Scam letter(s) from Elena Mihalchienkowa to Frankie (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Ochi.
I am very glad to receive your letter. I am interested in you.
Now we can only communicate via e-mail, because soon I want to delete my profile. It is even better.
I live in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Russia.
Are you ready to start Dating with a Russian girl? Are you satisfied with it? Please answer me honestly?
If I don't interest you, then definitely give me a reason, ok?
I do not speak foreign languages. It helps online Google translator. I hope you can understand me in my letters.
I will try to write a little bit about yourself: My name is Marina. I am 38 years old.
I work as a historian in the Museum.
I am a single girl and live alone.
I have never been married.
I have no children. But I love children.
I have parents, but they live far away in the village.
I also have a sister. She lives separately in the same city.
Write me more information about you and your life.
If you don't mind, send me your photos, ok?
I will wait for new letters from you.
With hope, your new friend Marina.
Letter 2
Hello Frankie.
I'm glad to get a letter about you. Now, probably a few people communicate through letters.
All have gadgets. But I like to communicate through letters, both in old and good times.
Communication via video and the phone is not romantic.
And communication through letters is much more interesting and more romantic.
If you don't mind, let's continue to communicate through letters, ok?
First of all, we must be honest with each other. This is the most important thing in communication.
There should be no lies. You agree with me in this?
I don't know any foreign languages. I understand a little English, but very bad. I use online translator.
I hope that you understand me in my letters? If something is not clear for you, then narrow it down, ok?
What do you know about my country Russia? What are your impressions about Russia? Write me about it, ok?
Thank you for the photos that you sent me. You're very good-looking and attractive man.
I like you very much. I hope you like too? :)
I want to tell you that your age does not matter to me.
On the other hand I like to communicate with a man older than me.
You are much wiser and more experienced than young men.
Do not worry about it, ok?
Is distance a hindrance to love? Are you afraid of the distance?
If in the future we want to start a serious relationship, then we will find a way to be together.
It is a matter of time and how will our communication.
I decided to try a new kind of love. And so I began to chat with you.
I know you live very far away. It does not stop me. It is much more interesting for me.
I want to have a serious relationship. In my past relationships with men have been failures.
Now I decided to try a new kind of Dating. I decided to meet foreign man.
On the advice of my aunt, who in this way found their love and went to live in another country.
Of course no matter which country the man. Most importantly what will be that man.
Maybe now I will find a man with whom I can build a real relationship.
Maybe that man will be you? :)
But it doesn't pay to rush things. To begin with, we you have much to learn of each other.
Only then take any decision. I hope you agree with me on this.
I will again wait for new letters from you.
With best wishes, your Marina.
Letter 3
Hello dear Frankie.
I am very pleased to receive your letter. Thank you for what you give time to write to me.
Thank you for your new images and animations.
I am very glad that you introduced me to the people close to you.
You ask me my last name. My last name Gaydarova.
Today was a very funny and troublesome for me.
The fact is that I put the kettle on the stove and had completely forgotten about it.
I had to wash the kettle for two hours. I have to be careful. I am so inconsiderate :)
In fact, I forgot about the tea because she was busy working. Sometimes I take work home.
My profession: Historian - Archaeologist. I work at a university departments, museums.
Runs its own projects lectures and seminars, which travel throughout Russia and the CIS countries.
I am engaged in the excavation.
I have been studying and collecting materials for the restoration of the history of Ancient Rus, USSR.
I like my job very much. My job is very interesting and exciting.
I work for the profession that I love. I am happy with my work.
How was your day? How are you doing on your job?
You satisfied with your job and the income from this work?
Do you like your job? Your job matches your education? How long do you work?
What are your plans on paper what you want to achieve in the future?
If you do not complicate, then write me more about it, ok?
I'll look forward to new emails from you. I wish you a wonderful day!
Sincerely, Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Frankie.
Every time I receive a letter from you, I feel very happy. Thank you for your letters.
I am happy to meet with you.
Thank you for your honesty and frankness. I respect that.
God is always with us and always help us. My religion is Christianity.
