Scam letter(s) from Valentina Lisak to Silvio (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Silvio) Thank you for the letter. I have been to the office and they said that a passport is done in two weeks and the official cost of it is around 45 dollars or so. In a month it costs 35v dollars. But this is the official cost at the Migration service.
Of course I can go there myself and do it in Kiev, but I need to take the bus there, stay a night in the hotel, go back to Lugansk, then come back for the passport in two weeks because the post doesn't work in my region. Also I would need to cross many control points and block stations. I would need to bribe almost at every point because as I have been told they do not easily let anyone out unless you have cash on you. What a wonderful corrupted region I live in. Of course the office knows about all the difficulties of getting to Kiev and they charge a fee of 250 euoros for the passport. It is the same cost as if I was going to Kiev and applying for the passport myself. They have some kind of channels that make all the documents for them. It is all legal and they have the License and all of this. I said that I will think about it of course and now I am informing you about it. I want to tell you that not only are our letters full of love but I can always feel the love when I read the letters from you. You make me feel happy Silvio, you make me want to dream and live again. Before, I used to just exist but now I want to live. My leg is still hurting but I am doing fine. The doctor also advice me to have an MRI but it is expansive in my region and I will not do it for sure. Today the soldiers have blocked all the roads from Ukraine in Lugansk region because there were some messages that someone is trying to get a bomb in the area. No busses, no cars nothing was allowed to enter and people have to either wait till it will be allowed to enter or go back. Even big trucks with food supply are not entering the cities.
People are buying the last bread and good that I have called my mother and told her. She went to the store and said that there was one bread left.. There was an old woman with her at the store and she asked the sales woman to cut in half so that both of them would have bread. I do not know for how long this will be, but to be honest I am sick of it already. I wish I could get out of here for at least an hour.
Sometimes I have illusions that things would be same as they were two years ago and that I would enjoy my life as before. But I see for myself that there is no future here for a young person. The old people are used to this. They have been through the collapse of the Soviet Union and they still believe that Communism will knock on the door. I have my life to settle and I think that with you my life would be so much better. I do not care where but as long as you and I are together. Truly yours, Valentina.
Letter 2
Hello my loving Silvio)
Yes, now I have the passport! Yeiii) Thank you my love, thank you so much for it))You are the man that makes my dreams come true, like a Magician) Yes my dear so, now that I have the passport I can apply for a Visa. In order for me to have a visa, I need to provide such documents as medical documents, police report (to leave occupied territory), documents from my work, my bank status and also have all of these documents notarized, singed and stamped.
Our country is not in the top list of countries that Singapore is so willing to greet at the doors, so they make sure that all the people that are traveling there are not planning to stay...I have to prove my solvency at the passport control in the airport of Ukraine and also Singapore. The travel agent also told me that because a lot of bad agencies do bad things to people, it would be best if I buy the tickets for the plane at the plane company and not the electronic tickets, because a lot of them make fake ones. Honey, in total without the tickets ( just the documents that are necessary to be notarized, the bank statement for the two week travel and the visa) would be around a thousand dollars....To be honest, I am not too happy about it because the biggest amount of it is the custom control money for the bank statement. Obviously I do not need that amount of money for me which is 700 ( 50 dollars for each day) dollars for two weeks (they said that a single woman, that has no kids and not married, will be checked even more precisely ) ahaha lol, can you imagine it? These money have to be on the bank account. When you and I meet, I will give you the credit card with the pin code and you will withdraw them all. It is not for my person use or is just for that piece of paper..Without it the visa is not issued. These are the rules...
To tell you that I am upset about it is like not telling you anything...
Thank you my dear for the kind words my love...Yes, you are rich godfather too) I will pass on your greetings honey to all of them and thank you so very much for it.
I have not even told my mother about it, the visa I mean. I am sure that she will have a heart attack. Let's hope that she will not find out about it)
I love you honey and please say hello to your family and kiss Isabella for me...
I am forever yours.
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