know what to write to you.
I'm writing about myself, but what to write? What you want to know about me? Well, as you already know, my name is Alla. I'm 29 years old.
I live in Australia, Melbourne. By the way, in 2 weeks I will be 30 years old. My date of birth: February 17, 1986.
I'm not married, no children, and now I'm not even in a relationship. Generally speaking I'm a single woman who is still looking for the other half.
I like sports, I like to cook, of course, love my job. Most of the time I work with and probably why I'm still single.
If you would like to know about my work, I will write to you about it in my next letter.
My favorite color is red (as a bright color). My favorite season of the year, is of course the summer. I love the beach, I love the sea and sun.
I love to travel and my 29 years, I toured almost all of Europe, I was in Paris, London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities.
I travel almost every 2 months and mostly at work.
I love pets. But unfortunately, now I can not afford to have pets because I'm always at work.
Unfortunately I do not remember exactly which site I saw you, but I had a great desire to write to you. And I'm quite happy with my choice. I would like to get to know you better.
Now I do not know what else to write, I think, for my first letter is enough. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.
I'll wait for your response letter. Alla.
Melbourne. PS I hope you enjoyed my photo and you will send me their pictures back, I will be very glad to see them.
Letter 2
Hello my dear. How are you today without me? What's your mood? What is the weather? As I was very tired today for a whole day, if you only knew. Today was a lot of work, but in spite of that I could not write to you today because I signed a contract about which I wrote to you in my letter last. I have a very urgent business trip and so tomorrow I'm going on a business trip to Moscow in Russia. All day today I have some not understandable. I have a lot of work, a lot of contracts, which are necessary to check, but the thought of you makes me tune in to the job. Today, I keep thinking about you, about our meeting and it is like madness !!! Maybe I'm going crazy? I have a feeling that I was really mad and I must confess that I'm going crazy without you. You know, before you sit down to write this letter to you I was somewhere quarter of an hour sitting at his work computer and just thinking about you. I imagined what you are in reality, I imagined our first meeting, our first conversation, the first night and ... I can not tell you everything because I'm shy. Frankly speaking, I am a little afraid of what lies ahead. I am referring to our meeting. With me it's the first time, this is my first encounter with a man via the internet and it scares me. Suddenly, our expectations were not fulfilled. What then? We just say goodbye and disperse in different directions? Or, we will still continue to occur? how do you do, if I do not like you? Of course I do not want to think about it now, before we met, but I would be interested to learn about your reaction in such a situation. If you say about his reaction, I'm not going to go away. I think if you and I will not come for a serious relationship, that in fact we still could stay with you and your friends to meet you as friends. You agree with me? What are your thoughts about this? Be honest !!! I hope you agree with me. Now about ***. Forgive me for such a direct question to you, but you would like to have *** with me when we meet? I know that this is not a cultural right to ask such questions, but I want to be honest with you, and so important to me your answer on the topic. Personally, my opinion - I do not mind having *** with you, certainly not at the first meeting. Could you just do not think badly of me. I'm not a woman of easy virtue, but if we will communicate a more serious relationship with you, then why not? I already flushed with shame. It's hard to admit it, but if we are going to meet with you, we should be very honest with you. That is why today I write to you all that I think. I hope you will not think badly of me and you can just answer me honestly. At least a little bit, try to answer, ok. With much I look forward to your response on this topic.
Speaking of my trip. I already wrote to you about this, but I want to tell you again that I'm flying tomorrow to Moscow, Russia. I hired a small company that has a branch in Russia. I only need to draw with them the next contract, and then I will go back. Somewhere in 2-3 days, and I will go back to Melbourne. I'll bring my laptop, so that we can maintain a relationship with you. I do not want to lose contact with you, so write to me and I'm just going to write to you as soon as I have free time.
My dear, unfortunately I have to hurry right now. I have today many more cases, documents that I need to check out before tomorrow's departure. I do not know when it was all over, so I leave it at that. I just have to wait again for your letter and I hope you write me soon.
Again, gently kiss you !!!
I miss you already !!!
Sincerely yours with love, Alla.
Letter 3
Good evening ! My dear, you have no idea what happened in my hotel room. After I wrote you a letter, I opened a bottle of wine to drink for the day of my birth mother, but suddenly flew out of the bottle cork and the wine spilled on my laptop. I was scared, I was in a hurry to turn off your laptop soon, but unfortunately I could not. I am very upset because my laptop burned and burned it at the time, when I invited you to chat with me online. Of course, I was upset, I just do not know what to do. Now I use the computer away.
