Letter(s) from Cathy Browne to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hi how are you? thanks for giving me your email...i'm writing to confirm your email please if you receive my message let me know so that i can write you more about myself and send you more picture of me ok?

Letter 2

I communicate only through email even with my son because our commandant has stop the use of other apps for security reasons sorry...I'm happy to hear from you....I'm having a free time now so am using the opportunity to check my mail and also tell you about myself...Well I would describe myself as an energetic, fun-loving, outgoing and friendly individual. I have a good sense of humor (I laugh at anything), I'm sensitive yet strong, affectionate, warm-hearted and "young at heart". I strive to understand other people's points of view and it's important for me to take time to 'smell the roses'. l i'm a shy person by nature but tries to be outgoing. I take great pleasure in knowing someone. I strive to be a good friend and companion and to be respectful of all opinions different from my own. I view myself as well adjusted. I love the ocean, swimming, travel, theater, movies, museums, literature, adventure and long walks. I do enjoy quiet times and occasional solitude. Full of life, humorous, intelligent and romantic.

I am affectionate both physically and emotionally. I enjoy a good joke. I am able to express myself in unique ways. I am a hard working person in search for love and respect. I love walks in the beach, a nice dinner with candle lights, listen to music, and read a good book.

I'm a mother of one child, A boy 4years old and his name is Leslie and have a Nanny who takes care of him. I'm Divorce, My ex cheated on me while i was away and now move with another woman to India and i think is high time i find a man to call my husband that is why i try to contact you. I'm 30years old still strong and hardworking..LOL. I don't like been idol. I'm Originally from Los Angeles, California( USA ) My parents are dead long time ago when i was still small so i became an Orphan. I have no sister, no brother or relative. i live independent life with my son. I love my son so much because he is the only thing that makes me happy.

About my job: Current Unit: 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. Current Position: Physician Assistant..Component: Active Army..Current Location: Camp Victory, Baghdad,Iraq. I'm among one of the few selected to train the Iraq Soldier because in November 2012 when all American soldiers were withdrawn from here most of the Iraq soldiers lack skills on how to fight against the terrorists so we were ask to come and help them out.

I attach my picture with my son for you to view me and see if you will like me and accept my friendship. Hope to hear from you

Yours friend,
Sgt. Cathy

Letter 3

Thanks for your mail and lovely photos John, I will like you to know that my mission here will finish around October/November and i pray things work out fine for us so that we can meet for real once i'm out from here. I'm sorry for reply late is due to the nature of my job and i have to be vigilant here and not always online...I promise to be writing you at least once in a day and believe we can still get to know each other better. I will like to know how long have you been using online social network? Have you dated online before? What have been your experience online? for me i'm new to all this online stuff and I'm happy i contacted you and you answered me so i'm ok and i hope we can learn to know each other better and meet for real. Hope you understand me

Letter 4

Okay John, hope you doing great? is nice to be hearing from you, now am not feeling bored again because each time i hope to read from you and write you too. What do you normally do each day or how is your programs each day like? for me EXCEPT WORK WHAT I DO IS WORK. I never stop working even though I'm sleeping, I'm always at alert here. The only way I relax is through conducting my research on what is going on in our other zones here online. I work nearly the whole day and I have a maximum of 6-7 hours sleep every day. Hope to hear from you

Letter 5

Thanks John, I just want to become the first friend of yours to wish you a very "A HAPPY DAY". I mean nothing to you, but you always mean everything to me. Thanks for coming in my life. I even don't know whether you have accept my friendship or not. But I will always be there with you and for you, forever.

Letter 6

I will love to join you but that will be when my mission is over here okay? i believe you have accepted my friendship because Friendship is such a strong word that holds in itself a definition much more powerful than the one found in the common dictionary. It's more than a simple tie between people. It is a complex knot that defines who and what people are, how they act, and what they plan to be, or simply who they admire and love. Friendship does not know a line between love and a balanced relationship. Friendship is in itself love.