I believe in God and attend church frequently.
Today I was walking in his favorite Park. This Park is located next to the school where I work.
Sometimes after work, I walk through this Park. You have no idea what there is beautiful nature.
A variety of trees adorn the Park in winter and summer. This beautiful nature inspires me a lot.
There I find a peace of mind from the bustle of the city. I love nature since my early childhood.
Because I was born in the village and the nature around me all my childhood.
Do you have those places you love to visit? If so, describe this place, ok?
How do you see your future? What is your purpose in life? What do you want?
Maybe you already have achieved and you have nothing.
More to write me with their attitudes and priorities?
I believe that in this life all you need to achieve the most. I aspire to that.
I will be with impatience to wait from you new letters.
Best wishes, your Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Frankie.
Today is my happy day because I got a new email. Thank you because you make me happy your letters.
Sorry you can't see my smile. :)
Please excuse me for the delay? I had problems with my laptop.
My laptop is very old and works very poorly. It stopped working and would not turn on.
Yesterday I carried my laptop in for repair. Fixed it and now the laptop is running.
I was told that it is long. The laptop might break down again at any time.
I was advised to buy a new laptop. But unfortunately, at the moment I have no means to do so.
I hope you realize I did not take offense at me because of this?
You ask me: Do you live close to the ocean? Do you go to the beach?
No I don't live near the ocean. Near my city there is not even the sea. But I love the sea.
Sometimes I go by sea to other cities in order to relax and sunbathe.
Today I watched a very interesting and romantic film. The title of the movie "The Longest Ride".
This film shows 2 situations about a very difficult relationship between a man and a woman.
They love each other and something prevents to be together.
The film shows how they solve these problems and still remain together.
I love such films, in which a happy ending. If you have time, watch this film, ok?
I'm sure you too will love this movie.
Do you plan on having a serious relationship for life?
If so, what are your expectations from this relationship?
What kind of woman interests you, what kind of woman is ideal for you?
What do you value in relationship? What you can forgive and never be able to forgive his woman?
Who should be the woman for you: colleague, partner, friend, lover, homemaker, wife and mother?
Are you looking for a girl from Russia consciously or it is your random selection?
Write me more about this, ok?
For me in relations the most important thing love, honesty, devotion, complete understanding
and respect to each other.
I want to have a happy relationship. I hope that all this will be in my relationship.
I will again wait for new letters from you. I wish you a successful and happy day.
Warm regards, your Marina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Frankie.
I am again grateful to you for your letter. Thank you for the attention you pay to me.
You're the best man for me at the moment. I hope I didn't praise you? :) You really are the best? :)
Seriously, at this point I really think you're the best man. Can't explain why, but I have a hunch.
I hope that my intuition will not fail me. I'm sure that in this world a lot of good men. For me, the example of the perfect man is my dad.
I always admired my dad. My dad is the best dad. As a child he never hit and scolded me. He's always polite with me and loves me very much.
He loves my mom. For 50 years they live together. I think they are happy together. They are always and at all support each other.
All the problems they overcame together. My dad was never afraid of difficulties. He always tried to be strong and reliable man for me and for my mom.
He had made himself. Happy he made my mom and our family. My mother never betrayed him and was only loyal to my dad.
I certainly don't want to brag, but I think my dad is a smart man. I hope that you, the man who is remotely like my father.
How are your parents? Write me about your parents? You're probably also very much love my parents and admire them?
I want to congratulate you With Independence Day.
Now I need to rest. I will again look forward to your new letters. I wish you a good day!
With warm wishes, your Marina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Frankie.
I am very pleased to receive your new letter. You can not imagine how I rejoice when I receive a letter from you.
The first thing I try to answer all your questions:
1. Do you feel that way? - Yes, I also feel that you are becoming a close friend to me.
I feel your love and warmth to me through your emails.
2. Somebody told me one day that Russian woman where very passionate in bed, is that tru?
- I can not give you a precise answer to this question. Probably every country has a passionate woman.
In Russia, too, has a passionate girl. Perhaps I, too, am one of them.