My dear, tomorrow I think I finish my work here in Russia. Tomorrow I need one more day to finish his work completely, but it's just a formality, and the next day after his return to Melbourne, I'll be able to come to you. It remains for me a few days of work in your city, and then I will have free time during the month. I very much hope that we will be able to meet and spend time together, and I hope that we are two people who were looking for each other.
So, I have to go to bed, tomorrow I get up very early to finish his work. Unfortunately now I can not send you a picture, since I am writing this letter from another computer because my laptop still will not turn on. But I'm not upset because one day I come home and be able to restore it. By the way, today I even while working to think about you. Already I miss you terribly. I feel like my heart is impregnated with love for you. I feel that I can not imagine my life without you.
I will finish my letter today.
Your Alla.
Letter 4

My dear friend, my love, I guess you do not sleep longer, I think you woke up, I do not know. Now I really do not know anything, I do not know who else to share grief, and so I decided to write to you.
Now I have come to the internet cafe to write my only friend, I wanted to tell her about his grief and ask for help.
But it took about an hour and a response from her, I could not wait. I also tried to call her, but she was probably moved to another country to parents. I rented a computer in an Internet cafe, for one hour, now there are only 15 minutes before the end of the hour, and I have decided to share their grief with you. I do not know who else I can share with their grief.
My dear, just a couple of hours ago, everything was fine with me, but now I feel disgusting.
I do not know how to write you now about what happened to me. I just do not know where to start, and I'm in tears.
Tonight after work I went back to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me to the hotel, but stopped about twenty meters from the entrance, I was not against it, I decided that I would be useful to walk a few meters on foot.
But when I came out with a taxi and went to the hotel, I was suddenly attacked by a man, he hit me several times on the head from behind, I grabbed my bag and ran in the opposite direction.
All this happened in a matter of seconds, I fell down on the asphalt, I was shocked. I was scared and hurt and I could not do anything. I did not know what to do.
Now I sit and think about it, like a bad dream. He stole my bag in the bag was all my money, so I do not when you do not keep money in the bank card, I do not when you do not trust banks, so all of my money when I have always been in my bag. And as he stole my bag with my phone, documents for the job. He stole all that now, and I do not know how I live now !!!
I cried. His eyes were red from crying, and I just do not know what to do now!
So I immediately ran to the hotel may be other more courageous woman to run for the bandits to return her bag, but I was very scared, and I had no choice. Once I ran into the hotel, I immediately asked to call the police.
But the police arrived only after half an hour and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me about what happened.
I told them about all the details, they told me that this is not the first time.
The officer told me that I have to thank God that I'm still alive. Now a very difficult time in Russia, because of the crisis in Russia. A police officer told me that now frequent looting and robbery of foreigners. He said that the robbers are often robbed of foreign nationals, as foreign citizens defenseless in a foreign country and they are the easiest to rob.
I do not know what to do!? After all this, I am afraid to be in this country!
The police told me that they will try to find these criminals, but I could see how they work, and I just do not believe them.
I feel that they will not even try to look for them, because I am not a citizen of their country. Today I offered to turn to my embassy.
I spent a long time at the police station. I am very tired, I need a little rest, I have to bring myself up. Now in my head all messed up. I'm afraid of everything.
I'm shocked. I need comfort, I want moral support from you.
Tell me at least that you love me, I'm sure that these words make me feel better. I need you now!
I needed to talk to you, I is not one to turn to. If my parents were alive, I certainly would ask for help to them, but unfortunately my parents in the other world, and only my friend flew to another country to her parents and her number is not available. I do not know what to do now. For me you are the closest person.
And after this letter, I feel much better. Sensation as if a heavy burden has fallen from the soul. Please write me a few words.
very hard for me, and I want to see your letter. I'll be waiting for your prompt letter.
your Alla.
Letter 5
Hello my sweet heart Steve. Is it worth it to me now ask you about your mood?
Probably not. I myself ruin your mood to the letter and now I feel guilty before you. Please forgive me for the bad mood. My dear believe me, I have the most today is very very bad mood. It was just a horrible night for me. All Night did not sleep today at 8 am, I am the police all the time was there. At the police station detectives arrived, people came to my embassy and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night. I myself have lost count how many times this morning, I testify.
I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of what happened the case, but they are still asking the same questions.
I did not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me blame for everything?
