Letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hello John does not want to lose time, just look at my photo, and if you want to continue, I am very glad to meet you and get acquainted)))))

I wish you a good day ....... and take care of yourself, and see you soon Yuliya ..

Letter 2

John you shouldn't be worried about the age difference. I am looking for a life partner, and not a stud! we have lots of them around here! and I don't want to run around the bars trying to catch him! I am looking for a calm person, with whom I could feel myself quiet and without any worries! I need a person with whom I could talk!
So let's see what will come out of this. I have positive feelings;)

Letter 3

Hello my John !! It is amazing what can the net make with lives)))
It may make two people who are far away feeling very close))
I think this is amazing.

How is your mood???

John, I was a little bit worried while waiting a letter from you.
But I felt such a great relief when I saw your mail) Now my mood is good)
I want to continue telling about myself and knowing more about you.
I will write to you some things I like and prefer and I want you to do the same in the net letter, ok??
Well, first of all I always knew whom I want to be with. I want my man be a kind, good-natured, educated, loving, caring, goal-oriented and romantic.
Unfortunately I haven’t found one here. Of course I had some relationship but they finished. Whom are you looking for?

I love nature and very simple things can make me happy. I like when man can make her woman smile and make surprises for her) Like a candle light dinner or weekend outside. Flowers without reason. I want to feel like a small girl with my man)

Are you the one I describe?

Ok, I will stop here, I want you to feel comfortable with me, do you?

Will be waiting for your letter. Yours Yuliya

Letter 4

I am very happy to receive your letter John !!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to tell you about myself and my life !!!!!!!!
I am 30 years old..............You know my dear, I live in Ukraine, Alchevsk. I live with my mother and brother.
The name of my mother Tamara, my name is Yuliya , name is my brother Dima's (he is 9). We are very close, and they are my wall) I love my family a lot of. Unfortunately, our father was not with us for (a real tragedy. My deceased died a few years ago. He was seriously ill with a heart. I can not talk about it right now. We have more than two members of the family - a cat and a dog Barsik my Bim. I love animals. My dear I work in a small office)
I take orders from people when and how much treated water) I am sitting in a small office and receive phone calls through the city and region) We have to work, there are two micro-bus driver who deliver water to the addresses)
We have a very bad water after the war, and people have to buy purified water) You know, it's not a difficult job, but the responsibility), I almost do not have free time.........Because I always have to answer calls and record all the orders)
You know my sweety my salary is very small, but I have no choice but to work, at least make a little money..............
Oh my sweety , my letter is already big, so I think I wrote everything I knew about myself.......So now it's your turn to talk About Me.