Scam letter(s) from Brianna Ashely to Dennis (USA)

Letter 1
This is the Soverign Trust Insurance consultant services and we mail you in respect of Miss Brianna Ashley, This is the second month since she promised to come clear her check for $1,800000 million Dollar which is being insured to her disposal and signatory.. we have waited for so long and our interest rate is ascending, please we mail you because your name, residential address, mobile number and email was submitted to us by her as her beneficiary and next of kin, so please we need an immediate response from you and also your support so this money can be forwarded to you or Miss Brianna Ashley and the tax and interest can be paid.. Please we will gladly appreciate your immediate response and co-operation.. Thanks..
Letter 2
When did they write you? this is the insurance org in charge of my fund.. I know i didn't tell you all this, well i wanted us to meet and talk this over but you are under a spell of Amie so i just kept it to myself till i find someone else i can trust because i trusted you but you never wanted to give me another chance..
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