Nothing consolation today I have not heard from the police. They just told me that they will start an investigation, but how much it will last, they do not know. My dear I not know what to do now. I am now very upset and tears were flowing from my eyes. It is very difficult and I do not want to stay a day longer in this country. I am very scared and I was afraid to go out here on the street alone. I'm so scared. This morning, I turned to my embassy asking my help to get back home. I asked about my embassy that they bought me a return ticket, but in response to the embassy they told me that they now can not take any action until no an official statement from the police to close my business. To put it another way, my embassy asks me to wait the end of the investigation, and only then they will be able to help me. I asked my embassy as I wait, but this one does not know. Maybe a few days, maybe a week - and maybe a month, I do not want to wait so long. I just go crazy for this time this wild country. Recently, a negotiating point tried to get through to my work. I hoped that they help me, but the problem is that I do not work for a company official. I get money only for your work done work and they do not answer me. I just said so on the phone with my company no longer even want to talk with me. It is cruel and I'm shocked by all. All my money, credit cards, cell phone, documents for the job - all that was stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now how do I get back back to his home and to turn to for help? I tried to call my best friend, but it does not answer the phone.
Maybe she went back to her parents, and her phone was not responding. If my parents were alive, I'm sure I would appeal to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just have no one to ask for help Now besides you. My Sweet forgive me now for my determination. God knows, I never in my life did not ask anyone about assistance. Always I am trying to get out of a difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I did not know what to do.
I need now is $ 978, so I can go back home to Melbourne. My hotel is paid for 5 days, then I was just thrown out into the street. My only hope for you. Now I'm afraid, my love, I do not want to lose you !!! My dear, if not you, then who else can help me? I'm crying now, and with tears in his eyes, I ask you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request will upset you. but despite this, I ask you to help me with the purchase of a ticket home. Steve I do not take money from you forever. Of course, I will return to you all your help back as soon as I arrive in Melbourne.
I ask you to give me your help for a few days. I buy a ticket back home and immediately refund you your help, I need your help only 1-2 days.
I am very afraid to upset you. But all my hope to return home just now in this letter. I very much hope that you will enter into my situation and will not leave me in the lurch.
My dear, about the assistance to me and how best to do this if you honestly, I do not know how it would be better to transfer your help to me in such a short period of time. Perhaps the best option to transfer your help to me is through a system of instant transfers. It takes a lot of time and more so it's easy and you will need just in my name and address. Now I will give my information and you can send me your help through the bank Western Union.
My dear here are my findings:

My name: Alla
My surname: Guryanova
My full home address: Russia, Moscow, ul. Shchepkin, 32, p. 1 I'll be waiting for your response and hope you will answer me today. If you send today, I
I will go to the bank and I'll get your help, and tomorrow I can go home. And as soon as I get home, I immediately send you the money back, and I myself personally arrive to you and give you the money back personally. My dear in my house have money, they are in my house in the safe, which is why I will be able to transfer your money back without any problems.
I will come at an Internet cafe in the evening that would have to read your response, I'll be very worried about your answer.
I love you very very much miss you.
Your Alla.
Letter 6
Hello, my love Steve!
My dear I am very pleased that you care about me and not leave me in the lurch. I began to love you even more, since it is such a man like you I want to see next to each other. I like men who do not throw your woman is in trouble, and try to overcome the problem with it.
My dear, I am pleased that you want to buy a ticket for me through the Internet, but unfortunately I will not be able to fly on such a ticket. Since I was not allowed out of Russia, in order that I may without any problems could leave Russia, I have to buy a ticket on their own with the man from the embassy. A man from my embassy to warn airport staff that they missed me on board, and he will have to confirm that I can sell tickets.
So I can leave Russia only if I buy a ticket in person.
I left to live in my hotel only 4 days, if at that time I did not have time to buy a ticket home, I was thrown out into the street. My dear, I do not want to sleep on the street or at the airport.
My dear, I beg you, help me to purchase the ticket as soon as I get home, I'll give you your help back at double the rate $ 978 per ticket and $ 1022 in gratitude for the fact that you do not put me in trouble.
My angel, I ask you to send your support through the bank Western Union or MoneyGram.
I will write to you again my information: My name: Alla
My surname: Guryanova
My full home address: Russia, Moscow, ul. Shchepkin, 32, p. 1 My dear, I'll be waiting for your letter as soon as possible, I hope that today I can leave this country
I look forward to our meeting with you. I can not wait for the day when I will go down with the plane, and the first time our eyes intersect with each other. I'll run to you and I'll jump into your arms, you will catch me and I'll twist in place. This point will be the happiest in my life.