But I have a very long time did not have a partner to have ***.
Now I'm hungry without ***, and probably will be very passionate in bed. :)
3. I hope so because I want a very passionate women who can please me not only as a man but sexually too.
Are you the one for me? - Maybe I have created just for you. But this we can understand only in person.
Through e-mails can not make an accurate and correct choice.
I hope that I was able to answer all your questions and you could understand me.
How are your days? I hope that at work and at home you all right?
I'm great. At work, I am preparing a report and preparing for new excavations.
This morning, when I went to work, I found a homeless kitten. The kitten was very helpless and crying.
Perhaps kitten lost mother. I felt very sorry for her. I brought a kitten to work.
I bought milk and ***** kitten. All my colleagues were very happy to see the kitten. They were playing with him.
One girl so much like the kitten that she took him to her home.
I was very pleased that the kitten has found a home and a family. Thus, today I made a mercy.
I helped homeless animals. I'm so glad that I have done a good deed. Of course I do good deeds in the past.
I decided to tell you about it. I want to share with you the joy.
Have you ever performed good deeds and actions? If performed, then write me about this, ok?
This concludes my letter. I will again look forward to letters from you.
I wish you a successful and happy days! I embrace and kiss.
Always your Marina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Frankie.
It's a new message from you. Your letters inspire me every time I get it from you.
think you started very early to write me about your ****** fantasies.
Such things can't be discussed in letters. Because this makes no sense.
Between us very big distance and we will not be able to meet each other through e-mails.
If we discuss our ****** fantasies now, then in a personal meeting between us will not be passion.
We need to be patient and wait for this moment in real life.
Let's discuss and have *** in person, ok?
I hope you can understand me in this and not be offended at me.
I've never done and will not do ***** photos. Here in Russia to make such a photo is a shame.
I'm not a ***** in order to make such candid photos.
You can see me ***** and enjoy my body only when we are together.
Please remember this and don't lift more conversations on this topic, ok?
I was the happiest girl. My colleagues and my friends began to notice the smile and joy on my face.
They ask me why I'm so happy. I tell them, because I am dealing with my Frankie.
They began to ask me the details of our love and communion. But I did not tell them the details.
I do not want any of them envied me. They will spread a lot of rumors.
And I do not like about me, spreading rumors and gossip. I hope that you, too, do not like it.
My friends were happy for me and wished us luck with you.
I trust only my friends and you, my dear Frankie. Do you trust me?
Without trust in each other is not able to create a strong relationship.
Trust and understanding to each other the most important thing in a relationship.
Perhaps you know it too. Of course, through the e-mails can not be fully trusted the man.
But there is such a close communication, which can be a little trust in the other party.
It seems to me that I can trust you completely.
You seemed very reliable and a good man. Am I right in this? I am not mistaken in you?
I'll wait for your thoughts on this score.
I wish you a happy day!
Your Marina.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Frankie.
Ok, I forgive you. I am very glad that you were able to understand me in my previous letter.
I'm fine, but just lately I really miss you.
Now I very much want to hug you. I want to be with you.
It seems to me that I feel for you very strong feelings.
Those unforgettable feelings that I did not have to experience even once in his life.
I think you can understand me in this.
Dear Frankie imagine how I now hard without you.
I feel the opinion that you are exactly the man I've been looking for.
You are my chosen one. You'll never leave me.I'm sure this is 100.
Fate has sent you to me, and my heart tells me that it is with you I'll be the happiest woman.
I'm sure that at us with you everything will be fine. I very much want to meet you.
I'll wait for your letters. Accept my hugs and kisses...
With love your Marina.
Letter 10
Hello my dear and lovely Frankie.
Thanks for your new letter. Thanks for the new photos.
On one of the photos next to you is your son? He is a very sweet boy.
Kiss him for me, ok?
In this letter I would like to talk to you about our future meeting.
We must meet in order to fully get to know each other.
Only after real meeting we will be able to make a final decision in our relationship.
In our letters we learned a lot about each other.
