Letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to John (USA)

Letter 1

Oh okay that is cool.i will be waiting to hear from you later then John....

Letter 2

Hi,I am Glad to hear from you,,,Well here are some pictures of me and i would be glad to see you as well..please send me a request on hang out so we can chat ,,

Letter 3

I'm called Barbara and am 32 years single with one son.. I'm 5 ft 7 tall, average looking,Black hair,black eyes.I I'm honest and trustworthy. My religion is a christian and I work in a mart, I like what i read on your profile and i hope to hear from you soon... I hope to Get to know you and Does my age bother you?

Letter 4

Oh my God,I never thought of meeting someone like you ,,im glad and happy you liked the pictures,,Well i have been by myself for about 4 years now,i lost my kids Dad in a car accident,,i dont want to talk about it now,,but i would be really happy to chat with you on hang out and get to know each other more..John i cant wait to hear from you soon,,i hope to see some pictures of you too,,,I been working around the house,i do clean the house every weekends,,i got so tired after working around the house ,so i fall asleep and i now saw your messages,,,John its a Pleasure getting to know you and i really hope we could chat on hang out as soon as you're free,,,,,

Yours Barbara.