I have plans of going into real estate investment after i resign from the military next year. But for now the most important thing is for us to build this relationship so that i can visit you immediately i am out of the war zone , so that we can then plan the future together.I have been here in Iraq for some months now, and it is just like been in hell due to what we face here. People die here like chickens due to several Terrorists attacks.

The Terrorists always bomb , markets , schools and some times their own mosque. The have also made a lot of attempt to bomb the USA base , but we defend the US base.Over 2000 USA soldier have been killed here for some years now, so that is why i need you to constantly pray for me and my colleagues. Hope to hear from you once again

Kisses and hugs

Letter 7

Thanks John, I want you to know that Online communication is the same as in real life. Only in life we can quicker make for ourselves impressions about someone and in online it occurs more slowly. The Internet is faster way of communication between the people, respectively a new form of acquaintance, exchange of information, communication. All the rest very individually. Therefore be not afraid to get acquainted with people, communicate. And what this communication, is necessary for you it or no everyone defines independently. Don't create any illusions about online because there are still real and good people online. Hope you understand me?

Is all about believe and have faith. take care

Kisses and hugs

Letter 8

My dear John I can not explain how i found you but i believe that everything that happen between us is the will of God, i believe and trust in him so much that he always favor me with good things and my meeting you is a good thing i believe. what do you think?

Kisses and hugs

Letter 9

Thanks sweetie, hope you doing great? My late parents once told me that we could never measure our wealth by money but by the love we find in a real life partner. I believe my son would surely be glad to meet you and know how rich I turned out to be by finding you! And I'm glad friendship and love doesn't come with price tags. For if it does, I'd never afford someone as great as you. Have a nice day.

Kisses and hugs

Letter 10

My dear John i want you to know that Friendship or relationship not about who you've known the longest. Its about who walked into your life, said I'm here for you and prove it. I like you and am here to stay with you forever you

Kisses and hugs

Letter 11

That's nice...I know Some people talk about the risks and dangers of knowing someone through the Internet, to the point of becoming suspicious of their own shadows. But I must confess that our contact, even at a distance, has become really important to me. I miss reading your mail.
But, more importantly, I feel the need to know that you are well, that you had a good day, that things went well for you and all those curiosities that true friends have about one another.
This small note is only to confirm my intention of maintaining this almost daily contact, either by email etc, until the day that we can tighten this relationship, make it more physical and also to thank “virtual” for making our first contact happen.

Kisses and hugs

Letter 12

That's lovely sweetie...I'm always happy each time i open my email and see your message, i know we just starting but you are gradually taking over me for real. I feel as if we have met before because i feel close to you now. sweetie you were someone I don’t know before; you were someone I don’t expect I will get along with. But it turned out you have given me one of the best friendship, care, love etc. Thank you.

Kisses and hugs

Letter 13

Sweetie you have to forward the below mail to this email(leaveapplication@aol.com )

Good day sir,

I am ( WRITE YOUR NAME INSIDE HERE ) A good friend/Fiance of Sgt. Cathy Browne ( ISAF CODE 03301 ) who is currently under your supervision in Baghdad,Iraq. Sir I am writing to check the welfare of my good friend/Fiance. I want to plead on behalf of myself to honorably grant her a Leave Permit as Soon as Possible.

I am willing to do whatever that would be necessary to make sure that she will be approved of her Leave Permit Shortly.
It's an honor to contact you sir, and I will be very grateful if my request will have a favorable answer.

Thank you and God Bless

Once again, Sweetie forward the above mail to this email: ( leaveapplication@aol.com ) Let me know once you send it okay? kisses

Letter 14

Nice to hear from you John..Thank God you are fine too..i was hurt on my left leg, bullet splash through my left leg but i will be fine. The doctor said i will undergo surgery and after i will be fine. i have to remain in the hospital until i'm better. i want come and visit you as soon as i'm out from here.