But the letters will not give the same feeling that we will be able to experience a real meeting.
I hope you do also.
Are you ready to meet me? Where and how we can organize our meeting?
You thought about it? You have ideas and plans for this?
Write me what are your ideas for our meeting?
It seems to me that a man should make that decision first.
I want to arrange a meeting with you. I'm ready for this.
In the coming months I will have free time from work.
These days I would like to meet with you.
Please take this seriously and make the right decision?
I'll wait for your letter with ideas for the organization of our meeting.
With hope, your Marina.
Letter 11
Hello my dear and beloved Frankie.
I am glad to receive from you the letter with good news. I will be very happy if you come to visit me in Russia.
You don't need a hotel. You will be able to live with me in my apartment. I will be very hospitable with you.
Don't worry about it, ok? My vacation will begin on August 15 and will last until the end of September.
You'll see me in these terms? I'll wait for your arrival. I am very glad of it.
But in the future I want to visit you in the United States. What do you think?
Thank you for your photos. Who is next to you in that photo? Whom you wish happiness?
What does the picture with the American actor? I couldn't understand why you sent me this strange picture.
Please explain to me the meaning of this picture? I'll be waiting for new letter from you.
I wish you a successful and happy day. Accept my hugs and kisses...
With love, your forever Marina.
Letter 12
Hello my dear and beloved Frankie.
I am glad to receive from you a nice letter with photos of your relatives.
I am very glad to meet them through the pictures that you sent me.
Give them all a Big hug from me, ok? I hope that very soon I will be able to see them and meet them in reality.
I understand that you take me with you after your visit me in Russia. Thank you for that. I will be very happy.
You have enough money for this? Now I need urgently to start visa and passport to visit you in the USA.
I need the time to make these documents prior to your arrival. And then together we'll go to your house.
I am very glad of it. You came up with a great plan. Thank you for that.
You asked my address and phone number in order to apply for a visa. Well I write you this. But why need this information?
My address:
Marina Gaydarova
Krasnoarmeyskaya 10-25
Write me your full address too, ok? I'll be waiting for new letter from you and our meeting.
I wish you a good day! Take from me my kisses...
With love, your Marina.
Letter 13
Hello my dear and beloved Frankie.
Thank you for what you appeared in my life. Now I became very happy because of you. I want to be happy with you whole life.
Sorry I forgot to text you my phone number. I immediately warn you that my number does not accept international calls.
My phone number is valid only on the territory of Russia. My phone number 63-87-95.
I hope that you will succeed and very soon you will arrive to me to Russia.
I need to meet you in Moscow or you'll come to my city? It would probably be difficult for you. And so, I'll meet you in Moscow.
So will be better. We then work with you come to my town, ok? I hope that my plan suits you.
On Monday I am going to apply for a passport and visa to visit you in the United States.
I hope I will have time to make these documents before your arrival in Russia.
I'm happy that the next few months we will spend together. I'm waiting for the day we met. I want to hug and kiss you.
Today I have the day off. On the street very hot weather. In the morning we went with girlfriends to the beach to sunbathe and swim.
Now I'm home and hiding from the hot sun. :)
What are you doing these days? I wish you a happy weekend. I kiss and embrace you my grandfather. :)
Your Love Forever Marina.
Letter 14
Hello my love Frankie.
Thanks for the quick response. Thank you for what you are going to help me.
I am grateful to you for everything you do for me. I'll thank you all my life.
I understand that you're very busy at work.
I hope that today you will have time to send me the money via Western Union.
I will wait from you information. I love you Frankie! I'm happy with you.
I am grateful to God for what he brought us.
I am very glad that in my life there's you Frankie.
Love and kisses. I wish you a successful and happy working day!
Your Love Forever Marina.
Letter 15
Hello my love Frankie.
Thanks for the info. Ok, I understand what information you need.
The name of my sister Olga Lesnikova.
Her address: Russia, Dzerzhinsk, Lenina street 12A-54. Phone 63-74-13.
I think the phone number is not mandatory.
I hope you transfer the money today. I will wait information from you.
