Letter(s) from Anastasia Kinsharova to Stevy (UK)

Letter 1

How are you?

Hope, you are ok! I am Ok, because I can write this letter to you! Okay, you can call me Anastasiya, I am 28, but I don't have prince in real life. I'am live Russia. And you?

I have many hobbys. We can chat about us and more, if you will reply me. I will send to you my image, hope you will like my imagine. Please answer soon! I will be wait news from you.

Your new friend.
Yours friend Anastasiya.

Letter 2

Hello my Loved Steve, I miss on you. I wish to be near to you and to feel your support. At me it is a lot of news to you. I have arrived to Moscow today, and have handed in the statement for visa registration. I have filled the questionnaire in English, have given 3 colour photos. Also I have given the original and a copy of the inquiry which to me was given by the chief to embassy. In the form all co-ordinates my post, the size of wages are specified. Also I have submitted documents for registration of medical insurance.
The employee of embassy has told to me, that I should not have any problems because all documents are perfectly in order. To me have explained, that for travel, it is not enough to issue only the entry visa in the country, I should buy air tickets for arrival in your country, and the air ticket for returning to Russia. It is a necessary condition for reception of all documents. To me have explained, that for Visa reception, air tickets should be paid at a time. I think, that it is reasonable.
Steve, I will travel as the tourist and consequently I should specify in my documents day of my start and day of returning to Russia. I have performed the big work today, I have given in embassy all necessary documents for travel. The following step, is purchase of air tickets. You understand?
I hope, you understand, that I should buy air tickets to Russia, for cash money. I should bring the original of air tickets in embassies for approval. Employees of embassy should be assured of dates of my start, and returning back to Russia. Today in embassy, me have told, that the maximum term for official registration of papers - approximately 6 days. It means, that if I satisfy all conditions of consulate, I can already arrive to you in a week. You can meet me this day?
After consulate visiting, I have gone to have dinner. During a dinner I thought of you. I miss on you, very much you do not suffice me. As I have visited office of sales of air tickets to receive the information on cost of air tickets. I have considered various variants of flights. The price of air tickets depends on a class of the plane and flight date. I have considered the cheapest air tickets. The price of air tickets includes the airport tax and tax collection. Cost of one air ticket makes 220 USD.
To buy 2 air tickets, it is necessary for me to have 440 USD.
As I already spoke I have money but I will not have no this sum for purchase of tickets of the plane. I have paid all my documents and as all necessary procedures. In other words, me does not suffice 440 USD.
You can help me with this sum? I hope, that you will help me to buy air tickets.
My Steve, I with impatience wait our meeting. I wish to begin a happy life together with you! I trust you. As soon as I will buy air tickets, I will write you all information on my flight that you could meet me at the airport. By the way I have learnt that my flight will make more than 4 hours. But I am done not frightened by it, the most important thing that I can be near to you. When I will buy air tickets, we only will need to wait for readiness of my documents. Now it is difficult to me to find words to describe pleasure which is in my heart.
Today I will call to you of perceptible hours per 7-8 evenings on time of Russia please expect my call and take a tube Now I write you the message from the cafe Internet. I can check up e-mail some times in day. I require your care and support. In Moscow, I rented a room to live when my papers will be made. The mistress of a room the kind woman. Hotel number costs the big money, therefore I have solved that it will be better to rent a room.
We do for our meeting much. I hope, that in the near future, I can receive your help and I will buy air tickets. By the way, how more conveniently for you to transfer money to Moscow? Write to me about it. I have learnt that there is a system of remittances Money Gram, in your country it is called Money Gram. You heard about it? I will try to learn in more details about it.
Moscow very big city. In this city it is a lot of people, and it is a lot of cars. The big vanity. It is all very much tyres. Please, do not leave me without your letters. I am perfect one here, and your support is necessary every day for me. I am very tired for a today and I wish to have a rest. I will write to you tomorrow.
I do not have photos now. I have forgotten to take with myself the chamber. I wait your letter tomorrow. Yours, Anastasiya.

Letter 3

I wish to tell my greetings Steve to you as at me business. Last night having come in the Internet of cafe I sat there 3 hours and waited for your letter but its all was not and there was I understand in what a problem you to me yesterday I promised to help is very upset and afflicted by that that you have deceived me yesterday. I have thought is good that can at you business or you have been occupied but you could write to me I yesterday as have sent you mail for your work but I have not received what answer from you I do not understand in what a problem and why you have not answered me? Why you have not written to me from the house? I do not understand in what a problem you do not want ours with you of a meeting tell to me about it I will try to understand you it is not necessary to play with me as with the little girl. Today I have come to the Internet of cafe and I have not seen your letter I do not understand in what a problem tell to me about it. Whether with you everything is all right all at you is good? I ask write to me and give me answers to all my questions. Tell to me you you want ours with you a meeting? I ask you to tell to me you have made to me departure to me the help?