Letter(s) from Ekaterina Konenko to Michael (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Michael,

This is Katya from oasis.com. Thank you for just giving me your Email address, hope this Email goes through now? It is great that we have a chance to meet just like this, I am pretty new at oasis, I am not sure what this site is all about, like I said I was just surfing and liked your profile and just went ahead. Hope you will like my pics and you can always send me yours too?
And I am looking only for serious LTR (long term) relationship and a mate, how about you Michael? Please Email me back your life story, more photos, there is a time difference between us so Email now is great thing to to stay in touch in our case. Thank you Michael.
Your new romantic lady friend,

Letter 2

Hi my dear Michael! How are you doing?

Wow it was quite a detailed mail you sent me thank you very much for that one Michael, I like green color and I like White colors for sure I did modeled a bit in my past in the past I can dance pretty well too and yes, I think it would be awesome to try to start a company together! I think this could be great idea to give it a try you know!!
And you know Michael after viewing more your profile I now believe our profiles match in many things and I believe we could be a great match and to become a boy friend and a girlfriend and I am happy and want to continue knowing you better Michael!
Do you want that? By the way I am a great cook I am sending you a photo of my cookies if you want to try you are welcome any time!!

My dear Michael I just want to stress it again that I am seriously looking for a long term relationship. I hope we can continue our correspondence and that we can develop a relationship with each other.
At the moment, the actual translation of your letters is a bit hard and I have to ask for help with the translation. And google type translators have turned up to be a waste of time with so many blunt mistakes, Michael do you happen to know any Russian at all?

Enough of that really, I will wait for your next letter, hope you will write back and will become my romantic Knight Michael and tell me more!
Catch a tender kiss from your Princess,
baby Katya

Letter 3

Hi again my romantic Knight Michael!

Well, you made me laugh with those white panties and "beliy truskiki", that was hilarious, even though i did not quite get the rest of it please stick to the English version as the Russian from Goggle really sucks sorry hun....
And Michael I also send a few photos from my home not some super serious Passport ID pics but just a few ones to show you what I look like in the daily life cooking or before going to sleep or just sitting alone at home, those are not very model but very casual home photos... I can also bake such yummy cookies and cakes, do you like that kind of stuff dear? I can spoil you with those!!!
And I do want to continue our relationship and dear Michael I am very excited to have met you too and after reading your last mail I believe you could become my boyfriend and more in future....

My dear Michael I believe we should stay in touch and to continue our relationship and to meet in person in future my Romeo Michael!
I see about the languages and I am in the process of learning it and I do hope you want us to go on with our relationship and our plans together and to develop it in future?
You know I tried computer, google translators earlier but it literally kills the sense of the romantic mail, just a waste of time.
My dear Michael I will send you the details of my translation service in the next mail please help us and our relationship by taking care of the translation fee, the service I am using is very helpful and professional.
It is my last mail if you do not help us and take care of our translation fee.
My Michael please do it for us and for our starting relationship and much more to come..
Thank you,
Your missing baby girl,

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

This is "Happy Date Online Translation" service. Lady Katya who is using our translation services has just requested us to provide You with more information on the translation fee arrangements for You two. Are you willing to go on with Your further relationship with her Sir?

Dear Sir, the online subscription with us is very simple. Just go to our online secure subscribe page and choose the proper translation package.
We accept any plastic card and You may use any card You have Sir, a conversion from any currencies is done automatically. The bigger option You order the more free bonus extra mails we add to Your account.

Dear Sir, there is also a Western Union subscription option, let us know if You rather prefer that one we shall send You our bank details.

Thank You for Your cooperation and Your prompt action, lady Katya is waiting for You Sir.

Best Wishes and always Yours,
"Happy Date Online" Staff

Letter 5

Hi my dear Michael!!!

This is your new baby friend lady Katya and I am very happy to write you this bigger letter now, thank you very much again for getting back to me and taking care of the membership my sexy hun Michael!
You really seem to be a serious and very caring man with serious intentions, I like this! Michael, I really loved your last letters, especially the part of one of them where you were asking me about me...

