Letter(s) from Alena to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Bob, my name is Alena. I'm 28 years old. I'm a conservative and traditional type of girl. I love traveling and trying new things. And, although I much prefer to plan my adventures, there's a side of me that loves the thrill of living on the edge.
I love all types of music, but I do have an affinity for country. I love food and cooking, especially baking. I'm an active person, I don't often sit still for too long. If someone told me a few years ago that I'd enjoy spending time on a treadmill, I'd have laughed at them. But, I do. I'd like to learn how to drive a motorcycle one day and to go skydiving. I tend to be intensively competitive. I love playing games and I love winning even more. :) But, I can also take a loss graciously...
Family and faith are very important to me. My faith in God is a daily part of my life and I enjoy being active in my church. My family has always been my support and I love being home and spending time with them.
I don't do drama or games and appreciate honesty and openness. Personal space and time with friends are a healthy aspect to any relationship! I have a great group of friends that keep me sane and grounded. Ideally I'd like to find someone that's both driven yet down to earth and low-key. Someone that's ambitious and wiling to take a risk now and again. If interested shoot me a message, hope to hear from you soon. if you are interested, I can send you more my pic. if not, that's ok.
Sincere, Alena.

Letter 2

Hello Bob!!!! I am glad to receive your letter. First of all I wish to tell to you about my city. I live in Russia, Emva. Yes, it is very far. But I do not think that it will hinder for ours with you of dialogue and we will continue to communicate more then we will speak about ours with you to a meeting. Bob I hope that I have not offended you that I used a city of your country for a site. I tried to use my city. But the site did not allow me to do it and I have decided to use a city of your country. Bob I have started to communicate through the Internet more recently because the Russian men do not possess that necessary set of qualities which are the most important things for me and besides they like to drink and spend for nothing own life. My ambitions consist what to create the strong and happy family based on mutual understanding, love and happiness. The most important thing in relations I would like sincerity and honesty directly concerning me. I the gentle person and I hate lie. Bob why you search for the partner on the Internet instead of in a real life? You would like to tell more about yourself? I wish to learn you more and better. I want, that we would be frank one with another and did not hide anything. Bob I wish to tell to you about me. I was born in city Shoshka. My birthday 1987, on October, 24th and you? You visited Russia ever? Or you would like to visit my country sometime in the future? I live one. I have no children and I never was married. My mum still lives in city Shoshka. My daddy has died when I was 2 years old.
Actually I do not remember mine the daddy. Also I have the grandmother and the grandfather. They live in village which is located 30 miles from my city. I the only child in a family and a family am the World for me. Bob I will tell to you more about my family in following my letter. Ok? Bob I send you pictures. I will send them to you often, that you could learn is better me. My growth 167 sm (5 '' 6), weight 54 kg (120lbs). A breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. Bob I hope that I will receive your letter and your pictures tomorrow. I already with impatience wait for your letter. Until tomorrow...... I wait..... Your friend in Russia Alena