Romance scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to Barry (USA)
Letter 1
hello there
Mr.David are you doing ,.i hoping that you are good then..
Well am Agent Stephen from Ghana travelling comp ..Cassie from Virginia and they came for childrens tour here so they work at charity home meaning they take care of orphanage here and i have been recieving alot goods from her Uncle to her so have serve her a while now am a married man and the way Cassie is its made my wife likes her so much very good girl for us David ...she called me yesterday that she has met a man from USA but she didnt tell me the state and she really likes him so they will be planing to meet up ...And i said to her that is good but she must to becareful because someone did same to her she spend on the man but she never see that person up to now ...
Later she called me and she was like her dreams came true because you are helping her to get her ticket to come so i should check on the paper and everything and she will send me money to pay it soon ...i waited almost 3 hours there i didnt hear from her but later she called me and explain everything to me that this is what has happen so she cant get it ...but i can tell you if you really want her as you say get this girl and she will never let you down well i dont know but i can see you love dont ever think anything about this girl Cassie is very real to every body so get her what she want and i lead her to come to you ,Mr.David
i dont want talk much because i dont know how you feel but its will be cool if you get this girl ..thanks have good day Mr.David i hope to hear you soon ...
Agent Stephen
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