Any lady would be happy to hear such words and warm words in real hun!
And Michael, yes hun I am still single and available for you my Michael and I also want this to work for you and me hun.. and really I am sure when we meet we will have soo much to talk and to share with you... I want to meet with you in person too maybe!? Wish you could come over here say this summer or spring for like 5-6 days to stay and to visit your friend Katya here hun!?
By the way you could meet my sister Juli and my family: my parents maybe too?
I will be telling you more of my family and myself in the further letters Michael!
I mean there is much to share that is why I wish you were just here to talk for like half of the day honey!? Do you want that? Hope so hun! I am 25 speaking limited and very basic English and I have never been to the UK and no, I can not yet drive I will maybe a bit later this year start attending the classes, my clothes size?
Well I am 173 cm high, and I cannot tell you those in inches? I wear S (40-42 sizes)

Anyways dear Michael you know, I am also very happy to have met you my sexy hun Michael,,,,
I think it would be real great to continue to correspond with each other, I love this idea, I really want to know you better and that is something that you and me, we both should do, what do you think?
baby Katya

Letter 6

Good morning to my special and sexy Knight Michael!

Michael, hun, thank you for your last mail and your words, you are so very lovely and cute in all of your sweet words and compliments to me my sweet darling Michael! And yes, thanks for your mails and your cute words and your desire to see more photos of myself! Well, I have no problems sending anything to you, I have tons of photos I can share with you and honey do you have any more more casual and fun photos of yourself maybe too hun with your family siblings maybe?
And I'd be happy to receive any of your more of pics any time darling and meanwhile here is more of me Michael to remind you of a baby Katya and my home here in Ukraine Europe maybe too with lot of snow we have here!!! Do you have much snow there in the UK hun? Oh well, my school is almost over I am currently studying at the local Teachers University and like I said I'd still be delighted to ever meet you in person hun I mean whenever you can be here if you ever have a chance you are welcome to meet me, my sister Juli (I have already sent you in the previous mail hun), my friends hopefully you will find a way to make it out here to see your baby. I am sure a Manager woud give you a discount if you talk more with them..
And yes you will take as many pics here of your baby and Juli maybe too as you only wish to you know!! And hun I'd be delighted to continue our friendship and relationship with our personal meeting any time you can afford really hun, just know this!
I am waiting for my sexy true Knight to be now in my arms and counting the days off..
And I will share more of my dreams in the next mails if you do not mind darling!?
And sorry hun I have never seen the film you mentioned maybe when you are here we shall watch it together??

Anyways, you know, something real cute and a bit funny I wanted to share with you now you know my Michael, you asked me about what foods I can cook, well honey I was recently going through the old recipes and came up with the the whole bunch of our traditional foods among them were: borch, pelmeni and golubtsy. Have you heard about them?

1. I am not very good in making borch although it is a traditional Ukrainian food and I love it very much. My mom is very good in it! Normally to prepare this food it takes at least 3 hours: it is very long procedure and I always try to help my mom!

2. I am much better in making pelmeni; this is some meat wrapped in a dough, they are especially popular with vodka :) I have never tried them that way but I have heard that it is highly popular thing!!! You think you might try them some day, just to become 100 % Russian or Ukrainian? Wink!

3. Golubtsy; these are the little pieces of meat wrapped in in specially made leaves of cabbage, you think it is funny but I have tried them also and it is probably the best dish out of the above-mentioned!!!(except the pelmeni with vodka :) To make a happy end of this little story, I am not good in it either!!
Are you upset Michael? My mom likes to say when I insist on something that we could prepare together: "You may just go visit someone and have some of your things there or just go to the cafe with your friends and buy golubtsy there, she is always very busy and never has time to prepare anything that I ask her too!

Did I tease your appetite, are you ready to run and grab some lunch already?
Have some and write me back my Michael.. Tell me more about your favorite dishes, please Michael and tell me when you could be here with your baby this year maybe hun!?
Have a great week end my lover boy and don't forget your sexy Princess Katya...
Eagerly wait a letter from you...
Your baby kitten doll,

Letter 7

Happy Saturday my sexy hun Michael! How is my romantic Knight today?

They told me from the Club and said that they received another letter for me today my Michael! I am very happy and have you read of my tasty stuffs I can cook for you hun? I would be delighted to fix some of those local delicacies or some other Ukrainian stuff for you and many more to come darling or some of that salmon fish or sardines which I love by the way so much too!!!! I am sure you would be surprised and will be happy to try some of it and yes, my sexy Michael, I am an ok cook, not like my mother of course but I do well :) and really you will get to try that while we meet hun as we both hope! And my dear Michael, I am not very good in arts but yes Mikelangelo was a a great artists and i never knew they were destroying his masterpieces only because he was drawing nudity... I mean I think a nice body is am masterpiece itself and I share and agree with his approach.... Hmm, strange and bizarre attitude during the Middle ages... I am happy not to be living there i would not be allowed to wear my mini skirt then you know! Wink Wink!!! And hun my hair is just what it looks on the pics I die it sometimes but I am brunette for the most part Wink Wink and You?