Thank you so much for everything you do for me!
I love you. Accept my kisses... Wish you good luck at work.
Your love Marina.
Letter 16
My love Frankie, there is no difference Money Gram or Western Union.
The offices of Money Gram, too, there is in my town.
This will not have any problems. I was able to understand your problem.
Send the money through Money Gram, if it is convenient for you.
Thank you for all that you are trying to do to me!
I am very grateful to you. Now it's very late. I'm going to sleep.
I'll check mail in the morning. I love you!
Please try to relax after a hard day?
Love and kisses...
Your Marina.
Letter 17
Hello my love Frankie.
I just checked the mail. But from you there are no letters.
You were probably very busy and not had time to write to me.
I hope and believe in you.
Know that I truly love you and miss you very much.
I am happy that in my life you came along.
I'm waiting for our meeting every day.
Very soon I will be able to hug and kiss you.
We spend together these days.
Today I will be holding an exhibition in the Museum.
The opening of the exhibition at 10:00 in the morning.
I prepare for the exhibition. I ran to work.
I'll text you in the evening.
Love and kisses. Sweet dreams to you.
Your love forever Marina.
Letter 18
Hello my love Frankie.
Thank you for your honesty. I understand you that you are very busy at work. I'm not trying to pressure you, and you do not hurry.
I am not mad at you. The Ok, I understand what you are going to send me money on Monday. I will wait for information from you on Monday.
I had to pay for the paperwork tomorrow Thursday. That's why I'm worried. I hope that now you understand me in this?
Please excuse me if I do something to offend you? I ask your forgiveness.
I believe you and trust you completely. I'm sure that you do not fail me, and fulfilled his promise. Please do not worry about it?
I love you and trust you completely. I never doubted you, and in your love to me. I believe in you and believe that you can make me happy woman.
You're asking me to do for you selfie in the ****. Please excuse me, but I am very ashamed to make such a photo? For me it's a shame.
I brought up good manners. I do not befit such a photo. And tomuzhe I do not have a modern smartphone in order to make such a selfie.
Please get me in this and do not take offense at me. I hope you can understand me.
You can totally see my body and enjoy my body when we are together. Please be patient a little bit? I beg you?
I also have a great desire to enjoy you. But I suffer and I am waiting for this moment. Please have patience you too, ok?
You sent me a photo. Who is next to you in this photo?
I also send you photos. In this photo beside me is my sister and dad. This photo was taken in his youth. I hope that you like to see me in my youth.
Now, I'll cook dinner. Varenniki I cook with cheese. Do you love have Varenniki with cottage cheese?
I wish you a successful working day! Take my arms and kiss ...
With love, yours forever Marina.
Letter 19

Hello my love Frankie.
Thank you for your letter and photos. Your letter and your smile lifted my spirits for the whole evening.
How you could write me in Russian? You used a translator?
Who wrote this? These words you come up with? Or repeated the words of a famous writer?
Today I had a very sad day at work. Our Museum was robbed tonight. Lost very rare items.
The whole day my colleagues and I were interrogated by police.
They are looking for thieves who broke into the Museum tonight.
I hope the police can find the criminals in the coming days.
I felt very sad. Because I spent a lot of time to study these subjects. It made me really sad and hurt.
In such sad moments I miss you and your support. Now I want to cuddle up to you and be with you.
I want you to have pity on me and soothed me. I very much miss you and look forward to our reunion.
You write that now you have a lot of work and you have absolutely no time. I know what you mean.
Please do not tire yourself? Rest. I wish your health was always strong.
I wish you a good day's work. I love you Frankie!!! I will again wait for new letter from you.
With love, your Marina.
Letter 20
Hello my love Frankie.
Now you're probably asleep. I just woke up and going to work.
I always read your letters carefully. Your letters always bring me joy.
Maybe I differently understand some words because I do not speak English perfectly.
I hope that in the future I'll have a better command of English when communicating with you.
Are you going to help me with learning English language? I will teach you Russian language.
I wish you success at work. I'm sure you'll do your job and you'll be fine.
