Scam letter(s) from Hillary Collings to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I saw your message and i will really like to know more about you
Letter 2
I am interested in you. but i am in Africa right now My father use to work in Africa. After his death his lawyer called us and told us that My late father Deposited the sum of US$25,million united states
dollars)cash and 10kilos of Gold in two trunk boxes (as a consignments) in a reputable
security company in Accra-Ghana. so we seek the assistance of an attorney in Accra-Ghana,we went along with him to the security company and we met the director of the company And he shown us the Two trunk boxes that my late father deposited it as family Treasure,and family Belongings meaning the security company did not know the content of it. we want you to help us take the delivery of the consignments in your country as our foreign partner and beneficiary over there in your country, and after u must have taken it i will come over to your country to start a new life and you are going to help me invest the $25mUSD over there, and we are willing to give you 30% of the money for your assistance. I will be so Glad if you are willing to help me. We sure will be together Will you help me ?
Letter 3
Attention Mr Beneficiary I am Barrister Elliot.Smith A Senior Advocate here in Ghana. I am Contacting you in Respect of my client Miss Rosemary Garang,she came to me this morning that she have found a foreign partner who will help her take the delivery of her fund,that her late Father Deposited in a security company in her name here in Accra-Ghana. As a matter of fact i have gone to the Security Company to see things
for my self, where they shown me the two trunk boxes an 10 killos of Gold called consignment,and they make me to understand that. Dr John Garang, that is the late father of Miss Rosemary Garang Signed an Agreement with the Security Company that she must provide a foreign partner who will help her take the Delivery of the Consignments in oversea before the Consignment Boxes will be Release out,and thank God you are Ready to Help here. So i want you to get back to me so that i will start up with the transaction immediately,and i want you to send me your Full Name.Contact address Where you want the security company to deliver the consignment to,you and your phone numbers, and i demanded that you get back to me as soon as possible So that i will send to you all the documents that the security company gave to Rosemary Garang late father at the time of depositing the consignment with them. And i hope to hear from you soonest Best Regard, Name Barrister Elliot.Smith (Esq.)
Attorney/ Senior Advocate.
Chamber: S.E Law Consultancy
Mobile: +233206670576
Office Address: Kojo Bruce House, 3rd Floor, No. 5 Okai Mensah Link,
Letter 4

i'm sorry I have not been online for a while. add me on whatsapp and we can talk there. +233242271763
Letter 5
should i send you the barristers contacts?
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