Scam letter(s) from Maria to Michael (UK)

Letter 1
Good evening dear Michael!!! First i do thank you for your quick reply and your nice pics. I must say that i am very close for your ideal type of girl)) as i enjoy outdoors, countryside i am very easy going, positive with great sense of humor and open minded girl. I'm still a student and i am living with my parents. And yes I like dressing up **** wearing very short mini-skirts and no ******* at times well i am not a big fan of ******* at all ..LOL))) i believe that I am a photogenic and i like to pose infront of camera i think we could be a great match !! i see you are not a new member on this site are you still in your search?? Tell me were you married and do you have any kids?
Looking forward to your nice reply *** Michael
Kisses and hugs
Youe new lady Masha
Letter 2
thank you hunt if you think i am a photogenic than you should take lots of my pics!!!!1! I am studying Russian and Ukrainian history, psychology and many others stuff))
Darling I am pretty open to travel and even to relocate if the things ever work out between us .... As i told you dear i was living with my parents andi have a twin sister we live all together.
Honey you really make me feel so special with your compliments and yes i have bunch of photos to share with you... How is your day today?? How do you spend you day?
Letter 3
Hi dear Michael!
I got you letter thank you for keep staying in touch with me ***... How have you been doing there? Hope the weather treats you well ?? I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was a bit busy with home routines.. Speaking about my twin sister yes we are very close and get alone perfect)) Unfortunately she currently is living with our aunt in another city and i miss her badly,, We look alike and have a huge resemblance. We both like the same colors and clothes styles.. And i believe she would like you too))
Michael i enjoy travelling and i have a wild dream to travel around the world you know if i was a millionaire i would travel all my life long exploring new places and cultures i find it amazing!
Enjoy your day darling
I am sending you lots of kisses
Letter 4

How is my **** Knight my naughty boy friend Michael today ?
Michael, honey thank you for you another lovely mail ! you asked me about my family, and my sity, as i told you am currently living in Donets, i am living alone here and rent an appartment. Yes i have my parents and i also have a twin sister.. I am sending you a pic of us.))
And yes i like wearing short dresses, skirts, and shorts. As for ******* i like Thong style! Yes i like showing up my long legs and i think i have a good body. Wow you live in a small village only a few hundred houses cool!! I would like to ever visit you Michael! Ummm I sure like the way you look on your pics my loving Romeo! Please keep those pics coming I LOVE those so much know!!!!!!! Darling you told me that It is not easy and found it very difficult to meet girls on these date-sites, if you are looking for a Russian girl so you probably want her to relocate to you ?? Am i right ? Ohhh honey I want you to know that no matter how long the distance might be, how cold or hot the weather is there or here, how much water will be there to melt and separate us by the oceans but what is really important is that you and me have met and want to meet in person and to go on with that honey ;) I believe, if each letter that you and I receive from one another makes us smile, I believe such friendship and relationship deserves admiration and continuing to be developed always my **** Michael! Do you agree ***? How is your day darling??
Please, write me back sooner my precious lover boy Michael !
from your waiting and lonely baby doll naughty ****,
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