I every day think only of you and about the day of our meeting. In my thoughts only you.
I dream of days that we spend together. Now I need to go to work.
I will wait for new letter from you. Love and kisses...
Your love forever Marina.
Letter 21
Hello my love Frankie.
Thank you for your letter and photo with your friend. In youth you were a very beautiful and handsome man.
Probably a lot of girls wanted to have a relationship with you in the past? :)
With me everything is in order. This morning the police managed to find and catch those thieves who stole the items in our Museum.
Caught them at a **** shop, when the thieves tried to sell items stolen from the Museum. I was very happy about this.
I'm glad the items were returned to our Museum back. Now I can finish the work on the study of these subjects.
More details about these items I'll tell you when we are together. I'll take you to our Museum and will give you a tour. You don't mind?
I am also very excited before our meeting. I covered the light butterflies in my stomach when I imagine our meeting.
I guess we will be the happiest people on this planet, when I first time hug and kiss.
I am very glad that you were able to take a break from work. Get some rest and gather new strength for work.
I want you paid more time for your guests. Health is the most important thing. Do you agree with me?
I will again miss you and wait for new letters from you. I wish you a successful and happy day! Accept my hugs and the sweetest kisses...
Your Love Forever Marina.
Photo with my sister Olga.
P.S. I forgot to write to you. It is possible that tomorrow I go to visit my parents in the village.
There is no Internet and I can not write you letters. I have not decided on it for sure.
If tomorrow is Sunny, then I go to my parents to visit. If it rains, I will not go.
I'll forewarn you. If you don't get a reply from me tomorrow, don't worry, ok?
I'll text you on Sunday evening after my return to the city. Do not be sad, ok?
Letter 22
Hello my love Frankie.
I am very glad to get your letter today. Thank you for your love and respect for me!
I also very much love and respect you. I want to be with you.
Your idea of transferring money through the wife of your friend is great.
But she's coming on Wednesday. It's very late for me. I need as soon as possible to pay for the paperwork.
I'm already late with this. I had to pay for it on Thursday. But I didn't have money for this.
I asked to postpone until Monday. I promised to pay it on Monday. Because you promised to send me the money on Monday.
I was hoping you would send me the money on Monday and I will pay registration of my documents. I can't stay with it.
Please understand me in this, and fulfill his promise Monday? Don't make me grovel again in the passport office.
Nothing bad will happen if you send me the money via Western Union or Money Gram.
There is reliable protection and transfer of money is very fast. My sister Olga will easily be able to get your money.
After I'll be able to pay registration of my documents. Please do exactly as I please? I used to deliver on its promises.
I had some concerns. I think you don't trust me completely. That's why you're trying to find another way to transfer money.
Is this true? Please answer me honestly? Do you trust me? If you still don't trust me, then I will be very upset with you.
I am very excited to meet the wife of your friend. What's her name? I'm glad in the US I will have a Russian girlfriend.
It will help me with tips and learning the English language.
I'll be waiting for new letter from you. And I would hope and expect that you will fulfill your promise tomorrow.
I wish you a good day at work. Love and kisses...
Your Love Forever Marina.
Letter 23
Ok, Thanks for the quick reply.
Write me all details on my email, ok?
I don't know what a hangout account.
I'm bad and little versed in such things.
I will wait information from you.
I want to tell you THANK you so much for everything you do for me!
I will be grateful to you whole life.
I love you Frankie!
Letter 24
My love Frankie, I'm upset. My sister just came back from Money Gram. They told us that the transfer of money from you there.
I don't understand. You sure you sent the money? Maybe you misspelled me control number of transfer of money?
You wrote me at this number: 24619725. Please check this is the correct number?
I'm waiting for quick response from you.
Your Marina.
Letter 25
Hello my love, Frankie.
Today I have not received an answer from you.
Perhaps you have not had the time to write to me. I hope everything is fine?
I'll expect your letter. I hope that today you will fulfill your promise.
Now I have to go to work. Today I will try to escape early from work.
Love and kisses...
Your Marina.
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