Letter(s) from Sandra Clark to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hello dear, nice meeting you here, am very glad to see you here.

Letter 2

Dear, the lady in the pic with me is the Friend whom i went to borrow the money from. i have spoken more about to her, and she likes you so much, she said you are a good man, with a kind heart.

Letter 3

Yes that is soo sweet of you babe, thanks for you caring and, am very glad that you have those pics, they are for you and no body else. I will try and get you more pics ok, so dont worry about that babe.

Letter 4

Babe, dont worry about that the phone, you can just give me out the details on the mail so that i can get, my phone is working properly now, that is why, like i would be talking to all the time on phone, i love that so much. thinking of changing my phone for a better one when i get enough money. babe

Letter 5

Me to babe i want you the rest of my life, i really care and love you so much,

Letter 6

Yes babe please send me there so that we can chat and i love you so much

Letter 7

I'm just an everyday, ordinary, average, normal woman. Nothing special about me. I consider myself to be very simple. I believe that men needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, i like swimming and going to the movies. i seek a loving caring and understanding man that know how to treat a woman right, due to my job am not always on here to chat but you can drop me your email we can exchange pics and get to know our selves better. hoping to read from you soon.

Letter 8

thanks I will like to know you better

Letter 9

Yes when do you joined the dating site and what are you looking for

Letter 10

looking for the same how many ladies have you talked to from the site so far

Letter 11

no I joined yesterday you're my first person to talk you i am looking for honest and sincere man for serious relationship

Letter 12

I am tired of been played

Letter 13

thank you can you add me on hangout so that we are going to have private chat.... if you dont mind you can add me up with my g mail...... morganjane908@g mail..... waiting for your reply