My problem is that the authorities want to extend our mission here despite my predicaments, military is not an easy job. i need a leave but can not apply by myself from here unless from close to me like my family member,husband or fiance but i have no one. It will be an emergency leave but have no one to do it for me..i need to leave so that i can see my son again. here is getting more dangerous and if i die without seeing my son i will never be happy...I need you to help me apply for this leave so that i can leave here to see my son again and also to meet you too because once they grant my leave, i can be given a liberty pass to travel and meet you

You can apply as my good friend/fiance because of an urgent matter to enable them attend to you and i will confirm it too if they contact me. I need you to do this for me because i really need to get out from here.

Hope to hear from you soon

Letter 15

I'm really surprised that you didn't bother to write me since i went for the mission...You don't care about me John....Anyway God saved my life our van got hit by RPG and the power turned it over,I took a bullet, we got pinned down and no exit, we received heavy firing and secured a safe position till our back up came to our rescue, throughout the 1 hour 23 mints, of all that with the sound of bullets all through this moment, face to face with death I never pause thinking about you and my son, I wanted to leave to see another day for you and my son. For now our officials has made the news confidential for security reasons

The bullet hit my laps but Thank God i survive, I ask them to get me my mini laptop just to be writing you, for now my dear I am out of action. I'm in so much pains. I'm in so much pains but am managing to write you because is just you and my son i have. I lost my only friend Sherri can't stop crying.

How I wish you are here by my side to nurse my wound. wishing second by second to be with you, my heart is filled up with so much emotions for you that all I do everyday is pray for my redeployment approval to be out. I can't wait to leave here

Please always remember me in your prayers. Take care

Letter 16

Oh my lovely John, you so sweet....I made a quick short video during my training today because we are not allowed for such so my friend Sherri have to make quickly before our superiors get noticed. Hope you like it? Well i want to use this opportunity to inform you that today, we will be leaving for the mission that brought us here, please my love always remember me in your prayers , as you known here is a very dangerous city and everyday people lose their lives from bomb blast and terrorist attacks from this rebels , so because of my military records , i have been appointed to be the medical team leader , so i will lead very well and i do not entertain any fear because i am so sure that after this mission , i will come over to meet you once am out from here.

My love please always continue to pray for me in this very last mission here. I was pointed to join the U.S. special operations teams[USSOT] for this mission I know with your prayers am going to be fine.

I have to hurry now to join other officers for prayers and rest a little before we move for the action, ok

So hope to read back from you before i leave because there in the battle filed i may not have access to the computer until the mission is accomplished and i return to the camp ,so i miss you already and i hope that you will continue to remember me in your prayers and think about me in your heart as i carry you in my heart wherever i go , i think of you. kisses

Hoping to read from you before i leave the camp for the mission.

Letter 17

Good day sir,

I am John Philip Bell, A good friend of Sgt. Cathy Browne ( ISAF CODE 03301 ) who is currently under your supervision in Baghdad, Iraq.
Sir I am writing to check the welfare of my good friend. I want to plead on behalf of myself to honorably grant her a Leave Permit as Soon as Possible.

I am willing to do whatever that would be necessary to make sure that she will be approved of her Leave Permit Shortly.
It's an honor to contact you sir, and I will be very grateful if my request will have a favorable answer.

Letter 18

I got this report from my base that someone hacked into my account and was using it for some sort of rubbish....i would have like us to see on webcam but is not in my power to do if not i will lose my job. It was ban last year june 11 when Rtd Gen Jack Stultz hand over because the use the webcam video to break him down by putting a monitor through his activities on camera with a woman from Thailand without knowing it was one of the Talibans posing to be a woman on Camera. After that incident the use of camera was banned till further notice and Some of our men were dismissed some months ago for showing video cam with unknown person which is against our rules but I can only send you my Military ID but is confidential and i want you to keep it safe please.

Letter 19

I am open,honest,sweet,kind,positive,down to earth,easy going and respect,I believe in living life to the fullest, I love the little things in life, I love to laugh,and just have fun,I try to fine happiness in life. I am looking for someone real.

Letter 20

Hello dear, how are you doing? my name is Cathy from Los Angeles, California USA. I like your profile and i will like to communicate with you and get to know you more better and if you dont mind you can Email me on:...( cathybrowne22@gmail.com ).... because it will be easier and better for us to communicate and know each other well. I'm not always on this site.