Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings stranger I'm Irina, I live in Russia. I am thirty-one y.o, This is my first experience to pick up with somebody in internet. I looked through your your internet page on one of single websites and there I got your e-mail address, I came to decision to write you, I broke up with a man 1 year ago and at this stage I am making a search for a real relationships beyond the sea.. as I got disillusioned of Russian men, I am not frightened of international relationships! Some of my friends has already met their love in internet and they are happy!! I trust, that we will be lucky to to found sincere relationships and will get closer to each other eventually. Our fellowship will evolve into something truer and we will pick up each other in reality, I trust you will not defy me and my letter, If you find me attractive and you intend to get to know more about me, I will contemplate for your mail. I share with you my snapshot! Please mail your photo and let me know you real name, IMPORTANT! I am making a search only for serious relationships, Without claptrap!
Letter 2
Hello , How are you? I’m glad you answered back.So then,we can start to exchange our photos,life stories,our emotions and cultures if you wish.
I shall hope that in the future,we shall be very good friends.I do not know what to tell in my first letter.It- something new and unusual to me.But I shall try,write good letters to you.Pls not be too strict to my mistakes in words,the English language-not my native language.And i hope will improve the poor level of my language during communication with you. My name - Irina. As for me, I’m 31 now. My birthday - on 11-th of September. I was born in 1984.My weight makes 54 kgs at growth of 172 centimeter,i don't smoke.I live in provincial town Inta. I have finished medical university.My formation will consist of 3 levels: school,college,university.I Studied within 18 years.All 18 years I have studied the English language also. I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 4 years. I was happy to give health of people,to help them.Many things depend on me during actions.I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. you think,what it - good dream?I live one,I have no children and boyfriend.Sometimes I Feel like very lonely in my house.Perhaps,for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you .To me already 31,also I take a life philosophically.I have the house,work,friends,but I cannot tell,that I'm happy.Probably you felt? Feeling of emptiness?I hope,that you will not be Laughter.And we shall write many letters to each other.I'm very pleased and grateful,that you have answered my letter.I hope ,that I shall be Be capable to write to you letter constantly and you are interested in our dialogue. Ok what are you looking and waiting for from woman,to be you life partner,maybe just girlfriend or mistress of house, maybe mother of your children? Another question I’d wish to ask, what made you to reply to my previous letter,just interest or sympathy or politeness or maybe something else?, Is distance between us problem for you? I hope that our communication will continue. Please tell me also your preferences in women. I send you some photos of me and my life.
P.S.Uuuf,finally I've finished this letter-yes,it seems to be rather big and probably hard to read but I wrote it with great inspiration and tried to say as more as possible about me..))) Wishing you very good day and hope to hear from you soon, Irina! p.s.s. Remind your name please.
Letter 3
Dear Jerry!
I have great news, just marvelous news for you and me! This morning I have visited a travel agency, and they have cheered me up. Now I need to buy a ticket to go to you. I shall visit Moscow for visa application and the day after I can fly to you. I am thrilled because I might be able to see you! When I asked them about my travel, they answered me that for the first time, I should buy a ticket on the plane and after a few days, I could go to the airport. When I asked them how much it would cost, they proposed to me one of most expensive tickets. Then I asked them to find the cheapest one for me, because the best ticket is over my budget. Considering that the date of the flight is very close, the searching of the cheapest ticket will not be possible, because cheap tickets are booked up in couple of weeks before the flight. I asked them to find for me other ways and we have found the flight during 7–10 days. Finally, I can tell you something interesting about my flight!
Dear, I feel myself uncomfortable, because I have to ask you for a little help. I am always considering myself as an independent person, which is able to solve all problems personally. However, I have made a little mistake, thinking I could pay a travel by myself. I am so happy that I have you, Jerry! A real man, who can help me! After our meeting I can`t handle my feelings to you…
Earlier I have felt myself as a strong and independent person. Moreover, this is a nice feeling when you are able to take care of yourself. Now I feel myself as a typical woman, who needs a help.
It`s a pleasure to feel myself comfortable with such strong man, who can protect me against all unpleasant surprises in my life!
Jerry, I have told to the agent a place of arrival to you and he has calculated the starting payment for me.
Jerry, I have consulted with the agent about the cost of the travel to you and he has calculated it for me.
It will cost for me 1425$.
This amount includes: Flight from the Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to the Philadelphia (PA) and back, 2 tickets 860$ (back and forth) + a plane ticket to the Moscow 235 $ + (2–3 days in Moscow, lunches and staying in the hotel are included) 330$.
There is still money I have from the first part of the travel.
This is 790$ and for now, the most important for me is to pay to the agency the cost of the second part of my travel within 8–9 days, which will be 635$.
Sweetheart, I hope I don`t make inconvenience for you because of haste of my decisions. Probably there are unplanned expenses for you.
As you remember I have already payed the visa and agency cost by myself. It is approximately 720$ + 790$ = 1510$.
Be so kind and don`t blame me! I am missing you very much and I am looking forward to the meeting with you!
Impatiently waiting for your letters, Jerry!
I know that you are my strong and intelligent man, who can`t leave me in such difficult situation. However, I believe that you can make our meeting come true!
Thousands of kisses.
Forever yours Irina!!!!.
Letter 4

Hello Jerry, at first let me say I was really discouraged after reading of your 2 last letters.
You know, I red it again, then once again but still couldn't understand what I did wrong?
Jerry, I even looked to dictionary to understand what did you mean by the word scam.
So you mean I wanted to steal your money, do you? Really?! I was shocked when I just thought about it.
Person whom I were dedicated fully, for the sake of whom I was spending a lot of time each day writing my letters, even by hand, whom I wanted to show each day of my life through my photos (even ****) to give him possibility to live my life as if besides me in spite of we are far away, who asked me first to find out if there is that ****** western union in the place where I live and later who told me to find out when I can come to visit him and I went and told him just what manager of agency told me – this person now thinks I wanted to take his money and ran away. I'm absolutely damaged now morally. I don't know what to do, how to react and the main I don't know what kind of proof you need from me else.
You know where I live, you know my phone number, you have many photos of mine even ****, my letters where I put my soul, the official confirmation letter from travel agency which I received today and prepared to send you today at last.
Jerry, I was running to the internet cafe as if on the wings of the wind because I was awaiting great positive letter from you but instead of this I've found what I've found and now I have to prove you in smth I don't really understand what is this and what you were talking about in your letter.
Jerry, why am I guilty in any illegal deadment of people from Russia? Why did I deserve and the main offensive questions by what did I deserve this offensive distrust to me from you?
Ooh, I'd better stop on it because I'm so at loss now that I can say smth I will regret about later. P.S. Do you remember that it’s you told me to find that western union and you said that you want to send me gift and money? I didn’t ask you about it and if you want me to prove my sincerity I won’t even take any money from you!!! I’d better take bank loan and will pay my travel expenses to you by myself. I can wait for so much time as it’s necessary – the only thing our lovely correspondence made me to long for our personal meeting and that’s why it seemed that I hurried too much. Please excuse me for this if you wish. Jerry, I don’t have foreign passport and visa yet but I was preparing to start registration of all of it and everything seemed to good but you were so strict and unfair to me. All of this is very offensive and sorrowful.
Jerry, let me add smth – in the beginning of our correspondence I was asking about your family but you didn’t want to tell me about it so why now I’m guilty that I simply thought that it’s offensive to ask you about it if you didn’t want to ask it before… Still yours,
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