Scam letter(s) from Angelica to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend !!!
My name is Angelika! and I am here with a great mission for two lonely hearts.
We are all here with the same itention - to find our partner. I was very attentive to my desires and thoughts and since I am interested in many things.I am looking for my true love!
yes,I am enough matured but nobody tell me no if I want real love with tenderness,joy and warmth.
I am interested in numerology and maybe you know that with its help, we can find answers too many questions, which are just inside of us, but we have never known about it before. I also love biking and traveling around the world, you can find it out from my bright photos and videos which I can send you with a great pleasure.
Maybe you can ask why I am here and I will answer that I am looking for someone special. Looking for something Marc Antony and Cleopatra have had between each other. A huge feeling and passion, which is remembered through many centuries since it is hard to forget such deep love. I want to compare me as a Cleopatra and you are as my sincere lover Antony, . I just want us to become happy finally since so many years of loneliness.I am here and waiting for your sincere reply,
Letter 2
Hello,John !!!!
Thanks for your mail,of course i write to you,why would i take your email address then???
I am here for setious relationships,no time for games,sorry!I am also looking for serious relationships, i want to have only one man in my life to share my life with!!!May be we could meet one day,why not???
It would be really great !!!!thank you so much for liking my photos,it is so nice to hear so many sweet words, thank you....
Of course you should send me your pictures,how will i spek with a man without seeing how he looks like.
Please send and don't worry about your look.
I am happyto meet you and hope we can have something in common...
what do you think?Tell me about your family!!!!
I would like to know your personality!!!!
I am happy we can start our communication,I am sure we could be friends of course it’s a pity it is not real friends,we can’t sit in a cafe and drink coffee to speak about our problems or just be happy for each other but anyway life will smile for us may be!!!!
Life is running like an ocean,we cant stop it,I cant believe I am already 43 years old, I think I still 20 and have whole life…But not…
Let me tell you something about myself! As you know my name is Angelika and I am 43 years old, I was born on 15 of December, a cold winter dayJ yes most of the time we have very cold winters but today is nice summer day and I love hot weather but sometimes I can enjoy of cold weather too when I am talking about ski!!!!As for my interests…I like yoga, tennis,swimming…I do different kinds of sport because I like to be in a good shape!!!!Sport is just like my second job!!!My first job is my florists shopJYes,I am romantic type of a woman and I love to work at the same time when it is something what I love!!!!I have a good and friendly family,I have a son of 22 years old.he lives separately with his girlfriend.I live in city called Donetsk,It sis o nice and wonderful city,it situated in eastern part of Ukraine…
I want to inform you that I use Internet cafe to contact you but I am looking forward to meet a man of my life and I want to have a man who will stay with me for the rest of my life!!!I live in a difficult area because in 2014 we had a War,now it is calm a little bit but from time to time at night it is something is bombing.I just pray that one day we are going to have a calm time forever,I am happy person anyway because I have my family and everybody is alive!!!
I will finish my letter by now and hope to hear from you soon,
Your new friend,
Letter 3
The deepest passion is you want to know???:)Yes,it is lovely sunset on the coast of the ocean,Just imagine you and me standing and looking on sunset.We talk about romantic things which fills my heart with joy and happiness,you tell me a romantic poem and my body is trembling, I feel the happiest woman in this world,May be I am crazy to talk about such things at my age but i think we both can have that!!!!We still have life and can be happy...I am kind of woman who is very open in her wishes and desires, i like to be hot and passionate with my man,i like to express maximum myself to him...I want to make him happy every second and every moment of my life,just enjoy of every single second...what can be better???I like to wear **** clothes for my man,just satisfy him in everything he wants...
I will stop here,
Sorry for taking long time for you to read my letter,
I hope to hear from you soon,
Kisses and hugs,
Letter 4

you need to relax....
i cant send pictures all the time...
i am not god,you should not wait only for pics..
i am here for another purpose
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