Anyways hun, you might wonder about my family too, well, my parents are just regular workers, nothing special, hard working, kind hearted and nice people you know, I also have a twin sister Juli, have you seen our photos with her, do we look alike Michael?
I think so... or maybe not dear!? Question-tease :) You will get to meet her while here too my honey if you want to darling!

And you know hun, please, do not laugh, I am not writing much of the poetry myself but they just have a very nice collections of poems here, this is really something that always excites me, do you like the poetry Michael? :)
You know hun, I have also noticed that I started to dream a lot lately.. Here is some poetry that I hope you will like and appreciate, the thoughts of you do inspire me greatly always:

you are so wonderful
your beauty sails
like the gentle beauty of white linen
when tossed in the wind

so light and delicate
yet so frail and deep
your love an ocean
an ocean so deep

I have found it amazing.....I think you survived it!? I think that it is really a great poem that makes me feel just great and romantic! Write back sooner please!

Your lonely baby Princess,
lover girl Katya doll

Letter 8

Good evening and Happy St. Valentines day to my Prince Charming sexy Prince Michael!!!

I trust that you are fine and your last Email Michael was so cute and your every word you shared with me too my hun Michael! Thank you darling for sharing all of your art knowledge! It really amazes me how much you know and your deep knowledge of Biblical times and Pompei, volcano eruption and art and Mickelangelo!
Amazing!!! I think I'd spend the whole day with a charming man like yourself you know!!!
And hun I really can not wait as I told you earlier to have you in my arms now...
And you know, I have lots of dreams lately and especially today on the eve of the St. Valentines day too besides the one to meet you in person hun, here is some of those if you want to hear them:

You know my Michael, all my life I have been having three wishes... they were pretty simple. My first two wishes have already come true: first, I come from a very loving, and beautiful family, second, I have a very interesting major or will have and opportunity to develop my career, this is something that is not complete yet. yet but I would like to work on it very much.
And the third has proven to be the hardest for me... finding my Prince!!

I was thinking of a nice, compassionate and adventurous man who would love me with all his heart and soul and I love with all mine as well... a man who will open up his mind, body and soul... to take a chance with true commitment and love, a man who will appreciate what I do for him as appreciate what he does for me... a lifelong passion and lust for each others unconditional love, knowing that we want each other for just being ourselves, together as one traveling throughout this great universe... This is what I dream of and more!! What are your three main wishes in life or is it a little secret my sexy Michael?

Your sexy baby kitten...,
your lover girl missing Katya

Letter 9

Good evening to my sexy romantic Knight Michael!

My Michael, I do thank you for your very touching and very sincere mail and I appreciate your sincerity and your openness with me and share with me your latest dreams hun! And your ideas and thoughts about me and you,,, you know searching your heart is a very important step for both of us in this life darling I am happy I have found you and you have me hun....
Wow,,, you are such a romantic heart my Michael!!! You know sometimes I wish to be that happy bird and to be under your wing and to feel warm during this cold fall and winter, make me warm and make me happy now darling!!!
I have never seen Indiana Jones movies! Hopefully one day i will watch it together with you cuddling up on the sofa and enjoying the movie or the show you know!!
Anyways I never really read much of the Bible either what is your most favorite part hun?

And you know my sexy Michael, I was not really doing much lately: the weather simply does not allow to do anything during this time, it is so chilly all the time, I just have no chance to practice neither sports nor to do some jogging, I do it once in a while, of course, and I was thinking of what you must have been doing there, you know it is always very interesting to see how different our worlds are, for example, to take a time difference, do you have any idea of what exactly the time gap between us is?
Meanwhile I just hope with this piece of the lyrics your affection for me will only get stronger my romantic honey Michael!

Today I may not have a thing at all
Except for just a dream or two
But I've got lots of plans for tomorrow
And all my tomorrows belong to you

Right now it may not seem like spring at all
We're drifting and the laughs are few
But I've got rainbows planned for tomorrow
And all my tomorrows belong to you

No one knows better than I
That luck keeps passing me by ... that's fate
But with you there at my side
I'll soon be turrning the tide ... just wait

As long as I've got arms that cling at all
It's you that I'll be clinging to
And all the dreams I dream, beg, or borrow
On some bright tomorrow they'll all come true

And all my bright tomorrows belong to you

Take a good care of yourself my sexy lover Michael and write me sooner please!
Send pics if you have any! Thank you for thinking about our personal meeting ideas too.. Catch another tender sexy wet kiss from your darling!
Your sexy baby kitten....,

Letter 10

Privet moy doragoy sexy lover boy Michael! Kak dela?

