Letter(s) from Alena Cheezh to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hi John.
How are you, dear? How is your day going? I am fine and can say that I am happy to get your letter))) And now, when you are reading this, hope you are not less glad than me :)) ...?!

I think that our communication seems to be positive experience for both of us ;) What about me...? I want to change my life... to turn upside down! Why... hmmmm... how to say....... in short - I am tired of this "life" in Ukraine and I want to change it and live somewhere else, but only not here! I think don't need to explain why and etc... cause I cannot explain what is life here. In normal countries people work and live for pleasure and here you are working for living! Its different things! So this wish appeared not today or yesterday... I thought about it after that when I finished university. Why I had to study if now I cannot find job by education?!! And nobody cares about these issues... Such issues like how you can live for a salary less than 100$... It's does not care anybody! And I understand very well that this will not change for one or several years... Every new government say that soon all will be "fine", but with every new one - nothing changes!!! Please don't think that I complain you or I need a shoulder in which I could cry))) No, no, no! I wanted to say shortly, about why I am looking a man in internet, but something went wrong :) and short answer became a bit bigger)) But John, don't think please that it's my goal to go or to live abroad, okay?!! Because my goal is to find self-confident man who will know what he want in life... And what will be then... maybe it will be just a short date, maybe travelling, maybe marriage... who knows... So in fact I am looking a real relationships and real meeting!!! It may begin from friendship and develop in something... something great that makes people slightly crazy :)

I strongly believe that its always possible to find something what you really want to find! And all that I have written above, is a reason why I am searching him in internet. I want to find a man who will change my life "turn upside down"!!!

And what about us..."us" it's sounds very loud I think :) I mean what I expect, need and wait from our communication... of course first of all only good and positive emotions... and what will be then... as already told, I don't know :) Maybe you will not write me back and "us" will be end here or will bring new, glorious relationships or maybe later we will leave each other after some time... or maybe otherwise, this communication will lead us to happy joint future. And who knows, maybe we will create a family... I think, dear, that the situation that you are older is only an advantage. Men of my age are not serious, they can't decide what they want first. A beautiful picture of a woman, an intelligent one, a great housewife, a friend, good mother or best lover... but moreoften they want all in one and can't understand that nobody is perfect and to have such woman they also need to be real men. And when they realize that one of the point from a list doesn't exist in their beloved they started to find a new. Honest men just live the person whom they didn't love anymore... but usually they see that one is a great housewife and another is a beautiful and great lover, so why not to be with both. But a man who is older... you... I think understand that at the end you stayed with a soulmate and that every relations need a hard work from both sides... and you wouldn't blame me for bad mood or for burnt scrambled eggs... We will discuss everything together and come to some compromise... That is why I think that your age is an advantage. And the last but not the list... our age is only a number... which is more important... how we feel ourselves inside. If we are still young and full of energy than nothing is matter... I know many young people who are so old inside... and nothing can save them...

So we will see what will be the next step. All what I can promise you now - you will get the same emotions as you will give to me! Now I want to discover you more and more... And if you have the same view, then I would with pleasure know more about your childhood... John, what was it?

I expect to get your answer soon)
Wish you perfect day,