I'll be waiting for your urgent response.
yours forever, Alla.
Letter 7
Hello, my love Steve!
My dear I'm sorry that I could not answer you immediately as soon as you told me, unfortunately I do not have a computer here, because my laptop burned, because I spilled wine on him when she wanted to drink to my mom's birthday. So I can not answer you as quickly as I want, but I'm doing everything to respond to you as soon as possible.
My angel, unfortunately I can not leave Russia if you purchase the ticket through the Internet for me, because of the fact that I was robbed by the Russian police opened a criminal case in my case, they look for the thieves.
So I can buy a ticket only employee of my embassy, he will have to confirm that I can fly out of Russia.
My dear I am very hurt by the fact that you do not trust me. As I opened my soul to you and gave you my heart, you do me hurt so much. I suffered a lot in Russia in shock and pain, I do not want you to bring me your pain does not trust me. My dear, I'm asking you to believe me that I do not deserve your trust is not to me. I must confess that I am sincere and honest girl, I understand that perhaps before you've had a bad experience with the girl, but I'm asking you to believe that I am not like that. You can trust me. I'm looking for a serious relationship, I want to start a family. I want a man to love and be loved by them. I want to feel the warmth and affection.
My dear, I am not looking for money, the money is just a piece of paper. It does not replace the feelings of love, I believe that love is not worth not have any money.
My dear, I'll try to call you today, through negotiating point, since my cell phone was stolen with my bag. My dear, I hope that you'll wait for my call and you will keep your phone close in order to immediately respond to me in my call.
My dear, I very much hope that soon we will be there for you and will be able to enjoy the presence of each other. I want to enjoy your arms.
My dear now I will finish my letter and I'll wait for your answer.
I hope that today we will be able for the first time to hear each other's voice.
I'll be there for you.
Your forever, Alla.
Letter 8
Hello, my love Steve!
I do not understand why you do not trust me. And why your friend is cheating you that I am not an Australian citizen?
Him or anyone could not give this information because such information is confidential, as embassy employees know that if they give this information then I can sue them.
My dear, I do not understand what I deserve no confidence in me.
I called to you yesterday, but you did not answer me on my call, so I decided to leave you a voicemail, so I called to you via telephone booth.
My dear, I do not know what I do for you to believe me.
I opened my soul to you and gave you my heart, I thought that I give my heart to reliable men who will protect me in any difficult situation, and that does not leave me in the lurch. But now it turns out that you just throw me in trouble themselves running from the problem. I'm sorry that I have shared with you with your problem, I'm not asking you to help me if you do not want.
I thought that you would like to help me with a pure heart, and it turned out that you do not trust me, and that you check me what I am a citizen of the country.
By nationality I am Australian, as I was born in Australia, but in my present Russian blood.
When my dad was alive, he always taught me the Russian language, I even went to courses in Russian, my father always wanted me to know Russian language. Now I know the Russian language, but not all the words, and not so good. I can speak Russian, but I write with mistakes. Since the Russian language is very difficult.
My full name. Alla Guryanova. I have a Russian name because my dad wanted to call me a Russian name, and my mother did not mind. it always and in all supported my dad. I also really like my name.
My name is Russian because my mom took my dad's name.
Regarding my passport, I have his passport or who did not steal, I just stole my documents from my work.
I do not know how many years ago, your friend worked at the embassy, but now for some reason I was told in my embassy that I will be able to leave Russia only when purchasing a ticket on their own and my embassy to help me in this.
My dear I am very sorry that you refuse me because I wanted to be a good wife to you, I dreamed of how we get from kissing each other as we do love to you, and as we well together. But now I understand that you're afraid to lose $ 978, but is not afraid of losing me. I understand that for you to $ 978 more expensive than I am, I'm sick of it. Since I could bring you much more happiness than $ 978, I could give you my love, your warmth and your caring. I do not need your money, since I have at most $ 80,000 in the safe house, but I can not get to them without your help. If you help me get back home, I promise you that I'll give you twice more than 978 $, I'll give you $ 2000, 978 $ for what you helped me with the purchase of the ticket and the 1022 $ in gratitude for what you do not He left me in the lurch.
My dear, I ask you to understand that I have to go home only hope is you. I beg you not to leave me in this country, because I will not survive here. It is very cold.
My angel, I love you very much and I want to meet with you. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can cuddle up to you and enjoy your kisses.
My angel, I really need you. I beg you do not go out of my life.
Your forever, Alla.
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