Did you get that part hun? I said: "Hi! How are you my sexy Prince Michael!" :)
Well my hun Michael, thank you for your another lovely mail again! Wow, it is a hectic week here today, only now I am free to reply to you hun and you know your mails are like a sun shine for me every day here! And I do thank you for every word very much and for making me feel so special every time I talk to you honey...
And I am wishing so much to be with you right now on some distant out- of-the way island: just you and me Michael and to do some say diving, wow, those are fantastic dreams,,, when are you coming hun?? And yes I have read of Anna Frank diaries, yes, i agree it is so impressive... And I am so sorry nazis ever become such war mongers and human killers like they were....
So tragic! I feel for those Jews poles and Russian who were exterminated in millions you know... And I do not believe in war between Ukraine and Russia I am sure it is all mass media no more you know!!! But please hold your fists for my country!

And hun Michael let me tell once again, I do thank you for your beautiful letter that I have received from you I really love your mails and your pic, your words are so special to my heart honey! And I am so very happy that the thoughts of me still visit your mind Michael! You are like a Medieval Knight!
How is your armour? Ok? Are you ready for a Crusade to conquer your little Princess-lady Michael? And I have also prepared something special for you, I am very much hopeful that you will appreciate it too my Michael and it will definitely raise up your mood now!

I Love The Way You Love Me

I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when you're not there

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two-hour bath
And how you've convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

And I like the sound of old R 'n' B
And you roll your eyes when I'm slightly off key
And I like the innocent way that you cry
At sappy old movies you've seen thousands of times

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

(Listen to me now..)
And I could list a million things
I love to like about you
But they could all come down to one reason
I could never live without you..

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

Hope to hear from you sooner my true sexy Knight Michael....
hugs and kisses from your sexy missing baby girl,

Letter 11

Good evening my romantic sexy Knight Michael!

How are you today on this fresh week end darling? Hope you are not feeling too lonely these days without being able to be and to hold tight your baby Katya.. Your super passionate words and kisses have turned your baby on a bit really hun you make me crazy with your words my lover boy! Of course I do want to meet with you in person, my English is limited but I am sure the Club with help us with the translation too and yes I am sure you can ask them about the terms on how to meet in person you know.. I do not drink or smoke and lead an active lifestyle with fitness and sports activities you know, how do you spend your own leisure Michael??

And hun how I wish you were here with me right now to part never since that you know hun! And oh well, it is all the distance but the feelings and affection know no borders, hope you agree with me in that hun Michael!? And are you thinking any of a baby Katya lately? Hope yes hun! And your words and your lines are like sun shine for me every day that I receive from you darling thank you for making my life so special with your presence in it each day my sexy darling!
And you know, I am just being a bit lonely now thinking when is your next mail going to appear here! And this is the beginning of another even more wonderful mail now! And here is something to remind you of your romantic baby Katya my sexy lover boy Michael:

If I don't smile and I start to cry,
you can bet that there's a reason why.
If I look to the stars above,
I'm searching for an ounce of love.
If I close my eyes and start to smile,
you can bet, I'm thinking how you're worthwhile.
stop breathing, and close my eyes,
then I saw your reflection in the sky.
If I pray everyday and every night,
it's about you soon being in my sight...

with all my warmest affection, please write back soon!
your missing sexy baby kitten,

Letter 12

Good evening my precious sexy Knight Michael!!!

How is my sexy Michael this afternoon hun? Although again it is another hour for you my Michael! My sexy hun I do appreciate your warmest words and your sweetest sentences to your little baby Katya always! And thank you so much for making my life so special with your presence hun! Wish I was there right now with you to enjoy a company of my special mate Michael and to part never ever since that... And wow,,, yes i love all sorts bicycle rides and wish we would be riding all our country side together with you and hun your baby lives in the flat and it was always my biggest dream to live in my own house with a little garden just like you told your baby about my darling! Wow, i think it would be so awesome to open a window and just to grab an apple hanging on the apple tree you know.... i love fruits most of all hun i like fish and a sardines a bit but I am not a a big meat eater you know!

And I am doing just all right, today is a warm week end here with us, just a little bit of free time, I plan to have a little class of English language in just about an hour, the weather is unusually strange, by all the forecasts it is supposed to rain badly today although already it is a bit stuffy and warmer, what is your weather like there now dear?? Similar to ours hun?

And my sexy Michael please, do not forget your little baby Princess and write her as soon as you can dear! Look at what I have found, hope you will like these lines too sweetheart:

Do you remember...?
When we were children,
Danced in play,
Talked all day,
Laughed together
Friends forever...

Do you remember...?
No longer children,
Sweaty palms,
Love songs,
Teasing glances,
Long heart dances...

