Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Borodina to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
John .......I want to say that I'm serious, and I am very interested in you as a person, which may be my future, perhaps? I have great hope that we will continue our dialogue!
It will be very pleased to find something about you, of course, if you want my expensive .....))))))
Letter 2
Hello ............................
John thanks so much for paying attention to my first letter and reply back.
You know my name is Svetlana, I live in the city of Lugansk))) My darling in the Lugansk is a beautiful city and I love my city) I want to add that I am 37 years old woman who has a daughter, whose name is Kate, and she 10. I love my daughter a lot and now,it is the meaning of my life. As for my parents, unfortunately, my father was gone, and I have a mother, whose name is Valentine. She retired, and I try to take care of her and help her as much as I can. My mother's best friend for me.
I love her. My parents were and are the perfect example of a happy family + It is so unfortunate that my father did not live to see such beauty Kate and he can not see her + OK, for my work. I'm working on one small company that specializes in building materials. I am marketing manager, my main responsibility to monitor all transactions and not miss anything. I work with a computer, customers, orders and jobs. I love what I do, although it is difficult now, as all orders have been cut in half due to the global crisis. After the war, it became very difficult to live and work.) What else to say + sweety how about my personal life. I am a single woman. My husband left me when Kate was 1 year old baby. He found the younger and just left + left me with a baby never appeared. He does not support the + and we do not communicate with her daughter This story + I here, because I'm really tired of being lonely, and my heart is suffering because of the lack of love. I want to love, and I can do it + I want to find a man who is ready for a serious relationship and does not want to play games or write love letters without of them in the future.
I want to have a full family...... From your photos I can judge that you are a very handsome man, and you are so brave on this photos!!! It is seen at once that you are a real man and you like a fortress… your shoulders are the strongest one!! You are amazing my darling!! And what is your purpose here? Why are you here? What and who you are looking for?
My dear John, thank you very much for your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.
With the best and warmest regards, Svetlana....
Letter 3
Dear John hello ))))))))) Thank you so much for your letter!!!!
I was so waiting for it and at last it came!!!! How is your mood today? How do you feel yourself? John you know, I am in a perfect spirit… you make such things with me!! I wake up and think about you… is it possible? I have never believed in such things but now I understand that everything is possible!!!! Darling, do you have some plans for the evening? How do you usually spend your time in evenings? Do you meet with friends? Do you have many friends? As for me, I don’t have many friends… just some closest, whom I believe as myself.
I don’t think that there are should be many friends… if there are many than it is not friends at all… What do you think???????? You know, though I have my daughter… still when I came home I feel myself so lonely and so unhappy… and I dream for the day when I came and see my man sitting at the sofa with a hot tea and lemon and seeing me he will come, kiss my lips, hug me and say: Darling, welcome to our home!!!! I hope and this hope never leave me that soon it will happen. Do you want the same dear????? John darling, of course I dream and I plan to meet with you one day. Letters are a very good source to learn some things about one another, but a meeting from face to face is very necessary!! My sweety ,I am waiting for your letter like crazy, I really think that we have much in common and I like you very much!!! Yours Svetlana.
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