Letter(s) from Svetlana to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hello, I am very pleased to meet you, I'm interested in you, I'm looking for a serious relationship that you are looking for on this site?

Letter 2

Hello dear, do you remember me? I sent you a letter and a photo and your personal e-mail, waiting for your reply

Letter 3

i am so interest to learn you more , believe me , and i just got an idea maybe we can talk some another way and without this site ? What about exchange e-mails and talk there and send each other ore photos ? How do you think of that ? Hope my idea will not be bad for you .

Letter 4

Good day to you John,how are you ? So cool to start communication here , so tell me more of you, your life how you spend your days and send me your photos. Waiting for them impatiently . Wish you good day , Sveta

Letter 5

Dear John, thank you for your mail and this photos. I hope we can be close and develop our mails )
i live right now with my mum, my parents were divorced when i was at school, so my family this way broke, but my mum always with me and i thank her for this. i don't know much about father as he never communicate with us anymore.
So i am working right now in salon of the beauty and i am master nail . I love my work so much and always do some art works on my clients hands , and when they are smile and happy i feel the same. My work is a very interesting.
I have never lived any countries and just was born and live all my life on Ukraine )
I have never been married so don't have any kids. My serious relationship were around for few years , we lived together but than broke , as he wanted the only drink and also kick me one time. I decided it is enough for me and left all.Now i am happy because i have chance to find nice man and my half part ,who knows .
Or just maybe some new male friends . We will see, right ?
I love travelling and in my life i have been few countries and it was unforgettable memories for me.We are all so different hard to imagine, but are so interesting. And do you like travelling? where have you been before?
My life is a very simple, but i love it , i am open , always smile and stay positive on any hard situation .And you? what is your character? I am really interesting to learn you better and get to know more of your life is so cool this way . I wish you could send me some more of your photos, as they also can show me and tell much of your life. How do you think ?
i wish you good day and waiting for your answer , Sveta.

Letter 6

Hello my sun John ) I am thinking about you and happy to get mail from you .
Darling anything sad , life is wonderful and it is going on ahead And i am happy i have my mum and many good people around me and look for nice and open man , and after reading your letter i felt you are so lonely like me, so maybe this way fate made us help t meet ?
what do you think ?
Your life story is not so easy and good and i am sad about the situation you have with your ex wife (
Sad and very bad story , why she did it ? Ok i think you don't want to talk of this , so better we talk some more about us , right ?
thank you for your warm words and compliments to my photos, they are simple and i like yours and hoe we can make a lot of them some day when we meet )
i like to meet you as i am sure one real meeting will be better than just write long mails to one another , and i am sure we can enjoy a lot of free time together , learn each other some more
And by the way take vacations for me will be so good, as i am so tired from my work and need some more rest )
I have passport and dear i think it would be nice to meet somewhere by the sea, what do you think of it ?
I don't want you to el sad and smile, i like we talk to you about the meeting, so sure some place would be good.
tell me where ? I don't ant to meet in Ukraine as situation here is very hard and not stable (
So i hope and wish to fly somewhere and relax, any wishes and ideas sun ?
It will be nice to talk on hangouts ) I like we find the time.
So tell me some more.
Kiss you and wait for your news Sveta.

Letter 7

My sweet John, i am so happy to see your mail today ) Thank you sun for your news )you make me smile and happy by all your warm words and everything what you told me . I need you so much and want to believe for the best between us . And hope we can enjoy our time and have a lot of rest )And i feel my self so happy with you , as i know you are so kind, tender and open to me and i am feeling the same to you . I am very happy i meet you here and now i am dreaming to be so closer to you)
My love and our meeting is a very important between us and i want to make it true so soon )
My love i was laughing about your condition, don't worry sun .i am not going to take my mum with me to you )
I want to see you and stay just closer with you only. Just you and me my sweet .
So sweet i can take vacations any time , tell me please when do you want and we can meet ?
What about the name of an airport where i shall to fly to , can you give me this details my sun ?
I miss you so strong ...
your Sveta.

Letter 8

Hello my sweet John, I am so sorry to read about your troubles, Sweet it is awful but i hope you did not suffer and everything is alright . Please let me know .
For sure i am waiting for your and try to be patience.
I am thinking a lot of you and us and hope we really can meet so soon )
Send you my hugs and please let me know how do you feel yourself.
Your Sveta.

Letter 9

Hello my dear John, ho are you dear ? I am thinking about you much and want to see you so deeply and spend a lot of wonderful minutes together )
Honey how was your weekends? What di you do ?Let me know your news as soon as possible )
I am waiting for your news and cannot wait to speak with you about us and our meeting.
Your Sveta.

Letter 10

Hello my dear John, how are you sweet ? How is your day and mood?
My darling i am thinking a lot of us and our meeting and want to see you s much and for sure enjoy our time. ) But dear i think we shall think of the place and time of our meeting together ) Do you agree?
I want to know and understand you ..
And i want to see your life and place where you live, so what do you think about it honey ?
Do you think i can come to see ou ?
I am wonder to learn some more.
Your Sveta.

Letter 11

My sweet John , how are you today ? I missss you so much and every day wait for your news . Thank you my love for your mail .
your words for sure touched my heart ...and i am really wait for this moment when i fly to yu and you stay on the gate of an airport with the flowers and i am running to you and to your hugs , and kiss you ... this moment will be the start ) how do you feel sun ?
So o i will try to get to know at the agency how is possible for me to organize a trip to you my sun , but for this i need you tell me the name of an airport where i shall t o fly to and i will get to know more of the trip and how is possible fast to organize all , ok love?
You are in my mind and thoughts .
Kiss you and wait for your information.
Your Sveta.

Letter 12

My sweet John, till today i was dreaming about see you and spend so much romantic time and enjoy the time, but i was at the travel agency today and become felt my self so upset (
As you see i have problems with the something, i talked with the agency and they explained to me they can make and organize the whole trip .
And the trip they can make all, visa, tickets , medical insurance, everything, the only problem , that this trip will be cost much and around 1200$ , for all. darling i cannot allow my self such trip .
This is too much money for me , and i cannot allow my self to pay and start organize all .
I am so sad and when i go out from the agency i was in a little bit shock ( but i want to see you and believe for the best and maybe you can help me and support ....
I am really wish to see you and spend a lot of wonderful time close ....
Kiss you , your Sveta.

Letter 13

My love i want to believe for the best and believe me think of you every day ....
darling i don't have bank account and agency also don't work this way , as all payments shall be only on our national currency and only on cash (((
maybe we can use some another way ? For example maybe i can ask for the help of my aunt , she has bank account, so if you don't mind you can send money to her and after she got them she will give them to me and i will go and pay to the agency and book all , honey what do you think of it ? I am really want to find the way ... think a lot of this ...
your Sveta.

Letter 14

My sweet thank you for your news and this information , ok i talked with my aunt and she gave me the information .
Name of beneficiary : Ponomarova Ynna
ACC ? 26255100062237
Address: UKR, 92601, Luhansak, Svatove , Chapaeva 51
First Ukrainian International Bank , Andriivska Str ,Kyiv , 04070 Ukraine
My sun i hope we can do all so soon ))
I cannot wait to hug you and be with you .
sweet why shall you go to doctor? ia it something with you ?