Do you remember...?
Young man and women,
Long summer nights,
Emotional heights,
Passions brewing,
Love stewing...

Do you remember...?
Prince and princess,
Dreams flourished,
Our love nourished,
Passions flower,
Our finest hour...

Do you remember...?
Man and wife,
Children play,
Romance all day,
Unbridled fun,
Grew strong as one...

Please, write me back sooner my precious lover boy Michael!
Your waiting and lonely baby doll,
Love from your missing baby,

Letter 13

How is my sexy Knight Michael today on this cool April evening!?

Michael, honey thank you for you another lovely mail! That was a really lovely one Michael! I want you to know that no matter how long the distance might be, how cold or hot the weather is there or here, how much water will be there to melt and separate us by the oceans but what is really important is that you and me have met and want to meet in person and to go on with that honey Michael... ;) I believe, if each letter that you and I receive from one another makes us smile, I believe if each day that you begin with you begin with the thought of saying hi to your special Michael or Katya, I believe such friendship and relationship deserve admiration and continuing to be developed always my sexy Michael! Do you agree dear?
And yes i have read of Robin Hood and W. Scott "Aivengo" when i was a little kid..
You know and of course I have read of R.Hood and a bad Sir Guy who were eternal enemies. It is a mazing story and I am hoping it is a true story hun!
Is it indeed?? And yes my city is not that well know but it was conquered by Germans in the fall of 1942 and then liberated by the Reds in February 1943, it was a very fierce fighting like all of the other fights here in the East between the arch rivals like Russian and Germans.. A lot of people have lost their lives and Stalingrad (Volgograd) is not too far from us by the way hun....

By the way, can you drive hun Michael? I can not drive I guess I am too scared to but with you I'd drive or sail even to the North Pole not to mention of a car I guess and I sure can not wait to have you here sweetheart.... I also have something like a very cute and special piece poetry for you hun, hope you will enjoy it!?:

With the Moon in the night
The Sun shines so bright
Your radiant smile
Fills me up with delight
Your warm tender kisses
The Truth in your heart
Made me realize forever
You and me right from the start.

Hope you enjoyed this my romantic friend Michael... Please write back soon!?
Your sexy baby kitten,

Letter 14

Privet my dearest sexy lover boy my romantic lover Michael!

Kak ty? kak tvoi dela? Did you get that part my Michael? How are you? How is your day today my sexy lover? Thank you for your other cool mail I got tonight!
How are you now honey? I hope great. I am doing well.. I think if I have such a nice and romantic lover boy to talk with and to exchange these beautiful letters with, I think I am a happy girl always my Michael! And yes I have heard of Jean of Arc it is a very touching and a very dramatic story... Some still believe she was not burnt alive but she luckily survived that Auto de Fe!! And yes hun i liked your pic thank you, please send more! I wear white and black panties so my sister does too she is still a student and still lives with me and do you have any naughty pics of yourself maybe to share with me hun???

And my sexy Michael, would you please send me some more pictures of yourself soon? Thank you hun! You know, I would enjoy looking at your pictures any time. And what are your hobbies besides taking Russian lately Michael, tease :)?
What do you like to do? Do you like to ride horses? Do you like swimming or reading? How about these special words I feel like sharing with you now dear?:

As I sit
here my mind dwells on what should be
my heart tells me what should have been
My thoughts are open to understand
my heart
craves for fulfillment, satisfaction
My mind tells me you are
true to your word
within my heart I ponder all that you have said
In the depths of my soul I look to you
enlighten my heart,
enlighten my mind
Give me the knowledge, make me understand
the intentions of
your ways, of your thoughts
The depth of your heart, the desire within you
the fulfillment of the desire that
satisfies you
What do you seek to open your life to me
to give to me all that you
are to be set free
Give to me that what you are willing
what was ment to be, shall be, and what
shall be, is.

My honey Michael, I hope you liked it, I have found the words quite intriguing and just wanted to share them with you! I run home now and still hoping to hear word soon from my romantic lonely Knight!
From your little sexy baby girlfriend,,

Letter 15

Well hun Michael to get a passport takes about 2 3 monthes, that is a standard thing, to get an air line tickets to London from here costs only around 200-300 pounds depending in the season and the bonus sale they have, they also have low cost air lines there it will cost around 50 pounds. And my knickers were white, I am sending you another to enjoy!
Naughty wet kisses
love Katya

Letter 16

passport is around 200 pounds your money, and it takes 2-3 monthes red tape , then I may need an air line tickets that is all.

Letter 17

hun I am genuine and I may always send you my id details! I mean come on! And I wear white and black and red panties