Scam letter(s) from Cassandra Salazar to Johny (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks if you can pay online for my fare but i don't want to ever ask you too much, i do have the money that my mom would spare me for my fare to manila. i must have to buy ticket by my self because i still must have to manage things here for my review before directly getting my flight, i would be so happy dear if you will help me like 4,500 pesos this time completing my fare cost, i don't want to be so much obligation to you because i know we must meet first at real, i would be so happy if you can help me like 4,500 pesos and it will complete my fare cost and i can have my flight ticket anytime tomorrow but i still have to manage things and time with me here before i fly that is why it is better for me to by ticket by my self, only 4,500 pesos i need this time dear and soon i can always think of you and say thank you million times that your part of my happiness if i started to work soon.
Letter 2
After my interview i will know soon when to work and when to start my modeling job, it has a good job and soon i would be happy that i can continually survive for all my living as and i will never ever forget you that you are one of those special person that helps building all my dreams, please i hope you will help me, interview was so important. i hope to hear back from you
Letter 3
Hello dear, since yo are offline on skype so i decided to write you here, sorry for i was not online yesterday since i have done with so much things yesterday in regards of my transcripts specially for my review starts.
I phone my mom yesterday and gather all the money to pay everything and i am glad that everything is mostly done. i must be having time for my review this time and must to take some time for my job, i must be having good schedules to have my job and to have my review, i must set best times for it, i need to take so much good time for this as my time really would be best to also have my rest, because working while having review is really difficult at all, so i must really have to set my time and schedules for it, and of course, i must also set best time for us , for our communication, its important.
Letter 4

thank you so much for the help for all the money you sent me dear it so much big help to me and i really do appreciate that, yesterday i temporarily pawned my desktop here, i am so much shy to ask help to you anymore, i thought everything is okay for all the payment but still the review center had required me to get and pay for the reviewer uniform, so i spent additional funds yesterday and it really cost me a lot, and still now i still have remaining final balance that need to pay there, i pawned my desktop yesterday as temporary dear but soon i hope i can get it. i paid almost 24,000 pesos yesterday for my transcripts and i am so much happy that i can file best background now for my work, before thursday, i must be able to complete my remaining balance there. i got my review uniform now as they required it, i have done some pawning of things yesterday as my mind really keep telling my heart not to ask help to you if possible because there's really no place anymore where i am going to put my shyness . I am really so much shy to ask help at you anymore, i paid everything yesterday at some cost of mine but still i don't really expect that this things really have lots of things that is required to do. the transcript is okay now but what is really matter for now that really be an another sort of problem to me is how to get some funds paying my remaining balance there to finally paid with my training stuff and uniform, i must really pay the remaining balance so i could go over getting all the stuff for my review, the uniform and the books and etc, so many to mention.
Dear to be honest i am really so much shy at all now, this time i really want to ask help to you to fix the rest of my problems that matter my review stuff, the books, uniforms, and so on dear, i am really really really shy to tell this anymore i don't want to hurt you and i really don't want to upset you but this things is really important so i decided to tell this even how much shy is it dear, i really take my time to tell this but for now i really have tried telling this, i don't know if you are still willing to help me since i made a promised that i will not ask any help from the last help you spare with me, but i hope you could still understand nopw and have some willingness to help me again for this, my mom already sent me all what she had and now this time i really feel empty that i can't even ask for more to my family as this time was not really best for harvesting in the farm, i hope you can understand me with this my dear.
Letter 5
I have since discovered that these pics are of a transexual philippine national ....being used by the person who scammed me ,,it seems they are related ,,,,as a message was sent by the scammer asking the transexual model to pose with the piece of paper with the message to me ..unfortunately ....the model seems to have sent me the pic ,,and included the original request from the scammer ,,,here it is ,,i had it translated ,,,its visayas dialect
Letter 6
mao ni kuya. fun sign lang then ang imoha ibotang sa piece of paper nga gunitan sa akoa ledom is mao ni ''thanks johny, I cant wait to Meet you'' mao ni akoa model kuya
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